8/9 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship, Pentagon Jr. vs. Matt Sydal, Alisha Edwards vs. Tessa Blanchard, the LAX vs. OGz war continues

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped July 23-24 2018 in Toronto, Ontario at The Rebel Complex 

No teaser this week, Impact started out with an all-out brawl between the LAX team of Santana and Ortiz against the OG team of Homicide and Hernandez. They were brawling through what looked like a night club which I believe is the Rebel Complex. Both teams used the environmental weapons to their advantage. Homicide used the rope barricades. Ortiz tossed clothing hangers at the OGz. Santana did a cool dive over a counter. Both teams made their way to the stairwell to continue the brawl. Santana held on for his life as Hernandez tried to toss him down a story to the bottom floor. Suddenly some generic no-name security guards ran in to try to break things up. The skinny cannon fodder guy was lifted up by Hernandez and hit with a Border Toss into the wall and it looked like Hernandez tossed him like a basketball into a backboard. Ouch. The Impact theme aired…

John’s Thoughts: Someone give that skinny indie wrestler a pay bonus because that was a sick bump. Anyway, that was a great brawl to start the show. The storytelling hasn’t been great in this feud, but the LAX universe still manages to be the hottest and most consistent act in all of Impact dating back to early last year.

Gama Singh was already in the ring and he cut his generic Desi Hit Squad promo. Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh made their entrance. The camera focused on a few fans yelling “get out of here!” at the Desi Hit Squad. Their opponents were the guys they beat up a few weeks ago, Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams. Ishimori did the Too Sweet sign with the fans and Petey Williams was wearing a Canadian Flag on his head. One fan was so proud of Captain Canada that the camera focused on him giving Petey a salute. Josh Mathews plugged classic Petey Williams matches on the Global Wrestling Network. Petey Williams led the crowd in the full “O Canada” song with complete lyrics. Don Callis said the fans had horrible voices and were off-key…

John’s Thoughts: Maybe Gama Singh should call his nephew for promo lessons. Random fact, Gama grew up in Canada and is the uncle of former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

1. “The Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh vs. Petey Williams and “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori. A “Canada” chant ensued. Ishimori and Gursinder started off the match. Josh Mathews noted that Gursinder and Rohit fear Gama because “he whips them with things”. Ishimori hit Gursinder with a slingshot seated senton. Petey tagged in and hit Raju with a slingshot codebreaker. Petey hit Gursinder with a side Russian Legsweep. Petey bulldogged Raju on Gursinder and hit Raju with a shotgun dropkick. Raju managed to run interference to allow Gursinder to hit Petey with Paydirt for a nearfall.

After dropping Petey, Gursinder gave Raju a front suplex onto the body of Williams. A “Ca-na-da” chant ensued to try to rally their local hero. In possibly his best character moment, Rohit Raju responded to the fans with an “In-di-a” chant in the same cadence. Rohit Raju turned a rolling neckbreaker into a sitout front suplex. The Desi Hit Squad cut the ring in half on Petey. Petey managed to outwit his opponents to tag in Ishimori who hit both opponents with a slingshot dropkick. Ishimori hit both Desi Hit Squad members with a combination DDT-Flatliner. Josh Mathews wanted a Taiji Ishimori in Impact update from Don Callis due to Callis being a part of New Japan. Don Callis gave a generic “Ishimori loves a challenge” non-answer.

Ishimori hit what looked like a nice Tae-Kwon-Do combination on Ishimori. Ishimori hit a CQC combo on Petey but Petey powered through with a power bomb. Gursinder blocked Petey’s Destroyer with a backstabber. Madness ensued. Ishimori hit Gursinder with a Pile Driver on his own knees. Petey then hit the Canadian Destroyer on Gursinder Singh. Ishimori hit Gursinder with a DDT on to his knee for the win.

Petey Williams and Taiji Ishimori defeated the Desi Hit Squad via pinfall in 6:28.

Josh Mathews said that this looked like an upset (Nope. Josh… this wasn’t an upset. Ishimori and Williams definitely have way more credibility and star power with the wrestling audience and Petey even appeals to the Canadian casuals). Petey and Ishimori shook hands after the match. Don Callis said this loss means pain and punishment from Gama to the Desi Hit Squad. Josh Mathews hyped up the upcoming card of Impact…

John’s Thoughts: A really fun tag team match with a hot crowd for the Canada-Bullet Club connection. I wouldn’t mind seeing this as an actual tag team. If this were in the U.S., the crowd wouldn’t have been as unconditionally patriotic for Petey and that patriotism added to this match. Rohit Raju continues to impress but Gursinder Singh isn’t bad either. That said, the Desi Hit Squad is still a bust at this point. Rohit Raju is the Indian Trevor Lee and this tag team might as well be the Indian Cult of Lee because they are just dorky heels who can only win if the ref doesn’t see their feet on the ropes. Raju did show some character improvement in this match though and Gama continues to be the weak link.

Josh Mathews cut over to a Pentagon Jr. promo. Pentagon addressed his opponent Matt Sydal. Pentagon said they are both former champions. Pentagon said Sydal talks about the universe and cosmos but Pentagon was going to take Sydal to his Universe, the universe where only Pain exists. Pentagon said if you don’t believe that, you can go ask Sami Callihan. Pentagon said Sydal has “Tres Ojos” (three eyes) but Pentagon only needs “dos palabras” (two words). And those two words are “Cero Miedo”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Did Pentagon write that promo himself? That was extremely eloquent and the best part was the way that he addressed Matt Sydal’s transcendental behavior. This was the type of skillful promo that I’ve gotten used to hearing from him in Lucha Underground and Impact gave him a better framing here. They pulled the camera back a bit to show his amazing body language and they toned down the screen filters. One of the better backstage Pentagon promos we’ve seen on this show.

Josh Mathews recapped the LAX and OGz backstage brawl. The show cut to Alicia [Atout] interviewing Allie who was with Kiera Hogan. Alicia pointed out that Allie pinned the Knockouts Champion and was blindsided by Tessa Blanchard. Allie said that was typical of Tessa. Allie said she’s not going to be distracted. Allie said she made a promise to stop Su Yung and prevent anyone else from getting put in a casket. Allie said this isn’t about the title like Tessa said. Allie said she wants a match against Su Yung next week and it could even be a non-title match. Allie told Su Yung to leave the belt at home and bring her “undead ass” to the ring. Kiera Hogan chimed in and asked that the Undead Maid of Honor and the rest of the undead family come along as well. Kiera even asked Tessa Blanchard to come next week because Su Yung’s time has come. Allie said no, Su Yung’s time was up…

John’s Thoughts: I get what they were going for there. The whole heroic babyface thing; but I couldn’t help but think of Allie and Kiera as dumb babyfaces there. This reminded me of that one time Moose ran into a gym filled with an army of World Champion MMA fighters and decided to antagonize and get beat up by them.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from their ringside commentary table. Josh Mathews hyped a Konnan in-ring promo and Matt Sydal vs. Pentagon Jr. Sydal noted that Sydal was on a losing streak. Mathews also hyped Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards for the world championship. Josh talked about the “Transformation” of Eddie Edwards which led to a highlight package of Eddie Edwards the past few months. They also showed highlights from Eddie Edwards attacking Austin Aries with a kendo stick…

Alicia interviewed Austin Aries about the “unhinged” Eddie Edwards. Aries called Edwards a “crazy man wielding a Kendo Stick”. Aries said he knew Edwards for over ten years as one of the most level-headed people he knew in the industry. Aries said Edwards is a former tag team and world champion. Aries said he wasn’t facing that man tonight. Aries said what Alicia calls “unhinged” Aries calls “lunacy”. Aries said he wishes he was facing the old Eddie but this new Eddie is unpredictable compared to the old one. Aries said that only has him worried just a little bit because he’s the world champion for a reason. Aries said no matter how unpredictable this match is going to be, Aries guarantees that Aries will come out on top… [c]

It was time for this week’s Grado, Joe Hendry, and Katarina backstage skit. Grado pointed out that he was close to beating Eli Drake and Joe Hendry was missing from his corner when he was going for the tag. Grado asked Hendry and Katarina if they were hugging or something? Katarina made an excuse and said their opponents pulled Hendry from the apron and were about to attack him and Katarina was only there to help fight off Lee and Konley. Hendry stopped Katarina and said that their opponents were just being “belligerent”. Katarina asked Grado why couldn’t he beat Eli Drake on his own since Joe Hendry beat Drake on his own.

Joe Hendry reenacted a scene from his and Grado’s childhood where the bullies would lift up Grado’s shirt and slap their palm on his round gut. Hendry said the Prestigious One took care of those bullies just like Hendry will take care of “E… Li… Drake” next week. Hendry jabbed Grado’s gut with his finger in the cadence of Drake’s catchphrase. Grado agreed that Hendry saved his life before and will save his life again. Grado said the next time he promises he’ll do better. Hendry said “that’s my Grado” and he walked off the scene with Katarina. Grado waved to them and said they should all go out and eat some Macaroni…

Alisha Edwards made her entrance to some weird and hard to hear music…

2. Alisha Edwards vs. Tessa Blanchard. Don Callis noted that there was a huge size and power advantage in the favor of Tessa. Alisha fought out of the corner with some quick strikes but Tessa dominated with a simple knee and then slammed Alisha with an impressive Gorilla Press Slam. Josh Mathews compared this match to Lebron James against High School players. Alisha tried to get another strike rally but Tessa reversed a huracanrana into a toss. Tessa hit Alisha with a suplex. Tessa hit Alisha with a few shortarm boots.

Josh Mathews noted that Tessa’s weakness is her temper. Alisha landed a crucifix driver on Tessa for a nearfall. Tessa quickly turned that around with a spin kick. Tessa smashed Alisha’s head in the corner with the boot. Tessa went to complain and gloat in front of the referee. Josh Mathews used this moment to do his contractually obligated Swedish Dicks plug for PopTV. Don Callis responded by saying “there’s nothing better for me than spending an evening with Swedish Dicks”. This cracked Josh up for a bit.

Tessa dominated Alisha for a sequence. Tessa caught Alisha with a stiff knee. Alisha managed to sidestep Tessa for a small window of opportunity. Tessa tried to close that window with punches but Alisha responded with a desperation flatliner. Alisha wasn’t able to cover Tessa due to fatigue. The crowd was actually cheering for Tessa Blanchard to rally back which Josh Mathews acknowledge as weird. Alisha got a bulldog on Tessa for a nearfall. Alisha reversed a tilt-a-whirl into a DDT. Tessa kicked out of the pin and roared. Tessa reversed Alisha into a rebound spinebuster. Tessa hit the hammerlock DDT on Alisha for the win.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Alisha Edwards via pinfall in 6:19.

Tessa grabbed a microphone and talked about making an example of Alisha Edwards. Tessa called out Allie and told her that Allie is fooling everyone but not Tessa. Tessa continued to accuse Allie about being selfish for the Knockouts Championship. Tessa said if Allie is going after Su Yung and the Championship, then Tessa is coming after Allie…

John’s Thoughts: A little more offense than I expected from Alisha and Alisha’s offense wasn’t the most convincing (but certainly miles ahead of Rebel), but that was surprisingly a good back-and-forth. Tessa didn’t lose much for selling to Alisha because the match was framed in a way where Tessa’s momentum backfired on her. The commentators also pointed out that Tessa’s weakness is her temper at times. Alisha also deserves some credit for putting a good desperation comeback sequence. A good, simple, and effective promo from Tessa after the match.

Scarlett Bordeaux was shown entering the Rebel Complex in the lobby. Scarlett wore a see-through dress this week. Bobo was now Scarlett’s man-slave. Scarlett yelled at Bobo to hurry up as he was carrying her luggage into the arena. Scarlett’s luggage was bigger than the body of Bobo. Scarlett went on ahead and the camera focused on Bobo who was sweating profusely. [c]

John’s Thoughts: Poor Bobo. He better be getting some “favors” for doing her favors. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bobo as a permanent fixture to the Scarlett act (even though I would have introduced it later than Impact did). It reminds me of Carmella and James Ellsworth in a positive way.

Alicia happily interviewed Matt Sydal about losing his championship and facing Pentagon Jr. later in this episode. Sydal said Alicia is focusing on the material things. Sydal said it’s not about the belt but rather what the belt represents. Sydal said while he lost the material piece, he still has the spirit of the X Division Championship within him. Sydal said he’s going to prove that against Pentagon Jr. Sydal thanked the wrestling gods for putting him and pentagon in the spotlight. Sydal said he doesn’t have a problem with anybody. Sydal then ran through all his catchphrases by saying he was going to get people tuned in and turned on while also opening their third eyes…

John’s Thoughts: Last week Jason Powell wasn’t happy with Sydal sticking to his guns with the Namaste, third eye, and transcendental stuff. I get annoyed at the Third Eye stuff too because it comes off as an obligatory catchphrase, but I did like last week’s promo because it seemed like it was the first step in Matt Sydal going insane. They can screw this up, yes, but I think they have the foundation for a good character shift for Sydal if he continues to lose while sticking to his transcendental credo.

Josh Mathews advertised the Chris Jericho cruise. Mathews talked about two Impact Wrestling vs. Ring of Honor matches with The Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz and well as Marty Scurll vs. Sami Callihan. Josh then cut to the Global Wrestling Network flashback match of the week which was Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin in some sort of international tournament thing on an TNA Impact episode. Chris Sabin won the trophy for America. Kevin Nash beat up Sabin and the trophy. I fast forwarded through about 4 minutes…

KM was shown coaching Fallah Bahh on how to fight dirty and he told Bahh how he got the cheating all wrong last week. KM was able to translate Bahh’s Bahh-glish into English. KM translated the “Bahh” as he was following his way, having the recipe to success, and that KM needs to be like Bahh. Scarlett Bordeaux walked past Bahh and KM and told them “lookin’ good boys”. Bahh said “bahh…” in a calm voice. KM said that was his thoughts exactly…

John’s Thoughts: So KM and Fallah Bahh are Impact Wrestling’s Rocket Racoon and Groot? In some strange way, that totally makes sense and I’m more entertained at this than KM’s Back To The Future gimmick.

We got a first-person camera view from some Impact management guys. One of the guys was Scott D’Amore because it’s easy to pick out his voice. These management men were represented by hands on the screen. D’Amore yelled at a guy to get out of their office. D’Amore complained at his partner for having an open-door policy. Scarlett Bordeaux walked into the office and wanted a moment with D’Amore and his friend. Scarlett sat on the table acted “concerned” for her safety. In actuality, she was seducing D’Amore with her boob cleavage. The boobs worked, because D’Amore gave Scarlett her own talk show. D’Amore wanted to call the show “Fantasy Island” complete with palm trees and sand. Scarlett wanted to call the show “the Smokeshow”. D’Amore and his hands liked the idea. Scarlett walked off saying that they should call her if there was anything they wanted her to do for them. D’Amore, the mystery man, and their hands thought that Scarlett was one of a kind…

3. Pentagon Jr. vs. Matt Sydal. The cameras showed fans with generic luchador masks in the crowd. The crowd started up a Cero Miedo chant (not as loud as the Downtown LA Temple though, maybe the crowd isn’t mic’d well). Matt Sydal wanted to show Pentagon his third eye. Pentagon shoved Sydal and said “Listen!!! Cero Miedo Puto!!!”. The crowd did a “lucha” chant. Sydal counted to three and pointed at Pentagon’s “third eye” again. Pentagon repeated what he said earlier but Sydal took control with a side headlock takedown. Pentagon and Sydal then had a chain wrestling sequence that Pentagon dominated.

Pentagon hit a low kick to Sydal’s knee. Pentagon worked on the knees of Sydal with kicks. Pentagon joked about Sydal’s eye opening. Pentagon got a pin attempt after a sunset flip. Sydal converted to locking in an inverted Muta Lock. Sydal focused his attack on the leg of Pentagon. Pentagon managed to land two sling blades on Sydal. Sydal hid under the ring to dodge a suicide dive. Pentagon went under the ring himself. After he emerged, Sydal hit him with a basement dropkick. Some curse words were bleeped from Pentagon. Sydal used the barricade to inflict pain on Pentagon’s left knee.

Sydal hit Pentagon with a baseball slide to send Penta back outside. Sydal went back to talking about being fearless and his third eye thing. Sydal walked right into a superkick. Pentagon hit one of his signature loud chest chops. Sydal caught Pentagon with a clunky meteora which Mathews also noted. [c]

Sydal dived into Pentagon’s knee. Sydal hit a step-up heel kick on Pentagon. Sydal pummeled Pentagon with forearms on the top rope. Pentagon reversed into a lungblower on Sydal. Pentagon yelled at the child referee for a slow count. Pentagon teased hitting his sacrifice arm breaker on Sydal. Sydal escaped and hit a swinging backbreaker on Pentagon. Pentagon dared Sydal to chop him. Both men had a chop battle. Pentagon did his Cero Miedo thing but ran into a jumping knee. Sydal ran into a superkick. Pentagon hit the Pentagon Driver. Sydal kicked out of Pentagon’s finisher.

Sydal splashed the back of Pentagon. Sydal ran into another Pentagon superkick. Sydal surprised Pentagon with a standing Frankensteiner. Sydal went for Air Bourne but right into the knees of Pentagon. Pentagon hit a slicing roundhouse on Sydal. Pentagon Jr. beat Matt Sydal after hitting him with the Fear Factor.

Pentagon Jr. defeated Matt Sydal via pinfall in 12:41 of TV time.

Josh Mathews ran through a few of Pentagon Jr’s accomplishments. Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers appeared on the big screen via the OVE camcorder. Sami Callihan was ranting about his bald head. Sami said the people online are getting to him. Sami said one Crist brother needs to shave his head. Dave Crist argued the most about saving his head. Jake Crist called himself the “Mini Draw” again and then conceded to getting his head shaved. Jake volunteered but Sami decided that Dave needs to get shaved. Sami also forced Jake to shave his brother’s head. Dave was reluctant but he still submitted. Jake used the razor to shave Dave’s head as Jake cried. Sami said “we’re going to look great, we’re going to look more and more like a family”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A solid TV match between Penta and Sydal, but I feel like if they were given more time than they could have taken things up to another level. The post-match stuff with Sami Callihan was great as it continues to push forward his story arc. Sami actually has a Cult.

LAX made their entrance to the Rebel Complex. Santana and Ortiz held their shoulders to the ring selling the brawl from the beginning of Impact. Josh Mathews noted that LAX aren’t in possession of their titles. Konnan ran through his LAX catchphrases of comparing LAX to a late period and Viagra. Konnan said Toronto was lit. Konnan recapped how the new LAX beat the originators of the 5150 street fight. Konnan said LAX can go find the OGz or the OGz are free to drop by. The OGz entrance played as King and the OGz were shown hiding up on the balcony, far away from LAX. King told everyone to shut up. Konnan called King a “Glory Hole” to invoke a “glory hole” chant. King said Konnan has Jokes but OGz have the titles. King bragged about making Konnan cry and crucified.

Konnan had a sentence bleeped out. King complained at the Canadian fans. Konnan asked King what he wants. King said he wants Konnan to bring the war to the concrete jungle, the street. King accused Konnan of protecting his “young puppy bitches”. Konnan said King was stupid and talked about how he brought up the three hoes in the street. Konnan said LAX was going to prove that they rule the street. Konnan ran through his LAX catchphrases to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: A solid promo segment to set up a future street fight. Not Konnan’s best material because I felt like relied too much on catchphrases here as opposed to reacting to his promo partner. King was solid on his end in generating heat from the crowd by interacting directly with them. King’s also really good at generating a reaction by making it seems as if the situation is getting to him.

Josh Mathews hyped up an LAX vs. OGz street fight next week. Don Callis said he fears for the people in the building. Josh Mathews also hyped Allie vs. Su Yung in a non-title match. Josh said the Scarlett Bordeaux Smokeshow was premiering next week. Eddie Edwards was shown staring at his Kendo Stick and trying to act crazy heading into commercial… [c]

Jimmy Jacobs cut a promo from a couch. It was essentially the same “I’m not a bad guy” promo that he cut on Abyss, just replace Abyss with Johnny Impact. He did also mention that Johnny Impact was gone for three months…

Eddie Edwards made his entrance to a pretty light reaction.

John’s Thoughts: Part of it is the confused crowd, but I also wonder if this is the end of the day during this taping since they didn’t react too hot to the Sydal vs. Pentagon match. I wonder if they are tired.

4. Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship. An “Austin Aries” chant ensued. Edwards and Aries had a chain wrestling sequence that Aries won. Don Callis and Josh Mathews talked about how “Unhinged” Eddie Edwards is. Eddie Edwards gave Aries a German Suplex and then did snow angels in the ring. Aries yelled at Edwards for the snow angels. Aries responded with a slap to Edwards. Josh Mathews yelled to “keep it tight” and to shake his hand. [c]

John’s Thoughts: Is Eddie Edwards becoming the white R-Truth?

Josh Mathews said that during the commercial break, nothing happened. Aries entered the ring and hit Edwards with a thunder clap. Edwards blocked a suicide dive with his forearm. Eddie Edwards then forced a handshake on Aries. Edwards gave Aries a few chops against the barricade. Aries reversed a chop. Callis noted that a fan almost got hit by both men. Aries yanked at the shirt of Edwards and then hit a really cool crossbody Tope on Edwards. An “Austin Aries” chant ensued. Josh Mathews did his latest Swedish Dicks and Don Callis talked about spending the evening with Swedish Dicks.

Aries double stomped on Edwards in the ring. Austin Aries gave Edwards a few forearms. Aries chopped the chest of Edwards and asked for more like a weirdo. Austin Aries hit his favorite 205 Live finisher, the thumb to the eye, on Edwards. Edwards responded with a Blue Thunder Bomb. An “Eddie” chant finally showed up. Edwards hit a front suplex on Aries and then chopped Aries for a nearfall. Aries reversed a Tiger Driver into a huracanrana. Aries went for it again and hit the Tiger Driver on Aries for a nearfall. An “Impact Wrestling” chant occurred.

Aries went back with the thumb to the eye and hit Edwards with a sunset flip bomb into the Last Chancery. Edwards bit the finger of Aries to escape. Aries brought the title belt to the ring. Edwards snuck in a low blow to get a nearfall on Aries after the distraction by Aries backfired. Aries escaped the backpack stunner and hit the thunder clap. Aries put Edwards in fireman carry and accidentally hit the ref with the legs of Edwards. REF BUMP!!!

I think there was an edit since I think Aries teleported. Edwards ducked a belt shot and then hit a DDT on Aries, but the referee was in the middle of his bump. Edwards then grabbed the kendo stick and then hit the referee with the stick. Aries kicked Edwards in the balls. Edwards hit Aries with the Kendo Stick and Aries was knocked out on the bottom turnbuckle. Edwards choked Aries while yelling “night…night…” like a baby several times, which was the intention. Killer Kross ran into the ring to save Aries and hit Edwards with the Doomsday Saito. Kross had his focused glare on Edwards and then to the crowd. Aries hit Edwards with the Brainbuster for the win.

Austin Aries defeated Eddie Edwards via pinfall in 12:52 of TV Time to retain the Impact World Championship.

Don Callis noted that Kross looks like a hired gun. Killer Kross put his calling card on Aries. Killer Kross joined Austin Aries in the ring to strike a pose to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Mixed thoughts with that match. I get what they were going for. They were trying to really lay it on thick that Edwards is “unhinged”. Credit to Edwards, he really went all in there with the gimmick. The problem is that Eddie Edwards doesn’t come off as a threat but rather as a comedic goof. Sami Callihan is doing a better job coming off as deranged. Eddie Edwards is just goofy. You go into this expecting a world class match, and yes I get the story they are telling again, but Edwards isn’t fit for this ECW hardcore legend role. He’s a parody of ECW maybe? I’m also not big on the TNA Ref Bump thing, as even though Impact has done a good job staying away from it, it still comes off as lazy.

I’ll take a wait-and-see approach with the Killer Kross and Aries pairing because this can easily either be done wrong or right. Kross has a good presence to him, so I think he’ll find a way to make it work and Aries will do a good job elevating him in the meantime. What babyface to they have to go against Aries though? When you look at the Impact roster, it’s essentially the Lucha Underground guys with Johnny Impact looking like the most likely candidate. I know Brian Cage has Option C, but he’s gone MIA and they still haven’t defined him to the audience. This episode was strange at points, but it was still solid and Impact continues to show that they are no longer TNA. Jason Powell will be by later today with a hit list and members exclusive audio review.


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