7/12 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: OVE vs. Pentagon Jr, Fenix, and Rich Swann in a Lucha Rules Trios Match, Su Yung haunts Madison Rayne, Eli Drake vs. Grado, DeAngelo Williams arrives to give an update on Moose, Shotzi Blackheart vs. Allie

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped June 1-2, 2018 in Windsor, Ontario at St. Clair College

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Homicide, Hernandez, and Eddie Kingston made their entrance to open the show. The original gangstas of LAX were now being referred to as “The OGz”…

1. “The OGz” Homicide and Hernandez (w/Eddie Kingston) vs. Silver Smith and Lee. We didn’t get the names of the enhancement wrestlers, I’ll add them when we find out. The enhancement wrestlers had no chance and the OG LAX guys just manhandled them. Don Callis noted that “Hernandez is jacked!!!”. Hernandez hit one guy with a power bomb and the other with the Border Toss for the victory. For some reason, both men were allowed to Tornado Tag this match.

The OGz defeated Silver Smith and Lee via pinfall in 0:56.

Josh Mathews told us the names of the enhancement duo was “Silver Smith and Lee” which I’ll add in the above titles. Kingston grabbed a mic. Kingston said Konnan the old man had to go because it’s not his time anymore. He told Konnan that they appreciate him and he has to hit the road. Kingston said he was tired of waiting so he took Konnan out. Kingston said he does give Konnan credit for being a smart man. Kingston said that’s why he had to stay two steps ahead with Homicide and Hernandez. Kingston noted that Homicide hated being in Mexico running the LAX strip club and collecting roaches. Kingston said Hernandez didn’t even receive a phone call when Konnan reformed LAX. Kingston noted that Konnan chose Santana and Ortiz because they are young and would follow Konnan’s orders no matter what.

Kingston said the young boys are about to “get it”. Kingston pointed out that the Original LAX guys were multiple time tag team champions of the world. The crowd cheered and Kingston yelled at the crowd that they already know they are great and don’t need the cheers so “Shut up!” (nice heel work). Kingston said that they don’t care about tag titles now, they want to take out the young boys and Konnan. Kingston advertised a 5150 Street Fight between LAX and OGz. Don Callis said he thinks OGz are going to win because Homicide weighs over 260 and Homicide is insane.

John’s Thoughts: The OGz are in an interesting position in that their best wrestler and best talker is currently their manager. Homicide, for some reason, hasn’t been able to be the workhorse that he once was. Hernandez got really good in 2014-2015 when he trimmed down his weight and worked some memorable matches, but I’ve seen some of his work in Lucha Underground in 2018 and I haven’t been impressed. It looks like both OGz have regressed a bit. That said, I’m still looking forward to the Slammiversary match. That’s because Santana and Ortiz are extremely reliable and have been able to get great matches against anyone.

Josh Mathews advertised DeAngelo Williams giving the viewers a Moose update later in the show. Josh also advertised some more segments later on in the show. Josh Mathews sent the show over to the new interview lady now named “Alicia” (we didn’t get a last name). Alicia interviewed new Impact knockout Shotzi Blackheart. Alicia noted that Impact discovered Shotzi at a Rise wrestling event and that Shotzi would be debuting on Impact against Allie. Shotzi said being in Impact has given her a one-track mind to prove that she is no “phony baloney”. Shotzi said she’s going to prove that she’s a ballsy badass. She said this mango is ready to tango and she’s also ready to rock. Shotzi emphatically said that her mind is a machine and her body is the bullet. Shotzi said Allie is the target. Shotzi said “who’s your daddy!” and then the barked like a little dog. Shotzi left and Alicia shook her head in confusion. A quick vignette aired that hyped Shotzi’s debut after the break… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Well, Shotzi may have tried a bit too hard there to get all of her stuff in, but I like the enthusiasm. I’ve been a proponent of Shotzi and she’s been a regular in the California indie scene. A lot of WWE viewers may know her as one of the wrestlers chosen to be on Tough Enough last season and was sent home due to having potential cardiac complications pop up on her medicals. She may come off as dorky as you all just saw, but I’ve seen it get over as Adorkable, similar to Becky Lynch. She reminds me a lot of Lynch, and Shotzi’s biggest strength (in addition to being very crisp in the ring) is her connection to the children in the crowd, especially the young girls.

Josh Mathews recapped TMZ announcing that DeAngelo Williams making his return to Impact. Josh Mathews noted that Williams is helping Moose prepare for Slammiversary. The show cut to an OVE camcorder promo. Sami Callihan hyped up the main event trios match. Callihan said OVE is the best trio to walk this planet. Callihan said OVE does six-man tags better than anyone in the world (don’t they lose a lot of them?). Callihan said he wants someone to tweet that out. Callihan then went on to hype his hair vs. mask match. He talked about losing the mask is the biggest embarrassment a luchador can have. OVE said they were for Ohio, by Ohio, and they were taking over everything! Everything! EVERYTHING!!!

Shotzi Blackheart made her entrance next. She was followed by Allie. Josh Mathews noted that Allie once interrupted a wedding. Josh used that as a plug for the Global Wrestling Network. Don Callis said he wishes that Allie interrupted his second wedding…

2. Shotzi Blackheart vs. Allie. Shotzi barked like a little dog to start the match which drew boos. Josh Mathews gave some quick notes on Shotzi. The crowd booed while Shotzi was on offense due to Allie being the hometown and BCW favorite. Allie hit Shotzi with a crossbody. Shotzi locked Allie in a reverse surfboard. Allie gained the upper hand in the next striking sequence and hit Shotzi with a basement forearm. Shotzi regained control and drew boos.

The crowd cheered for Allie out of a chinlock. Shotzi hit a knee and step-up enzuigiri and got a nearfall. Shotzi hit Allie with a swinging neckbreaker. Don Callis noted that he was a huge fan of DeAngelo Williams because he’s a fan of Bell Cow Running Backs. Shotzi went high risk and missed a missile dropkick. Allie hit Shotzi with a side Russian Legsweep. Allie hit Shotzi with a German Suplex for a nearfall. Shotzi reversed Allie with a reverse X-Factor. Shotzi went high risk. Allie dodged and hit Shotzi with the Codebreaker for the victory.

Allie defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall in 5:45.

Don Callis joked that Impact might have to pay Chris Jericho expensive royalties for the Codebreaker. Allie was blindsided by Tessa Blanchard and womanhandled at ringside. Tessa hit Allie with the Hammerlock DDT and continued to yell at Allie. Tessa did her pose and left the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Ouch. I really question putting having Shotzi work babyface against the lovable hometown favorite in Allie. This is the opposite situation Allie was in when Allie wrestled in front of the Lucha Underground friendly crowd at WrestleCon and Allie was booed heavily. You know they want to do something with Shotzi because this was a competitive match. Aren’t they wrestling in Border City Wrestling where they could have picked any trainee? As bad as Rebel is, they could have used Rebel for this spot too. Aside from that, the in ring was solid. Tessa was great in heeling it up afterward.

It was time for the latest Grado skit. He called Katarina a “babydoll” (?). Joe Hendry was also there. Grado was super excited to run into Eli Drake backstage. Grado bragged to Katarina about having the highest rated segment in a show that featured a Grado vs. Eli Drake in a cage match at a sold-out Wembley Arena (I think this feud was over Eli Drake stealing Grado’s feast or fired briefcase?). Grado bragged to Eli Drake about having a girlfriend. He also talked about how Joe Hendry was his best friend. Joe Hendry tried to introduce himself to Eli Drake but Eli Drake started to hit on Katarina. Grado told Drake try to steal his girlfriend. Grado told Drake not to step in his grass and he called Drake a bum. Grado challenged Drake to a match. Grado, Katarina, and Hendry left with Hendry flashing Eli Drake a glare. Eli Drake said he doesn’t want to wrestle Grado, he wants to wrestle Katarina. Yeah…

DeAngelo was shown shaking hands with Z and E backstage. Josh Mathews noted that Williams is a former Pro Bowler… [C]

Josh Mathews recapped Tessa Blanchard’s attack on Allie. Tessa cut a backstage promo. She talked about being focused on the Knockouts Championship. Tessa said Madison Rayne got in Tessa’s way. Tessa talked about taking care of business but Allie running in and “doing the right thing”. Tessa said Allie doing the right thing made Allie’s best friend become “dead”. Tessa said Allie also ended up in a coffin for doing the right thing. Tessa said doing the right thing is the wrong thing for Allie…

Josh Mathews cut to an Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer video package which showed Eddie Edwards trying to murder the Ohio vs. Everything guys. The video package also showed still pictures and clips from the Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feud (but they didn’t mention Raven by name). The rest of the video package was just a combination of all of the cinematics from this feud…

Josh Mathews hyped the main event trios match. Mathews advertised Austin Aries for after the commercial… [C]

Another vignette aired for the all red mystery woman. The vignette had an electricity motif. It said she’s coming soon…

John’s Thoughts: While I was spot on with my Red X Attacker guess, I have no clue whatsoever who this mystery woman is. If it’s a returning Knockout I would guess Taryn Terrell, but I think this is for a person we haven’t seen on Impact before. Let me look a little more into this.

Don Callis asked if that was a music video or the opening of a Bond movie…

Austin Aries talked backstage. He said Moose is in an undisclosed location doing the hardest training of his life. Aries laughed at that and said that Moose is trying to block out all of the noise. Aries talked about how for weeks a washed-up football player has been hyped up. Aries said he’s not talking about Moose, he’s talking about DeAngelo Williams. Aries said he heard that Williams was undefeated in Impact. Aries said he circled this date on the calendar as can’t miss. He talked about how he had some tofu scramble in the morning. Aries said as the ambassador of Impact he’s here to make sure Williams feels welcome. Aries told Williams that he’s looking forward to the Moose update…

John’s Thought: Dat tofu scramble heat doe!

Josh Mathews cut to the latest Global Wrestling Network Flashback Slammiversary match of the week. It was Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell in a hardcore match with ODB as the guest referee. They aired five minutes of highlights. Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim…

John’s Thoughts: While a lot of these flashbacks feature the worst of TNA, this is actually something I would recommend you go back and see. Taryn Terrell came into the company with the reputation of being one of the many swimsuit models that Johnny Ace hired for WWE. Terrell proved that she was a really good brawler and had some great matches against Gail Kim. There’s also this brutal ladder match that both women excelled in too.

Josh Mathews hyped a Madison Rayne interview with Alicia… [C]

Josh Mathews was in the ring where he introduced DeAngelo Williams to the ring. Josh Mathews talked about how DeAngelo Williams being in the pro bowl and leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns two different years. Williams said he said he wouldn’t do this again but he was back. Williams talked about how he’s been training Moose in the batcave. He said he couldn’t tell you where that was due to cheaters in the back. Williams said that Moose lost weight and gained muscle. Williams called Aries trash. Josh Mathews then cut to a Moose training montage. The video showed that Moose is training at the “Xtreme Gracie Fitness Center”. I guess the secret is out? The video showed Moose working out while also sweating a lot.

Josh asked Williams if Moose is ready for Slammiversary. Williams said Moose always wanted to be a wrestler and will be ready for anything. Austin Aries interrupted the segment with his entrance music. Austin Aries received a huge babyface reaction (wait what?). Aries thanked the crowd and told them they didn’t have to do that because he already knows his name. Aries said he knows that Williams knows the name or Aries. Aries talked about how he’s hearing a lot about Williams. Aries patronized Williams’ casual attire. Aries asked Williams if he was supposed to be at Training Camp since the NFL season is starting soon. This drew ohhhhhhh’s from the crowd.

Aries said no one signed Williams this year. Aries said Williams was forced to retire since no one wants his services, just like Moose. Aries said Williams had a good career because he won a Super Bowl right? Aries joked that Williams never won a championship, just like Moose. Aries said Williams is standing in a ring trying to use pro wrestling to be relevant, just like Moose. Aries told Williams to come in close for a message to give to Moose. The message was a right hand to the face and some boots. Williams dodged a chair shot from Aries and then gave Aries a boot to the gut. Williams showboated a bit with the chair which allowed Austin Aries to kick him in the balls (Just like Moose?). Austin Aries stood over DeAngelo Williams and left Williams lying on the mat (just like Moose?)…

John’s Thoughts: More good heel stuff from Aries, who has been on fire even since the heel turn. Why does Aries even turn face? He’s just so great at being an antagonist. Moose is still damaged and this recent push to make him relevant is a bit too little too late. The guy is too damaged and is the “Wimp Lo” of Impact Wrestling. Williams was fine. I think it would be more exciting if this was Austin Aries vs. DeAngelo Williams for the Impact Championship at Slammiversary. We do know that Williams can wrestle well.

KM talked with Fallah Bahh and asked Bahh if what he did last week proved that he’s committed to making this team work. Bahh reciprocated the handshake and agreed with KM. Gama Singh and the Desi Hit Squad interrupted. Gama talked about how the Desi Hit Squad are coming for the tag titles and is here to bring honor to the greatest country in the world, India. Gama said they will do it by any means necessary. KM yelled at Gama and asked if Gama knows who they are? KM yelled a lot. Gama mocked Fallah Bahh and KM for being typical North Americans because Bahh can’t stop eating and KM can’t stop yelling…

Josh Mathews reminded viewers of the news that Eli Drake is committed to Impact Wrestling. Don Callis talked about how beautiful and talented Joe Hendry is. Josh Mathews said it sounds like Hendry is a combination of Fergie and Jesus…

3. Eli Drake vs. Grado (w/Katarina and Joe Hendry). Eli Drake blindsided Grado while Grado was still doing his entrance routine in the ring. Drake hit Grado with a swinging neckbreaker. Don Callis pointed out that this is a mismatch. Grado had a little rally. He hit Drake with a backdrop and a bionic elbow. Grado took down the straps and Don Callis yelled that the production truck needs to put on the digitize censors on Grado’s chest. Drake hit Grado with a running lariat. Eli Drake hit Grado with the Gravy Train for the win.

Eli Drake defeated Grado via pinfall in 2:07.

Katarina and Joe Hendry had a look of concern for Grado. Katarina went to check if Grado was okay. Eli Drake went back to business and hit on Katarina again. Joe Hendry got between Katarina and Drake and took off his jacket for a fight. Josh said Hendry is standing up for his friend Grado. Don Callis yelled that he hates “fence builders” and that Hendry was acting like a fence builder around Katarina. Eli Drake put two and two together and pointed out to Grado that he believes that Katarina and Hendry are doing things behind Grado’s back… [C]

John’s Thoughts: So, the obvious outcome from this storyline is that Joe Hendry and Katarina are in cahoots and are about to backstab poor ol’ Grado in the heart sooner or later. That said, I’m very intrigued to see where this goes. This has been one of Impact’s best built storylines due to the slow burn. Maybe they go the obvious route? Maybe Joe Hendry is a legit nice guy and they go an unorthodox route. As I said, I’m very intrigued to see this play out.

After a Slammiversary ad they cut to a Killer Kross backstage promo. Kross said he was in the process of having a real good time in the ring before Peter Williams interjected himself into a situation that had nothing to do with him. Kross said Petey is a Canadian Hero. Kross asked Peter if Peter knows what happens to people who want to play the role of hero. Kross said he’ll find Peter and squeeze all the oxygen out of his skull. Kross yelled that in the end everybody pays the toll. Josh Mathews advertised Killer Kross vs. Petey Williams for next week’s Impact…

John’s Thoughts: Random aside, Killer Kross proved on last night’s Lucha Underground episode that he is indeed a killer. Or at least he ordered Paul London to do his killing. Only in Lucha Underground, folks…

Josh Mathews sent the show over to “Alicia” for an interview with Matt Sydal about his title defense against Brian Cage at Slammiversary. Alicia said people are saying that Sydal is outmatched by Cage. Sydal asked if those were Alicia’s words or if she read that on the internet. Sydal asked if the people had their third eye closed or if Alicia had her third eye closed. Alicia said that there is a mismatch but in Sydal’s favor. Sydal talked about how organic things like Sydal come back to life while Cage is mechanical which means he can break apart. Sydal talked about how Cage if foolish for thinking size and muscles is everything. Sydal said if that was the case then Sydal wouldn’t have a career. Sydal talked about how he made a career out of beating people larger than him and the largest muscle he is flexing is the third eye. Sydal said that open eye changed the power dynamic. Alicia nodded. Sydal talked about how he’s holding the spotlight and it’s about what’s inside that count. Sydal said you don’t have to have a third eye to know that Sydal is walking out of Slammiversary with the X Division Title…

John’s Thoughts: Did Matt Sydal just cut the best promo of his career? That wasn’t bad.

Josh Mathews announced, “Breaking News” that Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary was official. Josh Mathews then cut to Moose “on the phone” responding to the Aries attack on Williams. Moose said he heard what happened to Williams in Windsor. Moose said Aries is trying to get to him by attacking a friend. Moose said it worked and Moose will be at Windsor next week. Moose said Aries will find out that Payback’s a Bitch… Bitch…

Josh Mathews cut to a Madison Rayne interview with Alicia. Madison Rayne reiterated her same promo from the last couple of weeks about only coming back to be a commentator and all of a sudden she is going for her sixth Knockouts title reign. Alicia tried to ask about Su Yung. Suddenly, Madison Rayne got extra paranoid and was hearing voices. Alicia couldn’t hear them. Rayne got up acting paranoid and looking around the corners. The hallways were empty. When Madison returned to the interview set Alicia was gone and there was some red fluid, supposedly blood, splattered on butcher paper.

John’s Thoughts: To quote the great badass Barry Burton: “I hope this isn’t [Alicia’s] Blood!”. Alicia may be dead folks! Not only in Lucha Underground? I mean, I already had to deal with two murders on yesterday’s wrestling show.

Under the blood (?) was a message written in pen that said, “UR time has come”. Madison Rayne entered a random office room to follow a bloody wedding dress and the door shut behind her. Like a horror movie, Madison Rayne was locked in and she struggled to get the locked door open. Suddenly the door opened and the scene cut back to the Impact ring…

Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers made their entrance. Josh Mathews didn’t acknowledge the previous cinematic (which means they might be taking the Lucha Underground approach on this one where the announcers don’t acknowledge the cinematics because they aren’t actually recorded)…

4. Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Dave Crist vs. Rich Swann, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. in a Lucha Rules Trios Match. Josh Mathews noted that this was a Tornado Tag Match. Pentagon Jr. and Sami Callihan had a face-off. Pentagon did his Cero Miedo thing in the face of Callihan. Callihan responded with his thumb thing. Pentagon took off his glove and did the Cero Miedo thing again but Sami bit Pentagon’s hand and Fenix interrupted. A superkick party ensued with everyone hitting superkicks on each other. Sami Callihan instead hit Swann with a pump kick. Swann responded with a backfist combo. Callihan matched up with Swann in the agility sequence.

Swann and Callihan took each other out with a roundhouse. Fenix and Pentagon took down Jake with a series of kicks. Pentagon used a modified Canadian Destroyer on Fenix to slam him on Jake. Fenix took down Dave with a springboard slicing Sobat. Callihan used an Exploder Suplex on Fenix which sent him into Pentagon. Fenix hit Callihan with a kick combo. Fenix yelled Animo. Callihan took down Fenix with a lariat. Callihan hit Fenix with a lariat. Fenix used a tiger feint kick to fake out OVE and Swann hit Jake and Sami with a flip dive. Jake Crist took down Fenix with his educated feet and took out everyone else with a flip dive to the outside. Fenix hit everyone with a twisting springboard splash. An “Impact Wrestling” chant ensued. Dave Crist superplexed Rich Swann on everyone else. Sami kept yelling “Everything” heading into break. [C]

John’s Thoughts: Have we ever heard an Impact Wrestling chant before? This is a good thing for this company. It sure beats the old chants of “F— TNA!”.

All six wrestlers did a tower of doom spot with Jake Crist being the one unscathed. Jake got the nearfall. Fenix and Jake traded dead weight to block suplex attempts. They both brawled to the top rope. Fenix hit a nice hands-free Swanton Bomb on Jake. Dave hit a underhook DDT on Fenix. Swann caught Dave with a step up back kick. Swann hit Sami with a back-hook kick. Sami surprised Swann with a pile driver. Pentagon nailed Sami Callihan with a roundhouse kick to break up a pin attempt. Pentagon and Sami then dared each other to slap the other person in their chest protector. Pentagon hit Sami with the Pentagon Driver, but Sami Callihan kicked out of it at two. Don Callis noted that he never saw anyone kick out of it.

Callihan gave the crowd the middle finger. Pentagon hit Sami with an RKO out of nowhere. Dave Crist hit Pentagon with an RKO out of nowhere. Fenix hit a nice leaping RKO out of nowhere. Sami Callihan hit Fenix with an RKO out of nowhere. Sami Callihan blocked Rich Swann’s RKO attempt. Rich Swann instead hit Jake and Sami with a double Lethal Injection. Rich Swann had Sami Callihan ready for a frog splash but Jake Crist was scouting Swann from the other side of the ring. In one of the best pro wrestling moves of 2018, Rich Swann executes the Frog Splash but Jake Crist catches him midair and hits him with an RKO from the heavens! Oh my freakin’ word!

Pentagon and Fenix broke up the subsequent pin attempt. They showed a sweet replay of Jake Crist’s RKO from the heavens. Sami Callihan yelled screw you at the Lucha Brothers and spat in their faces and gave them a middle finger. The Lucha Brothers gave him a double suplex. Fenix and Pentagon hit a double stomp Fear Factor on Sami Callihan. Sami Callihan kicked out at two. Fenix hit Dave Crist with a double stomp to the back of his head. Pentagon gave Jake Crist a fear factor on the ring apron. Rich Swann hit Callihan with a back-hook kick. Callihan recovered but was kicked on the top rope. Callihan blocked a frankensteiner and hit a super Power Bomb on Swann. Sami Callihan hit the “Get out of here” (Tiger Driver on the Knee) on Swann to pick up the win.

OVE defeated Rich Swann, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. via pinfall in 13:04.

John’s Thoughts: This match may not be for some. It was a spot-fest. The one thing I didn’t like was Sami Callihan no-selling everyone’s finisher when you don’t have to do that in a tornado tag. Other than that, that was an amazing spot-fest and it told a better story than any regular X Division Match you would get in TNA. This had a lot of fun spots. The superkicks party. The RKO Party. Flips! Dives! Fun stuff. The best stuff from the match came from Fenix and Jake Crist. Jake Crist in particular was the star of the match with his fun kicks and that sick Super RKO from the sky. That move would make Randy Orton blush. I’m not really looking forward to Sami vs. Pentagon in Luchas de Apuestas, but this match made me want to see Swann vs. Callihan and The Crist Brothers vs. Lucha Brothers. Are The Crist Brothers in a match at Slammiversary? They need to be!

Sami Callihan yelled at fans at ringside. Josh Mathews closed out Impact…

But wait? There’s more? The show cut to a Lucha Underground-style post-credits stinger cinematic? It picked up where we left off where Madison Rayne followed a wedding dress into an office room. She got locked in. The room unlocked and we found out Rayne was teleported to Lucha Underground (?)…uh… I mean… a random spooky forest. Madison Rayne saw wedding dresses creeping behind the trees. Madison was then haunted by creepy noises. Zombies, a.k.a. the undead bridesmaids, surrounded Madison Rayne and told her the time has come. They looked like they were going to eat her but suddenly teleported away. Su Yung rose out of the earth and pie faced Madison Rayne saying, “your time has come” in a demonic voice. The Impact Wrestling show ended….

John’s Thoughts: Is someone trolling me and making me review Lucha Underground two nights in a row? Is reason they didn’t give Alicia a last name was because they were going to kill her? I’ll try to rationalize this by saying that we might have been watching a Madison Rayne dream via cinematic, but then why would Josh Mathews advertise it? This also goes into the inconsistencies segment-by-segment that this and the last set of tapings have struggled with. It’s a smaller problem, but an annoying problem for people who like to watch episodic serial television series. I hope they don’t go too far down the Lucha Underground rabbit hole because these cinematics come off as funny rather than compelling or serious.

Weird Lucha Underground tangent aside, this was another solid episode of Impact in that Impact isn’t doing dumb things anymore. We got some good wrestling. The main event may turn off some but it had some fun action in it. Austin Aries was a highlight because he has been on fire as a heel. Grado continues to do fun Grado things. It was also cool to see people like Austin Aries, Eli Drake, and Matt Sydal who have been away from the arena for a while. Jason Powell will be by later today with his thoughts via the Impact Wrestling Hit List and a members exclusive audio review. Check out his free interview with the voice of Impact Wrestling Josh Mathews below.


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