7/5 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Brian Cage vs. Kongo Kong, Konnan’s attacker revelation, Rich Swann vs. Fenix, Katarina’s return to the Impact ring, Killer Kross’s in-ring debut

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped June 1-2, 2018 in Windsor, Ontario at St. Clair College

The Impact teaser recapped last week’s Impact Wrestling episode with the focus being that the show was emanating from Winsor, Ontario, Canada. The Impact intro theme aired…

Rich Swann made his entrance to open up the show. His entrance was followed by his opponent, Fenix. Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. Mathews hyped the four way at Slammiversary, which includes these two wrestlers and two returning wrestlers in Johnny Impact and “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori…

1. Rich Swann vs. Fenix. The crowd chanted “Animo”, I think (How’d they learn that? It’s usually a SoCal thing. Another benefit of being outside of Universal Studios). Fenix and Swann started off the match with some ground chain wrestling. Josh Mathews noted that Fenix is a former AAA Fusion, LU Gift of the Gods Champion (LU’s Mr. Money in the Bank), and a former LU Champion (he was also the LU Trios champ which Josh didn’t mention making him a Triple Crown Champ).

Fenix showed off some of his mastery of the ropes by walking over it like it was the ground during an armdrag sequence. Both men then countered each other during an agility sequence. It was essentially a cruiserweight stalemate sequence complete with the double dropkick at the end. Both men had a standoff with Fenix sending Swann outside with a dropkick. Both men countered each other’s dropkicks. Swann hit Fenix with an outside Tiger Feint Kick and Swann grounded Fenix with a Triangle Phoenix Splash. Don Callis wondered about Swann’s odd haircut. Callis said Swann has Callis’ haircut except Callis didn’t choose the haircut himself.

John’s Thoughts: Poor Swann. The design in the hair is cool but sadly it’s tough for everyone including me to not think of it looking anything other than the world’s worst receding hairline.

More counters ensued. Swann tripped Fenix off the top rope. Fenix recovered and hit an armdrag off the moonsault. Swann went to ringside and Fenix hit Swann with a Tope Con Hilo. Fenix missed a moonsault but he smoothly rolled into a rolling cutter on Swann for a nearfall. Fenix nailed Swann with the Lethal Injection but Swann creatively reversed it with a handstand to prevent the spike into the mat. Fenix and Swann took each other out with stereo Lethal Injections. [C]

Fenix and Swann had a strong style chop battle back from the commercial. Fenix missed a head slicer kick but didn’t relent and hit the head slicer during the second attempt. Swann came back with a roundhouse and modified Fisherman Bomb. Swann hit a second rope 450 on Fenix for a nearfall. A “fight forever” chant ensued (as unwarranted as that chant is sometimes, this is a breakthrough on an Impact Wrestling television broadcast). Fenix caught swann with an elbow and then a chop on the top rope. Fenix did his Fenix rope hop and then hit a Fire-Thunder Driver on Swann. Swann sold the kickout by spitting. Fenix yelled “Animo” but right into a back-hook kick from Swann. Fenix then hit the finisher he’s been using recently, A Kinniku Buster into a Michinoku Driver which gave Fenix the win.

Fenix defeated Rich Swann via pinfall in 9:03 of TV Time.

Dave and Jake Crist ran out to beat down on Fenix and Swann. Pentagon Jr. ran out for the save. He lifted up Fenix but then kicked Fenix in the balls. “Pentagon” hit Fenix with the Fear Factor. By this point you can notice that it’s a white dude. Fake-Penta removed the mask to reveal that it was Sami Callihan with facepaint. Rich Swann attempted to fend off OVE, but Jake Crist took down Swann with his educated feet. Callihan almost ripped off the mask of Fenix but Pentagon ran out for the save. Pentagon hit the heel trio with a Tope Con Hilo to send them into retreat. The crowd gave Pentagon a loud “Pentagon” chant. Pentagon yelled “Listen Putos!!!” (Putos was censored). Pentagon, Swann, and Fenix did the Cero Miedo hand thing.

John’s Thoughts: Okay. I’m not usually fooled by these things, but I was kinda hoping that Pentagon really kicked Fenix in the balls because that’s truer to the True Rudo version of Pentagon that we see everywhere else (I’m not fully buying into white meat babyface Penta). So, he had me fooled for a bit. Moving along from that, that was a strong start to the show with a main event worthy match and a solid angle. Fenix and Swann were a bit too cute at the beginning with the flippy stuff, but things picked up well down the stretch. The only criticism I have about the post-match angle is that last week’s booking of the Mask vs. Hair match would have worked a lot better after this angle. By the way, Pentagon is booked for a Mask vs. Mask vs. Mask vs. Mask match at AAA’s Triplemania so is Pentagon really going to lose this match? Let alone for Impact?

Mathews and Callis checked in from their green screen room. Josh and Don tried to hype up the importance of Callihan’s hair again. Josh Mathews then hyped Austin Aries’s version of “The Journey” documentary. Josh moved the conversation over to Su Yung. Callis talked about how the Bridesmaids look like actual walking dead zombies. Mathews made a great point in the next conversation in wondering why Killer Kross isn’t being punished for his sneak attacks backstage. Callis talked about how Kross is an established fighter and bareknuckle champion in Northern Canada who also has wrestling training. Callis said there was a lot of hype after the reveal to sign Kross and that Impact doesn’t discriminate people based off their past. Callis said he laid people out and at least he didn’t kill anybody…

John’s Thoughts: I like that Josh and Don are addressing the obvious but they need to find a way to be more consistent all across the board in their universe. So Kross is off the hook for not killing anybody, fine. But Eddie Edwards tells us every week how he wants to film some murders. Su Yung “killed” (?), cremated, and “evaporated” the body of Rosemary. Not to mention, remember that one episode where Callis gets beat up and Sami Callihan’s job ends up being put in jeopardy? Maybe the solution for them is to get in another creative team member to do some quality control. Maybe whoever is doing that for the LAX cinematics.

Mathews hyped up a Tommy Dreamer update. Mathews and Callis advertised some more matches on this episode which included Konnan revealing who attacked him…

Backstage, KM was apologetic and tried to reconcile with Fallah Bahh. KM said he deserved getting beat up by Scott Steiner. He said tonight he’s going to prove that he’s committed to helping out Bahh and making this team succeed. The camera cut to Killer Kross punching a wall with a red screen filter giving a horror movie ambiance. Killer Kross was hyped for later on in this show…

John’s Thoughts: I don’t know why, but there’s something about KM’s speech cadence and tone that cracks me up. Anyway, it does look like they realized they moved on from the Bahh and KM story a bit too hastily so they backtracked a bit. That’s not a bad thing because this is one of the more well-rounded stories in this show despite being undercard comedy.

New interviewer Alicia Atout (still unnamed) interviewed Madison Rayne and Allie, Madison talked about facing the unexpected in Su Yung. Allie talked about how Rosemary warned her about letting the darkness consume her. Allie said that caused her to lose. Allie said she learned you need light and darkness, good and evil. Allie said Su Yung thinks she killed her but she just brought something inside Allie to life…

Fallah Bahh made his entrance and it looks like he is back to being friends with KM (I like that they aren’t rushing through this). Killer Kross made his entrance to the theme that we’ve been seeing during the mystery attacks…

2. Fallah Bahh (w/KM) vs. Killer Kross. Kross and Bahh ran into each other and neither men fell. Bahh tried to do his antics but Kross decided to corner Bahh with clinch knee strikes. Bahh cornered Kross and gave him some of his fun chops to hype up the crowd. Bahh tried to get a corner splash but Kross fired up and ran through Bahh with a lariat. Kevin Kross absorbed Bahh’s blows and even asked for them. Kross hit the heavy Bahh with a Saito Suplex. Callis said the pain was “turning on” Kross. Kross made Bahh pass out from the sleeper hold.

Killer Kross defeated Fallah Bahh via knockout in 2:22.

KM ran into the ring to save Bahh while Kross was attacking the back of Bahh’s skull. Kross made KM pass out to the sleeper hold. Petey Williams ran in for the save with a steel chair, but Kross nosold the chair shots to the back. Kross was sent out of the ring when Kross went for the attack and Petey tossed the chair at him. Kross retreated up the ramp while flashing a sadistic smile. Petey Williams’ “Oh Canada” theme played…

John’s Thoughts: Pain “turning him on”? Did he get that one from Matt Striker? Aside from that odd line of commentary, Impact is doing a lot of things right in building up the Killer Kross character. I’ve been waiting for years to see this character on television (due to him being hidden in the Lucha Underground dark match bullpen) and so far so good. We haven’t seen the best of him yet because this guy can start looking really violent. Petey might have to be the sacrificial lamb in that case and that could work as a heat generator especially since Petey’s Captain Canada.

Josh Mathews ran through the upcoming card and told us that Konnan will reveal who took him out.

Jimmy Jacobs was interviewed about “The Machine” Brian Cage. He said his Jimmy Jacobs things (which also includes that Roman Reigns “I’m not a bad guy” cadence promo). Jacobs bragged about Kong dispatching Johnny Impact and Abyss (but he couldn’t dispatch Moose). Jacobs talked about Cage being a bad guy and liar. Jacobs talked about Cage being hurt and angry for losing to Sydal makes him more of a man than a machine…

John’s Thoughts: A better than usual promo from Jacobs. That promo almost made me look more forward to Jacobs vs. Cage rather than Kong vs. Cage. The problem is Kong doesn’t come off as a threat. He suffers from the same problem that Jeff Cobb suffers from in Lucha Underground in that he’s not doing a great job playing a monster and when you have someone like Cage or Kevin Kross around who do the job better, that deficiency stands out. Kong needs to find a way to be more violent.

It was time for the GWN Flashback Match of the Week. Mike Tenay and Taz were on commentary and they cut to some Slammiversary match between Sting and Rob Van Dam. Because this was TNA, Earl Hebner was already in the middle of a REF BUMP, They only showed about two minutes of this match and RVD won the world title. [C]

Josh Mathews recapped Gama Singh helping the Desi Hit Squad cheat against Z and E last week. Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh were celebrating. Gama Singh walked in and bitch slapped them in the face for celebrating. Gama Singh cut a promo on them in his Indian language. He talked about leading them to success and how they are going to represent India by becoming World Champions and doing so by any means necessary…

John’s Thoughts: I see Jason Powell’s parallel criticism about Jinder Mahal here and Impact did a similar problem with LAX early last year when Konnan talked about fighting for underrepresented minorities and somehow that’s a heel thing. I don’t think that it’s a bad idea having a foreign heel tag team, but Gama Singh has to do a better job being a bad guy.

We found out it wasn’t a PopTV ad, a vignette for some sort of red silhouette lady aired. The camera did show that she’s blonde and they showed sideboob. The vignette said she was “coming soon”, whoever she is. We do at least know it’s a “she” (or I assume so based off the silhouette) …

Su Yung and the Undead Bridesmaids walked to the ring. The Undead Maid of Honor was the one wearing less wedding dress. I heard that she may be KC Spinelli who we’ve seen on Impact several times. She has facepaint now. Josh and Don had a funny discussion of Don Callis supposedly being to a lot of Bachelorette parties…

3. Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor vs. Allie and Madison Rayne. All four women started the match off in tornado fashion with the babyface team dominating after stereo Thesz Presses. Allie worked the next part of the match against the Maid of Honor. Allie hit the Bridesmaid with a Russian legsweep and got a nearfall off of it. The Bridesmaid hit a few strikes on Allie and helped Su Yung hit an assisted neckbreaker on Allie. Su Yung tagged in and yelled in the face of Allie while clawing at her. Josh Mathews wondered if the red mist or dirty glove was more dangerous.

Allie fought out of a ground submission and hit Su Yung with a few forearm strikes. Allie gained a tag opportunity after hitting Su Yung with a running leaping lariat. Allie tagged in Rayne and the Bridesmaid did too. Madison Rayne dominated the hot tag and hit the “Slice of Rayne” on the Bridesmaid. Allie took out a bunch of the Bridesmaids. Rayne escaped Panic Switch but while she was in the Helicopter Spin the referee ran into Madison’s legs for some reason. REF BUMP!!! But to Don Callis’s credit, he did point out how it did look stupid how the Referee ran into the legs of Madison. Tessa Blanchard ran in to beat up on Rayne when the ref was bumped. Somehow though, Rayne recuperated and hit Cross Rayne (a.k.a. Cross Rhodes) on The Bridesmaid for the win.

Allie and Madison Rayne defeated Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor via pinfall in 6:04.

John’s Thoughts: I’m still not fully sold on the “Super Madison” story they are telling. I have no problem with how they’re doing it. I wanted them to do this two years ago since Madison has gotten really good in the ring. The problem we got with this current push is they sacrificed two of their incoming heels to prop up Madison. At least Su Yung didn’t have to take a pin here. It helps to have expendable putty patrollers.

It was time for the latest LAX Clubhouse Cinematic with Santana, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston. Santana told King to cut Konnan some slack because Konnan has been a reliable mentor to them. Santana was acting extra defensive about what Konnan is about to reveal. King said that loyalty should be put aside and he should have popped Konnan where he stood for questioning him. King ranted a dared for Konnan for his proof. King yelled over Santana and Ortiz (it was hard to hear the contents since the background music covered King’s voice). King got impatient and told Santana and Ortiz to join him out there for Konnan’s “magical” proof…

A Desi Hit Squad training vignette aired. The camera filter was in sepia tone. Gama Singh was training his two students with a wooden stick. Rohit Raju wanted some water. Gama said, “I’ll give you some water”. Gama Singh forced Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh to do squats in the middle of the rain while Gama’s servant held an umbrella to keep Gama dry. Raju said his knee hurt, and this gave Gama the chance to hit Raju in the knee. Every time the students would celebrate and smile he would give them bitch slaps…

John’s Thoughts: Okay, Gama’s a hardass. I actually liked that vignette.

Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers were cutting one of their camcorder promos. Callihan said he couldn’t speak wearing the mask because the mask smells like bullshit. Callihan brought up how Pentagon came out to save his brother Fenix and Rich Swann. Callihan said Pentagon ruined everything. Callihan proposed a Trios match between OVE and Pentagon, Fenix, and Swann. Callihan said he wanted to take Pentagon’s mask, “Rey” (King) Fenix’s mask, and rip off Swann’s face. Sami said they were for Ohio, by Ohio, and will take over Everything! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!

The show cut to this week’s version of “The Journey”. It was “The Journey – Austin Aries”. Aries talked about how he didn’t fail at his first career choice like Moose. Pictures of a young and long-haired Austin Aries were shown. Aries talked about how his childhood friend got him the opportunity to wrestle at a young age. Aries said he was destined to become a pro wrestler. Aries talked about struggling and living off pennies and struggling to survive as an indie wrestler while Moose was entitled athlete who had everything given to him. Aries talked about how schools would cut corners for professional athletes. Aries talks about how Moose doesn’t think he just takes orders and does.

Aries said that Aries is a thinking man. Aries wondered if Moose really prepared to face Aries. Aries said Moose calling himself Mr. Impact was a lie and how Moose is in the top five percent of athletes. Aries said Moose’s mom loves her son not a winner so his mom will still love a loser like Moose. Aries said the difference between the person at the top and the bottom is a razor thin margin (they showed a slip of Moose getting squashed by Eli Drake’s podium). Aries said everyone on the roster has worked hard and sacrificed so Moose is not unique. Aries said it doesn’t matter how hard Moose works or trains because Moose will never match up to Aries mentally. Aries said that after he beats Moose, Moose “better hope that the XFL is looking for a shitty offensive lineman”. Aries said he’s his own biggest critic and he sets the bar high. Aries said Moose is going to find that out at Slammiversary.

John’s Thoughts: Ho boy. That was good. Almost too good. No real fault to Aries either. He kinda just shredded Moose there similar to what Konnan did to Jake and Dave Crist last year. It was so good at tearing down Moose that it turned around what was a really good Moose documentary last week. The highlight of the promo was the XFL line. That was clever.

Time for the latest LAX cinematic. Konnan was talking on the phone about exposing King. Konnan talked about how King is a charismatic person with bravado. Konnan said King is the type of person to throw a surprise party for himself and act all surprised. Konnan said King has Santana and Ortiz fooled but Konnan is about to expose King “for the ho that he is”. Konnan said “let the war games begin”… [C]

Josh Mathews recapped last week’s attack by Eddie Edwards to Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was bloodied up backstage at his HoH event. Dreamer said he agrees that he’s failed at life and he’s learned from failures. Dreamer said he had guys like Terry Funk, Mick Foley, and Dreamer said he was the original “Paul Heyman Guy”. Dreamer said he’s not sucking up, it’s a fact. Dreamer said he got to hang out with his idol Dusty Rhodes who told him about hard times. Dreamer said Edwards is throwing his career away over Sami Callihan. Dreamer said he doesn’t want to go home to his daughters with a bloody face again. Dreamer said he doesn’t like people questioning his credibility.

Dreamer said he just wants to give everything he has in the business and take other people to the next level. Dreamer said Edwards has an obsession with Sami Callihan and thinks Dreamer is “f–king [Eddie’s] wife” Alisha Edwards. Dreamer said Alisha is 25 years old and “have you seen what I look like”. Dreamer told Edwards to “guess what motherf—er, I have an obsession with you now”. Dreamer said nobody “god damn does this to me on my show”. Josh Mathews advertised Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore Match at Slammiversary. Callis said he’s not sure what House of Hardcore Rules means but it sounds violent…

Josh Mathews advertised “Moose’s friend” DeAngelo Williams for next week to give an update on Moose…

4. Rebel vs. Katarina (w/Grado). Rebel started the match with a side headlock but Katarina reversed it into a headscissors. Both women started the match with ground chain wrestling. Katarina hit Rebel with a huracanrana. Rebel hit Katarina with a flapjack. Rebel put Katarina in a Torture Rack and slammed Katarina on the ground. Rebel flipped into the corner but missed the elbow. Katarina barely hit a tornado DDT. Katarina missed a crossbody. Rebel hit an ugly shining wizard (?). Rebel then hit a split leg drop for a two count. Katarina escaped a suplex and hit a nice backbreaker on Rebel for the pinfall win.

Katarina defeated Rebel via pinfall in 1:07.

Grado did the Shawn Michaels pose in front of Katarina while also doing his usual dancing. Grado also struggled getting out of the ring…

John’s Thoughts: God bless Rebel for trying but once about thirty seconds pass her matches get ugly. Katarina didn’t look terrible but I question the decision to utilize Rebel as enhancement talent because usually companies would bring in someone like Santana Garrett to make debuting (or re-debuting in this case) wrestlers look good. Rebel might be good someday but right now she’s the Mahabali Shera of the Knockouts.

Brian Cage was randomly doing bicep curls with some scaffolding. It was epic… [C]

Katarina had a surprise for Grado. New wrestler Joe Hendry showed up where he did a pretty good singing routine (So is he the UK Aiden English?). Grado said this made his night and he called for a three-way group hug. Grado did note that he was great friends with Hendry…

Justin Timberlake’s POV: It’s okay, when it’s in a 3-way.

Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs came out first for the main event. Brian Cage made his entrance and he’s now billed from Sacramento, CA (which is odd because the Impact Zone announcer billed him from Chico, CA and Melissa Santos bills him from the 559 Area Code of Fresno. He’s billed form 3/4ths of California?). At the bottom of the screen an advertisement for the “Analyze This” show hosted by Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt was shown on the bottom which is happening on Mondays at noon on Twitch…

5. Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Brian Cage. Josh Mathews was hyping Cage being unpinned and unsubmitted. Kong and Cage slugged at each other. Cage went for some kicks but Kong ran through Cage with a shoulder block. Cage couldn’t knock down Kong with a high dropkick but did manage to land a huracanrana into an armdrag on Kong. Kong retreated to ringside but Cage ran and did a Rich Swann like Tope Con Hilo on Kong. Kong hit a side slam on Cage in the ring. Kong staggered Cage with a corner splash. Kong pulled out a surprise huracanrana on Cage. Mathews called it a Hura-Kong-Rana. Cage caught a flying Kong and hit Kong with a World’s Strongest Slam.

This fired up the crowd (take that Impact Zone!). Kong and Cage went back to slugging. Cage hit a 619 on Kong (a 559?). Cage was doing kicks and suplexes like he was Ricochet. Kong came back at Cage with a headbutt. Kong hit Cage with a chokeslam. Cage punched Kong on the top rope to stop Kong’s offense. Cage followed up with a step up enzuigiri. Cage then hit Kong with a Superplex and Callis noted that the ring almost imploded. Cage lifted Kong and hit him with the F5 for the win.

Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong via pinfall in 5:17.

John’s Thoughts: Well. Way to go Cage. That was fun. I have criticized Cage in the past for selling too much in his matches (He’s sold so much to Chavo Guerrero that Matt Striker didn’t know how to call it). Cage is actually an expert at selling and it really works when he’s facing a bigger opponent. I think this might be Kongo Kong’s best singles match in Impact. While Cage has had better matches in Impact, this is the best he’s ever come off in Impact due in part to finally wrestling in front of a crowd that reacts to his inhuman cruiserweight offense. I’m totally fine with Kong taking the quick loss because his monster push hasn’t gone all too well. Hopefully they don’t waste this loss on Kong’s end because they can implement this into a storyline that leads to Kong becoming psychotic.

Josh Mathews said after the commercial we will find out what Konnan knows… [C]

Konnan made his entrance to the LAX theme. Konnan had the microphone and Mexican flag with him. The crowd showered Konnan with a really loud LAX chant. Konnan said he needs to talk to King right now to clear the air. LAX’s entrance theme played again as King, Santana, and Ortiz made their entrance. Konnan said he’s not mad at King putting a hit on him. Konnan said when King was a little bitch…uh… he meant boy, King was bullied and went crying to Konnan. Konnan talked about busting some heads on behalf of King, bailing him out of jail, making him his first $100,000, making Kingston the King of New York, and even giving Kingston the “King” nickname. Kingston tried to get words in but was showered by boos. Kingston asked where was the proof? Konnan brought up how King never really called the hospital. King said it’s Konnan’s word against his. Konnan said that’s right because Kingston is a walking, talking Glory Hole. A “Glory Hole” chant ensued.

Konnan said the more things change, the more they stay the same. Konnan said Kingston has was a punk-ass bitch then and is a punk ass bitch NOWWWWWW! King admitted that he put the hit on Konnan. King said Konnan’s time was up and King is the future. King said he’s a grown man “partna”. King told Konnan to get shot in the shed like Old Yeller. King justified himself to Santana and Ortiz for actually giving them success. King asked Santana and Ortiz to agree that King was the future. Santana and Ortiz gave King the middle finger and stood by Konnan’s side. Konnan was about to get some words in but Konnan, Santana, and Ortiz were ambushed by the OG members of LAX, Homicide and Hernandez. Hernandez is finally allowed to be on Impact and Lucha Underground after all these years.

Don Callis did note that Hernandez was blackballed by this company (due to the Lucha Underground contract dispute). Original LAX tossed out random security guards. King, Homicide, and Hernandez stood tall. They covered the fallen LAX members in flags and LAX merch. King said when you come at the king you best not mess, LAX, 5150. Original LAX was showered in boos. Santana and Ortiz recovered and went to check on Konnan. Hernandez did his strut up the ramp. Homicide yelled some things at the cameraman about respect (despite Homicide being American, he does become hard to comprehend when he starts yelling). This scene closed out Impact…

John’s Thoughts: LAX Civil War? Not a bad thing. For starters, I’m happy we’re seeing Shawn Hernandez back on Impact and Lucha Underground. Remember when he got fired from both those shows because he was appearing on two shows a week? Now everyone on Impact is appearing on 2-3 shows a week. Oh, how the times have changed. This was a fun segment for longtime viewers. A lot of the Konnan reveal was rushed and we never got any actual tangible evidence, but I understand that they are crunched for time with this seemingly setting up for a Slammiversary match between OG LAX and Young Blood LAX. This should also lead to more promo battles between Konnan and Eddie Kingston will surely be fun. I’m also guessing they had to rush this to maybe lead to reintroducing the OGs to the crowd with some in ring matches? Not sure. Hopefully Homicide is able to do more this time because he’s been very limited in his latest run.

This wasn’t a bad episode. In fact, I actually enjoyed a lot of it. I empathize with them a bit with the time crunch and do commend them for addressing a lot of the flaws from the last set of tapings. The Impact creative team is also lucky not to have to deal with the handicap of the Impact Zone set and sleeping tourists. I just scrolled up a bit to skim my review and my criticisms this episode were more so ways that I thought they could have been better instead of things that outright sucked. It’s good to review a show like that again. Hopefully they keep this up but of course my guard will always be up unless they can keep putting on good shows for a respectable amount of time. Make sure to check out Jason Powell’s Hit List later today and members exclusive audio review.


Readers Comments (7)

  1. Here’s the best thing about Impact. They actually listen to criticism and keep an ear to what fans want. Every time we see a change that we asked for, it deepens the investment in the product.

    Too bad the big fish doesn’t understand that.

  2. Great to see Joe Hendry getting a chance in Impact. He’s an extremely entertaninig performer, just youtube ‘Joe Hendry entrance’ to see what he’s all about. He’s also an accomplished amateur wrestler so he can go in the ring and conversely he can play a great cocky heel known as ‘The Prestigious One’ so there is plenty of potential for him there.

    On another note, kudos to Impact for stepping up their content recently. Kross is being built up very well, and the LAX civil war should be great to watch.

  3. That cutter move by Madison Rayne was called “Chance of Rayne”, not “Slice of Rayne”. Also whatever happened to Madison’s better “Killer Queen” entrance music?

    And another thing, why doesn’t Kongo Kong have an issue with Killer Kross taking out Jimmy Jacobs a couple weeks ago? Especially since they keep reminding us about the attack amongst the others.

    Just give me an episode of Impact every week where Eddie Edwards attempts to murder a different member of the roster or staff unsuccessfully. That’s gold.

    • A lot of the new Impact music is sounding very generic. I do agree with you that the Killer Queen music was better, but I’m okay with them changing it due Killer Queen being more of a heel theme. But yeah, I have the same thought on Austin Aries’s new theme not being as good as his old TNA one.

      What would be a good attention to detail with the Kong thing is if they have Jimmy Jacobs sell the attack somehow, either through fear or through unleashing Kong on Kross. The slippery slope with that scenario would mean that Kong will have to take another loss or step down due to them going all in on Kross. I’m fine with them going all in on him since this is standing out as one of the better long term projects on the program

  4. If this guy didn’t come off so damn condescending i might could enjoy his reviews. I mean based on this review you would think he actually was very successful at one point writing and booking a wrestling show. And the comment basically about Pentagon being too good to drop his Mask for Impact just is unnecessary from a Impact wrestling fan’s point of view.

    • So you want to see Pentagon lose his mask in Impact without it really having an impact?

      Another flaw with this picture is Pentagon is booked for a Mask vs. Mask vs. Mask vs. Mask match against Fantasma, La Parka, and Psycho Clown on August 25 for the company that he’s spent most of his career with. This would be shades of Rey Mysterio losing his mask for no positive impact.

      • Ever heard of ” Card subject to change”” and if it furthers the story they should do it and it’s a mask pentagon could do the face pant thing in which he already does a little of.

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