CM Punk loses at UFC 225

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

CM Punk lost his fight at UFC 225 to Mike Jackson by a unanimous decision. All three judges scored the fight 30-26 in favor of Jackson. Punk suffered a bloody nose in round one, but he also scored a late takedown. Jackson was able to get back on his feet following the takedown.

Jackson connected with a right hand in the second round and ended up on top of Punk and further bloodied him with additional punches. Punk remained in the guard for the last couple minutes of the second round and took a lot of punishment.

In the third round, Punk looked gassed and ate a big left hand from Jackson less than two minutes in. He connected with a right hand of his own that didn’t seem to have much behind it. Punk went for a high knee that missed. Jackson controlled the rest of the round and appeared to be toying with Punk, though Punk ended up on top of Jackson at the very end of the round.

Powell’s POV: Punk performed better in his second fight against a fighter who was closer to his own skill level, though he was ultimately outmatched. Color commentator Joe Rogan labeled it as a professional facing an amateur at one point. Rogan also gave Punk credit for his heart. That’s more than fair as Jackson was the better fighter and yet Punk still deserves credit for having the balls to get in the octagon twice. Rogan interviewed Jackson after the fight. Rogan wanted to interview Punk as well, however Punk was apparently out of the cage by the time the interview with Jackson concluded. It’s worth noting that Punk stated prior to the fight that he was unsure whether he would fight again whether he won or lost this fight. He stated at the time that he was hyper-focussed on this fight and hadn’t thought beyond it. We’ll let you know if he has more to say about his future.


Readers Comments (4)

  1. I think at this point, Punk should look for other goals to achieve. I think he’s earned respect for his tenacity. However, that’s going to run out if he loses again. He’s clearly not in the same league as even the lowest level UFC fighter. Anything from here on in will draw laughs, or worse, pity.

  2. You know UFC is struggling when they have to rely on CM Punk to draw a crowd in his hometown of Chicago, especially since he had no business being there.

    Sure he went 3 rounds but he looked gassed after 1 and looking at him and looking at Jackson it looks like Jackson never even got touched.

  3. Punk re-enacting that old episode of Friends again.

  4. Punk has made it clear many times he doesn’t care if he loses, he is in it for the money. Google his interviews if you doubt that. He’s a narcissist and hopefully he just goes away.

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