1/12 Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

1. El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Braxton Sutter. Sutter offered to shake hands at the start; Fantasma was a bit reluctant at first, but they did eventually have a clean handshake. This was Braxton’s first match with Impact since they were last in Orlando in August. Fantasma won a fairly short match. Sutter got a mic after and said, “so this is it?” He said Allie isn’t here and that she’s ruined his life. He claimed he’s the biggest star we’ve ever seen until “The Machine” Brian Cage came out to destroy him, and left without saying a word.

2. Rosemary beat Hania The Huntress. Rosemary controlled most of the match and finished it with a spear and The Red Wedding. Odd booking as Hania can’t seem to ever get the upper hand in this feud. Rosemary also got a mic. After calling Hania a “stupid she dog” and saying she still the “female alpha bitch,” she said she wants the Knockouts Title back and will stop at nothing to reclaim it. Out came the retuning Tya Valkyrie, who asked if she missed her and mocked her being an Alpha Bitch. She said she’s Lucha royalty and not worthy of her time. She also said Rosemary should now be called Taya’s bitch. Rosemary turned to leave but was attacked from behind. Taya hit her finisher on the ramp.

Up next, the screen showed flowers. There was a podium set up in the ring and KM is slowly carried the Knockouts Championship. Laurel Van Ness came out out in a wedding dress – not again – barefoot, and wearing her crazy makeup. KM claimed he’s an ordained minister and he’s about to marry Laurel to her KO’s championship. Laurel told him to skip the unimportant stuff and get to if anyone objects. Out came Braxton Sutter, who complained about Brain Cage. Sutter said he’d made the biggest mistake of his life by leaving Laurel for Allie. He said he loves her and proposed for Laurel, Sutter, and the KO’s Title to be together. Laurel said no and kicked him out of the ring. Laurel told KM to ask if there were any other objections? No one came out and Laurel was upset. While she was yelling, Aliie came out dressed in black as part of the ring crew and attacked her. KM took off and Laurel managed to escape with her title.

Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs came out. Jacobs wanted Abyss to come out. An older lady “Grandma Jenny” came out and was identified as the matriarch of the Park family. She’s called Kongo and Jimmy two sissies and said she’s had it. They need to stop their treatment of Joseph and her family “or else!” Jimmy called her an old hag and ended up being slapped. Kongo tried to threaten her until Joseph came down. He asked who those two think they are and thanked Grandma for her Thanksgiving dinner. Jacobs wants Abyss back, but Joseph says he’s gone and buried forever. Park went to attack, but Kongo stopped him; they beat on Joseph for awhile before leaving.

3. LAX (w/Konnan) defeated Trevor Lee and Caleb Konleyto retain the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles. Konnan appeared on the side and then Santana and Ortiz came from the ramp to attack. Late in the match, Konnan pulled Lee off the apron with the ref distracted, allowing Santana and Ortiz to win with their perfect blockbuster-into-a-powerbomb finisher.

4. Impact Wrestling Grand Champion Matt Sydal beat X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori in a title vs. title match to become the new X Division Champion. Great back and forth match. Sydal put his knees up to stop Ishimori’s 450 splash. Sydal hits Air Borne to become the new X Division Champion and still the Grand Champion also.

5. Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness to win the Knockouts Championship. Allie won with a suoerkick late in the match to win her first Knockouts Title.

6. Lashley and Brian Cage defeated OVE (w/Sami Callihan). I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a tag team match, but Lashley was by himself to start and was dominated by OVE early on. “The Machine” Brain Cage eventually appeared and tagged himself in. Cage ttook out Dave and Jake, and quickly hit his finisher to win it. Bobby and Cage shook hands afterwards. I’m happy to report there’s been no Lambert or American Top Team members so far.

7. Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Joseph Park. Park tried some chops early to absolutely no effect on Kongo, who won a short match that was basically a squash match with a top rope splash. Jacobs asked Joseph if Abyss is going to come out and play. He asked him twice more if Abyss is coming while Kongo was choking him from behind. Park said no, and Jimmy said they’re just getting started.

8. Austin Aries defeated Johnny Impact to retain the Impact Wrestling Global Championship. Aries retained with a brain buster. Awesome match. Alberto El Patron came out on the ramp later to applaud both men. Aries and Johnny Impact shook hands afterwards. After the match, Alberto came into the crowd to meet a woman and her baby. There was a group of children from The Kids Battling Cancer Foundation here tonight. Classy gesture by Alberto.

Xplosion match: KM beat Sugar Dunkerton. Dunkerton plays a 60s-70s disco character. KM won, but Dunkerton did well in his debut.

9. Sienna defeated Kiera Hogan. This is Sienna’s first appearance this week. Sienna won with a reverse piledriver, which is a new finisher for her. Kiera is new but has looked pretty good so far.

10. Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis) beat Fallah Bahh. Eli won a good match with lots of interference by Adonis, as usual.

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