1/10 WWE Network Schedule: Live broadcast stream

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The following is the schedule for the WWE Network’s live stream for January 10, 2018. All times listed below are ET.

10:00 AM: 205 Live replay

11:00 AM: Photo Shoot (Cesaro)

11:30 AM: The WWE List

12:00 PM: Legends With JBL (Hall and Nash)

1:00 PM: 205 Live replay

2:00 PM: Photo Shoot (Cesaro)

2:30 PM: The WWE List

3:00 PM: Monday Night War (Foley)

4:00 PM: 205 Live replay

5:00 PM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

6:00 PM: Stone Cold Podcast (Triple H)

7:00 PM: Photo Shoot (Cesaro)

7:30 PM: WWE Straight To The Source (Enzo Amore)

8:00 PM: NXT TV (New)

9:00 PM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

10:00 PM: 205 Live replay

11:00 PM: NXT TV replay

12:00 AM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

1:00 AM: 205 Live replay

2:00 AM: NXT TV replay

3:00 AM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

4:00 AM: 205 Live replay

5:00 AM: Legends With JBL (Hall and Nash)

6:00 AM: NXT TV replay

7:00 AM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

8:00 AM: 205 Live replay

9:00 AM: NXT TV replay

10:00 AM: WWE Countdown (GMs)

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