9/28 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Victory Road theme, Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact for the GFW Championship, LAX vs. OVE for the GFW Tag Team Championship, Allie, Rosemary, and Gail Kim vs. Sienna, Taryn Terrell, and Taya Valkyrie, James Storm forms an alliance to with EC3 to stop the AAA opposition

By John Moore

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped August 2017 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Per usual, the show started off with the camera in the studio entrance. Johnny Impact was shown entering the studio lot with his rolling bag. Eli Drake was shown on his cell phone as Jeremy Borash hyped up the [not-]GFW Global Title Match. The intro teaser contained sound-bites with the wrestlers in upcoming title matches. Trevor Lee talked about not having much history with Trevor Lee. Petey Williams talked about being the longest reigning champion of all time at one point. A clip of Team Canada with Bobby Roode and Eric Young was shown. Konnan talked about Tijuana only being the beginning. Dave Crist said there was going to be a grand celebration at the end of the night. Eli Drake said Johnny Impact is wrong in thinking that he’s going to walk in and win everything. Johnny Impact was shown doing parkour…

The Impact intro video played. It was the same one they edited up last week to show Trevor Lee winning his belt, Eli Drake as champion, MMA guy choking a referee, and owls. The huge difference with the intro was that the letters and logos of Global Force Wrestling and GFW were edited out and replaced with their prior Impact Wrestling Anthem hexagon logo. Petey Williams made his entrance. Trevor Lee was introduced by Dave Penzer as Global Force X Division Champion but since the commentary was more current, Borash said Lee was Impact X Division Champion. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were on commentary…

John’s Thoughts: It’s lucky for them John Hennigan didn’t decide to call himself Johnny Global (which actually would have been pretty clever due to Global being analogous to Mundo/World. Johnny World would just be plain silly). In all seriousness, it looks like they’ve done the scrub of erasing the branding of Jeff Jarrett’s phantom company. I am a bit disappointed though as I thought GFW was a good name change to move the company away from being TNA. Impact just contains the stigma of years of bad Dixie Carter business, overbooked finishes, ref bumps, trashy TV, old WCW wrestlers, and unreached potential. They’re essentially back to being TNA by name again. Maybe they should call themselves the One-stop Wrestling League (The OWL) since Anthem likes flying creatures…

1. Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley) vs. Petey Williams for the X Division Championship. Lee pressured Petey to the corner and gloated. Petey Williams caught Lee with a jumping huracanrana. Lee was draped on the second rope as Williams hit him with a dropkick to the back. Lee tried to win with a rollup and tights. Williams landed an impressive huracanrana from the ring to the ringside floor on Lee. Lee turned the tide in his favor with a punt kick to Williams’ chest from the apron. Lee distracted the referee to allow Caleb Konley to get some cheap shots in.

Borash and Mathews announced that the Canada Bound For Glory tickets were going on sale tomorrow. Lee maintained control with a strong lariat. Petey Williams hit a huracanrana takedown into a crucifix cradle. Williams hit Lee with a flatliner to get a close nearfall. Petey then hyped the crowd up for the Canadian Destroyer. Caleb Konley distracted the ref and Williams. Lee took advantage with an uppercut. Williams ran past Lee to hit Konley with a suicide dive. Williams hit Lee with a slingshot Codebreaker. Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Lee.

Petey had the match won but Konley pulled the referee away and demanded that the referee disqualify Lee so that he can retain the title. Petey Williams begged the referee to let the match continue so the referee ejected Caleb Konley from the ring. Not before Konley could conveniently place the title at one end of the ring for Lee to pick up. Lee hit Petey in the head with the Global Force X Division belt while the referee was distracted. Trevor Lee went for the pin but Petey Williams kicked out for a nice pinfall.

Lee and Williams traded slow strikes. They each hit impressive kicks on each other. Lee escaped the Canadian Destroyer and landed a standing double footstomp on Petey Williams. Trevor Lee got the pinfall win with a hand full of tights.

Trevor Lee defeated Petey Williams via pinfall in 8:09 to retain the GFW X Division Championship.

Trevor Lee celebrated his win after the match. They piped in boos since the crowd was clearly and moderately cheering Trevor Lee (there were some in the crowd booing but that was a small few. It’s also obvious to hear odd sound mixing). Jeremy Borash hyped up Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell, and Sienna vs. Rosemary, Allie, and Gail Kim for after the break… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Even though there was a bit too much overbooking to my liking, at least Impact covered their bases here as far as logic was concerned with Konley doing a good job begging for the DQ and Williams begging to continue the match. This also led to a great false finish and I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t get a good three minutes out of that since they worked that nearfall so well. That said, Trevor Lee does need a bit of a repackage since his old forgettable X title runs still linger. Anyways, I’m still preferring this singles format over the homogenous 5-plus-way spotfests, as I can finally analyze storylines within matches!

Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were shown in their darkened commentary room. Josh Mathews told us we were going to get an update from Bobby Lashley and American Top Team. Borash segued to an LAX cinematic. LAX were playing dominoes in their clubhouse (sans Homicide who I assume is managing the LAX Sextopia). Konnan called over a pair of “Ovary Bitches”. Ortiz said he knows that OVE f— themselves since he can remember how they stink. Konnan asked Diamante why he calls OVE Ovary-Bitches. Diamante said she thinks it’s because they’re a bunch of pussies. Konnan agreed. Konnan said after LAX wins they are going to have an afterparty at the LAX club. For some reason, the camera only showed Low Ki (or some random guy in Agent 47 cosplay) from the waist down.

Taya Valkyrie made her entrance to her cool entrance music. Taya got the Johnny Mundo fan treatment which helped show off her flowing cape. Taryn got a full entrance complete with a fog machine. Sienna then came out last from her team Jeremy Borash wondered if Sienna could work with two former Knockouts Champions (what? Taya hasn’t been in the company for more than three weeks and hasn’t even had a title shot?). Allie and Rosemary both wore their cute bloody rabbit/killer bunny shirt…

2. Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell, and Sienna vs. Allie, Rosemary, and Gail Kim. Rosemary and Taya butted heads early on. They then both traded kicks and punches. Rosemary caught Taya with a roundhouse. Rosemary the locked Taya in a half tarantula. Taryn Terrell tagged in but quickly tagged out when Gail Kim tagged in. Gail Kim landed a body scissors armdrag. Taya did her Wera Loca (crazy white girl) sequence on Gail in the corner to zero reaction when she called for the pop. Sienna tagged in but was kicked out by Gail. A bit of madness ensued with the face team clearing out the ring heading into break. [C]

John’s Thoughts: Ouch! I feel bad for Taya on that one since Los Angeles crowds usually pop huge for the Wera Loca battle cry from Taya. This is just a circumstance of performing in front of random amusement park tourists who are just here for the free park attraction.

Gail gave Sienna forearms. Sienna tossed Gail into the ringpost. Earl Hebner was distracted in containing Allie which allowed Taya and Taryn to interfere. Taya gave Gail her signature double knees in the corner. Taryn tagged in and said she can beat up Gail this time. Sienna yelled at Taryn that “you better do it!”. Taryn gave Gail a facebuster to get a nearfall. Taryn dodged a crossbody and then quickly tagged in Taya. Taya taunted Gail’s partner by waving Gail’s dangling hand at them. Gail Kim blocked Taya’s Road to Valhalla. Gail gained an opportunity for the tag by hitting Taya with a hanging DDT.

Allie and Taryn tagged in. Allie dominated the hot tag. Allie gave Taryn a dropkick to her butt. Allie then gave Sienna a codebreaker. Rosemary hit Sienna with a German Suplex. Allie locked in a crossface on Taryn. Taya hit Rosemary with a crossbody to the ringside. Gail Kim took down Taya with a running forearm. Allie looked like she was going for Sliced Bread on Taryn but Sienna came out of nowhere with a push and rollup. Sienna won with her feet on the ropes for leverage.

Sienna, Taya Valkyrie, and Taryn Terrell defeated Allie, Rosemary, and Gail Kim via pinfall in 5:20 of TV time.

The heels gloated about their win rom the ramp. Jeremy Borash transitioned to an Eli Drake backstage promo. Drake asked Chris Adonis/Masters about what they did to his couch? Drake told the camera that weather it’s his couch or title, they are always trying to take stuff off him. Drake said they are sending him all over the world to take the title off of him. Drake said Cornette is a posture child for high pressure who was also brought in to take the title from him. Drake said Johnny Impact is everybody’s chosen one. Drake said it’s cute he’s taking the name of the show. Drake said the words “Slam Town” were a piece of corny crap. Drake said Slam Town will soon be burning by E-li Drake and that is just a fact of life. Yeah…

Jeremy Borash cut to a clip of James Storm throwing out the AAA wrestlers. Borash focused on the storyline that EC3 refused to shake the hand of Storm… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a fun trios match that gave the viewers a good taste as to what to expect from these six women. What’s fun is now they can all break up into some intriguing singles matches and feuds. It’s interesting. With the injection of Taya, Taryn, and [non-Super] Gail into the division, they have engineered a strong women’s division with a lot of storyline upside. I hope babyface Karen Jarrett isn’t injected into this thing as a poison.

Borash transitioned to a Grado/Joseph Park skit. Grado and Park were having dinner in front of an abstract painting and in a darkened blue curtain backstage area (similar to the low-budget “expensive” restaurant that Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness had dinner). For some reason, there were a bunch of wine and champagne glasses all over the table. Park thanked Grado for inviting him to dinner. Grado could barely stay away and he said it’s because Park has been working him hard. Park said to turn the frown upside down.

Park said he was going to tell Grado a joke made by his old aunt Gertrude. Park said “Knock Knock”. Grado asked “who’s there”. Park said Gertrude always forgot the joke and started crying (Oh my! I admit. That made me laugh! Park’s delivery!). Park said he had a surprise and it was a large, thick, and juicy royalty check. Park cried and said he owes Park so much for what Park did for him and his family. Grado said dinner was on him tonight. Park then weaseled out by saying he has to go pick up an important phone call and business. Grado then opened his royalty check envelope and was disappointed/perplexed a bit at the contents…

McKenzie Mitchell then interviewed Johnny Impact who invited her over to Eli Drake’s zebra pattern couch. Johnny said he fumigated the couch since he didn’t want to get the lice. Johnny said he took his couch and he’s going to take the title later on tonight. Mundo said he’s taking Eli Drake to Slam Town. He said he’s been living in Drake’s head rent free (but Mundo was the obsessed and pissed off one last week?). Johnny talked about thunder or something. He then told McKenzie that he was going to get ready to take Drake to Slam Town…

James Storm made his entrance wearing street clothes. Storm said he was excited to be back in the Impact Zone bay-bay. The crowd gave Storm a “Cowboy” chant. Storm said guys from AAA are trying to come here and disrespect this old cowboy. Storm said he’s sick and tired of people from another country trying to leapfrog this guy. Storm said he was the best of this company and this company was GFW. Storm then started a “GFW! GFW! GFW!” chant. Storm even made the crowd stand up .

John’s Thoughts: Well… that’s a bit hilarious. They probably should have did what they did with Billy Corgan’s segments at the end of last year and just do some rough cuts.

Storm then dared his opponents to show respect. Storm tried to do his Luck catchphrase but was interrupted by music and a AAA video wall. Lucha Underground/AAA’s version of James Storm came out, El Texano Jr. (which translates to “The Texan Jr”). The canned boos happened. Storm said Texano wants to interrupt him again. The crowd tried to start a “USA” chant but Storm stopped them and said it’s not about USA or Mexico because we are all human beings and we have to learn that. Storm then let out a loud “but!” and said he knows there are Mexicans and Mexican’ts. Storm said Texano was neither because he was just stupid. Storm called Texano a Chihuahua and told him to get his “Taco Bell ass” in this ring (ugh. Oh boy…) so he can kick it back to Mexico. A “Taco Bell” chant happened.

Texano ran in and was dominated by James Storm elbows. Fantasma ran in and saved his partner. Texano and Fantasma put the boots to Storm. Storm took down both men with a double clothesline. Texano came back with a strong right hand. Texano gave Storm a bullrope assisted lariat. Texano yelled at Storm for calling him a Chihuahua as he hit him with the bull rope. Fantasma held Storm up for a Texano superkick.

El Hijo Del Fantasma grabbed a microphone and told James Storm that El Texano is a cowboy too. Fantasma said Storm has it all wrong. Fantasma said they do respect GFW, but the best company in the world is AAA. Fantasma then told the crowd to stand up and chant AAA. Fantasma then said he was going to help Storm get the fact through his head, with a beer bottle. Texano was about to hit Storm with the James Storm brand beer, EC3’s music played and Texano put the bottle lightly on the ground. EC3 ran in and took down both of the AAA wrestlers. As the AAA wrestlers retreated, Storm and EC3 had a face-off. Storm wanted a handshake but EC3 was reluctant and walked away. EC3 hesitated on his exit and decided to shake storm’s hand. Jeremy Borash hyped up an American Top Team segment later on as well as OVE vs. LAX… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Storm’s delivery was on point as usual, but he was starting to reach Jinder-script levels of racist with the Taco Bell, Mexicants, and Chihuahua thing. Coming from the babyface? And I was a huge fan of his delivery of the “we are all human beings” line. On the retorting side of the promo, I’ve always said that King Cuerno/Fantasma is one of the most underappreciated wrestlers in AAA and Lucha Underground. He’s great in the ring, and in the few times he’s given a chance to he can cut a really good promo. He speaks perfect English! The key with him is the Fantasma character sucks! The Cowboy Bounty Hunter with slick boots and deer skin rugs (Cuerno) is much better than some purple guy with “Club Choclate” on his trunks (Fantasma). Because Storm was such a turnoff, Fantasma and Texano came off as the babyface team since they were just defending their honor. It also doesn’t help that James Storm is trying to rally the crowd behind a company name that no longer exists, due to an unfortunate coincidence.

James Storm was angry as he grabbed Cornette by the collar. Cornette said he understands and asked how he can help Storm. Storm said he wants a match. Cornette questioned the thought because he thinks that EC3 and Storm don’t like each other. Storm and EC3 were in sync in wanting a match. Cornette said he likes the competitive spirit of his guys and he hates how AAA wrestlers are treating his GFW guys. Cornette then booked EC3 and Storm in a tag match against the AAA team next week. Storm then calmed down and asked Cornette about GFW’s deal with AAA. Cornette said GFW officials are really keen on this AAA promotional deal. Storm said AAA isn’t going to like how he’s going to send their boys back. Cornette asked Storm to win the match but not ruin GFW’s promotional deal…

Josh Mathews introduced “Global Forge – Episode 3”. Scott D’Amore said he found some finalists to this “show”. D’Amore said he found a good mix of experience and inexperience. D’Amore said youth and enthusiasm can account for a lot. He said these finalists have heart. They showed Scott telling random guys that they are finalists to “Global Forge”. For some reason, there was a camera in one of the cars of the contestants. There was even a camera in another guy’s house…

3. Santana and Ortiz (w/ Konnan, Diamante) vs. Dave and Jake Crist for the GFW Tag Team Championships. OVE hit LAX with topes to the outside. Jake tried to start an OVE chant but it barely caught on. The bell rang and Jake tried really hard to get a OVE chant started. Dave and Santana wrestled in the ring. Ortiz gave Jake a whip into steps. Santana gave Dave a pump kick as he dominated the next sequence. The crowd was mostly behind LAX.

John’s Thoughts: There’s this one very squeaky voice who is yelling OVE. It’s a bit piercing. Sadly for the Crist Brothers, she got overtaken by “LAX” chants.

Ortiz tossed Dave to the outside so Santana, Konnan, and Diamante could put the boots to him. Ortiz hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Santana tagged in and gave Dave an axe handle strike. LAX traded tags for tandem offense. Santana hit a running shooting star on Dave. Santana and Ortiz isolated Dave in their corner. Dave managed to duck a double clothesline to tag in Jake. Jake had an impressive rally of kicks. Jake then tried to start an OVE chant again to no success.

John’s Thoughts: Jake should take a page out of Dave’s book and just quit trying to get the crowd to chant for “Ohio Vs. Everything”.

Santana pushed a flying Jake out of the way. Jake hit a nice looking low angle powerslam into the corner. Jake then had more success trying to get the crowd to clap to his lead. Jake put Santana on the top rope. They then hit a nice superplex into a powerbomb combo. Ortiz broke up the pin attempt. The Crist Brothers got won the numbers game over Ortiz. Ortiz was scrappy and managed to fend off the Crist Brothers. Ortiz hit a Lambeau Leap on Dave into Jake in the corner. Santana hit Jake with a poetry in motion senton. LAX went for their blockbuster finisher but Jake managed to send Santana into the steps and bulldog Ortiz on the second rope. Jake popped Ortiz up with a spinning wheel kick as Dave hit Ortiz with a modified Sister Abagail to pick up the victory.

OVE defeated LAX via pinfall in 6:27 of TV time to become the new GFW Tag Team Champions.

Konnan was shocked on the outside as OVE retreated up the ramp. The Crist Brothers sold the joy of victory up the ramp. Diamante and Konnan held back Santana who tried to rush the Crist Brothers.

John’s Thoughts: I’ll start with the in-ring. That was some crazy stuff by both teams. LAX and OVE pulled off some moves that I haven’t seen before and they did them in smooth fashion. I’m kinda hoping we get a longer version of this match at Bound For Glory somehow because these guys can do some crazy shiz in the ring. Now for the bigger picture, I’m not a huge fan of the title change. It’s too early and as evidenced by Jake’s incessant attempts to make the crowd chant the esoteric OVE chant, OVE isn’t OVER! See what I did there? The crowd even chanted LAX over them because LAX is the more relatable and cool faction. I know LAX stands for “Los Angeles International Airport” but most people don’t know that. Why would people in Universal Studios, FL care about what Ohio is doing? I think they rushed the belts over a bit too fast to a team that wasn’t built enough and in turn that diminishes the value of the belts.

They cut to an American Top Team video package. It included the sound bites from Dan Lambert talking about how Lashley’s MMA window of opportunity is closing. Lambert said he is stepping in to take Lashley in the right direction which is MMA. They showed Lashley having a sparring session with King Mo Lawal. King Mo announced to everyone that Lashley was staying in MMA (wasn’t King Mo the one who wanted Lashley to continue to wrestle in the last video package they did?).

Dan Lambert walked in to gloat in front of the GFW cameras. Lambert said instead of being just an MMA gym, this was a championship factory. Lambert said while Lashley has been wasting away in the circus known as Impact Wrestling, this gym has been producing champions in every major promotion around the world. Lambert said on the walls you see the names of many major MMA champions but Lashley’s name is missing. Lambert said the reason that is because nobody has Lashley’s potential. They said no one has Lashley’s mix of size, speed, and explosion. Lambert said there isn’t going to be enough space on the wall to honor Lashley’s accomplishments. Lambert said he’s going to build a statue of Lashley outside. He then shoved away the camera…

Johnny Impact was show celebrating with the Crist Brothers and Dezmond Xavier (he lives!). Mundo then walked to the ring area as Scott D’Amore congratulated the Crist Brothers for winning the tag straps…

The commentators were shown from their darkened commentary room as they announced two matches that Jim Cornette booked for next week. There was a three on three X Division Trios match. Cornette also booked James Storm and Ethan Carter III vs. El Texano Jr. and El Hijo Del Fantasma…

4. Eli Drake (w/ Chris Adonis) vs. Johnny Impact for the GFW Global Championship. Johnny caught Drake with a flying axe handle. Drake grounded Johnny with a back elbow. Drake worked on Johnny by slamming him against the turnbuckles. Johnny crotched Drake on the top rope and hit him with the Flying Chuck Kick. Drake flipped over Johnny but Johnny came back by giving Drake a strong Lariat. Johnny hit Drake with a neckbreaker. Johnny went for La Magistral cradle. Johnny then hit Drake with a hanging Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Johnny shook up Drake with the ropes and gave him a single leg dropkick.

Chris Adonis then tripped Johnny Impact. The Brian Hebner ejected Adonis instead of disqualifying Drake. Johnny led the crowd in the na-na-na-na goodbye song heading into commercial. [C]

Eli Drake tried to walk away from the match after Adonis was ejected, but Johnny fought Drake back to the ring. Drake tried to give Johnny a suplex but Johnny reversed with a suplex of his own on the stage ramp. Johnny Impact did his parkour sequence to avoid a few of Drake’s moves in the corner. Drake managed to land a strong forearm to take Johnny Impact off the ring apron. Drake gave Johnny a few elbows on the apron. Drake then gave Johnny a slingshot into the second rope.

Johnny missed a splash in the corner which allowed Drake to land a neckbreaker on Johnny Impact. Drake ended a Johnny Impact rally with some power slams. Drake went for an elbow drop but Johnny Impact rolled out of the way. Johnny Impact gave Eli Drake a few right hands. Johnny hit Drake with rapid fire punches in the corner leading to a backbreaker and side Russian Legsweep. Johnny then hit Drake with a capoeira leg drop. Jeremy Borash talked about how Johnny Impact has every championship in the AAA promotion. Drake went for a back slide. Johnny hit a shot to the gut, a running knee, and running shooting star on Drake to lead to a nearfall. Johnny Impact hit Eli Drake with a top rope Spanish Fly to lead into commercial. [C]

Eli Drake dominated the punch battle back from commercial. Drake hit his old finisher, the Blunt Force Trauma, to get a nearfall on Johnny. Drake caught Johnny with a back elbow. Drake tried to lariat Johnny but instead gave a clothesline to Brian Hebner. REF BUMP!!! (TNA! TNA!). Johnny Impact caught Drake with a back hook kick. Hebner was knocked out and couldn’t count Impact’s pin attempt. Chris Adonis entered the area form the opposite end. Drake caught Johnny Impact with a Championship belt uppercut. Referee Brian Stiffler ran out to count the pin but Johnny kicked out at two.

Eli Drake punched Brian Stiffler out of anger. REF BUMP #2!!! Drake and Masters put the boots to Mundo. Drake accidentally hit Chris Adonis in the head with the championship belt. Eli Drake hit the Moonlight Drive on Drake’s back. Brian Hebner recovered and counted to two for Johnny. Drake kicked out. Johnny Impact counted down for his top rope Judo roll. Drake pushed the referee in the way and aside so he can kick Mundo in the mundos. Eli Drake hit the Gravy Train to pick up the win on Mundo.

Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact via pinfall in 17:13 of TV time to retain the GFW Global Championship.

Drake called to cut the music. Chris Masters put Johnny Mundo in the Masterlock. Drake told Johnny to sniff the title because that’s as close as he’s going to get because there is only one Global Champion, E-Li Drake. Drake said that is not an insult, that is just a fact of life. The canned boos appeared again (since the crowd was actually joining Drake in his catchphrases and the canned boos sound the same every time they happen). For some reason, Garza Jr. music played and he ran in for the save. He wore wrestling trunks this time. Garza cleaned house. Garza hit Adonis with a missile dropkick. LAX ran in to beat down Garza. Konnan got into a dispute with a (planted) fan. Konnan shoved the guy. Curse words ensued.

Chris Masters gave a referee the Masterlock. Jim Cornette and Scott D’Amore ran out for some order. Eli Drake stood tall over Johnny Impact in the center of the ring with his belt. Josh Mathews said that Impact (the show) shouldn’t allow the inmates to run the asylum. Impact Wrestling closed…

John’s Thoughts: That was a lot to absorbed and it screamed old/bad TNA. We got ref bumps, ejects, undoing of the ejections, run-ins, run-ins by people who shouldn’t be running in, authority figures, Chris Masters, and other stuff that I haven’t mentioned because it was just too much contrived details to make sense. Not to mention, they tried the exact same belt shot false finish that the Petey Williams vs. Trevor Lee match had. It was nice in that other match because it was novel, but something TNA has never figured out to this day is that there is a law of diminishing returns to a lot of things, including wrestling. Once you wade through the contrived pieces of that entire segment, you can find a good match in there. Drake has been solid in the ring and I even still have his match against Alberto El Patron as my GFW/TNA/Impact 2017 match of the year. Drake has it in him and Johnny Impact is the perfect person who can serve as a solid dance partner.

There was some good in this episode. The Williams vs. Lee match was nice. The Women’s trios match was extremely enjoyable. LAX vs. OVE was very fun. So, the in-ring stuff was solid. It’s just everything else. Someone thought too hard in writing this episode. They were also billing this as one of their PPV analogs. Destination X was a good show. Victory Road? This was the most TNA episode I could remember in 2017 because TNA always used to find any way they can ruin a good thing with ref bump finishes and over-complicated post-match antics. On top of that, James Storm cut a borderline racist promo that stuck a little bit. Jason Powell will be by later on today with his Hit List and member’s audio review. Let’s see if he thought this was a better show.

Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to contact me via twitter @liljohnm to tweet and discuss Impact Wrestling. You can also comment and discuss Impact stuff directly with me via email: jmoore3.net@gmail.com.


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  1. Btw, have you noticed that Karen Jarrett is in the Impact opening? Why?

    And yes, Storm pushed the envelope. It was getting into Jinder territory.

  2. I hated the ‘Global Force Wrestling’ name. Absolutely hated it and for me it was one reason the show had become something I didn’t really want to watch anymore after six years of enjoying it. Impact Wrestling just works for me better and it may be a silly reason to do so but I do feel more compelled to check out more of recent events other than the Rosemary stuff i have still been watching via their highlights clips on youtube. And damn I love her new look. 🙂

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