WWE Raw onsite report: Detailed report on the in-person experience and live crowd reactions to John Cena and Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Big Show, and more

Dot Net reader Marq Manner attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Omaha, Nebraska and sent the following report.

It was not a sell out, but attendance was better than usual for Omaha. Lots of positive reaction to John Cena’s lines being replayed from last week. Going with mostly “pro” for Cena’s entrance. Indifference and a few boos for Jason Jordan. Already let the air out of the room. There was a Cena chant with no “Cena sucks” to counteract it. They got the dual chants going eventually out of boredom. People got into the competitiveness down the stretch and a light “this is awesome” chant went out. The near falls were believable considering the Cena over Kurt Angle retrospect they played and the Roman Reigns “burying” lines from last week. 100 percent heat for Reigns. There was a long, awkward hang in the ring while commercial happened. The crowd backed up Cena during his promo and only strayed during Reigns “fake ass bitch” line.

The crowd was excited for Show and Braun in the cage. For some reason, Omaha more often than not gets a cage match.

A mild reaction for Rhyno/Slater and big pop for Dean Ambrose’s music along with Seth Rollins. Sheamus and Cesaro have a post pyro entrance that works. A quick match with no one caring about the outcome.

A big pop for The Hardy Boyz-and well earned heel heat for Miz and crew, but kind of figured the buzz around this match would be heavier considering its one of the more interesting matchups in awhile. There was a light “Brother Nero” chant and an “Obsolete” chant driven by Matt. Having all the male inference go to the back was a nice touch. The crowd reacted properly to the Skull Crushing Finale.

No one wants Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss again. People were into the Fatal Four-way though (and a bit into Emma).

Six man Cruiserweight tag match – Omaha of course was into Enzo Amore’s schtick more so than some other places, though certainly not as much as in previous appearances.

Finn Balor was easily the biggest pop of the night at this point in the show and a t-shirt champ contender in the building. This was one of Bray Wyatt’s better promos. Finn came off pretty flat. No real reaction at the close, but I like the angle Bray is gong with it.

The crowd was in hot dog coma at end of second hour with no real reaction to women’s tag entrances. I’m more excited about Ric Flair’s video game characters. There was a light “We Want Emma” chant. The crowd was almost movie theater silent for the match bedsides some attempts at Emma chants and a tiny bit of reaction to her offense. The crowd woke up for Nia Jax’s entrance and the slap she received and subsequent moves from Nia. A decent pop for the win. Mixed reaction for Nia taking out Emma. People were hoping Kurt Angle would make an appearance here.

It was pretty quiet for most of Ambrose and Rollins vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Some weak “too sweet” chants and a bit of an attempt at motivating Rollins and Ambrose. People were pretty faded out here. The crowd came alive for Rollins’ offense and eventual win. People want to get behind Gallows and Anderson.

Lots of things happening under the ring while at commercial before the cage match.

The cage lowering music is the best.

There was a much bigger reaction for Strowman than Show. Big Show climbing the cage, and especially the top rope elbow got the crowd behind Show. Huge pop for the chokeslam and people following through for the near fall. People were bummed the ring didn’t break. Braun with good heat in victory.

Big Show went out with referee help and not on stretcher to a “you still got it” chant and his music. He acknowledged the crowd at the curtain.

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