WWE female performer expected to appear on “Dancing With the Stars” series, John Cena on the Knight Rider wish list

-John Cena is rumored to be on the wish list for the “Knight Rider” movie based on the ’80s television series. Read more at ScreenRant.com. [Thanks to Dot Net Member Ernesto Cruz]

-Nikki Bella has signed on to appear as a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” television series, according to People.com.

Powell’s POV: There was a scene on “Total Bellas” with Nikki turning down a “Dancing With the Stars” offer just as she was about to return the ring. Meanwhile, Cena has not been officially cast as in Knight Rider, and the story notes that Kevin Hart is also on the wish list to be the voice of KITT the car.

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  1. leave Knight Rider aloooone.

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