Stephanie McMahon on working with Kurt Angle again, the growth of the women’s division, and Triple H’s WrestleMania 33 entrance

The following are the highlights of a Stephanie McMahon interview conducted by The National’s Graham Caygill. Read the full piece at

On Triple H’s WrestleMania 33 entrance: “There are no words to describe what that feels like. Coming out on the back of Triple H’s bike, being led out by the motorcade of Orlando Police officers and in front of over 75,000 people is a feeling that you really can’t articulate.”

On the chances of the UAE having a Network Special one day: “Absolutely. We are examining all different growth opportunities across all lines of business. Again, this new localized show Wal3ooha really is the first step of the process.”

On working with Kurt Angle again: “I can’t wait to work with Kurt. Kurt is so entertaining. He is really funny. I think it is going to be so much and hopefully having that interaction and this time the situation is a little bit different as I am the boss.”

On the growth of the Women’s Division: It really is incredible to watch these young girls look up to these very strong, not only physically but mentally, strong incredible female athletes that are our Superstars. It has been incredible and now I see many more little girls in the audience wearing Bayley’s armbands or Sasha Banks glasses or T-shirts.”

Powell’s POV: Stephanie took part in the Women in Leadership Panal and promoted the release of WWE’s Wal3ooha, an Arabic show that will air on OSN. She also discussed having two women’s title match on the WrestleMania card, the rise of the women’s division, and more.


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