TNA One Night Only “Joker’s Wild” spoilers: Zim’s in-person report on the pay-per-view taping (spoilers)

TNA One Night Only “Joker’s Wild” PPV taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman

The tag matches are qualifiers for a $100,000 gauntlet match.

1. Moose and Davey Richards beat Trevor Lee and Broken Matt Hardy. Matt turned on Lee for making too many blind tags. Moose pinned Lee.

2. Aron Rex and Spud beat Jessie Godderz and Bad Bones (of WXW). Sandow pinned Bones with a loaded punch. Rex and Spud together are good for a chuckle.

3. Eddie Kingston and Bram beat Robbie E and Mahabali Shera. It was a match.

4. Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter beat Tyrus and Crazzy Steve. Maria stole Tyrus’s chain and he went after it, leaving Steve to take a fisherman’s neckbreaker.

5. DJZ and Jeff Hardy beat Eli Drake and Paredyse. Shockingly bad. Hardy won with a missed Swanton.

6. Jade and Sienna beat Laurel Van Ness and Allie. Laurel bullied Allie so Allie hit the Codebreaker and left Jade to hit the package piledriver. Jade and Sienna win.

7. Caleb Konley and Eddie Edwards beat Andrew Everett and Marche Rocket.

8. Moose won the gauntlet match for $100,000.



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