Gleed’s Blog: My pro wrestling wish list for Santa Claus

By Haydn Gleed

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good boy this year (kinda), so I’m writing to you to ask for some changes to happen in pro wrestling in 2017. After all, if I’ve learned anything from watching American based wrestling companies over the years, it’s that you are the only true independent contractor in the business. You work everywhere (that’s you in the suit, right?) and have cut pretty sweet deals with all the major companies to work a part time gig once a year, so you must be well connected. I’ll keep my list short and sweet since I know December kind of a big month for you.

-A Roman Reigns heel turn. For crying out loud Santa, you must see it every week. Roman comes out and the other boys and girls really don’t like him. Turn him into someone the crowd is supposed to boo and not only will WWE be printing money, but the once great company will have a fighting chance to be a more watchable product. Truth be told Santa, this is the second year in the row I’ve asked for this. I’m an only child, so I am used to getting what I want, and I’m not happy about asking again (stomps feet).

-I know Dixie Carter is probably on the naughty list so you may be reluctant to do her any favors. Still, one thing I want for TNA is for it to be a peaceful company where we only talk about what is happening on the TV show rather than rolling our eyes at what is happening behind the scenes. This one should be easy for you, St. Nick, as the tools are already there for change with the new ownership, so you wouldn’t really be helping naughty Dixie.

-Make ROH realize that they have a product that more people should be watching and therefore they need to grasp the importance of promotion. I wrote some nasty things about the company last week which I don’t think people liked, Santa, but it was out of a fondness and not from a bad place. The Final Battle show they put on afterwards was outstanding, but I don’t feel they promoted the matches as effectively as they could have beforehand. So please make them see that with some minor tweaks they could become a more modern company and allow people to invest emotionally. Once that happens, more people will want to see their shows and the company will make more money.

-Please, please, please, please let our All Access Daily Podcast report that WWE has interest in B.J. Whitmer lead to him getting a contract so he can continue his feud with Steve Corino. I hate their feud with a passion, but it irritates and upsets my good friend and podcast co-host Darren Gutteridge so much that it makes me happy.

-To prove I’m not a selfish only child Santa, I’m going to make my final wish a selfless one and that is simply for more boys and girls to find British independent wrestling. I truly believe if the wrestling fans want an alternative to the main products, they should look no further than these fine shores. You want fun wrestling that will put a smile on your face as well as entertain your socks off? You have PCW. Want to watch men and women beat the holly heck out of each other? You have ICW. Want to watch a combination of the two? Watch Progress Wrestling. Those are only three of the brilliant companies that people should be made more aware of than they currently seem to be.

So you see, big guy, I’m not asking for much, just a few changes here and there. If you can do this for me, Santa, I will leave you as many mince pies as you want along with as much sherry as you can handle on Christmas Eve. Oh, but more importantly than all of this, don’t forget my Xbox…

Your friend (when you bring me gifts),

Haydn Gleed

What’s your wish list for 2017? Let me know either on twitter @haydngleed or via email

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