Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Daniel Bryan defends the Bella Twins against critics, The Hype Bros get hype, Baron Corbin goes into his life and social interactions


talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

-Renee Young introduced Daniel Bryan as the “Almost” Baby Daddy. Bryan wore the new James Ellsworth shirt being sold on WWE shop. Renee Young pointed out how Ellsworth almost won the WWE Championship. Bryan liked the sweet chin music (which David Otunga called the “no-chin” Music earlier on Smackdown). Bryan acknowledged that Dean Ambrose interfered but commended Ellsworth for taking a beating from AJ Styles. After some more questioning form Renee, Bryan said AJ didn’t take that situation well. Bryan wondered if anyone could Sweet Chin Music Ellsworth, since he has no chin.

-Renee transitioned to talking about Survivor Series which Raw accepted Smackdown’s challenge. Bryan said Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley were cowardly about promoting their show because they focus on attitude era stars as opposed to their own talent.

-Young brought on the Hype Bros and Mojo Rawley was extra hype, like usual. Mojo called Bryan “Dirty Dan” (was Mojo referencing SpongeBob Squarepants?). Renee liked Zack Ryder’s beard since it was thick. Bryan wanted to know more about the Hype Bros. Zack said Mojo was the Hype while he was the Bro. Mojo Rawley said their strength is they don’t get tired. Ryder said he gets tired. Bryan wanted to know about their luck with the ladies. Mojo said Zack looks better than him but he has better game. Renee wondered if Ryder had a special someone in his life. Ryder no sold the comment which caused Mojo and Bryan to crack up, because he’s dating Emma of course.

-After recovering from the last comment, they went back into kayfabe mode talking about tag teams. They then talked about Mojo’s hat. Mojo put the hat on Bryan, who got hype once the hat was on his head. Ryder said the hype brothers were the best tag team and don’t have to prove themselves. Mojo said that he can help the Smackdown team fire themselves up while scaring team red. Ryder cut Mojo to shut him up. Ryder talked about how Mojo has lots of friends and gives them free merch.

-Right after the Hype Bros left, AJ Styles berated Bryan. He talked about hurting Ellsworth and how this liability was on Daniel Bryan’s conscious since it was Bryan who threw Dean Ambrose in the situation. Bryan countered by saying that Styles wanted to face Ellsworth. Styles countered by saying that Bryan has turned into the Authority that he used to fight against. AJ said to make it right he wants Ambrose next week on Smackdown Live. Bryan said the match was on and if AJ beats Ambrose, Ambrose will get a title shot later on. AJ said just like Ellsworth’s blood, Ambrose’s blood will be on Bryan’s hands. Bryan held a serious face as AJ walked off.

-Renee wanted to know how Bryan felt about AJ talking about this being Bryan’s responsibility. Bryan said that Ellsworth was a tough person and AJ was just mad about losing to Ellsworth twice.

-Young talked about Carmella connecting Nikki Bella’s success to John Cena. Bryan said Brie Bella gets the same comments related to himself. Bryan said the Bellas worked hard for ten years and did the jobs that no one wanted to do like host Raw shows or escorting guest stars. Bryan said that the Bellas were the biggest female stars that WWE has produced in a long time. Young said people might be jealous of the Bellas other outside ventures. Bryan said he doesn’t see jealousy, but only sees the hard work that the Bells put in. Bryan said that even though Cena has pull in the company, he never used it to get Nikki any favors. Bryan brought up JJ Bella trying to ask Cena to put a word in to get him a job and Cena shut him down and told him to do it himself (which will be seen on Total Bellas).

-Bryan said he gets more fired up about the criticism while Brie is calm about it. Bryan said people like blaming Cena and the Bellas because it’s easy. Bryan talked about Cena proving his hard work ethic in his interview a few weeks ago. Bryan put over Brie’s hard work by saying that she’s doing ten day media tours while pregnant.

-Baron Corbin was the next guest. He talked about beating a former world champion in Jack Swagger and said he was going to relax after this night. Young talked about knowing Corbin since NXT. Renee said no one likes Corbin, who said he’s not here to make friends. He said he’s here to make money. Renee wondered if he had one friend. Corbin said no since it would just hold him break. He said he just wants to step on people’s throats and climb up the ladder. Corbin talked about fighting his way through the NFL to get ahead.

-Renee brought up Baron Corbin being engaged. Baron Corbin said he has a fiancée that 99 percent of the world would dream about. He said they would never touch something like that ha. He said people like him in the one percent get the one percent. Renee wanted to know what Corbin does when he gets home. Corbin said he lives in a big ass house on a lake with a pool. He said he has music, video games, a bike. He said he’s working on his Lincoln Continental. He goes to rock shows. He said he doesn’t needs friends to do that.

-Corbin said he has friends but they don’t work here. He said the fans were idiots and complained about how they boo him yet ask him for his autograph in airports. Renee said doesn’t that pay Corbin, the fans? Corbin said that fans don’t want to buy merchandise and sell the autographs to avoid getting a job. He said they are trying to get money off of his back. He deflected towards Renee and said she needs to realize without someone like him Renee won’t have a job since he draws people to this show. He said GMs like Bryan can’t host a show without guys like him.

-Daniel brought up specific names like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, or AJ Styles and wondered what Corbin thought about them being more successful. Corbin chuckled at that statement. He said it only took a phone call for him to get in WWE while it took them years. He asked Bryan about how long it took him to get here and how long did his career last. Bryan said it took him ten years and his career lasted five. Corbin said Bryan’s body gave out due to him struggling for years for just hot dogs and pretzels. Corbin said his body isn’t going to give out. He said he joined the main roster in three and a half years, something that took Bryan ten and AJ Styles years as well. Bryan said he could talk when he gets to Bryan’s and AJ’s level of success. Corbin said he was a one percent top of the line superstar on WWE’s number one program, Smackdown Live. He wanted to know what Bryan could bring him. He said once he elevates he will look down at Bryan.

-Bryan said this is firing him up more than the Bella thing. Bryan said he didn’t have a general manager to help him be the best. Bryan brought up losing in 18 seconds. He said he went out there and he was the best. Corbin said he put down Swagger, a former world champ, an NCAA Division I champion. Corbin said he crushed him with his forearm! Put him in the ring and hit him in the End of Days and it was over! Corbin wanted to know what was next and marched off set. Bryan said he was going to find something for Corbin he promised that. Renee Young closed out Talking Smack.

John’s Thoughts: Talking Smack got back to being the edgier show that we’ve grown accustomed to. One flaw was due to Smackdown’s limited roster in that we were cycling through guests too quickly, but that isn’t really a problem because this show is more of an outlet for wrestlers to flush out their characters and storylines. It also allows Daniel Bryan to say whatever the hell he wants which is fun too. Corbin’s promo was interesting. I find him an interesting person as this is the guy we got to see during WWE Breaking Ground. The loner and introverted Corbin. He seems like someone who has “Bobby Lashley 2016” levels of upside where if he finds his confidence on the microphone he can be a main event heel.


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