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Jim Ross comments on Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, three WWE Hell in a Cell matches, TNA lawsuits and tax mess

imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar: “I expect that Goldberg will be jeered in Toronto as Lesnar is now residing in the Saskatoon area plus Goldberg is unfortunately known as the man who ended Bret Hart’s in ring wrestling career. I still think that this will be a ‘one off’ for @Goldberg and I still see Lesnar getting his hand raised.”

Powell’s POV: Good point on Lesnar potentially being cheered over Goldberg with the Survivor Series event in Canada. That may have happened in some American cities as well. Paul Heyman will have to work hard to turn the fans against his client if WWE even cares about who gets cheered and booed at this point.

Ross on Hell in a Cell: “Keep this in mind, the three HIAC matches coming up on the WWE Network will be challenging to present creatively and will require great planing and strategy to make them all somewhat unique. To pull it off, one has to provide the show closer the first choice of ‘whistles and bells’ and work from there.”

Powell’s POV: And even if they pull it off for one night, it’s still watering down the HIAC concept. I assume they will spread these apart, meaning they could have an HIAC match open the show. The big question remains whether the women’s match will close the show or if they go with the Universal Championship match.

Ross on TNA: “Gosh, the latest on the TNA Impact Wrestling front office situation certainly reads like a ‘mess’ and I hope that it’s not as convoluted and complex as many report based on lawsuits being filed and tax issues in Tennessee surfacing. I hope that this beleaguered brand can get back on solid ground, hit the reset button and restarting a new, renamed company and see if the promotion can be resurrected. However, to do so on POP TV might be daunting.”

Powell’s POV: It will be a very interesting week with the Billy Corgan court hearing scheduled for Thursday morning in Nashville. It’s always possible the two sides could work out an agreement before then to avoid legal action. Once the courts get involved, there’s no telling how long this matter could end up being dragged out or what that would mean for the future of the company. I’ll have more to say about that situation in today’s All Access Daily Podcast.

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  1. The WWE Universal Title clash between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg is the rumoured bout he will call.

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