10/17 WWE Raw Pre-Show notes: Live coverage of the WWE Network broadcast

rawpreshow1By Jason Powell

-Scott Stanford, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler hosted the show from the studio at WWE Headquarters. Stanford said Lita would be checking in from backstage at Raw.

-The return of Bill Goldberg was hyped for Raw.

-Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte in the Hell in a Cell match was discussed. Booker gave the women props and said it’s almost like Hilary Clinton going into office. Lawler was surprised. Booker laughed maniacally.

-Lita checked in from backstage at Raw and said she would be checking in with Sasha and Charlotte. She also said fans are waiting to see how Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley would respond to the Survivor Series challenge. Lita also said there are rumors of “trouble in paradise” between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. She also hyped Goldberg making his first appearance in 12 years. She said he’s been very tight-lipped thus far.

-A good video package featured Paul Heyman’s promo lines about Goldberg last week along with footage from Goldberg’s career.

-Booker said he has unfinished business with Goldberg. He said there was so much outside interference when he faced him that he doesn’t even consider it a win. He said their unfinished business won’t be televised. Lawler looked into the camera and told Goldberg not to get int he ring with Lesnar. Lawler said if he wants to get in the ring one more time then that’s okay, but he should not do it with Lesnar.

Powell’s POV: Booker has increased his Michael Irvin game. He already laughed maniacally for no good reason way too frequently, but now he’s touching Lawler just as Irvin always felt the need to reach over and touch his co-hosts when he was doing Sunday morning football pre-game shows.

-The trivia question was which WWE wrestler holds the record for most eliminations during his career. The answer was Randy Orton with 13 eliminations.

-Footage aired from earlier in the day of The Shining Stars trying to sell Mark Henry a timeshare. He wasn’t interested. They tried to sell him a watch instead. R-Truth entered the picture and wanted a watch. Goldust showed up and said the Stars are sleazy conmen. Titus O’Neil showed up and defended the Stars. Titus said he’s teaming up with the Stars. This led to a challenge from the Stars. If they win a six-man tag, then Henry and Golden Truth have to buy all their watches. Truth shook on it. Goldust and Henry weren’t happy.

-Backstage at Raw, Curtis Axel told Bo Dallas he tried to get ahold of him all week. Angry Bo rhymed again. Axel said he’s the biggest Boliever and he feels bad about what happened last week. Axel got Dallas a match against Neville on Raw.

-Cathy Kelley checked in with the social media segment. She spoke about how Brie Bella and Trish Stratus are both pregnant (only one is Daniel Bryan’s baby as best we can tell). She also aired footage of Seth Rollins headbanging at a concert.

-The hosts read some fan memes about the suit that Mick Foley wore last week.

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