Moore’s Talking Smack Recap: John Cena’s inspired response to Dean Ambrose’s criticisms (with several quotes), Becky Lynch appears, Daniel Bryan on not appearing on WWE Smackdown Live

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan hosted on the Talking Smack set. Renee wondered why we didn’t see Daniel Bryan on the show. Bryan said he was busy and didn’t have to be on camera. He said that Shane McMahon and him have a different philosophy than Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. Bryan said he and Shane don’t have to be out there all the time and the action speaks for itself.

-Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts on the main event. Bryan said it looked like Dean Ambrose won the title if it weren’t for John Cena losing his temper. Bryan said that Cena will be on the show later on to explain himself. Renee said this would be the first repeat guest of the show.

-Renee transitioned to Dolph Ziggler putting his career on the line against Miz’s title. Bryan said that was the reason he was so busy off camera, he was making this match official. Ziggler vs. Miz was happening with Ziggler’s career against Miz’s Intercontinental Championship. Renee wanted to know if Bryan ever saw Ziggler that emotional. Bryan said he relates to Ziggler with closeness to wrestling. Bryan said that was heavy to do put his love on the line. Renee wanted to know if the possibility of a cornerstone like Dolph leaving would affect Smackdown. Bryan said there is always talent at the standby. Bryan mentioned how he was the injured World Champion and WWE didn’t skip a beat. Bryan talked about having to adjust to the random events.

-Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts on Miz. Bryan said it’s Miz. He focused on Miz’s headshot in the middle of the ring. He also said that Dolph and Miz cut a fiery speech. Bryan then wondered how much money Miz cost him with the pyro display.

-They talked about the women’s tag team match. Bryan said he liked Carmella’s change in attitude. Renee then wanted to know Bryan’s change in perception of Carmella over time. Bryan said he knew almost nothing about Carmella aside from a little bit of her work with Enzo and Cass. Bryan said Carmella has came up on Smackdown live and doesn’t take no for an answer. Bryan said the eye rake deal was just a part of WWE.

-Suddenly, Becky Lynch joined the set. Renee wanted Becky’s thoughts about being champion. Becky said she always had a target on her back before the title and the title just amplifies. Bryan wanted Becky to clarify the target comment. Becky said she’s been attacked blindly more times than she’s had hot meals this year (good line!). That line actually cracked Bryan up too!

-Becky said for some reason people knew she was a threat and tried to take her out before success. Becky said she dedicated her life to fighting and she has nothing to lose. Bryan said Becky has something to lose now, the title. Renee wanted to know if Becky’s title has changed her perception on the quest other people have against her. She said of course because people are more hungry. She compared the title to walking into famine country with a steak, or tofu for people like Bryan. Becky said people are more aggressive.

-Bryan wanted Becky’s thoughts on the Smackdown Women’s division. Becky said they were the division to watch with freshness and newness. Becky then put over the accolades and characters of the women on Smackdown. Bryan wanted a response to Alexa Bliss’s comment that Becky doesn’t deserve it. Becky said she killed her credibility with that statement. Becky said she fought half her life for this. She then criticized the Harley Quinn look.

-Renee wanted to know a little bit more about Becky Lynch leaving pro wrestling at one point a few years ago. Becky took her time to collect her thoughts and said she didn’t believe in herself. Becky said she tried to block it out, something she loves. She said she did everything to try to find something that resembles her love for this. She said she traveled the world to find other things to replicate her love for the ring but couldn’t find it.

-Renee wanted Becky’s thoughts on her connection with the fans. Becky said they can sense her energy. Becky said the fire starts from the crowd and into her own heart and it’s hard to explain. Bryan said that Bliss said that people willed her to be champion but Becky wasn’t ready to be champion according to her.

-Becky called Bliss “small and fierce” and dynamite but it is nothing without fire. Becky said the title is a symbol of her life and if Alexa tries to take it from her she will ruin Alexa’s life and it starts at No Mercy. Becky comically fanned herself down after that promo.

-Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts on Becky’s inspired promos. Bryan said that’s the reason Bryan drafted her and she’s the key to the division.

-They then started to talk about Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Bryan said that it was strange since Randy said that Bray fears Randy. Bryan said there might be something to that when Randy switched roles and had power over Wyatt. Renee wanted to know if Randy had a leg up on the struggle. Bryan said it’s tough to say since Bray has a strange mind. Bryan mentioned how he tried and couldn’t last a week when he became a Wyatt for a week. Bryan thought his own attire looked like a handsome janitor.

-Suddenly, John Cena walked onto the set. Cena was still in his PBR warrior attire. Renee wanted to know what message Cena was trying to send by holding the title at the end of the show. Cena said it’s usually a jinx (or reverse-foreshadowing). Cena said he has been through a lot in WWE and is facing his mortality now. He talked about the Ric Flair landmark. Cena said it is a goal of his and he analyzed both of his opponents and wanted his opponents to know that he was in the triple threat to win it.

-Cena spoke about the Flair record. Cena said some athletes are day-to-day on the issue. Cena said he knows he has a championship match and if he reaches his goal he makes history. He said his goal is in the forefront. He said he’s there to win the Super Bowl. Cena said he has had a fortunate career and it would be tough to just leave at 15. Cena mentioned how he doesn’t have a chance to win the title on Raw because of the Authority, but Smackdown was the land of opportunity. Cena said it’s not just new guys but old guys like him can get it too.

-Bryan wanted to talk about Ambrose calling Cena a “lazy part-timer”. Cena said he tries to stay high when they hit low. Cena said there is some truth because he works himself to the bone here and elsewhere. Cena said Ambrose was right in saying he actually does take his bus to the jet, but it’s not laziness. He said he’s off to work after this to promote Total Bellas while Ambrose’s week is done and Ambrose gets to rest. Cena said it’s well documented that Ambrose makes millions in WWE yet he complains about Cena being “high and mighty”. Cena said people should aspire to do what he does for the company. Here are some of the quotes from the Cena appearance.

-Cena: “You know I try to stay high when they hit low…As with anybody trying to put together their own truth or their own motivation. He’s got some truth into what he says. I spend part of my time here, and I spend part of my time elsewhere working myself to the bone. And yes! He’s absolutely right! I take care of myself and I invest in myself so I can perform at a peak level each and every single day.”

-Cena: “So when Dean Ambrose’s argument is that I spend my time on a bus and fly after the show on a jet to point B. He’s absolutely correct. What he doesn’t know is his day ends now [while] I’m going to work! I’m flying to New York to promote Total Bellas this week. That’s what I’m doing. When he gets to go home to rest and recuperate I go back to work. This is where I get twisted. You got a guy complaining that ‘oh! John High and Mighty is over here!’; but it’s well documented that Dean Ambrose makes millions of dollars in this company. He works himself to the bone! I’m not going to short change his efforts, he had a great effort tonight. But he is well compensated for those efforts and I get real twisted when people say you are high and mighty up there on that throne because I hope they aspire to do for this business what I’m trying to do”

-Cena: “Did I get a chance to be a part of the Smackdown Live first ever PPV? No! Because the company deemed it fit that I should go to China and help global relations for the WWE in China. So hopefully years from now if Dean Ambrose continues to work hard, he can stand in the middle of the ring of a Smackdown Live PPV or a SD Live Television, or WrestleMania in Beijing surrounded by a hundred thousand people. And I would be happy just to open that door. I Know I will never be able to do that but I would like to get that ball rolling.”

-Cena:”When someone’s argument is ‘he doesn’t dress in the designated are for talent to dress in?’ No, I don’t. And it’s because you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Quite frankly, Dean Ambrose would slow me down. He says he hangs out with the Samoans and Jack Swagger. Well ask Dean Ambrose the next time you have him on Talking Smack who do those come to for genuine advise in WWE when they really need help? And those people will tell you me. And those ‘camp fire chats’ Dean was referring to? That is me adapting to my surroundings. I am well aware that I’m not the young stallion in this race. I have to know my competitors, my fellow superstars, and if there’s a little bit of knowledge I could give to them that’s fine. But 99 percent of the time it’s not like ‘back in my day’… It’s how can we make this thing better!”

-Cena: “Like I said, you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with and I surround myself with people who just go. The Vince McMahons of the world. People who are the first to show up and the last to leave. No, I don’t stand and dress where Dean Ambrose dresses. But this is where someone has twisted reality. Dean Ambrose said John Cena and Dean Ambrose don’t like each other. No. Dean Ambrose doesn’t like John Cena. John Cena doesn’t care about Dean Ambrose. And if Dean wants me to care about him? At No Mercy, he’ll either step up, or step aside. And that’s it. Here’s a guy – legit – cashed in a suitcase to win a championship, won a match and then lost it. And you want to go way back? Document the Shield. The first time they hit the ring? Man that Ambrose is something special. Right now? Two bonafide WWE Superstars: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns. One guy still trying to figure it out? Dean Ambrose. And yes, he had a great match tonight, but I’m sorry to plug Raw, how many great matches has Cesaro had? Tons. Absolutely tons. And he’s still trying to figure it out.”

-Cena: “And that’s not a knock on Dean Ambrose. Cause I know he’s gonna hopefully put in the work to get better. But you have to be accountable for your words. “Part-timer”? Absolutely right. Because I’m trying to do it all at once. ‘Lazy’? To me, that insult is just lazy. And if he takes that type of attitude at No Mercy, he’s gonna be still trying to figure it out. Is that talking smack enough?”

John’s Thoughts: Well, hot damn again! I was about to give some compliments to Becky Lynch for her work earlier in the show, but I forgot most of it after that amazing John Cena promo. Dean Ambrose fans may not like what Cena had to say, but Talking Smack is allowing people talk their hearts out. Are Vince McMahon and the Raw crew watching? Maybe I should hope they aren’t so this can stay on an isolated island on Smackdown and not polluted by the Raw peeps.


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