9/8 Moore’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: Delete or Decay, Ethan Carter III and Lashley press conference, Billy Corgan starts a tournament for the TNA Grand Championship

Logo_TNA_dn_600By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped in August in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Senor Benjamin handled the pre-episode disclaimer telling people not to do the things they see on TV at home. He stated it in Spanish of course with subtitle accompaniment. Vanguard 1 told us that no animals were harmed in the filming of this episode. A teaser video played that recapped the setup of this second Final Deletion from last week…

Reby Sky opened up the show playing the piano. Some sort of tenor voice sung Jeff Hardy’s fade away and classify himself as obsolete theme. Senor Benjamin was preparing the field for massacre with plenty of Hardy symbols. Matt Hardy held a meeting with the Hardy Family. He said he invited the people here because the events must be documented. He said he and his platoon were running an exercise to get in touch with their primal instincts. Hardy told Senor Benjamin to prepare his personal zoo…

Back at the Impact Zone, Mike Bennett made his entrance alongside the Knockouts Champion Maria. Josh Mathews recapped Moose not listening to Mike Bennett in last week’s main event World Title match. Bennett said when he was a little boy growing up his mother told him not to bite the hand that feeds him. Bennett said it seems like he was the only person in the arena who had a decent mother. Bennett said he should be TNA champion tonight but he’s not. Bennett said the reason was because of one man, one ungrateful man. Bennett said his relationship with moose was good at first where he brought him in and paid him.

Bennett said that Moose’s ego got the best of him with him falling for people doing his arm thing. Bennett said he sent Moose a strongly worded text message and fired Moose’s ass. Bennett said now that Moose was out of the picture, he can focus on getting the TNA world Championship and there wasn’t a person who was going to stop him, not Lashley, Not Dixie, and certainly not Moose.

Dixie Carter walked out to her usual non-reaction. Mike Bennett wore his pineapple shirt for some reason again. Dixie asked Bennett if he was done and if he can wrap it up. Dixie pandered to the crowd and said the fans were here to watch Wrestling and not as the Miracle turns. Bennett said no one appreciates him or his wife. He said that Maria should be running the company. Bennett said now that Moose is gone he’s going to be champion and there was nothing Dixie can do about it. Dixie said she questions Bennett’s decision and he currently made a decision herself.

Bennett said he knows Dixie is going to do the right thing and put him in the World Title contract signing. Dixie said she did do the right thing, but she wasn’t adding him to the main event. Dixie said she just signed Moose today. Dixie did the Moose arm thing as Moose made his entrance to his Moose theme. Moose wore an Impact shirt which Josh Mathews noted means he is now a member of the Impact roster. Moose grabbed Bennett and put him on the top rope. Maria teased hitting him with a belt and he teased hitting her. Mike Bennett scurried out and Josh Mathews recapped that Moose would be facing Mike Bennett at Bound for Glory. Josh Mathews then hyped Delete or Decay for later on tonight…

Gail Kim made her entrance for tag team competition next…[C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a pretty decent opening segment that served its purpose. It was simply to set up Moose vs. Mike Bennett at Bound for Glory. It was a bit odd that they dragged things out by teasing the Moose was fired, but I guess they had to find some way to get there. They also felt the need to have Dixie Carter come out to her usual non-reaction, that they are surely aware of since they try to keep the crowd out of focus as much as possible, but we do see the crowd not caring during her entrances most of the time anyway because they have to show her walking to the ring. One thing that would have been cool is if they somehow made this about wrestling since Moose can look really good in doing wrestling moves.

Bennett and Maria were complaining backstage to Dixie. Bennett tried to refuse to take the match. Dixie said if Bennett did that she would fire him in breach of contract. Dixie then acted disgusted about what Maria did with the Knockouts title last week. Maria said what she did was fair. Dixie said Billy and her met with the Board of Directors and if she has the title there’s a conflict of interest. Dixie Carter said Maria no longer has decision making ability while she has the title and that she will have to defend the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory. Dixie said we would find out later on (it’s Gail Kim right?).

1. Gail Kim and Jade vs. Sienna and Allie. Allie and Sienna were at odds to start the match which allowed Gail Kim to get the upper hand on Sienna early on. Allie tagged in and was easily dominated by Gail Kim’s strikes. Gail Kim dropkicked Allie to the outside. Sienna demanded that Allie tag her in because she wasn’t a wrestler. Josh Mathews talked in his sad voice about what happened last week. The crowd chanted “We want Allie” as the follow Dixie Carter twitter graphic flashed on the screen. Sienna dominated for a sequence.

Sienna teased tagging in Allie but then went to give Gail Kim clubbing shots to the back. Sienna hit Gail Kim with a Samoan Drop. Gail Kim escaped the AK-47 and hit a twisted neckbreaker on Sienna to open up a slight window to attempt a tag for Jade. Sienna refused to tag in Allie as Gail Kim managed to tag in Jade. Jade hit some roundhouse kicks and a drop kick. Jade hit a boot to the corner as Allie made the blind tag. Allie accidentally made the axe handle on Sienna. Sienna gave Allie the run and push a.k.a the Silencer. Jade made the reluctant pin.

Gail Kim and Jade defeated Sienna and Allie via pinfall in 4:39.

Jade and Gail Kim looked concerned over Allie and went to console her after her loss. Allie stood up staggered while Gail Kim and Jade looked concerned…

Jeremy Borash was backstage and he interviewed Billy Corgan. Jeremy Borash said there was a rumor going around that Billy has a big announcement coming up (I wonder if it’s as big as Dixie Carter’s Tommy Dreamer announcements). JB asked how big was this announcement. Billy Corgan said who would know that he would go out to the ring and affect the professional wrestling business. Billy and Borash did some cheesy back and forth about this announcement…[C]

John’s Thoughts: The Allie storyline is catching on with the crowd better than TNA could have hoped for. Sadly that leaves Gail Kim and Jade lost in the shuffle. It’s particularly odd that Gail Kim is lost due to her having the Hall of Fame induction at Bound for Glory which isn’t really talked about anymore. Jade acted sympathetic, but we as viewers don’t know why because we know little about Jade overall. I’m assuming this opens up the possibly for an Allie vs. Sienna feud down the road, but Sienna needs to be built up herself because she has been a background player in this whole Maria storyline.

At the Hardy compound, Matt Hardy rallied the troops of Senor Benjamin, Brother Nero (Jeff), Reby, and Maxel Hardy. Matt said he had yet another premonition that was vivid. Matt said the great battle was coming sooner than later and he brought everyone to his personal zoo so they can get touch with their primal instincts. Matt said these weren’t regular animals because he collected the vessels of animals that were the most brilliant souls in existence and his soul can connect with them.

Matt said you may see a regular giraffe in front of you but you were in fact looking at the first president of the United States “George Washington”. Matt Hardy told “George Washington” that he knew he’d come. Matt gave George a carrot and talked about liking to bounce ideas off of him. George took away Reby’s hat. Matt then arranged a sparring match against “Joe Frazier” that was going to be delightful. Jeff then thanked Matt. Matt and Jeff then sparred with a Kangaroo to which the Kangaroo dominated most of the match.

Matt Hardy and Jeff walked to a monkey cage as Matt called himself the spotmonkey whisperer. Matt said these monkeys didn’t contain old souls, because they’re just spotmonkeys. Matt said he had wonderful nicknames for these spotmonkeys. One was named DJ Z, one was Andrew Everett, and another was Mandrews, as well as Matt and Nick “The Bucks of Youth”. Matt introduced the monkeys to Brother Nero who Matt dubbed a recovering spotmonkey. Matt said Jeff used to like to hang upside down and jump from every perch. Matt was then distracted and gave a hello to “Mandrews”. Jeff Hardy talked to “DJ Z” and told him that he suffers with him.

Matt Hardy then introduced Jeff to his good friend “Genghis Khan”, a legit Tiger! Genghis was angry as he communicated that the enemy was approaching and coming to the battlefield. Matt said the battle will happen tonight…

John’s Thoughts: I’m without words! That was wonderful! Matt just took us through a trip with some great “souls” of the past. The best part of the segment was Matt agreeing with the common sentiment that the X Division is underutilized and hopefully that portrait of the X Division translates to the TNA Creative crew. I agree with Jeff and suffer with DJ Z too, every time I have to review a pointless X Division spotfest.

Billy Corgan was in the ring for his huge announcement. Corgan said the great sport of professional wrestling was ever evolving but there was one constant, which was gold. The quest to be the best. Billy Corgan said the King of the Mountain Championship was now retired and the “Impact Grand Championship was now born. Billy Corgan revealed a belt that wasn’t Booker T’s red toy belt. Billy Corgan said this belt would represent the evolution of pro wrestling from years to come. Billy was then interrupted by Drew Galloway and his entrance theme.

John’s Belt First Thoughts: The title looks nice enough. I’m not a fan of the plates that say “Grand Championship” as they look a bit tacky and pasted on.

Josh Mathews argued about Drew Galloway deserving to be suspended. A “why drew why?” chant started for some reason. Drew said we have a new title, new types of matches, with a new champion, an innovator. He said how about someone who is 6 foot 5. Someone who just turned 31 and has 16 years experience. Someone who knows how to make a splash everywhere he goes. Someone that makes the ladies swoon and the guys love the physicality. A master of media. He said he wasn’t just a choice, he was the only choice.

Billy Corgan said that a great fighter like Mr. Galloway would appreciate the new title and what it represents. Billy Corgan said this was about a new type of match not politics. A “commercial-style” vignette played that was narrated by Jeremy Borash. Borash said there would be a tournament to crown the new champ. The rules were that these matches were three rounds with three minutes each round and were decided by a ten point system. The matches could end by pinfall or submission. They could also end by decision.

Corgan said the locker room is poised to represent this title and the first champion will be crowned at Bound for Glory. Galloway then intimidated Corgan by walking around the title. Galloway said when you use Drew Galloway to the best of his potential he is this bloody business and that it was best for business. Aron Rex then made his entrance with his mic in hand. Aron said that Drew was not this business; “they” (the fans) were this business. Rex said he was going to send Galloway back to Scotland on a medical helicopter. Corgan grabbed the title and said that their business will be settled in no time. Corgan said Rex would have an opening round match as his debut and Galloway would have his match in the tournament next…

John’s Thoughts: I’ll take a wait and see approach as to how this new title can work. At least it won’t be as bad as the X Division, am I right? Galloway is doing a fine job as a heel, but it’s still strange that they are having Aron Rex essentially be a Drew Galloway clone, which they even had Drew talk about in his promo last week. Odd.

Braxton Sutter walked out for his match looking happy to be out of X Division hell for at least one week. Josh Mathews noted that this was single elimination.

2. Braxton Sutter vs. Drew Galloway in a first round match for the TNA Grand Championship. A three minute clock was on the screen. Sutter dodged Drew earlier on in the match. Drew managed to get a waist takedown. Mathews said the rubric of the ringside judges were of Aggression, Controlling the action, and Physicality. Pope D’Angelo Dinero said that Drew was at least doing two of those points. Galloway knocked down Sutter with a boot and went for a pin attempt. Sutter ate some chops in the corner. It was a good amount of chops. Josh Mathews said there would be a ten second warning announced. Some kind of sound happened, I think as Drew pummeled Sutter in the last seconds.

John’s Thoughts: The rules of this thing may seem a bit contrived, but nothings as bad as those damn King of the Mountain match rules.

Drew reached a perfect 10 from each of the judges to total up to 30 points. Drew stomped on Sutter to maintain dominance. Drew hit Sutter with a buckle bomb. Galloway gloated in front of the judges. Josh Mathews made sure to emphasize the rubric terms again. Sutter managed to knock Sutter down on the apron. Sutter went for a Superplex and actually nailed it. Sutter managed to get a few chops on Galloway but Galloway gained control again with a chop of his own. Sutter took down Galloway with a front leg takedown. Sutter hit a power slam of Galloway to earn a nearfall.

Galloway recovered and hit some strikes on Sutter. Sutter came back with the front leg takedown and kept the strikes on Galloway. Braxton Sutter received a split decision this round but a majority of the points with him leading Galloway by one. Sutter dominated early on until Galloway hit a pile driver on Sutter. Sutter tapped out to the iron maiden.

Drew Galloway defeated Braxton Sutter via submission to advance in the Grand Championship Tournament.

Mathews and Pope talked up how this was a unique type of match. Mathews said it was high octane, high energy (like the x division?). Josh Mathews also teased an EC3 and Lashley press conference for later on in the show…[C]

John’s Thoughts: Again, I’ll see how we get used to this new type of match the more we see it happen but the jury is still out on it. What hurt this match a bit was Josh Mathews and Pope being a bit heavy handed in their praise of the rules and rubric. It reminds me of when Matt Striker and Vampiro are at their worst.

Rockstar Spud beat down Braxton Sutter during the break and curb stomped his teeth on the bottom turnbuckle…

A guy was walking in front of a liquor store with a brown bag. He turned on the radio and stopped at the music that played that one time after Matt Hardy deleted Jeff Hardy. He drove up the road and saw Rosemary walking like a zombie. He was enthralled by Rosemary and asked her if she needed a ride. The guy said he could ride rosemary all night. Decay attacked the guy and jacked his car. They left him in the middle of the road with his pants down. Abyss said he heard Cameron was beautiful this time of year. They drove into the Cameron, North Carolina city limit…

John’s Thoughts: Now why did Decay pull down his pants? Just wondering.

Josh Mathews mediated the press conference between Bobby Lashley and EC3. Who else does he introduce, but Billy Corgan who took the middle seat. EC3 took the left seat as Lashley took the right. Lashley wore a grey sport coat and jeans. EC3 wore his usual suit. Billy Corgan said he was putting a spotlight on the main event and as president he had to introduce these men. Billy Corgan said under his leadership changes were coming like these type of matches. Billy Corgan said there are moments in every wrestling promotion that you can’t miss and this was one of them. He passed it over to Ethan Carter III. EC3 said he was looking forward to the future and was staring at a specific someone. The most dominant TNA Champion of all time. He said he tried to look into his eyes but couldn’t because of the sunglasses.

EC3 said he sees a bully, an intimidator, and a coward. EC3 said that Bobby disrespected an entire division which was a dick move. EC3 said they were doing this dance since the UK over Kurt Angle’s broken body. EC3 said at Bound for Glory this dance ends. Corgan passed it over to Lashley. Lashley talked about Kurt Angle and said he doesn’t dance. Lashley said the company was under fire from different people like other wrestling promotions, other sports, and even MMA guys running their mouth about them. Lashley said what he’s doing is trying to eliminate the weak and he sees a lot of weak guys in the back. He said they have to get out of this business because that’s not what it’s about. Lashley said when he sees week people he eliminates them.

Lashley said he can defend this company against anyone as world champion and asked EC3 if he was able to defend it. Ethan said defending this company was the job of the champion and that Lashley was right, it wasn’t him. EC3 said he was the guy you call to kick the ass of the most dominant TNA champion of all time. EC3 said he was coming for Lashley and swears that he was going to become an E-C-3 time world champion. Lashley laughed at the EC3 hype. He called EC3 a bodybuilder, where he’s a fighter. Lashley brought up all of the people he defeated on the route to today. EC3 yelled and said he’s not them. Lashley said he will be champion and there was nothing anything could do about it. Lashley said he was keeping his calm until Bound for Glory. He mocked the fans doing EC3’s theme and said he was going home to train.

Lashley said he was coming back bigger and badder to beat EC3’s ass. Lashley said EC3 has never fought anyone of Lashley’s caliber. Lashley said he doesn’t care about Kurt Angle and all of the guys he beat. Lashley said after EC3 there would be no one left. Lashley held up his fist in the face off while EC3 held out his middle finger. Lashley and EC3 brawled in the empty stands. Lashley tossed EC3 to the bottom of the steps…[C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a pretty solid press conference. It does beat the hell out of the usual contract signing. Lashley really shined here. His confidence these days are off the charts…

Lashley and EC3 brawled in the backstage next. Lashley beat up EC3 with some TNA Impact promotional material. There was a conveniently placed ambulance backstage as the brawl moved to Universal Studios. EC3 was then tossed into some pallets as Lashley stood tall. A Jessie Godderz vignette aired…

After a solid Vignette aired, Jessie came out to his new and lame BroMans theme…[C]

3. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake in a first round match for the TNA Grand Championship. Josh Mathews made sure to talk about the rules again. Both wrestlers traded takedowns early on. Godderz dominated with the hammerlock on the ground. Godderz maintained a headlock after the hammerlock. Godderz and Drake traded pin attempts on the ground. Drake was grounded with Godderz’s high drop kick. Godderz maintained the upperhand on Drake and utilized amateur wrestling techniques like maintaining a wide base.

Jessie Godderz won a split decision for the first round. Not sure why judge number 2 thought Drake dominated. Drake turned the tide in this round with some clubbing blows. Josh Mathews talked about the weaknesses of the BroMans act in accordance to an athletic competition. Drake hit a nice float over DDT to earn a pin attempt. Mathews pointed out how pinfalls and submissions override the rules. Drake hit a powerslam on Godderz. Drake gloated a bit and did his catchphrases. Godderz came back with a springboard clothesline. Godderz had a rally moment. Drake blocked the Adonis Lock. Godderz blocked the float over DDT. Godderz managed to lock in the Adonis Crab. Eli Drake held on til the end of the round.

Jessie Godderz won the split decision again. Godderz went for an early schoolboy. Godderz then went for a sunset flip pin. Drake went for the next pin after a side front suplex. Godderz went for a sharpshooter but Godderz reversed into the crab. Eli Drake made it to the bottom rope. Godderz hit a side suplex on Drake. Drake kicked out of the pin. Drake hot a drop toe hold on Godderz. Drake hit the BFT on Godderz to pick up the pinfall victory.

Eli Drake defeated Jessie Godderz via pinfall in 9:20 to advance in the TNA Grand Championship tournament.

The referee lifted Eli Drake’s hand in victory after the match. Delete or Decay’s trailer was hyped as coming up next…

John’s Thoughts: That was a solid example of the type of match they are trying to promote. It also looks like we’re seeing some of that Cruiserweight Classic sports-like influence. It’s interesting how they don’t see to translated that to the X Division. Maybe they should try to make Godderz and Robbie E seem more like wrestlers than Jersey Shore guys.

Another Tyrus “fixer” faux commercial aired. Aron Rex was interviewed in the Studio Lot. Rex said it took half the locker room to pull them apart. Aron said he can tell you what’s going through his head, but what’s that going to do. Aron talked about “performing” in the past. He told Drew that he wasn’t thinking. Josh Mathews said Aron Rex was debuting next week against Trevor Lee. As well as Mahabali Shera facing Eddie Edwards…

John’s Thoughts: Even though I see Eddie Edwards going through because he’s above the X Division. It’s a bit sad that TNA is taking steps backwards with the X Division guys seemingly being cannon fodder for the people higher on the card than them.

Senor Benjamin did his disclaimer warning again along with Vanguard 1. Benjamin was digging graves in front of Hardy symbols. Decay walked up to Benjamin and asked him what he was doing. Benjamin told Steve he was digging their graves. Abyss yelled and Decay walked past him. Benjamin held up a shovel that had the word Delete on it.

Decay walked through a forest and had this distorted voice filter. They walked up to the Hardy estate. Steve and Abyss looked through a window with Reby and Maxel. Maxel saw Steve while Rosemary was admiring a spider. Matt Hardy walked out and said he knew that Decay would come…[C]

Decay followed Matt to the back. Matt, Jeff, and Reby had roman candles and fired them at Decay. Matt yelled delete. Steve tried to use ladders as protection to no avail. Rosemary dodged the fireworks by running. Matt told Reby to head back home to protect Maxel after they ran out of ammo for a bit. Jeff and Matt reloaded and Decay hid behind the dilapidated boat. Abyss distracted the Hardy’s and told Rosemary and Steve to run to the house.

Jeff dropkicked the boat and Abyss into the lake. Benjamin walked up to Jeff and told Brother Nero that he had to get the boat back for Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy was hunting for Rosemary in the forest. Senor Benjamin lifted the boat up and texted Matt. Suddenly Joseph Park emerged from the lake. He asked Benjamin if he saw his brother, Chris/Abyss. Senor Benjamin said Si. Park wanted a hug but Benjamin tased Park. Senor Benjamin then laughed maniacally and put Park in a bulldozer.

Jeff fought with Steve over a bonfire pit looming over Matt Hardy’s pool. Jeff suplexed Steve into the pool and they fought underwater. Matt was still looking for Rosemary in the burned forest. Benjamin dropped Abyss into his grave while laughing. Jeff dominated Steve underwater. I think they teased that Steve drowned, but Steve dragged Jeff back under. Senor Benjamin buried Park but Abyss emerged from the dirt.

Steve and Jeff escaped the pool and Steve was in pursuit of Jeff. Matt and Rosemary had a standoff while making biting noises. Abyss and the Janice Nail Board joined the party and Abyss hit a tree with it. Matt called Janice vermin and said his soul doesn’t feel her. Abyss then hit Jeff in the gut with Janice (off camera) which got to Matt at an emotional level. Vanguard 1 came in with some firework cannons. Vanguard 1 set the Hardy symbols on fire that surrounded Abyss and Steve.

Rosemary defeated Reby and took away Maxel and was exiting the house. Vanguard 1 flew in and beeped “not so fast, put the boy down witch!”. Rosemary said gladly. She did. And Vanguard told Maxel to run! Rosemary defeated Vanguard with the mist. Rosemary was looking for Maxel and found Matt. Rosemary shot mist at Matt and he sucked it in. Matt then shot the poison mist back at Rosemary which Rosemary sold. Rosemary was defeated. Rosemary walked to Matt and the Hardy family was relieved. Jeff rolled on the ground in pain. Crazzy Steve and Decay then showed that they kidnapped Senor Benjamin. This closed out Impact…

John’s Thoughts: While not as novel as the first Final Deletion, having Decay and the Broken Hardy Family was fresh enough to be extremely entertaining and another welcome chapter in the Broken Matt Broken Brilliance storyline. Matt continues to be the MVP of TNA in 2016 and his continual orchestrating of this Broken act continues to be the biggest draw that TNA has had in years.

We got the return of Joseph Park, Vanguard 1 dominating the battle, Steve and Jeff fighting in a pool, Matt sucking mist midair, more Benjamin tasers, roman candles, etc. This continues to be fun. The only thing this was missing was the TNA X Division spot monkeys helping Matt dispatch of Decay. This was wonderful. I wonder if Jeremy Borash and Matt Hardy will release a DVD box set of the Final Deletion someday to try to make some bucks off of this.

This is a must-watch Impact for several reasons including the new title. The only flaw was the Billy Corgan overload. We had a solid press conference. Several storylines were progressed. We ultimately had yet another Final Deletion. Also, what about Senor Benjamin? He’s kidnapped? Are we going to get a Senor Benjamin on a pole match for the TNA Tag Team Championship? As lame as on a pole matches are, the Hardy’s make ridiculous things like this work and I’m looking forward to the follow up. Make sure to check out Jason Powell’s Hit List and Dot Net Member exclusive audio review later today.

Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to contact me via twitter @liljohnm to tweet and discuss pro wrestling stuff. You can also comment and discuss TNA directly with me via email: jmoore3.net@gmail.com.


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