Powell’s Blog: The WWE Draft, general managers, even more authority figures, bold prediction on “The Dick Move of the WWE Draft”


By Jason Powell

-Kurt Angle is at the top of my wish list for the role of WWE Raw general manager. I was down with the idea of Triple H being pitted against his wife and brother-in-law, but I have no desire to see The Authority reunite. Stephanie McMahon as commissioner makes the Raw brand the heels. She needs someone fresh as her general manager and, more importantly, she needs someone who will help bring some balance to the babyface/heel dynamic, particularly with the heavily rumored and possibly already spoiled name who is expected to serve as Shane’s general manager.

-What about Hulk Hogan as a general manager? Make his first three picks the New Day members. Fourth pick is Apollo Crews. Fifth pick is Titus O’Neil. Okay, you get it. Hulk could top it all off by adding, “You know something, brother, I’d be thrilled if those New Day dudes ran a train on my daughter.” Five picks, one line, all is forgiven! Okay, let’s not be ridiculous. These are sensitive times. Bring back Hulk Hogan right now? Nope. No way.

-Sting, Eric Bischoff, Edge, Christian, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Steve Austin, Corporate Kane, Demon Kane, Brad Maddox, Palmer Cannon, the damn computer, and the ghost of Jack Tunney. Yes, they and everyone else you are thinking of are candidates. Consider this a response to any email inquiry regarding the usual suspects.

-WWE has really dropped the ball on the draft hype. We finally found out the identities of the COOs, er, commissioners, and we’re going to find out the general managers just one day before the draft. This should have been the biggest talking point in all of WWE for weeks, yet only a handful of wrestlers have even mentioned the draft on camera. We don’t know the rules. We don’t know who has the first pick. We don’t know who is eligible from NXT. At this point, we can only hope that Vince McMahon and his creative forces have it all set in stone. The roster split is a huge move for WWE and they need to get this one right.

-Why stop at general managers? Vince is still the king of the castle, his children are commissioners, and they will have general mangers serving under them. I want WWE to go all the way with their unintentional mimicry of their own creative layers of bureaucracy. Let’s have assistant general managers, assistants to the assistants, assistants to the assistants’ assistants, temps, and interns. Show us how the low level person in power pitches a perfectly good match, how it changes each and every time it moves up the chain of command, and how the final product is nothing like the match the underling initially pitched. Plus, if you have enough authority figures, WWE can finally book their dream Raw with three solid hours of authority figure promos and angles.

-I am curious to see what will win the award for “Dick Move of the WWE Draft”. Will it be as simple as ruining two or more careers by breaking up a perfectly good team or faction for shock value with no real plans for any of the wrestlers as a singles act? Will WWE go all the way with this and screw with relationships by separating companions? Bold prediction: Rusev to Raw, Lana to Smackdown.

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