Stone Cold Podcast with Big Show notes: Big Show says he’s been booked horribly, talks retirement

Steve Austin interviewed Big Show on the Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network on Monday. The following are the highlights of the interview.

-Big Show said he plans to wrestle for two more years. He laughed when Austin brought up the live crowd chanting for him to retire. He said he thinks a lot of it is just fans having fun and being part of the show.

-Big Show said he has been booked “horribly” yet he also said he is grateful for everything he has. He spoke about all the turns his character has made and said people don’t understand that he’s playing a role in helping get younger wrestlers over. He also praised his own versatility. Show also said he does whatever Vince McMahon him to do creatively.

Powell’s POV: I remembered hearing some of Show’s stories on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast, but the story of Hulk Hogan telling him to wear his newly won world title belt to the airport as a rib never gets old. Austin and Show had a lot of fun looking back at some of their history with Austin being the prickly top guy in the business while Show was the green newcomer to WWE. The footage of the two of them narrating the way Show threw Austin into the cage aggressively per the direction of Vince McMahon was very comical.


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