Christopher Daniels on missed opportunities during his feud with Sting, the end of his Fallen Angel character

Pancakes and Powerslams Podcast with Christopher Daniels
Host: Chris Featherstone
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Daniels on the end of his Fallen Angel run: “I started doing the stuff with Sting, and that was the period of time where I had the face paint. It was an angle that Vince Russo had come up with. And, for some reason, I felt they never really pulled the trigger on it. Like, they had me talking about doing stuff with Sting, and they had me interacting with Sting, but I felt like they were still doing other things with Sting that never made me the focus of Sting’s attention. So I always felt like by not making me seem like the most important thing on Sting’s plate, that it sort of hurt me. It made me look like I wasn’t important enough for the fans to care about either. So that was the end of the whole ‘Fallen Angel’ character with me, just because I felt like it wasn’t working, I felt like I had gone as far as I could go in TNA with that mentality and that style of promo.”

On feeling like there was nothing left for him in TNA following the Sting angle: “I pitched the idea of doing Curry Man with them, and they gave me a year while I was doing Curry Man as a character. At the end of that, they got rid of the Curry Man character, they fired him, and I came back for a short period of time. First as Suicide, because the person that was doing Suicide got injured right away, and so I took his place for a couple of months. And then I was back [as] myself, then just near the beginning of 2010, they basically let me go. They said that they really didn’t have anything for me, and so they were going a different direction.”

Other topics include why he did not end up in WWE, or staying with WCW or ECW.


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