ROH wrestler looks back on training with Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy and the talent that came out of the OMEGA promotion

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Training with Matt and Jeff Hardy: Some guys were wrestling outside on a ring that was in a yard and this was like actually the first time I had ever been in a wrestling ring and was excited. It was Matt and Jeff Hardy who were the trainers but it was way before they were famous and so they were trying to have their own little wrestling promotion and this way even way before OMEGA and I was their referee. I refereed their matches because they would travel a lot of places and back then Matt and Jeff were pretty much just wrestling each other or Matt vs. Joey so we had a handful of people and wrestled a different kind of style. I would go on the road and referee the match because a lot of refs couldn’t keep up with the matches going on. Shannon Moore was the other small guy and it’s funny because when he started out he was a lot bigger than I was and when I hit my growth spurt I was bigger than him.

Looking at the crop of talent that came out of OMEGA: At the beginning I had no idea because I was just somebody that wanted to train to wrestle. I just happened to fall into a place where I was among greatness. I slowly began to realize it because refereeing when you travel from place to place with Matt and Jeff when it was not a show that we put on, the way they treated them was kind of different. A lot of people wanted to work with them and then didn’t want to work with them. I would notice when somebody from OMEGA worked somebody from OMEGA we would steal the show. When we worked with other people they had a hard time working with us and we caught a lot of flack because people would say we worked spotty or we are just a high flyer. A lot of times we were the spotty guys and everyone that we wrestled were trained the old school wrestling way. We were way ahead of our time.

Wrestlers not being able to keep up with the OMEGA crew: It was a Catch 22 because for the most part some of them couldn’t keep up but as time went on we just had to slow down a little bit. It made a lot of our careers last a lot longer. That’s why I’ve been here for twenty years and am in phenomenal condition because we’ve been able to adjust and find a happy medium where we can still be who we are but still last as long as some of us have.

Writing his own theme music: I was given a new theme song when they broke up C&C Wrestle Factory and it didn’t have any words to it. The producer said this is your song and the first time I heard the song it was playing during a match I was supposed to be in and I was actually just waiting for the C&C Wrestle Factory music and they said that’s your song now go out and I was like okay but it didn’t have words to it. I said I liked the beat but if you want to put words to it let me know. A good friend of mine raps and I do hype man type stuff and he wrote the rap and I wrote the chorus and we put it down. Then we were kidding around about making a music video and laughed it off but we then we ended up having the ability to do it and we did and it came out pretty good.


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