Wrestling Open “Episode 94” results (10/19): Vetter’s review of Big Business vs. Alec Price, Ichiban, Dezmond Cole, and Ryan Clancy, Dustin Waller vs. Ricky Smokes, Brian Milonas vs. Red Dawg

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Open “Episode 94”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
October 19, 2023 in Worcester, Massachusetts at White Eagle

The attendance was maybe 200. Last week’s show looked great on paper and may have been the best episode I’ve seen. In comparison… this episode looks a bit more like a reset. The lineup just isn’t quite as strong, but let’s see how it plays out. Paul Crockett provided live commentary.

* The show opened with a highlight reel from recent shows.

1. Brad Baylor (w/Ricky Smokes) defeated Nick Robles at 5:03. Baylor is the teenager I describe as the heel in every 1980s teen comedy movie. Robles is ‘the rocker’ in his jean jacket and spandex pants. Baylor hit a shotgun dropkick that sent Robles flying into the corner at 3:30. Robles hit a second-rope crossbody block. Baylor applied a Boston Crab, then he nailed a TKO stunner for the pin. Decent opener. Smokes didn’t interfere at all; he didn’t need to.

* Baylor got on the mic but was given the Dominik treatment, drowning him out with boos. He said he didn’t even break a sweat.

2. Bobby Buffet defeated JGeorge at 5:38. Buffet was heavily featured in the Monster Factory series on Apple+ that was released this spring, and he’s a well over 300 pound Black man. JGeorge is the Black movie director and he has his clipboard. Bobby shoved him to the mat and patted his belly like he’s Kamala. Buffet hit a uranage at 5:00 and they were both down. Buffet hit a hard clothesline for the pin. I’ll call that a mild upset, just because I’ve seen JGeorge here more than Buffet.

Ray Jaz hit the ring in jeans but no shirt. He’s been feuding with Pedro Dones. The fans started a weird “you are not supposed to be here!” chant. He isn’t sure if he will give Dones a rematch.

3. Kennedi Copeland defeated Paris Van Dale via DQ at 6:15. PVD wore a blue-and-pink one-piece and she has similar looks to Deonna Purrazzo. Kennedi, dressed in all black, is like Shotzi Blackheart and she just won an intergender match on Saturday. They traded early rollups and PVD rolled to the floor to regroup. In the ring, Dale hit the Splits Legdrop for a nearfall at 3:00. She hit a double-arm DDT for a nearfall and screamed at the referee. Kennedi hit a swinging neckbreaker and a running European Uppercut in the corner. Kennedi hit a Kota-style Kamigoye kneestrike. PVD grabbed at Kennedi’s nose, and it appeared Dale ripped out the nose ring. The ref called for the bell and disqualified Dale! Paris walked around and displayed the nose ring like it’s a trophy as she left the ring. A medic helped Copeland from the ring and there is blood on the towel.

* A video package showed Brett Ryan Gosselin leaving the Stetson Ranch faction, and Hammer Tunis attacking BRG and joining the Ranch.

4. Brett Ryan Gosselin defeated Hammer Tunis (w/Steven Stetson) at 6:45. Tunis has a bullwhip now, and he looks like a dirty cowboy; I’ve compared him to WWF’s Skinner. I always describe Gosselin as looking like Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. BRG hit some running back elbows and a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Tunis hit a spinebuster for a nearfall at 2:00. BRG hit a backbody drop, then a missile dropkick at 5:00. He nailed a spear for a nearfall. BRG got a folding press cover out of nowhere for the clean pin.

* Stetson got on the mic and said he came here for a fight. He ordered Hammer to go to the back and get Gal Barkay. Gal is the thin, muscular kid who has zero percent body fat and he’s “the real life action figure.”

5. Steven Stetson defeated Gal Barkay at 8:37. Gal might be dropping his last name, as Paul Crockett (and the onscreen graphic) just had him listed as “Gal.” They shoved each other, then traded slaps to the face. Barkay hit a powerslam for a nearfall at 2:30. Gal nailed a discuss lariat for a nearfall. Stetson hit a backbreaker over his knee. He applied a Camel Clutch but Gal powered out. They traded punches on the ring apron. In the ring, they hit simultaneous clotheslines and were both down at 6:00. Gal hit a Mafia Kick and a high back suplex for a nearfall. “This has been one of my sleeper favorite matches in a while,” Crockett said and I agree. Gal hit an  AA Spinebuster for a believable nearfall. Gal hit a spear for a nearfall. Stetson shoved him shoulder-first into the ring post, then a clothesline to the back of the neck for the pin. “That was a slugfest,” Crockett said.

* A video package showed Love Doug being betrayed at the altar by Little Mean Kathleen and his downward spiral of depression. He has called out the bigger Joe Ocasio. Meanwhile, Landon Hale has tried to help Doug. Doug was announced as being “from the sorrows of your heart.” Funny.

6. Joe Ocasio defeated Landon Hale and Love Doug in a three-way at 8:57. The bell rang, then Doug got on the mic and said his heart is broken and he left the ring! He sat down in an open seat in the crowd. Hale hit a Thesz Press and some punches. Ocasio hit an Electric Chair then a running splash. The camera panned to Doug, still seated in his chair. Ocasio hit a stiff kick to the spine. He slammed Hale for a nearfall at 4:00. Ocasio tossed Hale to the floor, with Landon landing right in front of Doug. Landon urged Doug to get in the ring and help. Ocasio kicked Hale and they got back in the ring. Hale hit a handspring-back-stunner and a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall, and Ocasio rolled to the floor at 6:00.

Joe got in Doug’s face and yelled at him. Landon dove through the ropes onto Ocasio. Landon and Doug argued some more. In the ring, Hale hit a Poison Rana. He went for another handspring-back-move but Ocasio hit a spear to the back, and they were both down. Doug stood up and climbed the ring stairs, looking conflicted. He went to the top rope and hit a double crossbody block at 8:00. Doug was ready to fight Landon, but Landon offered a hug. Landon stepped in and took a blow from Joe, saving Doug from being hit! Ocasio hit a spinebuster to pin Hale. A silly storyline that somehow is working for me.

* Landon and Doug stood nose to nose, then Landon turned and left, shouting “I’m done.” Paul Crockett said he doesn’t blame him.

* A video package aired of Alec Price vs. Brian Milonas from Saturday’s show.

7. Brian Milonas defeated Red Dawg at 1:08. Milonas came out first and he looks livid after his loss. I haven’t seen Red Dawg before; he wore red-and-black pants and has a decent physique, and he was introduced as a U.S. veteran. Milonas charged at the bell and hit a series of punches in the corner, then a big hip toss. Milonas hit a running buttbump to the face, then a swinging sideslam for a nearfall, but he picked up Red Dawg. Milonas then hit a Whoopee Cushion/running buttsplash for the pin.

* Milonas got on the mic and said he got screwed at the show last week in his loss to Price. Meanwhile, Mortar snuck in behind Milonas and hit a missile dropkick on his former partner.

8. Ricky Smokes (w/Brad Baylor) defeated Dustin Waller (w/Kylon King) at 8:59. Waller and King brought their tag title belts with them to ringside. King is in his street clothes, not dressed to wrestle. Waller hit a plancha at 1:30, then a slingshot senton back into the ring. He went to the top rope but Smokes hit a dropkick, sending Dustin to the floor at 3:00. In the ring, Smokes hit a backbreaker over his knee and he was in charge. Waller hit a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall at 7:00. Smokes flipped Waller up and nailed a stunner for a nearfall. Waller hit a flip dive to the floor on Baylor! However, in the ring, Waller went for a sunset flip, but Smokes sat down, leaned forward and grabbed Baylor’s hands for leverage, and scored the tainted pin.

9. Alec Price, Ichiban, Dezmond Cole, and Ryan Clancy defeated “Big Business” Brad Hollister, TJ Crawford, J Cruz, and Victor Chase at 17:07. Crockett called the babyfaces the “all-stars,” which is fairly accurate. All eight brawled at the bell; the babyfaces all hit punches in corners, and the heels bailed to the floor to regroup. As the match finally got going, Ichiban and TJ traded deep armdrags. Clancy battled Chase. Cole hit his rolling legdrop for a nearfall at 4:00. He hit a snap suplex and was fired up. Hollister snuck in and nailed a German Suplex on Dezmond, and the heels began working over Cole in their corner.

Clancy made the hot tag at 8:00 and he battled J Cruz. The heels began working him over, making quick tags and keeping Clancy in their corner. Clancy hit a second-rope crossbody block at 11:00, and he tagged in Price for the first time. Ichiban and Price hit stereo superkicks. Price hit a rebound clothesline on TJ. The faces all hit running knees in the corners on the heels. Ichiban nailed a Canadian Destroyer on Hollister for a nearfall at 13:00. Suddenly everyone was fighting either in the ring or on the floor.

Hollister and Ichiban traded forearm strikes in the ring, and Ichiban nailed a stunner. Chase and Cruz hit a team slam on Price for a nearfall at 15:30. The babyfaces suddenly had Hollister alone in the ring and beat him down. Price hit a dive to the floor. So did Ichiban. Cole hit a springboard dive. In the ring, Clancy hit a frogsplash to pin J Cruz. A fun match that really picked up down the stretch. “That was a hell of a main event,” Crockett said.

Final Thoughts: An excellent top two matches, with the main event earning best of the night. I’ll go with Stetson-Barkay for third-best of the night. A decent show, as they continue to move along storylines and use a wide number of competitors from week to week.


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