West Coast Pro Wrestling “West Coast Cup 2023 Night One” results: Vetter’s review of Masha Slamovich vs Takumi Iroha for the WCPW Women’s Title, first-round matches with Alan Angels, Kevin Blackwood, Paul London, Jay Malachi, Bryan Keith


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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West Coast Pro Wrestling “West Coast Cup 2023 Night One”
Replay available via IndependentWrestling.TV
August 10, 2023 in San Francisco, California at The State Room

West Coast Pro Wrestling held the “West Coast Cup 2023” over two nights. This is a review of night one. In an interesting twist, WCPW aired this show live and free on YouTube.com, but then it was immediately pulled down and put on IWTV (this was the plan all along; I don’t mean to imply otherwise).

As the show began, the competitors in the tournament were posing in the ring with the cup. James Kincaid and Veda Scott provided commentary; they were having all sorts of audio issues, with the decibels jumping up and down randomly; I might have to turn off the volume entirely if they can’t fix it. Attendance is maybe 300. Notably absent from this lineup are both Titus Alexander and Nick Wayne, who are WCPW regulars. (I see Titus has a non-tournament title match on day 2.)
1. Vinnie Massaro defeated JT Thorne in a first-round match at 8:10. Massaro is the over-the-top stereotypical Italian gimmick who is inexplicably popular here; he’s rotund and I always compare him to Hugh Morrus, wearing a singlet that tries to hide that gut. Thorne is the recent WCPW graduate who hasn’t impressed me much, either. The match began and we have no commentary; when we flip from one ringside camera to another, the sound jumps or drops, and you can faintly here Veda’s voice on the quieter camera. I don’t mean to fixate on it but it is really distracting. Massaro dominated early on and kept Thorne grounded. (The audio issues suddenly cleared up at 5:00.) Massaro hit a hard punch that dropped Thorne. Massaro hit a ‘Snoring Elbow’ for the pin. Kincaid called it as “definitive of a win as you’ll find.” (And hopefully it is the worst match of the tournament. It just wasn’t good and the audio issues sure didn’t help make it watchable.)

* The camera flipped to Veda and Kincaid, as Kincaid rattled off a bunch of statistics about where all the competitors are from, what states and countries they represent, etc. We have several debuts here
2. Jay Malachi defeated Viento in a first-round match at 9:45. Malachi is the talented high-flyer from the Carolinas so this is a big deal to see him here, and Kincaid said Jay is only 19! I had no idea he is so young. Viento is masked with long hair; think Psicosis. They traded quick reversals. Jay hit a huracanrana and a dropkick showing off his incredible leaping ability. Viento hit a spinning sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall at 2:00. Viento hit a diving forearm for a nearfall. Jay hit a springboard crossbody block for a nearfall at 4:00. Malachi hit a moonsault for a nearfall. Viento hit a neckbreaker over his knee at 6:30, then a split-legged moonsault for a believable nearfall.

They fought to the floor, and Malachi hit a moonsault off the ring apron! Viento hit a flipping dive to the floor, launching off the second rope inside the ring. (El Hijo Del Vikingo does this, too.) Viento hit a top-rope flying forearm for a nearfall at 8:30. Malachi hit an Oscutter off the ropes for the clean pin. That was great, and I’m so happy to see Malachi advance here.
3. Alpha Zo defeated 1 Called Manders in a first-round match at 9:09. This match somehow was left off the lineup on IWTV’s website. Zo is a short, thick Black man, and Veda talked about how much he’s grown in the past year. They immediately traded forearm shots; they rolled to the floor and traded more blows in front of the fans. They seem to be about the same height with Zo having maybe 20-30 pound weight advantage. Zo hit a running boot as Manders was seated in a chair; he rolled Manders into the ring for a nearfall at 2:30. They traded headbutts. Manders hit a clothesline, then a Bulldog Powerslam into the corner at 6:00. They brawled to the floor and both were down; they dove back in before being counted out. They traded chops while on their knees, then while standing. Manders hit another hard clothesline for a nearfall. Zo hit a Spin Cycle/spinning sideslam and scored the clean pin! That was a good brawl.
4. Mike Bailey defeated Serza in a first-round match at 14:04. I don’t know Serza; he is a Black man with short hair and a short beard, and he is wearing a NJPW dojo jacket; at first glance, I’ll compare him to Lee Moriarty. Quick mat reversals to open. They brawled to the floor, where Bailey shoved Serza shoulder-first into the ring post at 3:00 and he hit some stiff kicks in front of the fans. In the ring, Bailey hit his Speedball kicks to the thighs and ribs, then he applied the Trailer Hitch leglock on the mat. However, Bailey missed a running Shooting Star Press at 6:30. Serza fired up and hit some kicks and a hard clothesline for a nearfall. Bailey nailed the moonsault kneedrop; Serza blocked the Tornado Kick in the corner, and Serza hit a spear, and they were both down at 9:00.

They traded hard chops. Serza hit a release German Suplex, then he clotheslined Bailey to the floor, and he dove through the ropes onto Bailey at 11:00. Bailey nailed the Triangle Moonsault to the floor. In the ring, Bailey hit a missile dropkick. Serza hit a spear and a frogsplash for a nearfall at 12:30. They traded rollups and Serza hit a powerbomb but didn’t immediately go for the cover! He charged for another spear, but Bailey caught him with a kick. Bailey hit the Tornado Kick, then the Ultima Weapon second-rope flipping kneedrop for the pin. The winner was never in doubt (you don’t bring in Bailey and have him lose in the first round!) but that was really good.

* Kincaid informed us that the brackets for the rest of the tournament have not been announced so it is a mystery who will face who on night 2.
5a. Alan Angels vs Kevin Blackwood ended in a draw in a first-round match at 4:00. Angels and Blackwood are heel teammates here, and they hit the ring together. Are they really going to fight? The bell rang with just the two of them and they shook hands but it looks like they are going to fight! However, they locked up… and just stood there, as if in slow motion. They ran the ropes until they were exhausted but they clearly aren’t ‘fighting’ each other. WCPW matchmaker Chris Hero emerged from the back and declared this match is a no contest. He said he flew in an “alternate” in case someone missed their flight and couldn’t compete. Hero said the match would restart as a three-way with the alternate involved … Paul London!

5b. Kevin Blackwood defeated Alan Angels and Paul London in three-way in a first-round match at 11:56. London (age 43) is a surprise, but he sang his way to the ring (is this opera? It’s bad!) and he is wearing a full-body suit, just like the last time I saw him in Ohio-based AIW. He is shockingly rotund; anyone who saw him in his mid-2000s run in ROH and WWE will barely recognize him today. His singing isn’t particularly good, and if this is supposed to make him the babyface of the match, this sure isn’t helping! London hit a double clothesline and the match is finally underway! They brawled to the floor, where London slammed Blackwood on a table (that didn’t break) at 2:00.

London got a garbage bag, swung it around, and hit his opponents with it. In the ring, the heels hit stomps on London in the corner and they beat him down for several minutes. Of course, the heels began arguing with each other, and Angels shoved Blackwood, allowing London to get a rollup for a nearfall at 8:30. Blackwood accidentally kicked Angels. London in a one-legged missile dropkick on Angels for a nearfall at 11:30. Blackwood hit a top-rope doublestomp onto both of them; he covered London to thankfully end this mess.
6a. Brooke Havoc defeated Johnny Robbie via DQ at 1:03. Both women are young and fairly green but are improving. Brooke hit the ring in her Raven-influenced ring gear and she shook hands with ringside fans. Robbie has long, black hair and she skipped to the ring. Los Suavicitos jumped in the ring to distract Brooke, allowing Robbie to begin attacking her. The ref called for the bell. Two guys ran to the ring to make the save, and it looks like we have another impromptu match!
6B. Johnny Robbie and “Los Suavicitos” Ricky Gee & Danny Rose defeated Brooke Havoc, Jiah Jewell, and Kubes in a six-person tag at 8:36. The crowd was quiet and didn’t care much as LS worked over Jewell for several minutes, who wore basic black trunks. Kubes has bright orange trunks; I don’t think I’ve seen either guy before. (I would have rather let the two women have a singles match; they have barely been in the ring.) Brooke finally made the hot tag at 6:00 and she hit a standing neckbreaker on Gee, then a tornado DDT. Brooke hit a pump-handle powerbomb on Robbie. Kubes hit a hard German Suplex; he’s significantly taller than everyone else in this match, but Robbie hit a DDT on Kubes at 8:00. Robbie hit a backbreaker over her knee on Brooke. Los Suavicitios hit a team doublestomp move to pin Kubes. Passable action.

7. Shigehiro Irie defeated Max the Impaler in a first-round tournament match at 12:17. Max has the height and overall size to look somewhat believable against Japanese star Irie. Max came out second and got a big pop. Max hit a headbutt at 2:00; Max is every bit as tall and probably has the weight advantage. Max hit a Stinger Splash and some clotheslines in the corner, then hip-tossed him across the ring. They traded forearm shots at 3:00. Max nailed a senton for a nearfall. It took awhile, but Irie hit a backbody drop. Irie hit his crossbody block as Max was in the ropes at 5:00 and they both crashed to the floor.

In the ring, they traded punches in the corner. Irie hit a rolling cannonball in the ring for a nearfall at 8:00. Max nailed a powerbomb for a nearfall. Irie hit a clothesline for a nearfall, then his rolling cannonball as Max was leaning against the ropes at 10:30. Max fired back with a short-arm clothesline and they were both down. Irie nailed a Monty Brown-style Pounce and a clothesline. Irie tied Max up on the mat and hit Moxley-style elbow strikes to the side of the head until Max submitted. Good match. But… just like Mike Bailey … you don’t bring in Irie to have him lose in the first round!
8. Bryan Keith defeated Sean Legacy in a first-round tournament match at 13:59. I think I’ve seen Legacy before, and he has Will Ospreay’s haircut, with the shaved sides and curls on top. (His whole outfit screams Will Ospreay tribute act.) A nice pop for Keith who is seemingly everywhere all at once, having competed in Chicago and Texas last weekend. Good mat wrestling to open. They jawed a lot and Keith hit some chops. Legacy shoved Keith the floor at 4:30, and Keith was selling a leg injury. They brawled outside the ring and Sean hit a dive off a short stage. In the ring, Sean was in charge, hitting a vertical suplex for a nearfall at 7:00. Keith hit an Exploder Suplex into the corner.

Keith hit a Death Valley Driver and they were both down. They brawled back to the floor, where Sean slammed him back-first into the ring post at 10:30, and a suplex onto the ring apron. Sean hit a Clout Cutter for a nearfall and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Keith nailed a running knee to the jaw, then the Tiger Driver powerbomb for the pin. Same as Bailey and Irie… he was definitely advancing.
9. Starboy Charlie defeated Derek Dillinger in a first-round tournament match at 14:38. Kincaid said Dillinger was trained by Ricky Shane Page and I certainly can see that; he’s rotund, heavily-tattooed, and clearly a brawler. Charlie wore his jean bib overalls, and I just hate this ring gear; he got a huge pop and is probably the top babyface in this promotion. Derek grounded Charlie early on. Charlie hit a basement dropkick, sending Derek to the floor. Charlie hit an Asai Moonsault at 3:30. In the ring, he hit a missile dropkick for a nearfall. In the ring, Derek hit a senton, but he missed a second one. Charlie hit a Pele Kick.

Derek hit a German Suplex but Charlie rotated and landed on his feet at 8:00. Charlie hit a DDT. Derek swung Charlie by his head before slamming him to the mat and he got a nearfall at 10:00. Dillinger did a forward Finlay Roll, but he missed a second-rope moonsault. Charlie hit a shotgun dropkick and a second-rope corkscrew press for a nearfall. Charlies applied a crossface on the mat. Dillinger hit a release German Suplex, tossing Charlie all the way across the ring. Derek hit a second-rope Bubba Bomb for a nearfall at 14:00. However, Charlie hit a Poison Rana and a spin kick to the jaw for the pin. A really good match, as Dillinger made a very good first impression here.
10. Takumi Iroha defeated Masha Slamovich to win the WCPW Women’s Title at 19:24. I admittedly don’t know Japanese wrestling, and I doubt I’ve seen Iroha before; she has a splash of pink in her hair and the ornate outfit and robe we’ve come to expect. Well-traveled Masha competed in Detroit last Friday for GCW and Chicago on Saturday for Dreamwave Wrestling. This crowd was hot at the bell as they opened with standing switches, ending in a standoff at 1:00. Masha hit a short-arm clothesline. They fought to the floor, where Iroha slammed her shoulder-first into the ring post at 3:00. Masha hit a snap suplex on the hard floor! In the ring, Masha was in charge and she kept Iroha grounded.

Iroha fired back with some running kicks and she got the crowd fired up, and she hit a snap suplex for a nearfall at 7:30, then she applied a Sharpshooter, but Masha reached the ropes. Masha jumped on Iroha’s back and applied a rear-naked choke. Masha hit a back suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Iroha hit a superkick to the face; Masha hit a Mafia Kick; Iroha hit a roaring elbow for a nearfall at 12:00. Masha nailed a top-rope superplex for a nearfall. Masha went for a missile dropkick at 14:30, but Iroha caught her legs and applied a Boston Crab; Masha reached the ropes.

Iroha hit a spin kick for a nearfall; a 15-minute notice is right-on. Masha nailed the Trash Compactor powerbomb along her back for a nearfall, then a Shining Wizard for another nearfall. Iroha missed a Swanton Bomb, and Masha immediately hit a spin kick for a nearfall at 17:00. Iroha hit a standing powerbomb, then a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. They traded rollups. Iroha hit a superkick to the jaw and she hit a Razors Edge for the clean pin! New champion! I am shocked as I just assumed Masha was retaining!

Final Thoughts: While I unfortunately learned who is the winner of the cup, I don’t know any of the matchups for night two. But with Irie, Keith, Charlie, Blackwood and Malachi all advancing, wow night two should be awesome, plus WCPW champion Titus Alexander takes on NJPW rising star Kevin Knight. I’ll give the women’s main event best match, Bailey’s match for second and Charlie-Dillinger for third.

I was such a HUGE Paul London fan in his ROH run. This 2023 London is just not in ring shape. If he can get there, I’d look forward to seeing him back. This current form of Paul London just isn’t clicking for me.

I always point out the insane travel schedule of the top indy talent. Irie went from here in San Francisco, to Seattle on Saturday for Defy Wrestling, to North Carolina on Sunday for Deadlock Pro.


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