4/4 MLW Underground results: Powell’s review of Lince Dorado vs. Delirious for the MLW Middleweight Championship, 1 Called Manders vs. Rickey Shane Page in a hardcore match, Natural Vibes vs. “The FBI” Little Guido and Ray Jaz for the Dragon Gate Open The Twin Gate Tag Titles

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Major League Wrestling Underground
Taped February 4, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 2300 Arena
Aired April 4, 2023 on Reelz

Real1 made his entrance while the broadcast team of Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker checked in on commentary. Dombrowski said he was surprised to see Real1 had so much pep in his step given that he lost to Microman a week earlier.

Once in the ring, Real1 delivered a promo and repeated his bit from last week in saying that he had one word to describe Microman – D-W-A-R-F. Real1 spoke about a dumpster match while a graphic listed him as facing Mance Warner, Microman, and Matthew Justice in a four-way dumpster match that will air next week. Real1 said he would drop Microman in a bind for feminine napkins.

Mance Warner made his entrance carrying a small chainsaw. Real1 exited the ring to avoid Warner. Matthew Justice came out with a chair to prevent Real1 from exiting via the stage. Justice came to ringside and then Real1 ran to the stage where a trashcan filled with weapons was located.

Real1 tried to pull out a kendo stick and eventually did, but Microman popped his head up from inside the trashcan. Real1 ran backstage. Warner and Justice pulled Microman out of the trashcan and placed him on a chair. The trio played to the crowd while the broadcast team hyped the four-way dumpster match…

The Underground opening aired… The broadcast team hyped the MLW Middleweight Championship match… 1 Called Manders made is entrance while footage aired of Alex Hammerstone challenging The Calling to a War Chamber match was shown. The broadcast team said the match would air in two weeks on Underground. Rickey Shane Page made his entrance. A man wearing a gas mask stood next to a table and pulled back a sheet. Shane grabbed a weapon from the table and headed to the ring…

1. 1 Rickey Shane Page (w/Akira, Raven, gas mask dudes) vs. 1 Called Manders in a hardcore match. Early in the match, Manders went to ringside and pulled out a door board and chairs. Manders wedged a chair in the corner of the ring. Raven spoke to the broadcast team about how time had finally caught up to him and now he has likeminded individuals who want to watch the world burn.

Dombrowski said Manders was a walk-on at Iowa and played fullback there for five years. Manders pulled out a back and poured thumbtacks in the ring, then performed a spinebuster onto them, which led to “holy shit” chants. Manders picked up Page and slammed him through the door board that was set up in the corner of the ring and covered him for a two count. [C]

Manders was bleeding coming out of the break and he hit Page with the cowbell that he brought to the ring. Manders covered Page for another near fall. Manders set up a table, but Page threw a chair at Manders’ head. Page pulled Manders onto the ropes with him. Manders fought back.

Manders dropped down and threw a chair that Page caught and then threw back at the head of Manders (gross). Manders ended up under the table Page performed a senton and crashed through the table onto Manders and then pinned him.

Rickey Shane Page defeated 1 Called Manders in a hardcore match.

After the match, Shane was joined in the ring by the gas mask guys. He tried to put a calling card in the mouth of Manders, who fought back and escaped the trio…

Powell’s POV: A good garbage style brawl that got over with the live crowd. I wish I knew more about both characters, who feel rushed into fairly prominent positions despite being fairly new to the Underground show. The finish was wild with Page crashing through the table onto Manders rather than putting him through the table, and they got a good shot of Raven laughing sadistically after seeing it.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Alex Kane in a No Ropes, catch wrestling match was announced for next week’s Underground…

2. “Natural Vibes” Big Boss Shimizu and Kzy vs. “The FBI” Little Guido and Ray Jaz for the Dragon Gate Open The Twin Gate Tag Titles. One of the Natural Vibes duo spoke English and pumped up the crowd as they made their way to the ring. Dombrowski did his best to tell people about the team as the match started. [C]

Jaz picked up a near fall and then tagged in Guido, who missed a middle rope leg drop on Kzy. Shimizu tagged in and roughed up both opponents. Kzy tagged in. Shimizu chokeslammed Jaz and then Kzy performed a top rope splash onto Jaz and pinned him…

“Natural Vibes” Big Boss Shimizu and Kzy beat “The FBI” Little Guido and Ray Jaz to retain the Dragon Gate Open The Twin Gate Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: Um, okay?The Natural Vibes duo seems fun and made a good impression during the match, but their appearance felt really random.

A Calling video package aired and included promo sound bytes from Raven, Akira, and Rickey Shane Page. The line “Trust in Raven” was repeated several times at the end… Dombrowski hyped the War Chamber match on April 18 on Underground, and then hyped the Battle Riot match for April 25 on Underground…

Sam Laterna stood backstage with a hopper. Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas drew their Battle Riot numbers. Kane wasn’t happy about his number. Laterna asked him to comment, but he said she was being nosy. Thomas hid his number for Laterna…

Ring announcer Mike Falvo introduced Delirious for the main event. Lio Rush walked out with a microphone and spoke from the stage. Rush said he is the greatest MLW Middleweight Champion of all time. Rush said he would sit in on commentary and watch the match closely. Lince Dorado made his entrance… [C]

3. Lince Dorado vs. Delirious for the MLW Middleweight Championship. Lio Rush was on commentary and told Dorado that his title belt looked good with the gear he had on. Rush said “maybe” in response to Dorado asking him about a match.

Delirious attacked Dorado and went for a couple of early covers. Dorado fought back and knocked Delirious down with a dropkick. Delirious rolled under the ropes. Dorado joined him on the apron. Rush called out to Dorado and said he should have stretched out more for the match. Delirious picked up Dorado and dropped him on the apron.

Delirious pulled the title belt off the desk and looked at it. Rush told him to be careful with it. Delirious put the belt down in front of Rush and then returned to the ring. Delirious eventually went up top and splashed the back of Dorado before covering him for a near fall. [C]

Late in the match, Dorado booted Delirious off the apron. Delirious went up top and performed a crossbody block on Delirious on the floor. Dorado rolled Delirious back inside the ring and went up top, but Delirious cut him off. Dorado slipped under Delirious and powerbombed him. Dorado went up top and performed a shooting star press and scored the pin.

Lince Dorado beat Delirious to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship.

After the match, Rush brought the MLW Middleweight Championship belt into the ring. Rush held the belt out and Dorado grabbed one side while Rush held on to the other. Rush eventually let Dorado take the title.

Dorado turned his back and looked to the crowd. Rush performed a springboard cutter on Dorado and then worked him over. Rush picked up the title belt and hit Dorado with it.  Rush put the belt over his shoulder and left the ring with it. Rush went to ringside and thanked the broadcast team before heading to the back with the belt…

Backstage, Davey Boy Smith Jr. ran off Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas, who had Thomas Billington of the Billington Bulldogs laid out on the ground. Billington was bleeding from the mouth. A tooth was in the pool of blood under Billington’s mouth…

Powell’s POV: A good main event. Delirious hasn’t been positioned strongly enough in MLW to view as a threat to win the title, but this was more about setting up Dorado vs. Rush. The post match angle was solid and I’m looking forward to their eventual match.

Overall, there was some good wrestling and with a nice variety of styles on this episode. The presentation of some of the wrestlers leaves a lot to be desired. The Calling needs a lot of work. The Dragon Gate tag champions appearing felt like it just came out of nowhere. I’d even like to know more about Dorado’s persona in MLW, as he bounces between being a serious wrestler and Microman’s comedic buddy. I will have more to say about this episode in my weekly Underground audio review on Wednesday for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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