8/25 AEW Dynamite results: Barnett’s live review of CM Punk’s first appearance on AEW Dynamite, Varsity Blonds vs. Lucha Brothers in an AEW Tag Title Eliminator tournament match, Chris Jericho addresses his future, Jamie Hayter vs. Red Velvet, Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy, Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson

By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 100)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin at UWM Panther Arena
Aired live August 25, 2021 on TNT

The Dynamite intro aired. Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur joined in on commentary and welcomed the TV audience to Milwaukee. Footage was shown of CM Punk’s debut on Rampage last week, and his first Dynamite appearance was teased for later in the show. Excalibur advertised Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson, Chris Jerihco discussing his future, and Red Velvet vs. Jamie Hayter. Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy is up first. 

“Where is my Mind?” played and Orange Cassidy walked to the ring. He was followed by Matt Hardy. Neither man had anybody at ringside… 

1. Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy: We had a light kick vs. delete hand signal battle to start. Hardy stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled out some cash. Cassidy kicked him and the cash went everywhere. The action spilled outside, where Hardy took control and wrapped Cassidy around the ring post. Hardy played to the crowd to get some boos. In the ring, Hardy landed a trio of back suplexes. 

Hardy picked up his cash and landed insulting light kicks to the back of Cassidy. The announce team pointed out repeatedly that Hardy was focused on the lower back. Hardy continued to keep Cassidy grounded. He eventually struggled to his feet, but Hardy sent him hard into the turnbuckle. Hardy went to the well too many times, and Cassidy sent him head first into the ring post. He went for Beach Break, but he couldn’t get Hardy up because of the back. 

Hardy replied with a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Cassidy sold his back, and Hardy danced behind him to set up for a Twist of Fate. Cassidy avoided it and sent Hardy out to the floor. He then splashed him with a suicide dive, and landed a high cross body from the top. He then hit the ropes for a tornado DDT, and covered for a near fall. Hardy had a nose bleed due to Cassidy landing high on the cross body. 

Both men ended up the turnbuckle. Hardy was knocked down, and then Cassidy landed a Senton with his hands in his pockets. Cassidy did the delete signal and went for a Twist of Fate, but couldn’t pull it off. Hardy took him down and landed an elbow drop across his lower back for a near fall. Hardy went for Twist of Fate again, but Cassidy spun out and hit one of his own for a close near fall. 

Hardy avoided an Orange Punch and went for his Leech Submission, but Cassidy avoided it and folded Matt up with his hands in his pockets for extra leverage on a pin for the win… 

Orange Cassidy defeated Matt Hardy at 9:33

They quickly cut to a Malakai Black promo. He gave Brock Anderson an out, and told him he could roll out of the ring and leave their match later, and he wouldn’t hold it against him. He told him he could just go back to his Dad, and tell him that he wasn’t going to commit himself to idiocracy. Black then warned Anderson that if he didn’t do that, he would visit his anger upon the entire Nightmare Family…[c]

My Take: Hopefully Hardy doesn’t have a broken nose. That match was a bit sluggish at times, but the right guy won and hopefully this means we can move on from this feud that is going precisely nowhere.

Chris Jericho made his entrance to discuss his future. The crowd sang Judas, as expected. He wore and all black outfit and white sneakers. Jericho said it’s been a great week for AEW and everyone is celebrating…..but him. He said last week when he had the chance to end the labors of Jericho by beating MJF, he tapped out. People have asked him why he’s so down on himself, he’s Chris Jericho, and he replies that he’s down on himself because he is Chris Jericho. He said he didn’t care if he had to get hit by light tubes or get powerbombed 15 times, he would do whatever it takes to defeat MJF. 

Jericho called it a mantra that he has to repeat in his head. He has to beat MJF, and he would attack him in the ring, in the back, in the parking lot, or at his house, it would never end until he gets what he wants. Jericho offered MJF a proposal, and asked him to come to the ring. He didn’t, and so Jericho offered MJF one final fight at All Out, and if he can’t beat MJF then maybe he doesn’t belong in AEW anymore. Jericho then said he would move to commentary on Friday Night, or maybe even Dynamite one day, but if he fails to beat MJF he would never wrestle in AEW again. 

MJF walked out wearing a MJF 3 and Jeriblow 0 shirt. He said this was all getting a little embarrassing. MJf said he’s not an idiot like these people in Milwaukee, and he sees right through Jericho. He said Jericho saw his meteoric rise to the top, and he needed a rub from the youngest and fastest rising star in Professional Wrestling. MJF said his cash cow is all out of milk, and after he tapped him out faster than someone listening to a Fozzy CD, he vowed to never wrestle again. 

MJF said while it was satisfying to say he tapped out Chris Jericho, it would be even better to say that he ended Chris Jericho. MJF accepted the match, but he wanted Jericho to think really hard about it, because he would be getting in the ring with the man who mopped the floor with him three times. MJF ended by saying he was better than him and he knows it… 

Backstage, The Varsity Blonds gave an interview. They said bloodline doesn’t define family, because they are family. They said their gold as the #1 Ranked Tag Team in AEW was to go to All Out and beat the Young Bucks in a steel cage. In the arena, The Lucha Bros made their entrance with Alex Abrahantes. Jurassic Express was shown in the front row. The Varsity Blonds made their entrance with Julia Hart. The Young Bucks then made an entrance along with Brandon Cutler and The Good Brothers. They pulled up chairs on the stage. 

2. “The Lucha Brothers” Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. “The Varsity Blonds” Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. (w/Julia Hart) in an AEW Tag Title eliminator tournament match: Garrison and Fenix started the match. Fenix showed off his athleticism and made a quick tag to Penta. Pillman also tagged in. We got a bunch of Cero Miedo signaling, and then Pillman walked into a superkick. PIllman replied with one of his own, and followed up with a step up huracarrana. Penta regained control with some chips across the chest…[c]

My Take: Jericho offering his career as a bargaining chip was basically the only play he has left. They did a nice job selling their match for All Out, and it’ll be interesting to see if they can have their best match on the big show. They should have adequate time to plan a match structure that works around Jericho’s shortcomings.

Fenix was in control of Pillman, and landed some impressive kicks and a rolling cutter for a near fall. Garrison was able to get in and break up the count. Penta set up Garrison on the apron for a Destroyer, but Pillman broke it up with a springboard dropkick. Pillman got pulled to the floor, and they were both superkicked by Penta and Fenix on the outside. Fenix then followed up with a suicide dive on both men. Penta gave him a mid air assist. 

Pillman landed a spinebuster in the ring, and stacked up Fenix for a near fall. Garrison followed up with a springboard elbow, but Penta broke up the fall. Not much rule enforcement happened as both Penta and Fenix were in the ring. They landed a double superkick, and then an assisted Package Piledriver on Garrison for the win. 

The Lucha Bros defeated The Varsity Blonds at 8:58 to advance to the finals of the tournament.

After the match, Jurassic Express got in the ring to face off with The Lucha Brothers. The Bucks entered the ring and tried to instigate issues between the two teams. Penta and Luchasaurus kicked the Bucks off the apron, and then Jungle Boy and Fenix splashed them on the floor…

A brief hype video for Andrade vs. Pac at All Out, and then the announce team went over the remainder of the All Out card…

Jamie Hayter made her entrance with Britt Baker and Rebel. She was followed by Red Velvet…

My Take: Solid Effort from The Lucha Bros and Varsity Blonds. The Rampage match between Jurassic Express and Lucha Bros should be one to watch. 

3. Jamie Hayter (w/Britt Baker, Rebel) vs. Red Velvet: Hayter landed a strike, but Velvet replied with a Thesz Press and mounted punches. Hayter replied with a fallaway slam, and then stomped on Velvet in the corner. Velvet low bridged Hayter to the floor, and then landed two suicide dives that both landed pretty hard. Hayter then threw Velvet into the ring post, and Baker tossed her into the ringside barricade. This did not cause a DQ for some reason???[c]

Both women traded strikes, with Velvet taking her down with a series of lariats. She then landed a facebuster, and had to knock Britt Baker off the apron. Velvet went for a moonsault on Hayter, and I think Hayter was supposed to move and didn’t. Velvet just laid there awkwardly until Hayter got up and landed a backbreaker. She then landed a hard lariat and got the win. 

Jamie Hayter defeated Red Velvet at 6:38

After the match, the heels beat down Velvet. Kris Statlander made the save, and managed to snag the AEW Women’s Championship from Baker. She slung it over her shoulder and angered backer…[c]

Backstage, Evil Uno spoke about how the Dark Order was all on the same page. Alex Reynolds spoke up and blamed Uno and Grayson for what happened to Hangman Page. Uno blew up and told him to take a step back into Silver’s back pocket where he belongs. Reynolds told him just because he as Uno in his name, doesn’t make him a leader…

CM Punk is up next…[c]

My Take: A bit of a rough outing from Hayter and Velvet. It could be an issue with familiarity for a bad night. Dark Order imploding might be the best thing for everyone involved at this point.

The announce team reflected again on CM Punk’s debut. Tony Schiavone was in the ring, and gave an introduction for CM Punk. He got a huge reaction, as expected. He shook Tony’s hand as he got in the ring. Tony asked him what was the one thing that brought him back to the ring in AEW. He told Tony he couldn’t hear him. Punk calmed the crowd to Tony could ask again, and he responded with names of young talent. He called out Penta, Fenix, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus. He then called out Darby Allin, and said he’s reckless to a point where it’s destructive, and he asked himself if he still has what it takes. He then chose to retire the “Voice of the Voiceless” moniker because the fans have a voice in AEW and people listen.

Punk questioned whether he could still go, but if he could, he wants to do it with Darby Allin. He called Darby someone who would be his favorite wrestler when he was 15, and doesn’t fit everybody’s image of a pro wrestler. He said he wanted to prove to himself that he can still go, and that he can still be the best in the world. The crowd started chanting yes, and Punk said that was someone else’s shtick and they’d have to be a little more patient. He then called out September 5th, and then said I love you to his wife April at home. Punk’s music hit, and he took a tour around the ringside area slapping hands with fans. He then gave a final wave from the top of the ramp…

Miro was shown backstage, and said that he was wrong. He told Fuego Del Sol he forgave him, but there was another original sinner. He called out Eddie Kingston and said he would drag him into the river. He said God would favor him because he is The Redeemer, and his wife would love him because he was a Champion. He demanded someone bring him The Mad King before he burns this place to the ground…[c]

My Take: A Bryan Danielson tease was probably the highlight of the promo. Punk continues to do a nice job of putting over young talent. I’m curious to see how long the goodwill tour lasts, and when they really start positioning him as a top tier player. That’s when his character becomes the most interesting to me, personally. 

Darby Allin made his entrance along with Sting. They were followed by Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. The Wingmen (Ryan Nemeth, Cezar Bononi, JD Drake and Peter Avalon) were already in the ring. Moxley looked fired up. 

4. Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston vs. “The Wingmen” JD Drake, Ryan Nemeth, and Cezar Bononi (w/Peter Avalon): Drake and Allin started the match. Drake was dumped to the floor, and then quickly bailed to avoid a suicide dive from Allin. Kingston tagged in, along with Nemeth. He did some dancing, and Kingston immediately chopped him out of the match. Bononi tagged in, and Kingston struggled to take him down. Moxley got a blind tag and assisted Kingston in clearing Bononi to the floor and knocking Drake and Nemeth from the apron…[c]

My Take: Moxley is showing some great intensity.

The heels isolated Moxley in their corner during the break. Moxley struggled free and tagged out to Kingston, but JD Drake put him down as soon as he got in the ring. Moxley jumped on the apron and gnawed on Drake’s face as he climbed up to the top. Darby tagged in and landed an Avalanche Code Red on Drake out of the corner. Things went completely chaotic, with Moxley and Kingston brawling at ringside. They sent Peter Avalon into the barricade at ringside. Moxley and Kingston took out Nemeth and Bononi, and Drake took care of Drake in the ring with the coffin drop for the win. 

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin defeated “The Wingmen” JD Drake, Ryan Nemeth, and Cezar Bononi at 7:23

Daniel Garcia ran in after the bell for a cheapshot on Darby Allin. Kingston and Moxley ran back to the ring to bail him out. Garcia ran away immediately…

The announce team spoke about the Women’s Casino Battle Royal at All Out. Tay Conti was interviewed backstage and was asked about the Dark Order. The Bunny walked up and gave her a contract while asking her to consider working with the HFO. Conti tore it up, and they brawled and screamed at each other… 

Back in the arena, Kenny Omega made his entrance with Brandon Cutler and Don Callis…[c]

My Take: Darby had about 1.2 seconds to celebrate before Garcia started kicking his ass. Tay Conti and The Bunny starting a feud is random. Though I completely understand Conti screaming and throwing punches when offered a spot in the Hardy Family Office.

Dax Harwood cut a promo backstage, and said that he’s not sure if FTR will come back full time or even part time. Cash Wheeler then appeared and said they needed one more match so they could get their pound of flesh, because where he’s from you rub a little dirt on your wounds and keep going…

In the ring, Don Callis started talking trash about Christian, who immediately interrupted. He said the crowd probably had a couple two three already, but it’s not enough to believe the BS coming out of Callis’s mouth. Christian then called for a video package that explained that Don Callis hired him for his first wrestling match in Winnipeg, and then fired him immediately afterward. 

Christian called Callis a carny piece of shit. Omega said he was a better athlete at 10 years old than Christian was at 20. Callis likened himself to Bill Watts, Vern Gagne, Eddie Graham or Vince McMahon, but Kenny wasn’t Greg Gagne. Christian said he wasn’t sure if it was more pathetic that Callis manipulated 10 year old Kenny Omega, or that adult Kenny still buys it. 

Callis started taking off his jacket and tie. He told Christian that when he stands with Kenny Omega at All Out, he will be what he’s been his entire career, and that’s second place. Cutler and Omega jumped Christian, and Frankie Kazarian came out to make the save…

Moxley cut a promo backstage, and said he got a Fedex from Tokyo today with only one contract in it. He said it wasn’t who you thought it was, because the name read Satoshi Kojima. Moxley called him old man, and said he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. He then said he had no respect for anyone when he gets in the ring, and September 5th was now the public execution of the legend Satoshi Kojima… 

Back in the arena, The Gunn Club made their entrance. Paul Wight joined in on commentary. They will face QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow, who were already in the ring…

5. Billy Gunn, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn vs. QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow: Comoroto started the match, and cut off Austin Gunn in the heel corner…[c]

My Take: The setup video package about Callis being invested in 10 year old Kenny Omega was hilariously bad. It just doesn’t feel like a program worthy of the AEW Title. I’m sure the match will be fantastic either way. Moxley and Kojima feels like a bit of a let down after they teased Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Comoroto missed a big splash in the corner, and Austin tagged out to Colten. He cleaned house for a moment, until QT regained control. He did a backbreaker and flat liner combo on Colten, and then taunted Paul Wight on commentary. Wight stood up and started to walk to the ring, which let Colten roll up QT from behind for the win… 

The Gunn Club defeated QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow at 5:52

Backstage, Dan Lambert cut a promo and blamed the fans for the state of the AEW product. They’d rather see a dork he stuffed into a locker back in high school propose to his girlfriend, or losers in skinny jeans put their hands in their pockets. He called out millennials, safe spaces, and a lack of manliness. He said weak men want to watch weak men, and AEW needs real men. He said former MMA fighter turned Wrestler Scorpio Sky, and Karate and Taekwondo Black Belt Ethan Page are real men. He hoped there was still a chance for the fans…

The announce team ran down the All Out card, including the “Final Fight” between MJF and Chris Jericho. Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson is next…

Backstage, Arn Anderson was asked about Malakai Black. Arn said Brock is in over his head, but he’s hard headed and he’s got guts. He said every dog doesn’t have it’s day, and good doesn’t always triumph over evil, but he’d be down at the ring by his side either way…

Malakai Black made his entrance in the arena. The lights went black a couple of times, and Malakai appeared in different places when the spotlight came back on…[c]

My Take: Dan Lambert’s real man vs. woke millennials act feels a little a partial retread of what he did in Impact Wrestling a few years ago. The fact that he’s going from bringing in members of his MMA Team to endorsing Sky and Page was also an abrupt transition. I’d like to hear what Page and Sky think of his rhetoric, and why they buy into it. Brock Anderson is about to die.

Brock Anderson made his entrance. Malakai Black’s eye injury has now consumed half of his face… 

6. Brock Anderson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Malakai Black: Brock grabbed a double leg takedown and landed some punches. Black fired back with a knee lift and a flurry of punches. He then landed some kicks in the corner, and dragged Brock over to Arn in the corner. Arn was about to throw in the towel, but tossed it down to the ground instead. Black warned him to pick it up and end this. 

Brock landed some punches to the hamstring, but Black replied with an exploder suplex. He then landed his signature spinning heel kick and got the win. 

Malakai Black defeated Brock Anderson at 2:48

After the match, Black went to ringside and got a chair. Arn confronted him in the ring, and he tossed the chair aside. Arn blocked the first attempt at the heel kick, but he kicked Arn downstairs and landed the kick again. Lee Johnson walked down after a moment to tend to Arn and Brock, and Black bailed to ringside. The show went off the air with a staredown between Lee Johnson and Malakai Black.

My Take: A bit of an anti-climatic end to the show. The Nightmare Family isn’t anywhere near as over as Cody, and having them stand in during his absence isn’t doing Malakai Black any favors. I hope Black takes out the whole family just so they can take some time away from TV.

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  1. “Hayter then threw Velvet into the ring post, and Baker tossed her into the ringside barricade. This did not cause a DQ for some reason???”

    It’s AEW. It’s the wrestling equivalent of Who’s Line Is It Anyways, without the talent of Colin Mochrie or Ryan Stiles and without the star power of Drew Carey. There are no rules, everything is made up as they go, the points don’t count (win-loss means nothing unless they want it to) it’s contradictory from segment to segment (sometimes in the same match), and it’s clear that nobody with a plan is in control.

    • I love AEW and Dynamite, this isn’t coming from a place of hate but am I the only one that is befuddled by how Billy Gunn is being handled? It reminds me of how Dustin Rhodes was used in his later years in WWE.

      The dude is an Attitude Era icon, 1/2 of The New Age Outlaws, Hall of Famer with DX … and his team is supposed to be the underdogs against QT Marshall? Why is there no fanfare for this guy? I’m not even a big Billy Gunn fan in particular but it seems odd.

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