AEW All Out results: Powell’s live review of Jon Moxley vs. MJF for the AEW Championship, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. FTR for the AEW Tag Titles, Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s Title, Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy in a Mimosa Mayhem match

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW All Out
Aired live September 5, 2020 live on pay-per-view and B/R Live
Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place

AEW All Out pre-show results: Joey Janela beat Serpentico in 7:35, and Private Party beat Alex Reynolds and John Silver in 10:25…

Pyro opened the show and then the broadcast team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur checked in on commentary. The trio hyped the pay-per-view card.

1. Big Swole vs. Britt Baker in a Tooth and Nail match. The cinematic style pre-taped match started with a car pulling up to Baker’s dentist office. Swole exited the car and the referee asked if she was ready. “You damn skippy,” Swole said. Swole entered the office where Reba/Rebel was the receptionist. Reba checked in Swole, who yelled, only to have Swole hit her with a clipboard.

Swole went in search of Baker and found blood next to one of the dental chairs. Swole found a cabinet that had a bunch of mechanical chattering teeth. Baker showed up behind her, took a framed diploma off the wall, and hit Swole with it. Swole ended up in a dental chair where she hit Baker with a tray. Reba tried to help, but Swole hit her with a tray.

Swole chased Baker out of the building. They ended up fighting on the motorized cart that Baker was using while she was recovering, and it was parked next to a dumpster. Baker performed a DDT on top of the cart and got some hep from Reba. Swole fought back and tossed Reba into the dumpster. Reba handed Baker a crutch, which she hit Swole with.

Baker and Swole fought their way back inside the office. Swole slammed Baker’s face onto a sink. “Oh, my nose, I just got that fixed,” Baker said. Baker performed a swinging neckbreaker on Swole and covered her for a two count.

Swole battled back and superkicked Baker, which led to a near fall. Baker responded with a superkick of her own that knocked Swole onto a dental chair. Baker pulled out a drill. Swole avoided it, and Baker stuck the drill in the side of the chair. Rebel showed up with a banana peel on her head from the dumpster.

Baker pulled out a syringe with novocaine. Swole fought Baker and the syringe ended up in Baker’s leg. Swole took a framed diploma off the wall and handed it to Reba before punching the diploma. Swole knelt on Baker, who was in a dental chair, then put a gas mask over her face. The referee ruled that Baker was out and ruled that the finish.

Big Swole defeated Britt Baker in a Tooth and Nail match.

Powell’s POV: Humorous for what it was, but it’s obviously not for everyone. They made the right call in moving this to the main show, as cinematic matches strike me as matches that turn off more viewers than they turn on.

2. “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy (w/Marko Stunt). Excalibur spoke about the Bucks’ attitude and said he’s never seen them like this. He also hyped their autobiography. Stunt was using a single crutch to get around. There was a cool spot early with Jungle Boy going over the top rope right into a huracanrana on Nick.

Matt went for three suplexes, including a third over the ropes, but Jungle Boy held onto his neck. They went to ringside where Matt suplexed Jungle Boy again, then backdropped him over the guardrail onto the concrete. Stunt helped Jungle Boy get back inside the ring before the referee could count him out.

Jungle Boy was isolated by the Bucks. He ended up diving toward his corner for a tag, but Nick superkicked Luchasaurus off the apron. Nick taunted Jungle Boy by holding out his hand in the corner. Stunt took a cheap shot at Nick to knock him down while the referee was distracted. Luchasaurus tagged in and worked over the Bucks. Luchasaurus chokeslammed Matt and performed a standing moonsault. Luchasaurus had the pin, but Nick broke it up.

Luchasaurus went for a dive from the top rope onto Nick, who was behind the pulled in barricade. Nick moved out of the way and Luchasaurus landed on spectator wrestlers. In the ring, the Bucks hit a double superkick on Jungle Boy, which led to a near fall. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger (double knees) on Jungle Boy, then Matt pinned him to win the match…

The Young Bucks defeated Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy in 14:50.

Powell’s POV: A highly entertaining match with a lot happening creatively. Jungle Boy was booked to show great heart before taking the pin. The Bucks continue to be grumpy and/or edgy. And Marko Stunt seems to be showing some heel tendencies, but the broadcast team went back and forth in terms of saying he was annoying, yet also expressing some pity for him when Matt took him out with the superkick.

The broadcast team spoke about the Casino Battle Royale…

3. The Casino Battle Royale for a future shot at the AEW Championship. Ring announcer Justin Roberts read through the rules of the match, which were displayed in an onscreen graphic. Taz joined the broadcast team for the match. The first batch of five entrants were Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade, and Rey Fenix. The countdown clock was shown on the big screen.

The second batch of five to enter the match were Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana, and Ortiz. No one had been eliminated when the second back of entrants arrived. Hobbs eliminated The Blade. Hager eliminated Daniels.

The third batch of entrants were Billy (Gunn), Pentagon Jr., Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Darby Allin. Cage pressed Billy and eliminated him from the match. Allin came out with a skateboard and used it as a weapon on Cage before Starks knocked it away. Allin eliminated Fenix. Best Friends hugged, then Santana and Ortiz teamed up to eliminate Taylor.

The fourth batch of entrants were Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss, and Lance Archer. Spears walked over to the broadcast table, put on a headset, and spoke to the broadcast team rather than go to the ring. He said it’s all about patience and timing, then excused himself while saying he had a battle royal to win. Archer dove over the top rope and took out a bunch of wrestlers in the ring. Jake Roberts walked out carrying a snake bag.

Kiss eliminated Hager. Cage eliminated Kiss. Tully Blanchard came out and handed something to Spears, which Excalibur assumed was metal that he was loading into his glove. Trent eliminated Santana. Archer eliminated Trent and then Ortiz.

The final entrant was Matt Sydal, who got a smokey entrance. Sydal blasted Archer with a knee to the head on the entrance ramp. Sydal went to the top rope to perform a move on Hobbs, but Sydal slipped and crashed to the mat. Ouch.

Powell’s POV: Poor Sydal. I didn’t see anyone bump the rope, it looked like he just slipped while setting up for a move. Fortunately, he seems to be fine.

Pentagon was eliminated by Kazarian, who was eliminated moments later by The Butcher. Allin eliminated Starks. Cage roughed up Allin. Starks pulled Allin to ringside and ran him into the ring post. Starks pulled a bodybag out from under the ring and handed it to Cage, who poured thumbtacks onto bodybag (and in the ring) before placing Allin inside. Cage powerbombed Allin, who was inside the bodybag, onto the ramp, which is level with the ring, to eliminate him. Referees checked on Allin while the match continued.

Sydal double stomped Spears, who was on the apron. The move caused Spears to tumble to the floor to be eliminated. Hobbs, who had a bloody mouth, performed a spinebuster on Sydal, who landed on the tacks. Archer and Hobbs squared off, which led to Hobbs and Cage fighting on the apron. Archer kicked both men off the apron to eliminate them.

The final four were Archer, Sydal, Kingston, and The Butcher. Sydal and Archer eliminated Butcher. Archer performed the Blackout on Sydal, then placed him on the apron. Sydal fought back, but Kingston shoved him off the apron to eliminate him. Archer went for a big boot that Kingston sidestepped.

Archer and Kingston fought on the apron. The Butcher and The Blade tried to help Archer. Roberts taunted Kingston with the snake bag. The broadcast team said Kingston was afraid of the snake. Archer grabbed Kingston and tossed him onto Butcher and Blade, and he hit the ground at ringside for the elimination…

Lance Archer won the Casino Battle Royale in 22:15 to earn a future AEW Championship match.

Powell’s POV: The favorite to win the match ended up going over. Archer needed a meaningful win and he got one. The finish with the snake bag was corny. I view Archer’s win as a tell that Jon Moxley is going over in the main event. I guess we can’t rule this out as a swerve, but I had Moxley going over going into the show, and this makes me feel more confident in that prediction.

A video package recapped the Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy feud…

4. Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules match (Hardy must leave AEW if he loses). Hardy stood by the goalpost of the Jaguars football stadium and told Guevara to come face his deletion like a man. Guevara showed up in a golf cart and chased Hardy, who avoided it before Guevara crashed into some trashcans. Hardy performed a DDT onto a stadium table in the concourse area.

Hardy and Guevara ended up a mechanical lift. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but Guevara escaped and then speared Hardy off the lift and through a table below. The broadcast team played up Hardy’s head hitting the concrete and how his career would be over if he couldn’t get up. Hardy beat the count while the broadcast team marveled. Guevara dragged a woozy Hardy away. Hardy pulled the trunks of Guevara down while throwing punches at him. AEW’s Dr. Michael Sampson and referee Rick Knox showed up. Sampson and called off the match.

Hardy was able to get to his feet and said, “Let him get out here and get his deletion.” Hardy was escorted away while Guevara was escorted in the other direction. The broadcast team spoke. Ross said we all want to see the finish of the match, but you have to be responsible. Ross said you could tell right away that Hardy wasn’t right. “His head bounced off the concrete,” Ross said. “That’s all you need to see.

They cut back to Hardy, who fought Guevara and attacked him. Hardy performed a DDT on the concrete. Hardy and Guevara fought their way onto some scaffolding. Hardy knocked Guevara off the scaffolding and he crashed through a platform below. Referee Aubrey Edwards made the ten count…

Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules match in 9:00.

Powell’s POV: Wow, I’m surprised they let the restart. I assume they just cut to the finish, but it still felt risky to allow Hardy to do anything if he was as concussed as he seemed to be.

A video package set up the AEW Women’s Championship match…

5. AEW Champion Hikaru Shida vs. NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s Championship. Before the match, the broadcast team ran through a list of countries where the show was available via FITE TV. A few minutes into the match, Shida set up a chair on the floor to use as a launchpad, but Rosa beat her to the punch with a running missile dropkick off the chair.

Rosa set up Shida in the ring with her head in front of the ring post, then got a running start and delivered a kick to Shida’s head from the floor. Rosa entered the ring and covered Shida for a two count. Rosa followed up with a backbreaker and covered Shida for another two count. Shida ducked a clothesline and applied a sleeper and then used her legs to grapevine Rosa, who arched onto Shida for a cover that resulted in a two count.

Rosa placed Shida in a pendulum swing and swung her head into the bottom turnbuckle. Rosa performed a double legdrop. Shida tried to apply a Stretch Muffler, but Rosa stuffed it and remained on the offensive. Rosa powered up Shida, who slipped away and hit her with a forearm to the head. Shida caught Rosa going for a kick and went for the Stretch Muffler again, but Rosa countered into a huracanrana.

Shida ran the ropes and hit Rosa with a running knee to the head. Shida suplexed Rosa and covered her for a two count. Shida hit Rosa with a running knee for another two count. Shida went for a falcon arrow, but Rosa countered into an inside cradle for a two count. Rosa delivered double knees into the corner, then got a running start and dropkicked a seated Shida through the ropes and onto the ramp.

Rosa followed Shida to the ramp and set up for a Death Valley Driver, but Shida slipped away and shoved Rosa’s head into the ring post. Shida placed Rosa on the ropes and followed her up. Shida went for a superplex to the ramp, but Rosa avoided it and ended up with Shida on her shoulders, then performed a DVD onto the apron. Rosa rolled Shida into the ring and covered her for a two count.

Rosa applied an armbar. Shida reached the ropes with her foot to break it. Rosa went to the top rope, but Shida followed her up and superplexed her. Rosa charged Shida, who moved and then Rosa tumbled to the ramp. Shida performed a meteora from the middle rope onto the ramp. Back inside the ring, Rosa rallied with a release German suplex, but Shida came right back with a kick and a falcon arrow, but Rosa kicked out at one.

Shida went for another falcon arrow, but Rosa countered into a pin for a two count. Shida quickly went for the Full Metal Muffler, but Rosa reached the ropes. Rosa drilled Shida with a Backstabber for a near fall. Rosa hooked Shida around her back and spun, but Shida slipped away and fired back with some strikes and ended up getting a near fall. Shida blasted Rosa with a running knee to the head and then pinned her…

Hikaru Shida defeated Thunder Rosa in 17:00 to retain the AEW Women’s Championship.

Powell’s POV: I was really looking forward to this match and it delivered. Rosa was great. While she took the loss, she came out of this looking stronger than Shida in a lot of ways. Rosa absolutely made the most of her two matches on AEW television. I don’t know how longer her NWA deal lasts, but she’s really raised her stock and should be in for a nice payday whether it’s with the NWA, AEW, or elsewhere.

Alex Marvez interviewed Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford backstage. Ford said they were getting married. Sabian said the wedding would be live on AEW Dynamite. Sabian there’s a bachelor party before every wedding. He played up the role of the best man and then said he would let the world know who “the best man” is on Dynamite. Ford held up a sign that listed Sabian’s Twitch page (funny and timely)…

A video package set up the eight-man tag match…

6. “The Dark Order” Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson (w/Alan Angels) vs. Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona, Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall (w/Allie, Brandi Rhodes). The teams brawled and the referee called for the bell to start the match. Angels stood in their corner and held Lee’s TNT Championship belt.

Marshall was isolated by The Dark Order. Cabana worked him over aggressively in the corner and was proud of himself. Cardona eventually checked in and caught Cabana with the Reboot. Cardona had the pin, but Lee put Cabana’s foot on the rope. Lee mocked Brandi while standing on the floor.

Cardona was isolated and one of the Dark Order members hit him with a jaw-jacker. Ross used the moment to pay a brief tribute to Bob Armstrong. Cardona eventually performed a neckbreaker on Uno and then made the tag to Dustin, who worked over Grayson and other Dark Order members who ran in. Lee eventually caught Dustin with a kick, which sent Dustin into his own corner where Scorpio Sky tagged in.

Anna Jay entered the ring and taunted Sky until Brandi ran in and took out Jay with a big boot. As Jay was being hauled away, Ross asked if she had a wardrobe malfunction or if that was just wishful thinking on his part (oh, JR). Cardona tagged in again performed a dive onto two opponents after Marshall made a blind tag. Marshall performed a dive onto Cabana, Uno, and Grayson at ringside.

In the ring, Grayson stuffed Marshall’s Diamond Cutter. Uno and Grayson performed a double team move on Marshall. Lee hit him with a swinging slam. Cabana performed a move and got a near fall. Lee called for a tag. Cabana thought about it for a moment and then tagged in Lee, who tossed Marshall to his corner.

Dustin tagged in for a showdown moment. Lee got the better of it and hit his discus lariat finisher. Lee tagged in Cabana, who opted to go for his moonsault finisher, which Dustin avoided. Rhodes rolled up Cabana and pinned him.

Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona, Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall defeated “The Dark Order” Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson in 15:10 in an eight-man tag match.

After the match, Excalibur told the story that Cabana could have pinned Dustin, but he opted to go for one more move. The babyfaces put Dustin on their shoulders on the stage before heading to the back. Lee slammed a chair over the barricade and then entered the ring and shoved everyone out of the way. Lee approached Cabana and shoved him, then barked at him that he set him up. Cabana sat in the corner and acted surprised by Lee’s behavior. Lee stormed to the back. Uno helped up Cabana and then held the ropes open for him…

Backstage, Schiavone interviewed Dustin Rhodes, who said he was pumped after beating the Dark Order. He said they left the Dark Order in the dust and they did it for Cody, who would come back and take what is rightfully his. Schiavone said he was just informed by Tony Khan that Dustin would face Lee for the TNT Championship on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. Dustin acted shocked and said it had been a long time since he had a chance to go for a title. Dustin got fired up and said he was going for Lee’s blood and hell is coming with him…

Powell’s POV: This felt like an ordinary eight-man tag team match that could have taken place earlier in the show. The ring work was fine, it just felt inconsequential, though it was nice to see the story between Lee and Cabana move forward. Dustin cut a good promo, but it was funny to hear him talk about doing it for Cody and how Cody would come back and take what’s his only to shift into talking about going after the same title that Cody covets on Dynamite.

A video package set up the AEW Tag Title match…

7. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (w/Tully Blanchard) for the AEW Tag Titles. Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. There was a brief “this is awesome” chant prior to the opening bell. Omega was going to start the match, Page got his attention and said he wanted to start, then asked Omega if he trusts him. Omega stepped out and let Page start the match against Wheeler.

Wheeler had Page in the corner. The ref stepped it. Wheeler gave a clean break and offered a handshake, but Page attacked him. Page got fired up while Wheeler scrambled and made it to ringside. Omega approached Page from behind and tried to calm him down. Page turned and had his fist clenched, but he stopped what he was doing once he saw Omega, who encouraged him to get his head in the game. Page and Omega worked over Wheeler. Page offered Omega a high-ten. Omega hesitated, then gave him the high-ten.

As the match continued with FTR isolating Page, Schiavone addressed the Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara match. He said the AEW doctor checked on Hardy, then restarted the match after he cleared Hardy. Ross said the good news was that both men appeared to be okay.

Powell’s POV: Would they have finished the match had it not been for the stipulation that Hardy’s AEW career would have been over if he lost? If the answer is no then shame on AEW, but obviously we don’t know either way. It sure seemed like they cut out part of the match and went to what they had planned for the finish. I would hope that the doctor wouldn’t sign off on Hardy doing anything if he wasn’t fit to wrestle. Screw the stipulation. Fans today will understand and accept that safety comes first.

There was a spot where Page caught Harwood in an inside cradle and had him pinned, but Wheeler distracted referee Paul Turner. Eventually, Turner made a two count before Harwood kicked out. Later, Wheeler set up Omega for a superplex, but Omega shoved him off. Wheeler grabbed the referee while Harwood crotched Omega in the FTR corner.

Harwood tagged in and set up for a superplex, but Page ran over and cut him off. Wheeler took out Page. Wheeler and Harwood ended up performing a superplex and a splash combo on Omega for a near fall. FTR set up for their finisher, but Page broke it. Harwood performed a nice brainbuster on Omega. Moments later, Omega bounced back with a Poison Rana on Wheeler. Omega performed a Tiger Driver 98 on Wheeler and got a near fall.

FTR continued to isolate Omega. Harwood applied a reverse figure four and used the ropes for leverage while the referee checked on Omega. Excalibur recalled that FTR took out Chuck Taylor in the gauntlet match with the same hold. Omega reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Harwood continued to target the knee.

Omega made it to ringside. Page checked on Omega while the referee ordered Omega back to the ring and walked Page back to his corner. FTR positioned themselves so that Omega couldn’t get back to the corner to tag out. FTR continued to work over the knee of Omega. Wheeler used the tag rope to choke Omega briefly while Harwood distracted the referee.

Omega came back with snap dragon suplexes on both opponents. Omega set up for a third, but Harwood countered into position for another leg lock. Omega kicked Harwood off, causing Harwood to crash headfirst into Page, knocking Page off the apron briefly.

Page took a hot tag and roughed up the FTR duo. Page caught Wheeler coming off the ropes and performed a fallaway slam. Page sent both opponents to the floor, then went up top while some fans chanted “cowboy shit” in support of Page. FTR moved to the other side while assuming that Page was going for a moonsault, but Page simply dove onto them.

FTR regained offensive control and performed a double diving headbutt on Page. They had the pin, but Omega broke it up. Omega and Harwood fought for position on the apron. Wheeler went into sunset flip mode and held up Page while Harwood performed a bulldog on Omega from the apron. In the ring, Wheeler held up Page, then Harwood tagged in and performed a top rope bulldog for a near fall.

FTR set up for a double team move on Page, but Omega returned to take out Wheeler on the ropes. Page backdropped Harwood to ringside. Page performed a fallaway slam from the top rope on Wheeler and then covered him for a near fall. Omega held Wheeler in position while Page went for a Buckshot Lariat, which Wheeler avoided.

Page grabbed Wheeler and held him. Omega went for a V Trigger on Wheeler, who avoided it, causing Omega to hit Page. FTR hit the Mindbreaker spike piledriver on Page for a near fall. FTR hit the move a second time. Wheeler covered Page for the three count…

“FTR” Dash Harwood and Cash Wheeler defeated Kenny Omega and Hangman Page in 29:40 to win the AEW Tag Titles.

After the match, FTR celebrated their tag title win with beers in hand while Blanchard raised their arms. Wheeler and Harwood placed two beers on the mat next to Page. After FTR left, Omega held a small ringside table while Page got to his feet. Omega acted conflicted, then tossed the table aside.

Page stumbled toward Omega, who let Page fall to the mat when he could have caught him. Omega kicked one of the beer cans and beer ended up all over one of the ringside cameras. Omega left the ring while Page was still lying on the mat. Omega turned around once he got the entrance chute and looked at Page, then walked backstage while a cameraman followed him.

Omega found the Young Bucks waiting backstage. Omega told the Bucks that he was done (with Page). “Let’s go,” Omega said. The Bucks followed as Omega led them out of the building. Omega entered an SUV while the driver held the door open. Excalibur said it sounded like Omega gave an ultimatum to the Bucks. Schiavone said the Bucks didn’t enter the SUV with him…

Powell’s POV: As much as I was looking forward to this match, it clearly overstayed its welcome. I don’t know if I would have felt that way if the same match had played to a packed venue, but that wasn’t the case here. The fans were quiet and added very little to the match. I can’t blame the fans either given that the heels dominated so much it that the fans didn’t have much to cheer about. It was a very well worked match, but it felt like the wrestlers could have accomplished what they needed to in 20 minutes rather than 30 minutes. On the plus side, the post match scene was interesting with Omega looking like he’s the the heel of The Elite, which is very interesting.

The broadcast team set up a video package on the Mimosa Mayhem match…

Alex Marvez was interviewed by Chris Jericho, who noted that he’s been going at it for 14 weeks with Orange Cassidy. He said it wasn’t a feud, it was an experiment to see if he could get him over as a main eventer. Jericho said Cassidy is a legit main eventer in AEW and everyone can thank him for that. He said he makes stars and me makes dreams come true, but he also ends them. He said he would make Cassidy tap to the Walls of Jericho and then throw his lazy ass into the Mimosa. Jericho said Cassidy did a great job, but not good enough. He said Cassidy would end at the hands of the Demo God…

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Schiavone brought up Hardy vs. Guevara match while the fans were singing Jericho’s entrance theme. Schiavone said the doctor cleared Hardy and the match never would have been restarted otherwise…

Powell’s POV: I’ve heard of minute clinics, but that was one quick evaluation.

8. Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy in a Mimosa Mayhem match. There were dueling chants for the wrestlers. Cassidy charged Jericho, who hit him with a Codebreaker for an early near fall. There were two Mimosa pools on opposite sides of the ring. Jericho dominated the early portion of the match and slammed a cocktail tray over the head of Cassidy while standing on the platform of one the Mimosa pools.

At 5:00, both men traded punches on the side of one pools. Jericho’s baseball bat was left in the corner of the ring. Jericho picked up Cassidy in powerbomb position. Cassidy threw repeated punches at Jericho, who turned and dropped Cassidy through a table that was set up on the platform. Cassidy hit Jericho with a champagne bucket as they took the fight back inside the ring. Jericho tried to backdrop Cassidy over the ropes and into a pool, but Cassidy held on.

The near Mimosa pool falls continued. Back in the ring, Cassidy caught Jericho on the ropes and performed a huracanrana. Cassidy delivered a running PK, then performed a tornado DDT for a near fall. Cassidy went to the ropes and jumped into a Codebreaker, which led to Jericho covering him for a near fall. Jericho set up for a crucifix slam on the ropes, but Cassidy slipped away. Cassidy threw two running punches at Jericho, who fell into one of the Mimosa pools…

Orange Cassidy defeated Chris Jericho in 15:15 in a Mimosa Mayhem match.

Powell’s POV: Meh. We’ve seen slop matches and similar matches where fans get into the teases of the wrestlers being thrown into a substance, but it didn’t really work here because there’s nothing gross about Mimosas. A rare swing and a miss for a Jericho concept. This show really needs a hot main event.

A video package announced the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view for Saturday, November 7…

The broadcast team hyped Brodie Lee vs. Dustin Rhodes for the TNT Championship, and Kip Sabian introducing his best man, and the AEW Champion speaking on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite… A video package set up the main event…

9. Jon Moxley vs. MJF (w/Wardlow) for the AEW World Championship. Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Bryce Remsburg was the referee. Schiavone plugged tickets for Dynamite. He also noted that Lance Archer would be the next challenger. Archer and Jake Roberts were shown seated in the stands while MJF had a headlock on Moxley in the ring. Moxley escaped and ended up chopping MJF, who rolled to the floor. Moxley followed, so MJF quickly raced back inside the ring. He heeled on the crowd for thinking he would fight at ringside.

Moxley sent MJF to ringside and performed a dive onto him. Moxley roughed up MJF and pulled his fingers apart briefly. MJF got back inside the ring and applied an armlock. Moxley escaped. MJF went for CrossRhodes, but Moxley avoided it and applied a sleeper. MJF used his feet to press off the ropes and put Moxley into a pinning situation, but Moxley kicked out. MJF applied an armbar on Moxley’s left shoulder. Moxley broke free with punches.

Both wrestlers ended up on the apron. Moxley set up for a move, but he was distracted by Wardlow approaching him. MJF used the distraction to drive Moxley’s shoulder into the apron. Moxley sold a shoulder injury at ringside. While the referee was tied up with MJF, Wardlow rolled Moxley inside the ring. MJF went on the offensive and got a two count. Moxley rolled to the apron. MJF shoulder blocked Moxley off the apron. Moxley crashed into the ringside barricade and knocked it over. MJF taunted the fans by doing a belt motion.

MJF went to ringside. Moxley shoved MJF into a barricade, then catapulted him into the ring post. MJF bladed and came up with a crimson mask. Moxley stuck his tongue out once he got a look at the blood on the face of MJF, who begged off. Moxley continued to sell left arm pain and couldn’t perform a Gotch style piledriver.

A short time later, Moxley bit the bloody head of MJF. Moxley placed MJF on the top rope and set up for a superplex. MJF bit the left hand of Moxley to avoid the move. Moxley put his hand on the top rope to keep his balance, then MJF double stomped it. Moxley and MJF traded punches in the middle of the ring. Moxley got the better of it, but he winced when he delivered a forearm with his left arm.

Moxley ducked a big swing from MJF and then suplexed him for a near fall. Moxley told MJF to get up and fight him. MJF spat in the face of Moxley, who set up for a Paradigm Shift, but he released it when the referee called him on using the banned move. MJF quickly countered into a Fujiwara armbar. Moxley reached the ropes.

MJF continued to target the bad arm and performed a cool piledriver style move with Moxley hung up in the ropes, which led to a near fall. Moxley came back with an Air Raid Crash for a near fall of his own. Moxley and MJF got to their knees and went forehead to forehead before trading punches.

Moxley applied a sleeper. MJF grabbed the referee and then low-blowed Moxley with his foot. MJF went for the pin and got another near fall. MJF performed CrossRhodes. Excalibur yelled that there was going to be a new champion (so you knew there wouldn’t be) as MJF went for the pin, but Moxley kicked out. Wardlow climbed onto the apron and bickered with the referee, then tossed the Dynamite diamond ring into the ring. MJF scrambled to pick it up and ended up face to face with Moxley, who hit the Paradigm Shift while the referee was distracted. Moxley covered and pinned MJF.

Jon Moxley defeated MJF in 23:40 to retain the AEW World Championship.

After the match, Moxley spotted Archer and Roberts in the crowd and flipped them off. Moxley looked into the camera and said you’l have to kill him or drop a house on him to take the title. Moxley tried to get some of MJF’s blood to paint something on his chest, but it didn’t really work out as the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: A well worked main event, but I just never bought into MJF as a threat to win the championship even with Moxley’ bad arm and supposed inability to use his regular finisher. The match and the broadcast team did a good job of telling the story of MJF showing an edgier side in the ring, so hopefully he can gain something in defeat. With Moxley using the finisher that was banned, MJF has something to complain about and perhaps this leads to a television rematch.

Overall, this was AEW’s first disappointing pay-per-view. It wasn’t a bad show, but it was underwhelming and it really dragged. I’m sure they want to give fans bang for their pay-per-view dollar, but it’s pushing it to run a nearly five hour show (counting the pre-show) while playing to a small percentage of capacity crowd.

Dot Net Members will hear the AEW All Out audio review co-hosted by Jake Barnett and I later tonight. Let us know what you thought of the show by voting for the letter grade and the best match via our post All Out polls on the main page. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend.


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  1. Big Swole needs to be Big Unemployed very soon.

  2. Matt Sydal is the “big” surprise?

    Late 30s, his worked size is 5’9″, and he botched his first big moment in the company (what kind of idiot does a SSP in a battle royal?). He’s the epitome of everything wrong with AEW.

    Also, if you’re doing a freaking battle royal, do you really need several fights outside the ring and thumbtacks? It’s typical amateur hour from AEW.

  3. Shida vs Rosa was a bit sloppy, and the ref let them both fight outside the ring for over a minute on two occasions, but it’s the best match so far by a mile. Chop 3-4 minutes off that match and tighten up a few spots, and it’s a great one. Hope to see those two work together more often.

  4. The Dork Odor loses again and Brandi has got to have the biggest go away heat in the business at this point.

  5. Too many finisher kickouts, but otherwise a great tag match despite the ridiculous body language and hand gesture crap from Olivier.

  6. The Mimosa match was way better than it had any business being.

    Justin Roberts is why God allowed us to create the mute button.

  7. Write this Way is full of his usual negative comments about everything AEW, and yet he obviously watched every minute and paid some of his welfare money to see it. This guy is in a class by himself. I believe he’s one on Vince’s grandkids getting a head start in the wrestling business. He’s definitely equal in brains to those preteens.

    • You do realize that streaming sites exist, right? I paid $0 for this and it was still an overpay.

      Bad PPV with 2 really good matches and 1 decent one out of 9 total.

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