WOW on AXS TV: Powell’s review of Jungle Grrrl and The Beast vs. Havok and Hazard, The Temptress vs. Reyna Reyes, Nikki Krampus vs. Princess Aussie, Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian vs. Sassy Massy and Chantilly Chella in a WOW Tag Title Series match


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WOW (Women Of Wrestling)
Taped in May 15-16, 2018 in Los Angeles, California at Belasco Theater
Aired September 28, 2019 on on AXS-TV

The show opened with a recap of the recent developments in the WOW Championship picture… The WOW opening aired… The broadcast team was Stephen Dickey and David McLane, and Shaul Guerrero was the ring announcer…

Powell’s POV: It’s worth noting that there was not an episode of WOW on AXS last week due to the network airing special programming. So this is the third episode of the second season on AXS.

McLane introduced WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard, who said she won the title on her own. Blanchard boasted that she beat the previously unbeaten Jungle Grrrl. McLane said Blanchard had a little help from The Beast. Blanchard laughed. Jungle Grrrl made her entrance and said it took Blanchard and The Beast to pin her shoulders to the mat. Jungle Grrrl challenged Blanchard to a match on the spot. McLane said that wouldn’t happen.

“The Monsters of Madness” Havok and Hazard made their entrance. Blanchard told Jungle Grrrl that if she’s so bad that she could take on two women on her own. Blanchard left the ring. McLane said a two-on-one match would not take place. The Beast made her entrance. McLane booked Jungle Grrrl and The Beast to face Havoc and Hazard for later in the show…

Powell’s POV: It seems like you can count on every WOW show opening with McLane’s voice cracking repeatedly, a wrestler issuing a challenge to an immediate match that he won’t let happen, and then McLane booking a main event.

A teaser aired for Nikki Krampus in the opening match… [C]

1. “The Norwegian Nightmare” Nikki Krampus (w/Sophia Lopez) vs. Princess Aussie. The broadcast team put over the sticks that Aussie carries with her as being representative of her family. Aussie had Krampus down and went to the ropes. Lopez grabbed the foot of Aussie, which slowed her down enough for Krampus to avoid a frogsplash attempt. Lopez distracted the referee while Krampus hit Aussie with her sticks. Krampus followed up with a uranage style “Happy Holidays” finisher and scored the pin…

Nikki Krampus defeated Princess Aussie.

After the match, Lopez introduced Krampus as the winner. The lights flickered and then Holidead and Voodoo Doll came out and took Princess Aussie backstage.

A teaser aired for the next match… [C]

Powell’s POV: It looked like Aussie had to stall until Lopez grabbed her foot.

2. The Temptress (w/Dagger) vs. Reyna Reyes. Late in the match, Reyes fought off Dagger grabbing her foot as she went to the ropes and then she he hit a twisting top rope splash and scored the clean pin…

Reyna Reyes defeated The Temptress.

Powell’s POV: The Temptress is Katarina Waters, who worked as Katie Lea Burchill, Winter, and other gimmicks. I have no idea why she was given such a generic gimmick that could have been given to anyone. It should mean something for Reyes to beat her, but it just didn’t feel like it did even though McLane put her over as a new star while rolling the Rs in her name and then his voice cracked when he said her first name.

A video package aired on Mezmeriah. The narrator said she was born and bred in the underground tunnels of Los Angeles. When she finally visited the surface above, she found violence and fed off the blood of hatred and despair. She was cornered by two figures and couldn’t beat them. The women turned out to be the Psycho Sisters, who asked her join their gang. Mezmeriah’s debut was announced for next week…

Powell’s POV: WTF?

A video package aired on Samantha Smart putting Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian together as a tag team…

3. Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian (w/Samantha Smart) vs. Sassy Massy and Chantilly Chella in a WOW Tag Team Championship Series match. The heel duo isolated Massy (a/k/a Alisha Edwards). In the end, the babyfaces hit a combo move on Maverick and pined her to get the win.

Sassy Massy and Chantilly Chella defeated Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian in a WOW Tag Team Championship Series match.

A teaser aired for the main event and focused on The Beast and Jungle Grrrl teaming together unexpectedly… [C]

Powell’s POV: The match was fine. I still have no clue how the tag title series works, which is a real issue given that we’re three weeks in.

Maverick and The Disciplinarian were shown bickering backstage until Smart interrupted them. Smart said she is the fulcrum in their success. Maverick said Smart needs to take care of The Disciplinarian’s temper, which led to The Disciplinarian yelling that she doesn’t have a temper…

4. Jungle Grrrl and The Beast vs. “The Monsters of Madness” Havok and Hazard. Havok is Jessicka Havok, and Hazard also wrestles as Nevaeh. There was a rapid fire big spot sequence. Havok put The Beast in a Boston Crab. Jungle Grrrl intervened, which The Beast wasn’t pleased by. Hazard hit Jungle Grrrl with a chair for the DQ.

Jungle Grrrl and The Beast defeated Havok and Hazard by DQ.

The replay focused on The Beast taking exception to Jungle Grrrl helping her and the DQ finish. Afterward, the referee raised the arms of the winners. They looked at one another. Jungle Grrrl picked up the chair and hit The Beast from behind, then jammed the chair into her throat until several referees intervened…

Powell’s POV: WOW continues to do a good job of building up their main events in the opening segments. The WOW Championship match from episode two was a rare exception of the main event actually living up to the hype. I can live with a brief tag match main event given the personas of the wrestlers involved, but that DQ finish was really weak. The post match angle felt like a Jungle Grrrl heel turn, but I’m not sure if that’s where they are going for, as Dickey merely said it seemed like she snapped. I guess we’ll find out on next week’s show, so it served as a decent cliffhanger in that regard.


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