1/3 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Johnny Impact and Brian Cage vs. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, Killer Kross vs. Trevor Lee, Dark Allie vs. Kiera Hogan, final push for Homecoming

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped November 11-13, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Casino

This week’s Impact cold open was a highlight package from a few weeks ago (the last episode before the “best of…” episodes). The Impact intro theme aired…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Josh wished the viewers a happy New Year. Willie Mack and Rich Swann made their entrance. Mack wore his modified Lucha Underground themed shirt….

1. Willie Mack, Rich Swann, Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel, and Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal, “All Ego” Ethan Page, Jake Crist, Dave Crist, and Sami Callihan. Trey and Jake started off the match. Jake landed the first blow but Trey shrugged it off with a kip up. Trey isolated Jake in his corner to get the tag into Dez. Dez gave Jake a basement dropkick. Saai tagged in and met a dropkick from Dezmond. Zach tagged in. Dezmond and Zachary gave Sami tandem Bronco Busters. The face team traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Sami.

Sami made a tag to someone but all ten men entered. Madness ensued. Things calmed down when Sami and Trey were left alone in the ring. Sami gave Trey a lariat. Sami gave Trey a roundhouse and wall run lariat. Trey caught Sami outside with a fake out Tiger Feint Kick into a huracanrana. Many flips and dives followed, including dives from the big men Willie Mack (not shocking) and Ethan Page. The flips and dives continued.

Dezmond Xavier topped off the flips with a Tiger Drop to the outside. Jake Crist hit Trey Miguel with his signature Super RKO onto the pile of wrestlers waiting to catch them. [c]

Sami was taunting the crowd with “OVE” chants while they chanted “Sucks” back at him. Sami gave Trey a headlock for a sequence of the match. It was the heels’ turn for isolation. Josh and Don talked about how there’s a possibility that we might get more trios match in Impact in 2019. Dave gave Trey a catapult into the bottom rope. Dave then locked Trey into a heel hook. Trey made it to the ropes for the break, which Dave got the most out of his five count. Sydal tagged in (I forgot he was in this match). Sydal gave Trey a few low kicks to the kidneys.

Sydal locked Trey in a Triangle Camel Clutch. Trey escaped the short-arm with a series of forearms. Sydal came back with a side slam. Ethan Page crashed and burned on a top rope senton. Rich Swann tagged in for the hot tag. Swann cleaned house. Swann caught Sami and Jake with a double Lethal Injection. Swan gave Page a superkick and Phoenix Splash. Sydal broke up the pin for a great nearfall. Callihan saved Page from Mack with a Pump kick. The rapid fire signature/finisher moves ensued from all men.

Ethan Page caught Mack with a running suplex for a nearfall (a good nearfall because Mack loses a lot). Page and Swann brawled to the top rope. Page body slammed Swann onto the pile of waiting wrestlers on the outside. Dave and Mack brawled to the top rope. Mack hit Dave with a Super Stone Cold Stunner for the victory (a part of his gimmick in LU is that he’s a Steve Austin tribute, like Shark Boy taken seriously).

The Mack, Rich Swann, and The Rascalz defeated Matt Sydal, Ethan Page, and OVE via pinfall in 11:52 of TV time.

Callihan blindsided Mack after the match with a baseball bat. Jake brought a table into the ring. The OVE trio hit their All Seeing Eye finisher on Mack through the table. Josh said this is exactly why he didn’t want Mack to get involved with OVE (but it was essentially any old pro wrestling beatdown angle). Josh said OVE were thugs. Rich Swann crawled to check on Mack. Sami teased hitting Rich with a bat but then walked away taunting Swann with yelling…

John’s Thoughts: An okay, but forgettable spotfest style match. I’m used to seeing this spotfest in Lucha Underground via their trios matches, but ten people makes the individuals even more forgettable. I’m not a huge fan of the post match attack, though Sami saved it a bit with him continuing to not attack Swann after their matches. I’m still intrigued because Impact is doing some creative storyline thing here but I have my guard up because Impact has teased intriguing storylines in the past with Sami (Pentagon and Cage) only to have those feuds stumble at the finish line with rushed endings.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from ringside. Josh advertised “Dark Allie” vs. Kiera Hogan for later in the show. He also advertised Desi Hit Squad vs. Bahh and KM in a match to impress Scarlett Bordeaux, Eli Drake calling out Abyss, and Johnny and Cage vs. Lucha Brothers. Josh said Eddie Edwards has “escaped” the institution. Callis said this might end badly for one person (Moose or Eddie) who we might never see again…

A highlight package aired for the Eddie Edwards and Moose feud. The video reminded viewers that Moose is holding Eddie’s prior offenses over Eddie’s head (then why doesn’t he just call the cops like he teased in the video?)… [c]

Eli Drake walked to the ring holding a boat oar. Josh said that Drake is on a mission to “rid professional wrestling of the hardcore style”. Josh said Drake went hardcore on Dreamer by using the oar to win his match against Dreamer. Callis said it’s not an oar, but rather a paddle, “or is it?”. Drake said there’s a conspiracy going on. Drake talked about how we’ve never seen Abyss ever since he got rid of Joe Park. Drake also bragged about getting rid of Tommy Dreamer and how we never saw him again. Drake said he’s forced to wrestle in Monster’s Ball on Sunday, but Abyss probably won’t make it because we haven’t seen him since Joe Park got beat up.

Drake called out “Impact Management” and said they can try to intimidate him or try to make him back down. Drake said he’s an adapter. Drake said even if Abyss crawls out of the grave and stumbles to the ring then Drake will have to become what he hates. Drake said the reason why is because he’s the last of a dying breed. Drake said he’s good enough to be anything he wants. Drake said “I am hardcore”.

Tommy Dreamer rushed to the ring with a chair. Dreamer wore jeans for once. For some reason, Drake took aim and lightly hit the chair in the middle with the boat oar (I get it, it’s safe but it looked bad. If it looks like it’s going to suck then don’t do it). Dreamer beat up Drake with the chair. Dreamer hit Drake with the DDT. Dreamer was about to Pillmanize Drake’s head but the lights went out all of a sudden. The lights came on and Rave was in the ring doing the Raven pose. Callis said “It’s Raven!!! and Dreamer!!!”. An EC-dub chant ensued. Drake cartoonishly tried to encourage the long time rivals to fight each other but instead they punched out Drake. Dreamer and Raven did their signature poses to close the segment as Dreamer’s theme played… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Uhm okay? I guess this is the latest ode to ECW just this time it’s via Eli Drake rather than Eddie Edwards. This feud is doing no favors for Drake. While he stayed away from a Dwayne Johnson cadence this time, he was speaning in more of an Impact Alberto El Patron cadence and logic with a promo that made no real logical sense because it was all over the place. It’s not heat, it’s “I’m going to look at my smartphone or play my Nintendo Switch” type of promo where you just wait til it’s over. Good to see Raven back, but him and Dreamer came off more as visiting nostalgia sideshows rather than anything of meaning.

Johnny was shown shadow kickboxing backstage while Brian Cage was shown oiling himself up in preparation for their match against Lucha Brothers…

Gama Singh was in the middle of the ring cutting one of his boring ass introductions for the Desi Hit Squad. He said he dedicated the match to Scarlett Bordeaux (Gama sounded like he forgot Scarlett’s last name for a second). The “New” Desi Hit Squad made their entrance followed by their opponents Fallah Bahh and KM…

After the wrestlers made their entrance, Scarlett made her’s wearing next to nothing via a see through dress (she did wear underwear and nude pasties at least). Don Callis went into horny Lawler mode. Josh Mathews advertised Scarlett’s video submission thing. Callis said Impact has received 12,000 video submisisons from fans. Callis said while some have been shown on Impact television, a lot haven’t because they were disturbing (told ya! there are creepers out there!)…

2. “The New Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Raj Singh vs. Fallah Bahh and KM. Desi Hit Squad got rid of KM from the ring and double teamed Bahh. Bahh nosold a few shots but Raj gave Bahh a boot to ground him. Rohit tagged in and the heels went into iso mode. Bahh nosold Rohit’s punches until Rohit got a thumb in Bahh’s eye. More isolation and tags ensued. Bahh got his first bit of offense in when Raj failed to lift him. KM got the hot tag. Bahh and KM hit the DHS with their steamroller move. The DHS turned the tables a bit but Rohit kept waving at Scarlett. Bahh took down the Desis with a crossbody. Bahh pinned Raj after a Banzi Drop.

KM and Fallah Bahh defeated The New Desi Hit Squad via pinfall in 4:52.

Josh noted that Scarlett left a bit abruptly after the match and wondered if she saw enough… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I thought the reason behind rebooting the Desi Hit Squad was to get them more credible and taken more seriously. They’re still goofballs who mess with comedy segments. They also had Raj (who’s looked impressive) take the pinfall so early in his run when he was supposed to be the powerhouse. Bahh and KM are fine but even they are just spinning their wheels. Scarlett Bordeaux is continuing to be overexposed and defined down to her essentially being an Impact knockoff of Jessica Rabbit. Impact should tone down wretlers going into bad-acting horny mode when reacting to her. I think the only two wrestlers that got the fawning act right with Scarlett are Don Callis and Glen Gilbertti.

It was time for one of those heavily filtered Lucha Brothers promos. Pentagon talked about how he and Fenix come from the streets, just like Santana and Ortiz. Pentagon also talked about how both teams consist of real life hermanos (brothers). Pentagon said LAX also has that hunger just like the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon said when Konnan left LAX’s corner that LAX became a problem due to their lack of ability to communicate.

Penta said the Lucha Brothers know how to communicate. Pentagon said that konnan was right when he said this wasn’t going to be a friendly exhibition. Pentagon said Santana broke the line of respect when Santana showed zero fear. Pentagon said the match on January 6 isn’t just for the tag titles, but for pride, honor, and respecto. Pentagon said that LAX brought a negative wave into the fray and on January 6 respect will get thrown out of the window with Lucha Brothers ending up as new tag champions.

Fenix yelled about Santana. He said Santana feels Lucha Libre. Fenix yelled that on January 6 LAX will wrestle the best tag team in the world. Fenix said they will leave their heart, bodies, and blood in the ring. Fenix said they are going to take the beautiful belts because they are the Lucha Brothers. Penta did his Zero Miedo thing while Fenix closed saying “Animo”…

John’s Thoughts: Ouch. Fenix should stop yelling. He can be a solid promo in pre tapes, but that’s when he’s calm and in a sitdown or documentary setting. Fenix can be good, but in these LB promos he comes off as hyperactive. Unless they’re coaching him to make him look inferior to his bigger bro? Pentagon’s promo was fine, but not only have I see better from him, but I felt like there was some build missing to this promo. Why did they only address Santana and not Ortiz?

Allie and Su Yung made their entrance. Josh asked Callis if it’s possible to get your soul back once you lost it. Callis said “no” and that it will only lead to a tortured life on earth before rotting with the worms. Josh recapped the Undead Realm segment. Callis said Allie is like she is now because she got into bed with James Mitchell, figuratively…

John’s Thoughts: By the way, how did they get a camera into the “Undead Realm”? Seriously, I don’t understand the reasoning they’re pusing forward with this Undead Realm crap. I also don’t understand why they didn’t take the approach that Matt Striker and Vampiro did with their supernatural segments by not acknowledging them. Callis and Josh are put in a tough position where they come off as sarcastic when addressing this oddball material.

3. Dark Allie (w/Su Yung) vs. Kiera Hogan. Kiera gave Allie ground and pound in the corner. Josh went into plug mode for Homecoming. Kiera caught Allie with a facebuster for a two count. Kiera rallied the crowd and hit Allie with a shotgun dropkick. Kiera followed up with several corner running moves topped off with a basement dropkick. Allie sidestepped Kiera so Kiera gave Su Yung a suicide dive. Allie gave Kiera a facebuster and then mounted her own ground and pound.

John’s Thoughts: And the crowd goes mild. Seriously, this is not the Impact Zone and the Undead Realm managed to make a good crowd go quiet.

Josh said the positive from the “losing of the soul” is that Allie is more aggressive. Josh and Callis then started to talk about other things. Allie got a nearfall on Kiera. Allie tried to act crazy by slapping herself. Callis said Allie is happier without a soul. Kiera blocked a punch and hit a rally of punches on Allie. Kiera then mounted a few running moves. Kiera hit a hit a back kick on Allie for a two count. Kiera got a two count on Allie after two kicks. Josh noted that Allie was screaming. Allie set up and hit Kiera with a codebreaker for the win.

Dark Allie defeated Kiera Hogan via pinfall in 4:46.

Su Yung and Dark Allie beat up Kiera after the match. Jordynne Grace’s theme played as she walked to the ring. Grace hit Allie with a Samoan Drop and Su Yung with a sitout power bomb. Allie crawled to the corner and goet hit by a meteora from Grace. Su rolled away and Grace pushed Allie outside too. Grace’s theme played.

John’s Thoughts: Oh please, God no! Don’t drag Jordynne Grace into this piece of puke known as the Undead Realm division. I’m kinda hoping that Grace just beats up the Undead Realm by herself and ends this but since this is Impact you always have to fear that they might ruin yet another wrestler’s career.

A Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie recap video package aired…

From “earlier today”, Trevor Lee barged into the Impact Management offices of Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. Callis and D’Amore were off camera but you can easily tell who they were from their voice. Callis yelled to Trevor that Sonjay Dutt’s office was down the hall to the right (the creative team office). Trevor Lee said he’s sick and tired of showing up every week. D’Amore said they love him for it. Callis said Lee is a “hell of a hand”. Lee said he watches the show and sees a lot of idiots who can’t do what Lee does. Lee yelled at “Scott” and “Don” to shut up because he’s talking. Lee said he’s a three time X Division champion and a former Impact tag champion (with Curt Hawkins). Callis sarcastically yelled “We wish we had ten of you, you’re great”. D’Amore innocently said “we love you” (that got a little chuckle out of me tbh). Trevor said he just wants a damn match and he doesn’t care who it’s against. Callis and D’Amore agreed. Lee left and Callis went “ohhoho! I got an idea!”…

John’s Thoughts: While I still think Impact should start toning down their comedy and inside jokes, this one did get me to smile a bit. I’m just counting down the minutes until Lee is freed from his three year servitude to this company (even the good creative team didn’t know what to do with him). Ohhhh, this segment tempts me even more to go to Phoenix for NXT Takeover (but I’ll be patient and save up on the travel. The Oakland Warriors are moving to a new arena in San Fran and the Rams are moving to a new stadium in Inglewood so I know I’m in for some big WWE/NXT events on the horizon).

Santana and Ortiz were standing outside for a promo. Ortiz said he and Santana grew up only wanting to be professional wrestlers. Ortiz said the other kids wanted to be ballers, hustlahs, or rappers, but not him and Santana. Ortiz said their drug of choice. Ortiz said they did this by themselves, finding the wrestling school and working menial jobs that they didn’t like just so they can live their dream. Ortiz talked about being by Santana’s side when Santana’s career was at risk due to injury. Ortiz brought up feeling depressed and almost quitting his wrestling dream, but Santana was by his side. Ortiz said he remembered the day of their first tag team match like yesterday and they both learned that day (still to today) that their bond is special.

Ortiz said their family and Konnan have always supported them. Ortiz brought up that one time when Konnan went missing and all went to hell. Ortiz said with Konnan gone for that stretch they started losing and even lost the tag team championships (to Eli Drake and Scott Steiner). Ortiz said they have to realize that Konnan is not always going to be there and they are going to have to prove to the world, their family, and themselves that they can do this on their own.

Santana brought up how Konnan’s been referencing past war stories with Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio, afraid that he and Ortiz are going to end up as the new OGz. Santana said they will prove they are better than that. Santana said their gameplan was to be the best tag team in the world and presently they are standing in front of each other as one of the best tag teams in the game today. Santana said they are the longest reigning tag teams in the history of Impact/TNA (Just looked it up. He’s right, they just passed Beer Money. If they survive the next set of tapings they’ll surpass America’s Most Wanted’s TNA-NWA tag title run).

Santana said if they didn’t give Penta and Fenix a title shot they should be embarrassed to go back to the block. Santana said the most important part of giving them a shot is if he didn’t he couldn’t look his young daughter in the face with pride. Santana said it would hurt him especially after not being able to play with his daughter due to wrestling injuries over fatherhood. Santana said LAX is going to make history on January 6 in a tag title match. Santana closed out with the LAX 5150 Hasta La Muerte y Despues…

John’s Thoughts: Damn Ortiz. That might have been Ortiz’s best promo in his life. That was one of my favorite babyface promos that I’ve heard in Impact since Drew Galloway was cutting them on this show. Santana was great on his end too. I’m so happy for them and I pointed out seeing their growing acting and promo skills in my Impact EOTY awards that I posted on Dot Net. ReDRagon/Undisputed Era can give LAX a run for their money, but LAX carried this company on their backs on the mic and in the ring and it would be hard to argue that these two aren’t the best tag team in the world.

Trevor Lee was in a familliar positon on Impact, “already in the ring” (hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come in WWE). His opponent was Killer Kross who now has a red camera filter for his entrance…

4. Trevor Lee vs. Killer Kross. Josh brought up Lee “cutting a promo” on management earlier and how this match is a result. Callis said “whoever is running this place” (a.k.a. Callis) has a sick sense of humor. Kross and Lee had a stalemate during the collar and elbow. Kross got the advantage with a judo hip toss. The announcers noted Kross’s technical training. Lee reversed the headlock into an armbar. Lee gave Kross chops. Callis said all Lee’s struggling is doing is “turning [Kross] on”.

John’s Thoughts: Matt Striker does this too, but why do some commentators always try to relate the pain to sexual pleasure?

Lee gave Kross some shootfighting kicks but Kross nosold them and gave Lee a spinebuster. Kross put the boots to Lee while yelling. Kross hit Lee with a Northern Lights into the Doomsday Saito. Kross then locked in the Kross-jacket. Trevor Lee failed to get his arms stiffened at the ref’s check.

Killer Kross defeated Trevor Lee via Submission in 2:35.

Kross sat down afterward and gave his usual focused glare at the ref. Kross then got up and grabbed a mic. The crowd chanted “Kross” since it’s his hometown. Kross addressed “John” [Hennigan] again. Kross reiterated his offer to help to take out Cage at Homecoming for John as well as how John needs to do whatever it takes. Kross then said he was going to show John what happens when diplomacy fails.

Kross grabbed the timekeeper over to the ring and threatened to break his neck if he didn’t comply. Kross then brought a cinder block. Kross lifted up Lee and told the timekeeper to hold the block in place. Kross gave the cinder block a right hook to shatter the block into the face of Lee. The timekeeper bolted and jumped the barricade. Kross yelled to the camera “I’ll be watching John! Don’t Disappoint us!!!”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: First of all, Praise the Lord Almighty! Trevor Lee is (hopefully) freed from his three years of being a wasted talent on the Impact roster! I’m anxiously awaiting reviewing Lee’s run in NXT. I have some confidence that Paul Levesque and Jeremy Borash will do a better job booking Lee, fingers crossed. Someone who they’re not going to screw up is Killer Kross who continues to prove me right after all these years of hype that he’s a great pro wrestler. Good usage of Trevor Lee on his way out (and to Impact’s credit, they were just finally starting to book him well in his recent string of matches). LAX vs. Lucha Brothers and whatever Killer Kross is going to do are my hooks (along with Tessa vs. Taya) for the Homecoming show.

Impact showed a cinematic camera shot of Kross shattering the cinder block into Trevor Lee’s face…

Josh Mathews ran though the Impact Homecoming card: Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan, Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan vs. Dark Allie and Su Yung, Eddie Edwards vs. Moose in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Ultimate X, Eli Drake vs. Abyss in Monster’s Ball, LAX vs. Lucha Brothers for the Tag Team Championship, Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie with Gail Kim as referee for the Knockouts Championship, and Johnny Impact vs. Cage for the Impact Heavyweight Championship…

This week’s main event featured four top wrestlers from Lucha Underground… [c]

5. “The Lucha Brothers” Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. Johnny Impact and Brian Cage. Callis said this was one of the best tag teams in the world vs. the top two singles wrestlers in Impact in a dream match. Fenix hit Cage with a knife chop with Cage responding with a backbreaker. Fenix missed a cross kick. Cage nosold a flying Fenix with a headbutt. Cage then attacked the incoming Pentagon and hit him with a German Suplex. Cage lifted Pentagon into position and Johnny got the [not-so] blind tag on Cage (Cage obviously walked into position for that one).

Johnny gave Pentagon a Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Johnny did his signature parkour spots to run around Penta. Pentagon hit Johnny with a Sling Blade to stop the parkour. Pentagon then gave Johnny a backstabber. Pentagon did his signature “shhhhh” chest slap spot on Johnny several times. Fenix tagged in and walked off the shoulder of Pentagon to hit Johnny with a jump kick. Fenix hit Johnny with a rising palm.

Cage tagged in and tackled Fenix. Fenix blocked a Cage tope with a rolling cutter. Pentagon hit Cage with a Tope Con Hilo. Johnny blocked a Fenix Tope with a roundhouse. Johnny hit Pentagon with an Asai Moonsault. Fenix hit one of his innovative corkscrew tightrope crossbodies on the pile of wrestlers on the outside. [c]

Cage caught a flying Fenix into a power bomb. Johnny blind tagged himself in and dominated Fenix. They brawled to the top rope. Johnny hit a beautiful top rope C4 for the nearfall which Pentagon broke up. Pentagon caught Johnny and hit him with the Pentagon Driver. Cage broke up the pin. Johnny missed Pentagon with the Flying Chuck and grazed the face of Cage to start a little dissention. Many kicks occursed. Cage then accidently hit Johnny with the Tornado Claw. The Lucha Brothers gave Cage stereo superkicks. The Lucha Brothers hit Johnny with a Spike Piledriver for the victory.

The Lucha Brothers defeated Johnny Impact and Brian Cage via pinfall in 7:13 of TV time.

Callis said it should be assumed that Cage hitting Johnny with a Tornado Claw was an accident. Pentagon carried Fenix to the back. Cage entered the ring to confront Johnny. An “option C” chant ensued (I’m guessing the crowd didn’t know that Cage had the title shot already. On top of that they didn’t know that Johnny mentioned how he was going to give Cage the title shot without the need to relinquish the title). Cage entered the ring to ask Johnny what was his problem with the flying kick. Johnny said Cage shouldn’t have hit his own tag partner. The two men agreed that it was a mishap. Cage was about to let things be and was about to leave.

Johnny Impact then pulled on shoulder to initiate what came off as one of the most rushed pre-PPV brawls in recent memory. As usual, the referees, indie security guards, and the “heroes of Impact Xplosion” (?) ran out to try to break things up. Johnny gave Bahh, KM, Swann, Sydal, and Page a corkscrew crossbody to continue the brawl with cage. The group of cannon fodder guys managed to break things up as Josh Mathews handled the outtro for the show.

After the match, an Impact Homecoming video package aired which feature Johnny Impact giving an inspirational speech while wearing all black. It looked like the potential Cold Open for Impact and it also featured clips from TNA’s past…

John’s Thoughts: That was a bit of a disappointing main event. Solid, but disappointing. To be honest, if I were a part of Impact’s quality control I would have found a way not to air that match as the go home to the PPV. For one, I’ve seen all four of these wrestlers in the ring at the same time have classics and this one didn’t live up to the high bar they’ve set in previous matches. This closing segment also reeked of “WWE formula” and is what WWE would blandly do to push their Babyface vs. Babyface matches. The whole tired “reluctant partner” bit. It seemed forced and it probably would have been better to do a pro wrestling contract signing or face-to-face. The only good part was Lucha Brothers getting a credible win, but even they seemed shoehorned into this main event to try to hype their match against LAX. LAX’s promo did enough of a good job and Kross’s match against Trevor Lee did enough for me in hyping Johnny vs. Cage. They would have even been better to play the Cold Open instead of this match.

This show wasn’t bad, aside from the usual Undead Realm garbage. In fact it was a fairly good episode. This was a very strange go-home show and it looks like Impact needed a few more weeks to build towards their next PPV and had to rush all of their programs into the PPV and thus have a bunch of their feuds stumbling at the finish line. The MVPs of this episode was LAX with their promo, especially Ortiz who cut the promo of his life. That’s the only segment I remember from tonight that I’d recommend to go out of your way to see. I did like the Trevor Lee segments though (as a bit of a long term catharsis for Lee and for some Kross build). That aside, Impact has a really good card coming up at Homecoming. Jason Powell will have you covered this weekend with a live and audio review of the Impact Homecoming show…


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