Impact Wrestling viewership declines

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Thursday’s Impact Wrestling television drew 116,000 total viewers on Pop TV, according to The number was down from the 122,000 viewers the show accumulated the previous week.

Powell’s POV: Impact was down despite airing opposite a lousy Thursday night football game that drew a combined 12.4 million viewers for Fox and NFL Network. Last year, Impact Wrestling produced 226,000 viewers for the December 7 edition in the earlier time slot.

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  1. Fabulous Freebirds December 7, 2018 @ 4:37 pm

    The fact that Impact is doing this number at this late of a time slot is pretty impressive to me.

    • They wouldn’t be airing in a later time slot had they drawn better in the earlier time slot. When push comes to shove, it doesn’t matter what you or I think about this number. And I don’t say that with any intention of being rude, it’s realistically a case of whether Pop or another network is willing to pay them enough to air the show and keep the lights on.

  2. How does Impact compare to ROH an MLW on viewership? We never see those numbers reported but wouldn’t that be a better barometer of how Impact is doing against it’s competition?

    • ROH and MLW numbers are not available. ROH airs in syndication, which is a different game. I have no doubt that Impact draws more viewers than MLW’s television show because it’s on a stronger network. But it’s really not about comparing the viewership numbers. ROH has its Sinclair budget and they seem to stay within that budget and turn a profit. I don’t know what MLW’s deal gives them or whether it’s profitable. I just know it’s a network that is supporting them with live specials and seems to be high on MLW programming. So at the very least, MLW seems to be in good standing. Meanwhile, Impact was bumped to a later time slot and is looking for a new network home again. So that’s where the concern comes into play for Impact that doesn’t exist for the other two brands.

      • Would a network change be the worst thing for Impact, though? I believe I get what you’re saying, that when you’re trying to pitch your show to other networks, record low ratings aren’t a great sell. On the flip side, it’s hard to find POP on a lot of streaming services. Plus it used to feel like POP did more to promote the show; but now, not as much. I feel like if they could get more exposure, even if it’s maybe for a smaller deal, it might be beneficial? Outside of the Su Yung/Allie/Kiera Hogan nonsense, they have a solid show going.

        • All depends which network, what they pay and, really, whether there is another network. Pop is what it is. If the company can find an upgrade in both network size and a programming fee then it would be wonderful for them. But it’s the great unknown at this point.

          As for show quality, I like when they employ a more traditional pro wrestling style. It’s the undead realm, Eddie in the asylum, smoke circles, etc. that are a turnoff for me. And before the all things Impact defenders freak out, please note that I said those are turnoffs for ME.

          On the flip side, I like what they are doing with Impact, Cage, and Kross, the tag title feud should be great if Fenix is healthy, Scarlett Bordeaux is a star even though she’s non traditional, Tessa is terrific, heel Moose has been really fun, and I like Fallah and KM in small doses as mid-card comedy. I also love the addition of Don Callis to the broadcast team. Callis and Josh Mathews work well together.

          So there are some non-traditional aspects I enjoy, but it’s the really over the top stuff that turns ME off. If it were clicking like the Broken Universe (which I did enjoy) then great, but there’s just no indication of that in the ratings. I’d just love to see this company attempt to deliver a good, strong pro wrestling product minus the over the top angles. Every pro wrestling fan loves good pro wrestling. Not every pro wrestling fan enjoys over the top weirdness.

          • Worst case scenario for them: if they can’t find another network, do you think it’d be viable for them to air original programming on a service of their own, similar to how WWE does NXT on their network?

            Also, staunch Impact supporter here. I love the show overall, and personally don’t mind the Eddie stuff. I do understand how that won’t be for everyone, however. I think they’re making a lot of strides, though. Scarlett, Kross, Cage and Tessa have been great adds. I was really hoping they could land Neville, but that didn’t happen. I do hope to see Jericho there soon to maybe bring some new eyes to an improved product

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