Gleed’s NXT UK Hit List: Joseph Conners vs. Dan Maloney, Dave Mastiff vs. Wild Boar, Rhea Ripley’s first match as NXT UK Champion, Travis Banks makes his NXT UK television debut

By Haydn Gleed, Staffer (@haydngleed)


Ligero vs. Tyson T-Bone: A good match with the classic big man trying to dominate with power and the smaller guy using his pace to his advantage. In terms of the NXT UK Universe, this was an impressive win for Ligero, but it still feels that he’s one of the guys who is a bit directionless on the roster at the moment. However, an enjoyable match with both wrestlers playing their parts well.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint announcements: A minor Hit for being unintentionally funny for how awkward Johnny Saint looked. If you can tell how comfortable someone is by their eyes, then Saint was terrified during this segment.

Rhea Ripley vs. Candyfloss: I enjoyed the character work from Rhea Ripley during this match. At the point this match was filmed the crowd wouldn’t have seen that Rhea was working as a heel and they gave her a great ovation. She played into that by being gracious and kind towards the lovable Candyfloss, but when she attacked the 18 year old after the match the crowd turned on her and it was great to see.

Live crowd: The crowd was hot for both shows this week and it enhanced the episodes as a result. Plymouth isn’t a usual stop for the WWE main roster so they are somewhat starved for regular high profile shows and as a result it created a great atmosphere. On a side note, the Plymouth Pavilion looked good on television.

NXT UK Misses

Travis Banks vs. Wolfgang: The match was too short to really get across how good Banks. He should have been given a more impressive in-ring debut. Although I understand from a storytelling standpoint why he would want to get his revenge on Wolfgang, I feel they should have built to it after building up Banks to the audience who hadn’t seen him before his NXT UK run.

Too many directionless characters: Presently, there are too many people who feel are directionless at the moment. They get spotlighted every three weeks, have a brief feud then cycle and repeat. It feels too many wrestlers are spinning their wheels.

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