11/7 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: The two-hour Season 4 finale, Marty the Moth vs. Pentagon Dark in a Cero Miedo match for the LU Title, Johnny Mundo vs. Matanza Cueto in a loser gets sacrificed match, Mil Muertes vs. Willie Mack in a Death Match, Antonio Cueto’s Lord is revealed


By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Aired November 7, 2018 – Season 4 Episode 22
Taped in March 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California at the Union Central Cold Storage Warehouse

This week’s intro teaser focused on the ancient Los Angeles Aztecs, Dario Cueto’s death/funeral, Matanza’s power-up, Johnny Mundo’s wedding, Johnny Mundo’s power-up, Catrina’s death at the hands of Mil Muertes, Aerostar’s time travel, and Marty the Moth’s Lucha Underground title win. This week’s Lucha Underground is the last episode of Lucha Underground this season (and possibly the series) titled “Ultima Lucha 4 – Part 2″…

The show cut to Johnny and Taya Mundo in the LU locker room. Johnny was doing air guitar with his not-infinity gauntlet while Taya was doing makeup. Johnny talked about covering the gauntlet with Matanza’s blood. Johnny called Matanza a “Turd monster” (I’m not sure why Johnny is obcessed with the word “Turd”). Johnny’s glove started to electrify and Johnny’s eyes showed that he might be getting possessed. Taya told Johnny that she’ll be there ringside for Johnny’s match. Johnny told Taya his possible last words in that he loves Taya. After Johnny left Ricky’s creepy doll started to talk and say “I love you too”. Taya was freaked out about not pulling the doll’s string. The doll called Taya “The perfect woman… and the perfect host”. Taya was then shown getting possessed presumably…

John’s Thoughts: I’m not a fan of possession storylines. It sucks in Impact and it can suck here due to it being hard to pull off in live-action (see: Sami Callihan trying to act like a zombie).

Melissa Santos introduced the Temple to Ultima Lucha 4. Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary. Striker thanked El 43 for providing the house music for the night as he quickly sent things over to Melissa… [c]

1. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Fenix in a best-of-three falls match. Fenix and Azteca had a striking match to start the fight. Fenix grounded Azteca with a rolling cutter. Azteca reversed a power bomb into a Sunset Flip bomb for a nearfall. Azteca took out Fenix with a crossbody on the outside. Fenix dodged a 450 and hit Azteca with a pump kick. Azteca came back with a pump kick. Fenix came back with a rising palm. Fenix hit Azteca with his finisher, the Kinniku Buster Driver, for the first pinfall. A sports score graphic showed on the screen (why? This is not an Ironman match so Striker would have sufficed to tell the viewers who has the pin). [c]

John’s Thoughts: Ugh, what’s the point of the best of three falls situation when all it does in some cases is force the wrestlers to dilute their matches with pointless early pinfalls.

Fenix took out a table from under the ring. Azteca recovered and hit Fenix with a spinning lariat and jumping thrust kick. Azteca hit Fenix with the DDTJ for the pinfall. Dario Cueto made his entrance in the middle of the match. Antonio said they need to take things to the next level because it’s Ultima Lucha. Antonio said the match was now falls count anywhere. Fenix gave Azteca a chairshot to the head (It looked protected, but it might not have been). [c]

John’s Thoughts: Two pinfalls with two finishers in less than three minutes of match time and two commercial breaks. Not a great formula.

Azteca centered his weight to block a Fenix outside suplex. Azteca kicked Fenix to ringside. Azteca tossed a chair at Fenix’s head. Azteca then threw Fenix into the snnounce table. The camera showed Melissa Santos trying to act sad. Fenix went for a pin after a German Suplex but Azteca kicked out. Striker said that Lucha Underground has the best referees in all of Lucha Libre (the PWG referees?). Azteca sidestepped Fenix and gave Fenix a kick and slingshot shotgun dropkick. Azteca and Fenix traded punches at ringside. Azteca hit Fenix with a DDTJ at ringside.

Fenix and Azteca brawled to the seats (right in the section of seats I was sitting at).Azteca gave Fenix a huracanrana to get back to ringside. Fenix gave Azteca a Swanton Bomb on a table, but the table won and didn’t break. Fenix went for the Kinniku Buster again but Azteca fought out. Azteca gave Fenix a super victory roll through a table for a two count. Melissa Santos got out of her seat to stop Azteca from hitting Fenix with a chair. Melissa yelled that Azteca is Fenix’s amigo (since when? Vampiro just pointed this out too). Melissa said “he’s not him”. Fenix then gave Azteca a chairshot to the head. Fenix speared Azteca through a table. Fenix gave Azteca a Kinniku Buster Driver for the win.

Fenix defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. 2-1 in a best of three falls match in about 15:30 of TV Time.

The unnecessary scoreboard flashed on the screen to show Fenix’s victory. Melissa Santos yelled “Fenix” and then walked away. Striker said the fans are in disbelief (despite them cheering “Animo”)… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I’m sorry, this match was an utter mess and cluster. For starters, why did they make the match best of three falls if their ultimate goal was to get to a Falls Count Anywhere match? Why not make it a Falls Count Anywhere match to begin with? The match actually became a match after the second fall anyway. Second, the two commercial breaks during the match hurt the flow big time. Third, Melissa Santos’s bad acting and being shoehorned into storylines dragged down the match. On top of that, unnecessary chairshots to the head. Why? In 2018 on a show most people aren’t going to watch and if they do did it really enhance the match? On top of that, Fenix and Azteca aren’t hardcore wrestlers? This is how you have a bad match with two main event talents.

Antonio Cueto said Melissa Santos has just left the building. Antonio Cueto announced that his replacement for Melissa is Eddie and Vickie Guerrero’s daughter Shaul Guerrero. Shaul tried to introduce Willie Mack but Famous B walked out instead and cut off Shaul. Famous B was trying to cut a promo on Shaul but was cut off by Shaul giving him a vintage Vickie G “Excuse Me”. Shaul named her famous family members including the late Eddie Guerrero. Shaul called B a Famous Bitch. B then threatened to make Shaul leave the ring. A “kick his ass” chant ensued. Chavo Guerrero returned and distracted Famous B. This allowed Shaul to give Famous B The Three Amigos. Chavo went to the top rope to hit B with a Frog Splash… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A great feel-good moment for the crowd. It did come off better in-person than it did on TV, but Shaul handled the time she was given really well. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chavo as a babyface because he looked solid as well. The loud crowd didn’t translate well on TV since they had to mute things due to LU using Eddie Guerrero’s WWE entrance music at the temple. Why they would use WWE music is beyond me?

2. Mil Muertes vs. Willie Mack in a Death Match. Mil brought a casket to ringside. Mil caught a Mack kick and gave him a shortarm lariat. Mack came back with a running leg lariat. Mack sent Mil to ringside and gave him a Tope Con Hilo. Mack and Mil brawled next to the casket. Mil gave Mack a DDT on the ring apron. Mil dragged another casket to ringside. Mil gave Mack an X Factor on top of one of the caskets. Mil gave Mack his signature rapid lariats in the corner. Mack reversed with a drop toehold. Mack gave Mil a neckbreaker. Mil hit Mack with an ice pick. Mack bladed.

Mack hit Mil with an imploding cannonball. Mack got a two count. Mack found tools inside of the casket. Mil gave Mack a suicide dive as he was unloading the casket. there were several axes and hammers in the casket. Mil brought a giant F’n axe to the ring. Mack blocked being chopped. Mil dodged being chopped. Mil came and Mack with a shove.
Mack gained a moment of respite after a spinning wheel kick on Mil. Mack punched Mil with a chain wrapped around his hand. Mack gave Mil a Van Terminator with a trash can. Mil chokeslammed Mack after he recovered. Mack took Mil to ringside and ripped off the top of Mil’s mask.

Mack then hit Mil in the head with a kendo stick. Mack hit Mil with a running DDT. Mil gave Mack a clothesline and got a nearfall. Mack hit Mil with a clunky but effective Samoan Drop. Mack hit Mil with a standing shooting star and got another nearfall. Mil hit Mack with a power slam for his own nearfall. Mil hit Mack with a spike Flatliner. Mack kicked out at two. Mack used elbows to fight out of another Flatliner attempt. Mack gave Mil two Stone Cold Stunners but Mil wouldn’t fall. Mack then hit Mil in the head with a brick. Mack then called Mil a “Motherf—er” which was uncensored. Mack hit Mil with a Stone Cold stunner for the victory.

The Mack defeated Mil Muertes via pinfall in 12:52.

Striker said Mack has made history by defeating Mil at Ultima Lucha for the first time. Mack (with the help of the referees due to the wheels being broken) put Mil in the coffin. Mack got a few beers and poured one out on Mil. Mack didn’t end up closing the casket as the show cut to commercial… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A solid match and a lot of effort was there. This match didn’t live up to their Haunted House Match from a few months ago (which was essentially LU’s version of TNA’s Lethal Lockdown). It’s tough to live up to that match which included pantomimed knife stabbings. So far Ultima Lucha has been underwhelming and there’s a reason why I came out of this weekend saying that Pentagon Jr. vs. Chelsea Green was the match of the weekend. So far, this episode relied too much on hardcore shortcuts when they should be trying to rely on their superior in-ring roster.

Antonio Cueto came out after Johnny Mundo’s entrance to set up for the Sacrifice match. Matanza came out wearing Aztec gear… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Why didn’t they have Matanza wear this more often? Him wearing janitor’s garb really hurt his credibility on this show over the years. That’s one factor that hurt him.

3. Matanza Cueto (w/Antonio Cueto) vs. Johnny Mundo in a loser gets sacrificed match. Matanza wore more traditional wrestling tights as opposed to the janitor jumpsuit he usually wears. Johnny dominated with a shove early on. Matanza dodged a glove Superman Punch from johnny. Matanza ripped off the glove from Matanza and tossed it to ringside. Johnny tried to get to the glove but was hit by a pop up power slam by Matanza. Matanza hit Johnny with a running Samoan Drop. Matanza followed up with a German Suplex. Matanza hit Johnny with a modified Fisherman Suplex for a nearfall.

John’s Thoughts: Small little note, there’s this weird yellow filter on in the arena which has been a problem throughout this season.

Johnny reversed a Wrath of the Gods with a rollup. Johnny then hit a kick combo on Matanaza followed by a Moonlight Drive. Johnny hit Matanza with Starship Pain. Matanza kicked out at two. Matanza hit Johnny with a Super German Suplex. Johnny crawled under the ring to play cat and mouse with Matanza. Johnny tricked Matanza to crawling under the ring as he managed to get the metal glove back. Matanza gave Johnny a running shoulder block which made Johnny send the glove into the seats. Matanza tossed the Gauntlet in to the ceiling of the freezer entrance.

Johnny got a few strikes in but relied on his parkour to escape Matanza. Johnny ran on top of a circuit board to almost get to the freezer area but Matanza got his hands on him. Johnny took advantage of being in power bomb position to get to the top of the freezer ceiling area. Johnny had the glove in hand. Matanza shoved Johnny through the roof of the elevator area. Matanza’s entrance theme played to signify that Matanza might have won. Johnny then emerged from the freezer doors and he did his John Morrison pose with the gauntlet. Johnny used the magic glove to punch a chair into Matanza. Matanza then used his quickness to avoid Johnny’s power punches. Matanza reversed a Superman Punch into Wrath of the Gods. Johnny Mundo kicked out.

Matt Striker said Johnny Mundo is the first person to kick out of Wrath of the Gods. Johnny hit Matanza with several gauntlet punches. Johnny grounded Matanza with a Superman Punch. Johnny gave Antonio a middle finger and then hit Matanza with a top rope Superman Punch to pick up the win.

Johnny Mundo defeated Matanza Cueto via pinfall in 11:57 to win the loser gets sacrificed match.

Antonio Cueto walked away in disappointment after the match. Johnny celebrated in front of the Temple while also staring at his glove. The crowd chanted Sacrifice. They didn’t show the sacrifice though and cut to commercial… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Odd, they edited out the part where Matanza get’s “absorbed” by Johnny Mundo? Maybe they have other plans to write off Matanza but this is presumably the last we’ve seen of Jeff Cobb in Lucha Underground. You’re either going to like or absolutely hate this match. I won’t blame you if you hated it because there was a lot of “supernatural” aspect to it. I liked it due to Johnny doing a good job with the gauntlet and the supernatural stuff. This might have been Cobb’s best match in LU? It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but it was entertaining to some people at least.

The show cut to cinematic mode. Johnny was shown backstage with the Gauntlet on. Johnny was looking for Taya but found Aerostar instead. Aerostar talked about how he needed the gauntlet back because the power of the glove is not enhancing Johnny but rather destroying Johnny. Aerostar warned Johnny that he’ll become a shell of himself and possessed by a rogue god. Johnny acted a bit smug but then handed the glove peacefully over to Aerostar. Aerostar said Johnny is a good man. Johnny said he’s going to celebrate his win with his wife…

Shaul Guerrero handled the ring introductions for the Cero Miedo match… [c]

4. Marty The Moth Martinez vs. Pentagon Dark in a Cero Miedo match for the LU Championship. Pentagon threw a chair at Marty before the match. Pentagon brought trash cans and weapons to the ring. Marty already bladed with a crimson mask at this point. Pentagon hit Marty with a trash can. Marty so sold a few of Pentagon’s strikes but Pentagon dominated him and tossed him into the first row seats. Pentagon hit Marty with a superkick. Marty gained some breathing room after a hip toss on Pentagon. Marty brought his lunch box off doom to the ring.

Marty ripped off the top of Pentagon’s mask (everyone rips off this guy’s mask. So much, everyone knows what Penta’s face looks like). Marty took a bite out of some beef jerky from his lunch box. Marty then japped a fork in the head of Pentagon. Marty grabbed a few chairs and piled them on top of Pentagon. Pentagon emerged as Marty was gloating. Penta tossed a chair unprotected at Marty. Pentagon hit Marty with a Canadian Destroyer at ringside. Marty kicked Penta in the balls in the ring. Marty put Pentagon in a trash can in Tree of Woe position and then pummeled the can with a barbed wire bat.

Marty brought his can of [not] gasoline. I’m assuming it’s not gas since it would have had a strong smell in-person. Marty poured the liquid on Pentagon. Mart took out his Zippo lighter and gloated again. Marty kicked the lighter out of Marty’s hand. Marty gloated again and grabbed the barbed wire bat. Marty then accidently rebounded the bat and hit himself in the head. Pentagon hip tossed Marty to a table at ringside. Pentagon tossed Marty into a random glass window set up at ringside. Pentagon set up some chairs in the ring. Pentagon gave Marty a Fear Factor through the chairs for the victory.

Pentagon Dark defeated Marty the Moth Martinez via pinfall in 12:29 to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

John’s Thoughts: A lot of effort was there, I’ll give both men credit for that. What I’ll discredit a lot of wrestlers throughout this show is unnecessary concussive shots to the head that don’t add to the match. To casual viewers it has no impact and to hardcore viewers is turnoff material. While there was a lot of effort, Marty’s title reign was a dud. He won the title in a flukey fashion and lost it soon after. Chelsea Green had a better showing during Marty’s title run. They also continue to make Pentagon dominant which at least they did a good job there.

Reklusa (NXT Wrestler Chelsea Green) ran in the ring to save Marty from getting hit by Pentagon’s sacrifice arm breaker. Vampiro entered the ring to present Pentagon with the title belt. Vampiro presented Pentagon with the belt and then kicked Pentagon below the belt. Penta and Vampiro traded a few shots. Suddenly some random small guy in a skeleton mask ran out. Vampiro bowed down to the guy wearing an interation of Pentagon’s gear and called him “master”. The mini pentagon guy hit Pentagon with a shooting star press from the second story? The camera showeed the fans giving some confused shrugs. The master guy hit Pentagon with a Red Arrow.

John’s Thoughts: So Mini-Pentagon is Vampiro’s new master? That funny and disappointing at the same time. At least he can do a cool Red Arrow.

Jake Strong made his entrance. Vampiro and his “master” left the ring. Jake Strong reminded Pentagon that he could cash in his title shot at any time. Strong handed the belt over to Marty Elias and cashed in…

5. Pentagon Dark vs. Jake Strong for the Lucha Underground Championship. Jake locked in the Ankle Lock. Pentagon passed out.

Jake Strong defeated Pentagon Dark via ref stoppage in 0:42 to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

The crowd chanted “bullshit” at Jack Swagger’s title win. Vampiro closed out Lucha Underground Season 4…

But wait? It was time for the post-credit season ending stinger cinematic. Dragon Azteca, King Cuerno, and Aerostar were having a meeting backstage. Cuerno said they need to put the gauntlet back into hiding. Azteca said they have to strike now. Aerostar didn’t want to do it but he told Azteca to do it quick. Azteca took the glove and said “she” plans to. Azteca gave the glove to Black Lotus (Angela Fong) who found Matanza in the sewers (why Matanza is in the Sewers and not “dead” is odd?). Black Lotus did some cinematic karate on Matanza and used the magic glove to rip the heart out of Matanza. Matanza dropped the heart on the floor. They said that Azteca sr. and Lotus’s dad could now rest in peace. Right when Lotus walked away Jake Strong blindsided Azteca and stole the glove. Swagger used some cool fighting moves on Azteca and then cracked Azteca’s ankle with bad post-edit sound effects. Jake Strong said the glove belongs to “us” (so Swagger’s is Venom now). Strong did his We The People thing with the bloody glove.

Johnny Mundo found a possessed Taya in the locker room. Johnny asked Taya about not being at the corner. Johnny gave Taya the benefit of the doubt for having confidence in Johnny to handle Matanza by himself. Johnny wanted to go to have a proper honeymoon. Taya then said she’s not Johnny’s wife as she started slamming him against lockers. Taya said “I am god”. (so Taya’s a creepypasta now?).

The next cinematic was Antonio Cueto, Agent Winter, “The Master”, Jake Strong, and The Lord in a limo. Antonio said all the gods are taking human form. Winter asked who’s blood was on Strong’s shoulder which disappointed Antonio. The Lord spoke in Spanish about how “The Order” will not forget Matanza’s sacrifice. Suddenly The Lord got a familiar British voice. The Lord asked “Anyone else have any Bad News?”. It was Bad News Barrett! Barrett said it was time to take over the world!

The show cut to Aerostar traveling back in time to Dario Cueto’s funeral. Aerostar used his immortality medallion to bring Dario back to life. Aerostar said “come with me”. Dario said, “Aerostar? What the Fu….” to close the show. The show ended with “to be continued”…

John’s Thoughts: The post title match stuff was a cluster. I’ll give more thoughts on Ultima Lucha 4 in a bit, but overall it was disappointing and if you want to see this roster utilized better, I’d actually recommend you get the Global Wrestling Network to watch them have better matches at Slammiversary (and they even have a one month free trial I believe). While Impact had a good Slammiversary, it’s Lucha Underground doing the dumb TNA things at their biggest show of the year with some strange Jeff Jarrett like overbooking.

As for the cliffhangers, that was pretty cool. The only thing not great is Taya getting possessed. They handled it better when it looked like the doll was corrupting Ricky Mandel and they could have had Taya undergo the same corruption. Everything else was pretty sweet. Swagger really needed cinematics this season. It was too little too late, but at least he got to look good a little bit. They edited out Johnny Mundo killing Matanza to have Angela Fong kill Matanza. That was okay to tie up a loose end.

The best parts were Aerostar because Aerostar is the cinematic MVP and the reveal of Bad News Barrett as the Lord because I never would have predicted that. For years after they moved away from Montel Vontavious Porter, I thought it should have been Killer Kross, but this was a nice surprise because Wade Barrett is awesome. A way better surprise than some mini-pentagon being Vampiro’s master. Last good thing, Dario lives! Go out of your way to see the show closing cinematic, but otherwise this was a very poor Ultima Lucha. Last week’s Part 1 was much better. I’ll be by tomorrow with my Members Exclusive Audio Review.

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  1. If for no other reason, I really hope they get another season so that the last thing that happens in the LU ring is NOT a musclebound “big hoss” white guy standing victorious as champion over the luchador hometown hero after a screwjob finish. Nothing against Strong, but that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, y’know?

    • I don’t think there’s a problem with putting the title on Swagger, but the crowd gave him zero heat because they’ve done little to define Jake other than give him the Goldberg push. Not to mention, this was a dud version of not only Swaggers WWE cash in, but Pentagon’s cash in from last year.

      I hope LU gets another season but also hope we don’t see the same problem as this season where’s it’s obvious they ran out of money with Cricket Wireless becoming a WWE sponsor

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