10/4 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Marty Martinez and Chelsea Green discuss Marty’s title win and Sexy Star’s whereabouts, Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and XO Lishus vs. Paul London, El Bunny, and Killer Kross, Ultima Lucha 4 announced


By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Aired October 3, 2018 – Season 4 Episode 17
Taped March 2018 in Los Angeles, California at the Union Central Cold Storage Warehouse

This week’s Lucha Underground intro teaser focused on the Killshot and Son of Havoc feud, Ivelisse teaming with Joey Ryan and XO Lishus, Killer Kross debuting at the temple, and Aerostar resurrecting an evil-corrupted Fenix. This week’s episode was titled “The Moth and the Butterfly”…

Aerostar and Melissa Santos were shown staring in the distance during daytime in Downtown LA. Melissa asked Aerostar what happened [with Fenix]? Aerostar said he shouldn’t have undone what time had already done, but Fenix is Aerostar’s friend. Melissa said Fenix was more than a friend to her, he was her everything. Aerostar said that when Catrina sucked the life force out of Fenix that her evil spirit infected him like a disease (ha! Called it!).

Aerostar said Fenix wasn’t supposed to get it back and it changed him. Some music started playing that sounded like DC’s Flash series music. Aerostar said Fenix changed into something evil. Aerostar said he can’t be saved and is already gone. Melissa asked Fenix how he’s so sure. Aerostar said he already saw the end (Because he’s a time traveling warrior!). Melissa asked, “the end of what?”. Aerostar said he saw the end of “todo” (everything)…

John’s Thoughts: The most satisfying part of this season is any cinematic involving Aerostar or Drago, especially when Aerostar goes into time traveling power ranger mode. Now he’s also Dr. Strange since he saw the future!

Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary. El Conjunto Nueva Ola was the house band for this week. Striker recapped Marty Martinez’s rise to the Lucha Underground Champion (who got help from Chelsea Green). Vampiro acted extra excited and sent the action to the ring…

1. Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and XO Lishus vs. “The New Rabbit Tribe” Paul London, “White Rabbit” Killer Kross, and El Bunny. Killer Kross had the usual trench coat that we usually see him wear before matches on Impact Wrestling. Kross stood on the steps as he ordered El Bunny and Paul London to flank the babyfaces in the ring. The babyfaces stared at Kross which allowed London and Bunny to blindside the face trio. London had a black jumpsuit ant white facepaint. Ivelisse dominated London. London tagged in Bunny as Ivelisse tagged in XO. Bunny did some cool high flying moves for a guy his size and then hit a springboard shoulder block on XO.

John’s Thoughts: Seriously, I wonder if sometime between his release and now if they swapped out “New” Mascarita Sagrada with “old” Sagrada, who was known as El Torrito in WWE. The etymology sure works, and this guy is just so smooth in the ring.

Bunny hit XO with a slingshot Tiger Feint Kick and then a slingshot bronco buster. The camera showed Kross doing his usual death stare to the action in the ring. London tagged in and XO tried to fight out of the disadvantage. XO landed a Sunset Flip on London for a nearfall. London hit XO with a clothesline. Kross ordered London with a simple nod to not go for the pin and inflict more pain. XO managed to tag in Ivelisse. Ivelisse got Bunny and London in the corner and gave them a one-person double German Suplex.

Kross wasn’t pleased. Ryan tagged in and shoved London into XO’s booty jabs. Bunny came in and gave XO a huracanrana to the outside. Kross tagged in. London and El Bunny took out Ivelisse and XO with suicide dives. Joey Ryan was left in the ring with Kross. Ryan gave Kross several superkicks with Kross no-sold. Joey tried to use his crotch lollipop to shove in the face of Kross, but Kross wasn’t having any of it. Killer Kross gave Joey Ryan a Doomsday Saito. Kross then pulled a white glove out of his ass (literally, he pulled it out of the backside of his trunks). Vampiro said “It’s a good thing it wasn’t a rubber glove”. Kross then gave Joey Ryan a Mandible Claw. Joey Ryan passed out and then started convulsing.

The Rabbit Tribe defeated Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and XO Lishus via ref stoppage in 5:20.

Kross removed the claw to reveal blood stains on the glove. Kross did his usual killer faces and then turned his face into a focus on the blood stains. Kross swung a pocket watch to end the segment… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Solid debut for the new Rabbit Tribe with Kross and Bunny looking great in their innovative offense. The white glove was cheesy at first but the blood stains against a white background made for an amazing visual to add to Kross’s “killer” vibe.

Matt Striker went into his Ultima Lucha announcement. Striker said Ultima Lucha was happening in four weeks and was a two parter. Striker announced Mil Muertes vs. Willie Mack in a Death Match, Fenix vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr, and Marty Martinez vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship…

John’s Thoughts: Ok, so now my knowledge matches what we’re seeing on TV since I did attend Ulitma Lucha and the week before. I’m glad they didn’t go with a five or six part UL to up the last few years because there were diminishing returns on those (the random 4-a-unique-opportunity week stands out as dumb).

Killshot walked out acting like a heel. Vampiro said it was disgusting seeing Killshot have his dog tags around his waist instead of neck… [c]

2. Killshot vs. Son of Havoc. Killshot started the match going right at Havoc’s mask. Killshot went for a headscissors which Havoc countered with a handstand and dropkick. Havoc went for an Asai Moonsault but Killshot countered and tossed Havoc with a Military Press into the metal guard rail. Striker said that Havoc wears a mask probably due to his biker gang past.

John’s Thoughts: When you think Son of Havoc, given that he’s a Sons of Anarchy parody, you don’t think badass gang member, especially after season 3 established him as a lovable comedy babyface.

Killshot gave Havoc chops while also taunting him. Havoc responded with a show of fighting spirit. Havoc came back with chops and forearms of his own. Havoc gave Killshot a uppercut. Havoc sidestepped Killshot to send Killshot outside. Havoc acted like a wrecking ball to hit Killshot with a dropkick followed up by a suicide dive. Havoc hit Killshot with a double stomp for a two count nearfall. Killshot went right at Havoc’s face again to get Havoc off guard. Havoc recovered and hit Killshot with a rebound cutter.

Havoc’s fatigue caused him to slowly escalate the top rope. Killshot recovered and put Havoc in a tree of woe into the Killstomp. Killshot hit a Double Underhook slam for his own nearfall. Havoc caught a shortarm boot and returned the favor with a series of pump kicks. Killshot came back with a jump kick. Killshot countered into an arm trap cross armbreaker but Havoc blocked the submission. Havoc blocked a La Magistral by forcing his weight down and pinning Killshot on the mat for the win.

Son of Havoc defeated Killshot via pinfall in 6:48.

Killshot quickly gave Havoc a knee before he could get to his feet to celebrate the win. Killshot got his dog tags and used it as an improv Knuckle Duster. Killshot pummeled Havoc. Striker said this was disrespectful to the US military. Killshot trapped Havoc on the second rope and took off the mask of Havoc’s mask. Havoc covered the face with his hands but you could clearly see Matt Cross. Antonio Cueto walked out and told Killshot that he knows that Killshot and Havoc both serve the purpose of hiding identities due to both men being on the run. Cueto also said that the masks symbolize the warriors that Havoc and Killshot have become. Cueto booked a mask vs. mask match for Ultima Lucha… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Lucha Underground does a great job having matches not end in a finisher which helps stretch the feud when you have a bit of fluky nature behind it while also building up the winner as more credible at the same time. It’s tough to pull off, but bonus points to the agents who put this match together.

Marty the Moth Martinez and a brunette Chelsea Green made their entrance. Marty the Moth came out wearing an Aztec cape. Striker said the drawing near the eye of Chelsea makes him think of Sherri Martel. Marty introduced himself as Lucha Underground Champion. said his journey started three years ago when Sexy Star embarrassed his family. He was overwhelmed with Cero Miedo chants. Marty said the moth doesn’t forget which is why he sent “Reclusa” after her. Marty pointed out that a Brown Recluse is a spider and that must be the name Chelsea is going by. Chelsea revealed the Sexy Star mask.

Marty talked about Chelsea terrorizing Sexy Star for a year (If you remember, Sexy Star randomly has arachnophobia and they did those vignettes where Sexy Star would freak out at toy spiders in her locker). Marty said when he ordered Chelsea to go after Star, there was nothing left of her other than the mask. Marty then said there is one more person who humiliated him more than Sexy Star, Pentagon Dark. Cero Miedo chants ensued. Marty recapped Pentagon breaking his arm and he took away what Pentagon cares most about, the Lucha Underground Champion. Marty said there is one more person he forgot, someone more beautiful. Marty turned to Melissa Santos who gave him a Cero Miedo hand sign. Instead he mentioned another Melissa, Mariposa (Cheerleader Melissa).

Marty thanked Mariposa for giving him focus during his lowest point. Marty the Moth then said his first title defense will be against Mariposa so they can play just like when they were kids. Mariposa made her entrance and was ready for a match…

John’s Thoughts: Marty’s delivery was fine, but that was a bit of a plot dump. This was another scene that would have been better served if there were a series of cinematics that led up to it. Instead this WWE-style in-ring promo compensated for the lack of cinematics this season and it ended up being a bit too convoluted. It also made Marty come off more like a cheesy Bond Villain who gives out exposition in long diatribe segments instead of an evolved character. Not his fault. It’s a downside of this budget cut season.

3. Marty “The Moth” Martinez (w/Reclusa) vs. Mariposa in a No-DQ match for the Lucha Underground Championship. Justin Borden was the referee for the match. Mariposa started the match with a headbutt. Marty gave Mariposa a low blow kick (which still hurts since women still have stuff down there). Matt Striker said this match was no disqualification. Marty trapped Mariposa on the second rope and pummeled her from the rear guard. Marty then went to try to rip the mask off of Mariposa. Marty took Mariposa to the outside and tossed her into the chairs. Marty tossed Mariposa into the announce table and she started bleeding (she probably bladed due to the table covering the view).

Matt Striker talked about hemoglobin. Marty gave Mariposa a Giant Swing onto the table. Mariposa begged for mercy. Marty tossed Mariposa into the corner and stomped a mudhole in her as she let out cries of pain. Mariposa countered a head slam and then slammed Marty into the guard rails at ringside. Marty countered, and power bombed Mariposa on the guard rail and then the ringside mat. Chelsea Green gave Marty a chair. Mariposa ducked the chair shot and then superkicked the chair into the head of Marty. Mariposa returned the favor to Marty by kicking Marty in the balls.

Mariposa grabbed the microphone and said that if Marty wants to play with chairs “let’s play bitch”. Mariposa then threw a chair at Marty for what looked like an unprotected chair shot. No good. Mariposa then tossed a pile of chairs on top of Marty. Mariposa spent about a minute re-tossing a pile of chairs on top of Marty which set the crowd on fire. Mariposa set a chair up in the ring. Marty countered. Mariposa countered back with a drop toehold onto the chair. Mariposa landed a missile dropkick on Marty for a really close nearfall. Mariposa struggled to get Marty up at first but with running help from Marty, she hit him with a Samoan Drop on the chair. Reclusa gave Mariposa a superkick to stop her from using a Vertebreaker (thank God she didn’t try to hit Marty with a vertebreaker). Marty did the Cero Miedo hand sign and hit Mariposa with a Fear Factor for the victory.

Marty The Moth Martinez defeated Mariposa via pinfall in 9:10 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

The crowd showered Marty with boos after the match as he held up his title belt. Striker said that Marty overcame the “literal shit” (not the right usage of the word, Striker…) kicked out of him. Striker also noted that Marty used Pentagon’s and Mariposa’s moves during the match. Marty grabbed a mic and said to Mariposa that Mariposa showed him the focus and it’s the same focus that’s going to keep him Lucha Underground Champion. Marty then challenged Pentagon Jr. to a Cero Miedo (no-DQ) match. Marty said he’s dedicating the match to Mariposa. Marty said he was dedicating “this” to Pentagon. This, was Marty hitting Mariposa with Pentagon’s Sacrifice Arm Breaker.

Reclusa yelled “Do it!” as Marty hit Mariposa with the arm break move. Pentagon ran into the ring with a chair as Marty went into retreat with his title belt. Pentagon asked if Pentagon was really challenging to a Cero Miedo match. Pentagon said he accepts, because tonight he promises to all people that at Ultima Lucha 4 he’s going to break Marty’s bones. Pentagon then also called Marty’s mother a puto. Pentagon ended with his usual “Porque Yo So Pentagon Dark, El Cero Miedo” to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Not a huge fan of Marty’s first title defense being a CZW-lite style garbage match, but at least there was that one great moment with the pile of steel chairs. I’m not 100% sold on Marty as the top Champion because there is so little time to build between now and the end of this season in building his credibility. They also have to build up Reclusa at the same time and I fear that some build will get lost in the shuffle on this one hour show. Reclusa/Chelsea is going to have a great match at least, wait up for that, but it would help if they gave her cinematics which they probably won’t until the finale.

This wasn’t the best of episodes. It wasn’t the worst of episodes. This episode existed to announce Ultima Lucha and nudge forward a few storylines. Hopefully things get more interesting in upcoming weeks, but I felt like this episode didn’t really come off as important. It was rather mandatory to set up matches four weeks from now. As I noted weeks ago, they also dragged out Killer Kross a bit too late to the point where they have to spend time developing him and El Bunny. Now I question LU’s decision to spend a lot of time “killing” half their roster as opposed to cinematics or actual storyline development. Instead it seemed more like a meta thing where they were cleaning house. I’ll be by later today for the Dot Net Members where I’ll share more thoughts via my audio review.


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