6/16 Moore’s NXT Takeover: Chicago Pre-Show report


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT Takeover: Chicago Pre-Show
Aired on WWE Network
Chicago, Illinois at Allstate Arena

Charley Caruso, Sam Roberts, and Pat McAfee checked in on the NXT Takeover: Chicago panel. Halestorm’s “Uncomfortable” served as the theme for the pre-show. Charley Caruso pointed out that McAfee was wearing a dress suit on top but he was also wearing denim shorts and sneakers. Charley then did her Money in the Bank and WWE Network plugs…

Lars Sullivan was shown wearing a suit and entering the arena from the parking lot. Aleister Black was in an all black suit and entering the arena from a staff elevator. Charley cut to the Black vs. Sullivan hype video package. The focus of the video package was Black’s Black Mass finisher and how Lars Sullivan was the only person to stop it head on (they didn’t bring up how Black was about to pin Lars Sullivan a few months ago after hitting him with Black Mass and Adam Cole interfering to cause Black to suffer his first loss to Johnny Gargano in a fatal four way). Back at the panel, Sam talked about people have been talking about Sullivan since the last Takeover. McAfee used a bunch of metaphors to talk about Sullivan. McAfee was super excited that Aleister Black could put out a candle fire with his fingers. Charley said EC3 was joining the panel after the commercial… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Just saying, it doesn’t hurt to put out a candle with your fingertips. Just don’t put your hand over the top of the fire. It’s heat that burns you not the fire. Cero Miedo ya’ll!

Charley Caruso introduced Fozzy’s Painless as the second theme for Takeover. The panel cut to the Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross video package which was the package shown this past Wednesday. Sam Roberts said Baszler is one of his favorite people to watch on NXT. McAfee said that Baszler can’t break Cross’s mind because she is already crazy. McAfee called Cross “the Scottish Loony Toon”. McAfee chose Cross to win while Roberts chose Baszler…

John’s Thoughts: McAfee was pretty solid at the last Takeover and had an entertaining exchange with Adam Cole. He’s trying a bit too hard this time. Sam Roberts, in fact, is doing a solid job trying to reel him in.

EC3 joined the panel for the Velveteen Dream and Ricochet discussion. Sam Roberts talked about how EC3 wasn’t in that match and in the discussion. EC3 gave McAfee a shirt and not Roberts for that comment. EC3 talked about how the Dream vs. Ricochet match could dictate the future. EC3 said he doesn’t need to be in the match and can dictate the future with his voice and in making the crowd chant his name. McAfee repeated the same shower joke he did at the last takeover and poked fun at Drake Younger’s tan. Charley cut to Mike Rome and Sarah Schreiber who did the fan interaction shot…

John’s Thoughts: Roberts is trying but someone really needs to reel in Pat McAfee a bit more off the mic. He’s trying to be a bit too cute this time. Another side note, in her short time here Sarah Schreiber has been a very solid new addition to the broadcast team in her interviews and I like her energy and engagement.

Charley tried to start a discussion about Undisputed Era vs. Lorcan and Burch. Adam Cole interrupted to continue his regular interaction with Pat McAfee. During the discussion, McAfee pointed out that Adam Cole wasn’t on the show. Cole said the Tag Team Title match was opening the show. Cole left after calling McAfee a dork for wearing jorts…

Charley cut to last week’s Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa video package. Sam Roberts talked about how he wasn’t being hyperbolic in saying that this feud has gotten extremely personal. McAfee turned red and said some things. McAfee picked Gargano while Roberts picked Ciampa to win to close the show…


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