WWE announces Alexa Bliss suffered an injury at WWE Backlash

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE announced that Alexa Bliss suffered a left shoulder injury during her match on Sunday at WWE Backlash. “Bliss is currently awaiting further medical evaluation,” reads the WWE.com story.

Powell’s POV: This WWE website story went up after the show on Sunday and still hasn’t been updated. Damn, just how long does it take to get medical treatment?!? Jokes aside, we’ll pass along any updates as they are released by the company.

Readers Comments (7)

  1. Hopefully it’s only a minor injury.

  2. Hopefully a kayfabe injury but with Nia Jax in there, who knows for sure. She makes me nervous. Doesn’t seem to be very skilled. Just huge and dangerous.

  3. I never liked Jax from the first day I saw her. She is a terrible champion. She is way too fat and outright dangerous in the ring and she is not entertaining at all.

    • Why not wait and see if she actually caused the injury or if it was self inflicted before passing judgement.

      • Even if she did not cause the injury or if it is only storyline injury that does not change my opinion of Jax at all as a dangerous worker in the ring. Last week when she leaped her gigantic body off the ring and into all those women was outright dangerous even if WWE told her to do that. I do not like her and the sooner someone else gets the belt the better. I was glad the fans booed her when she made that stupid speech after the match.

        • I do not even blame Jax personally for that extremely dangerous stunt with jumping off the ring. I blame WWE Creative for allowing it to happen in the first place. I do not enjoy seeing anyone including the men diving out of the ring like that onto other wrestlers and hoping they stop their fall. It is not entertaining at all and I feel it needs to stop except for very rare occasions. I would not miss it if they ended those dangerous dives altogether.

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