GFW’s Gail Kim discusses her back injury, her upcoming retirement

Gail Kim spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and discussed the back injury that sidelined her. “I had a minor back surgery, as minor as it’s going to get,” Kim said. “They originally told me I could get back in six weeks. When the six-week mark hit, I’m like there is no way. I was nowhere near that. Because they’re so good to me, GFW, they said let us know. I listened to my body and now it’s at the eight-month mark so it took way longer than I anticipated. I just wanted to be sure and I don’t want to rush it. It’s my body and my quality of life after this so I was careful.”

Kim was also asked about her plan to retire at the end of the year. “It probably is the right time but if I wasn’t injured, I think that I probably would have went longer,” said Kim. “I think all wrestlers, you never really want it to end. I’m going to be completely honest. It’s funny because I missed it while I was injured but when you away for so long and then you do that one little thing in front of the fans, that was at my last TV, I was like I’m going to miss it more than I thought. You hit that realization that I announced it, it’s going to be real and I’m committed. Everyone goes through that. It’s going to be a difficult day to let go. I’m fortunate that I get to stay in the business and I’m glad I get to do that.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Kim also spoke about her plan to stay involved in pro wrestling even after her in-ring retirement, helping spark the women’s revolution in pro wrestling, why she feels WWE was slow in getting behind the women’s division, and more.

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