Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. PJ Black, El Texano Jr vs. The Mack, cheap overbooked finishes, Drago vs. Pentagon Dark

By John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Rey Mysterio vs. PJ Black: Black impresses for the second week in a row while in a main event. Black reminds me of a young Drago and once they give him the supernatural character that he has vouched for behind the scenes, I feel that he will excel as a character. Rey Mysterio has taken a time machine in Season 3 and is starting to become more and more like the old Rey. This Black vs. Rey match has Rey putting in a better performance than his Ultima Lucha Dos match against Puma which relied on his late-WWE style of just selling 75 percent of the match only to hit his signature spots.

Pentagon Dark vs. Drago: Black may be like a young Drago, but Drago is great himself. Drago doesn’t ever have bad matches in Lucha Underground. He manages to make a rollup look like a credible finishing move. The best part of this match was the emotions brought out from the fans. Drago is so good and dynamic in the ring, yet he has the most legit heat in the entire Lucha Underground roster. Even people such as Johnny Mundo and Mil Muertes can draw cheers, whereas Drago drew pure heat at these tapings. I think it has to do with the fans resenting him for turning on Fenix. On the other side, Pentagon is so charismatic that it was the perfect storm to have as far as fan participation is concerned.

El Texano Jr. vs. The Mack: Mack and Texano work two different styles and they came together really well in this match. Some of Texano’s offense looked ugly, but it made the effort he put in performing the moves look realistic. Mack is just an athletic freak with the added bonus of looking like someone who shouldn’t be as light on his feet as he is.

Lucha Underground Misses

Cheap finishes: Even though I labeled the Rey vs. Black and Texano vs. Mack matches as Hits, each match was taken down a grade by having lame, overbooked finishes. The Texano one suffers with the injecting of campy Famous B comedy. Not only did it hurt Mack to go from challenging for the world title to being a background player, but it also hurts being involved with Texano, who Lucha Underground has flat out told us is boring and lacks charisma. Rey vs. Black should have had all the run-ins post match, but instead they decided to do the dreaded ref bump.

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