Bubba Ray Dudley makes a surprise appearance at ROH Manhattan Mayhem

Bubba Ray Dudley made a surprise appearance at the end of the Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem event. Bubba said he was considering offers this week. Fans chanted “f— TNA.” Bubba responded, “That’s why I didn’t take their offer.” Bubba said ROH reminds him of a promotion that is special to him and the fans, which led to ECW chants.

Bubba also noted that if he came to ROH it wouldn’t be because he wanted to be a tag champion or a world champion or to be one of those veterans who steals from the company. “If I come to Ring of Honor, it’s because if genuinely want to,” he said. “When I retire, I want to be able to say that I fought in Ring of Honor.”

Bubba asked the fans if they think it’s a good idea. Bubba called for ROH executive Joe Koff. When he didn’t come out, Bubba said he just wanted to ask him one question. “Do you know who I am?” He said his name and said that as of now he is in Ring of Honor.

Powell’s POV: Bubba helped save Bobby Fish from a Bullet Club attack after the main event. Matt and Jeff Hardy appeared earlier in the show and defeated the Young Bucks for the ROH Tag Titles. It was a loaded live event for the NYC fans. It will be interesting to see what the company has planned for the 15th Anniversary pay-per-view on Friday night and the TV tapings the next night.



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  1. yeah f*** TNA for giving him a chance to truly shine and develop the excellent Bully character. Which WWE just ignored and brought him back as a lame nostalgia act.

    • Was just going to type that but you beat me to it. Its so fed up when talent bash companies they used to work for, but sadly that’s the norm nowadays.

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