Xavier Woods says New Day will never die, why he was terrified on the day they broke the record for longest tag title reign

Xavier Woods spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and was asked about the possibility of a New Day breakup. “I’m going to die as a member of The New Day,” Woods replied. “It’s not a thing that we’ll break up. We call people like that wedge drivers. They’re trying to drive a wedge between us, but there are no cracks in The New Day.

“People are always thinking what’s going to happen next, when can we get rid of this good thing that we have. And that’s why a lot of times we can’t have nice things because we always want to know when they’re going to get ruined rather than enjoying them in the moment. So what we’re doing, we’re going to enjoy New Day for as long as it lasts and as long as it lasts is going to be forever.”

Woods also said he was unsure New Day would become the longest running WWE tag team champions even on the day the record was broken. “You’re never sure,” he said. “Raw is a live show and, as we always say, anything can happen at any given moment at any given time. It was a terrifying day and a terrifying show.” Read the full interview at SportingNews.com.

Powell’s POV: That’s exactly what I would hope and expect Woods or any other wrestler in a team or a faction to say publicly even if they were about to break up. Woods also spoke about Kenny Omega, how New Day bonded when they were put together, and he also addressed what I felt was the silliness of the negative response from some fans regarding the #BlackExcellence photo that was released via social media.

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