Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the ROH World Title, and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Katsuyori Shibata from Field of Honor

Logo_ROH_dn_crop600By Darren Gutteridge


Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi: While it did suffer from a little bit of lag in the middle due to its format robbing anybody of the chance of building momentum, this was ultimately a fine TV main event. Naito in particular, impresses more and more each time I see him. That said, as with last week, I’m glad I didn’t buy this via on demand, as this wasn’t a pay-per-view quality main event.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Katsuyori Shibata: Believe it or not, this is only a minor Hit. This stems from the MMA style of pro wrestling both men employ not really being my cup of tea. It is impressive don’t get me wrong, hence the reason this match didn’t get a Miss, but I think the style works best when working in tandem with another style. Also, after all the hype, I felt underwhelmed by Shibata. He did nothing to stand out above his New Japan colleagues. Corino called him a cyborg, but I always thought that appearing “robotic” was a bad thing in wrestling?

ROH TV Misses

Field of Honor adverts: This is nitpicking of the highest order, but the advert for the Field of Honor show we were watching for free was laughable at times. Advertising a “huge fatal four way main event” only minutes before the match would air on free TV is screwy logic. Why not run an ad for literally any other show? Or spotlight a Kevin Steen playlist whilst he is the champion of the biggest wrestling company in the world?

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