9/15 Moore’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: Matt Hardy goes on a quest to rescue Brother Nero, Vanguard 1, and Señor Benjamin, TNA Knockouts “Gauntlet” match, Rockstar Spud vs. Braxton Sutter in an empty arena exposed turnbuckle match

Logo_TNA_dn_600By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped in August in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

The “Delete or Decay” aftermath opened up this week’s TNA Impact with Matt Hardy recapping the events of the match. Matt said it was the darkest day in House Hardy. He said his entire platoon was nearly destroyed with Rebecca emotionally traumatized, King Maxel nearly abducted, Brother Nero mutilated, Senor Benjamin kidnapped, and Vanguard 1 Missing. He said that these people are more than family to him they are “the magic” in his house. Matt Hardy had Jeff in a wheelchair and said he was taking him to the lake of reincarnation. Jeff showed that he supposedly had holes in his gut from the Janice shot.

Matt said he would ask the seven deities to regenerate Jeff’s wounds. He said he needs the nefarious Brother Nero on his side in the Great War. Matt took Jeff inside of the lake and yelled “Regenerate” with a bunch of random words. He shoved Jeff inside of the lake. Suddenly TNA World Champion Immortal Heel Jeff Hardy emerged from the lake with his customized world title and a cigarette. This was the Jeff that had that terrible match with Sting that one time (even though he surprisingly played a good heel). Jeff smoked. He said that Jeff Hardy’s broken future was inevitable. He said you can’t decay if you’re not deceased. Matt Hardy didn’t want this Jeff so he killed that Jeff by drowning him. Suddenly Broken Brother Nero emerged with his merchandise shirt. Matt said this was the reincarnation he needed. Jeff yelled Delete and Obsolete. Matt said one member of House Hardy was back and two more to go. Matt said he was tracking down Vanguard 1…

John’s Thoughts: Last week we had the return of Joseph Park and this week we got the return of Immortal heel Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy is really doing a great job with these historical TNA throwbacks!

At the Impact Zone, Bobby Lashley made his entrance. Josh Mathews recapped last week’s press conference. Josh mentioned how Lashley dominated EC3 and we’ve haven’t seen him since he was loaded in an ambulance. Lashley grabbed a mic and was interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Borash said Lashley nearly ruined the Bound for Glory main event by beating up EC3. Lashley said he warned everyone including EC3 and everyone in the back, that 2016 was the year that Bobby Lashley took over the entire wrestling industry. Lashley said no one in any company was as dominant as him and he showed EC3 exactly that. Borash wondered if Lashley ruined the BFG main event. Lashley said EC3 says he’s the face of Impact Wrestling. Lashley said he smashed his face. Lashley said EC3 says he carries the company on his back but now he can’t carry anything on his back.

Lashley said he crushed the hero of the people and there was no match at Bound for Glory between EC3 and him. Lashley joked about Borash possibly taking the place of EC3. Lashley said that anyone else challenging Lashley would also be a joke. Lashley said it would be complete destruction and slaughtering. Suddenly Grado’s theme interrupted which caused Lashley to laugh. Grado made his usual entrance. Lashley wondered what the hell Grado was doing here. Lashley said facing Grado was a bigger joke than facing Borash. Grado said he knew JB for years and JB was much bigger joke than Grado would ever be.

Grado said he gets it; he’s Grado who likes to have a good time and make people laugh. Grado said he likes to make EC3 laugh because he is “mommy”(?). Grado said he wants to prove to Lashley that he’s no joke. Grado said Lashley attacked EC3 because Lashley was a coward of a man. Lashley said he’s no coward or not scared of anyone. Lashley said he would hurt anybody like some of the fans or even Grado. Grado said that Lashley is the Heavyweight Champ but Lashley could be beaten. Lashley got a cheap shot elbow on Grado and beat up Grado which lead to a Spear to Grado. Lashley laughed afterward and said everyone should learn not to piss him off. Lashley said he could kill anybody on this entire roster because nobody in Impact Wrestling could beat him.

Moose’s theme played and he came out to lead people in his arm thing. Moose and Lashley took an extended amount of time sizing each other up until they started to throw punches at each other. Moose took down Lashley with a clothesline causing Lashley to retreat up the ramp. Moose said Bobby fears no man. He said not only is he going to defeat Lashley, he’s going to whoop his ass. Moose said people want to see Bobby Lashley vs. Moose and tonight even if he has to drag Lashley’s ass to this ring he was going to beat the hell out of Lashley. Lashley laughed it off and walked up the ramp as Moose’s theme played…

Jeremy Borash’s instructional video package for the “Grand Championship” was shown. In that video the rules were recapped as well as the matches that already happened. Aron Rex was walking seriously backstage. He said two months ago he thought that he could never be in a wrestling ring again. Rex said he came to Impact to be a part of something special because they are changing the game and doing things their own way. Rex said he rediscovered his love for this. Rex said the Grand Championship was unlike anything this industry has ever seen. Rex said people that know him knows that he has adapted to every situation he was put in. Rex said Drew has been handed every opportunity but he has to take and create every opportunity. Rex said he will go through every man to get through to Drew. He said Drew will find out the difference between a person who complains vs a person who goes out there and does what they say what they are going to do and adapt, adjust and evolve. He said he’ll see Drew soon… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’m seriously curious now. Is someone scripting Bobby Lashley? Even if he’s being scripted (which he’s being scripted well if so), he’s delivering the material better than a majority of current pro wrestlers. If he’s coming up with all of this material on his own then he’s one of the best promos in pro wrestling today. That’s so astonishing seeing as he was absolutely one of the worst promos in pro wrestling before the year 2016. He comes off as so believable and he had a good exchange with Grado. Speaking of people who don’t come off as genuine, Aron Rex’s Drew imitation act is starting to get annoying. He’s too metta! And even was Drew was metta he at least came off as genuine. Rex is simply both boring and fake right now which is ironic for a guy who’s trying to do a work-shoot gimmick.

Lashley complained about Moose being here for a little time. He said that he worked hard to get to the top and Moose can’t just walk up to demand a title shot. He said he know what he did to Grado and everyone else. Lashley said the saying goes that “Bobby Lashley can make you famous”. Lashley said the answer to Moose’s challenge as a fighting man is “no” because fighting Lashley is bad for Moose’s health…

Trevor Lee was already in the ring for his Grand Championship tournament match. Aron Rex came out wearing white tights and pink knee pads.

1. Aron Rex vs. Trevor Lee in a TNA Grand Championship Tournament match. Aron Rex went for some quick rollups. Josh Mathews laid out the rules with some visual aids. It said that the new champion will be crowned October 2, 2016. Lee fought out of a headlock to initiate a headlock of his own. Lee took the action to the outside and hit Rex with a big boot from the apron. Lee controlled the action leading up to the one minute mark of the first round. Lee locked in a shoulder stretch to maintain dominance. Rex managed to sneak in a few clotheslines with five seconds. The referee ended Rex’s attack when the round ended.

Aron Rex won the first round via split decision (really? I remember the rubric and didn’t Lee dominate a majority of this match especially based off what I just recapped?) Lee managed to dominate with strikes while Rex tried to get some rollups. Rex turned the tide with a side Russian legsweep. He then hit Lee with the Elbow of Distain. Lee fought back with a boot and high knee. Rex blocked the Fisherman buster and hit Lee with a discus elbow. Aron Rex picked up the win.

Aron Rex defeated Trevor Lee via pinfall in 5:32 to advance in the Grand Championship tournament.

Aron Rex went to each corner to celebrate. The crowd was mildly amused. Jeremy Borash formally announced Aron Rex as the winner with his arm raised…

Jeremy Borash interviewed the Knockouts Champion, Maria. Maria said we will find out her Bound for Glory challenger tonight. Maria said she wanted to move Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame induction to tonight as opposed to Bound for Glory. Jeremy said it was supposed to be at BFG. Maria said insisted it was tonight as she sent Borash away… [C]

John’s Thoughts: When you strip away all of the things that people like about Damien Sandow, you are just left with a generic wrestling dude and that’s what Aron Rex seems like right now. This is coming from a person who actually loved the Damien Sandow act as well as everything Arron Stevens did from being an intellectual savior to a random hip-hop dude on upupdowndown. TNA is trying to manufacture a Drew Galloway clone which they even had Drew Galloway point out. What’s interesting is the crowd was totally not into that last match which is disappointing because Trevor Lee is such a great worker.

Matt Hardy was searching for Vanguard 1 in the forests of Cameron, North Carolina. Matt found Vanguard 1 crashed in a tree!!! Matt cried and thought that Vanguard 1 was dead. He said “Don’t you dare do this to me” as he rolled around on the ground (you could not-so faintly hear the camera man, either Jeff or Jeremy Borash I assume, crack up). Matt Hardy called upon to the seven deities again and he pled for them to install the power, essence, and life of Jeff Hardy that was deleted into Vanguard 1 to save his life. Matt Hardy then used his power on Vanguard. Vanguard 1 then initiated a memory sequence.

In the memories he helped Señor Benjamin clear the pavement which earned Vanguard a happy ok from Benjamin. Vanguard 1 helped Señor Benjamin trim some bushes which earned him a thumbs up from Señor Benjamin. Señor Benjamin then beat Vanguard 1 in chess and called him a pendejo. This caused Vanguard 1 to blow away the chess pieces in anger which angered Benjamin. Vanguard 1 was alive!!! This caused Matt to make his happy noises as he said there was life within Vanguard 1 now! He told Vanguard 1 to find Señor Benjamin as he shouted with glee!

John’s Thoughts: Well… Broken Matt Hardy is now officially Broken Matt Jesus!

Maria and Allie were in the center of the Impact ring and Allie was all smiles today. Maria said she was the first lady of pro wrestling, leader of the knockouts, wife of the Miracle, and most importantly the greatest Knockouts Champion. Maria said it was unfortunate that everyone wants to talk about someone else. The crowd chanted “Allie!”. Maria said it wasn’t Allie since Allie is stupid and common just like the crowd. Allie gave a pouty face. Maria said everyone was talking about Gail Kim. She said since Billy and Dixie want to mess with her leadership she was messing up Bound for Glory by having the Hall of Fame induction early.

Gail Kim made her entrance as she had a serious look on her face. Gail asked Maria who the hell did Maria think she was. Maria said she was the Knockouts Champion which Gail Kim would never be. Maria said she made a video package of Gail Kim’s career highlights. The video package showed Gail Kim being beat up by Maria with some sad violins playing. Maria asked Gail if she liked the highlights of her ass being beaten. Maria said she wrote Gail Kim’s speech which said that Maria was better than her. Maria said she didn’t want to give Gail something silly like a watch. She made Allie hand over a picture of Maria with the Championship belt.

Allie said she got Gail Kim a present herself because Gail Kim was the best female wrestler ever. Allie tried to give Gail Kim a gift but Maria took it and stomped it. Gail Kim said Maria disgusts her. Maria said Gail Kim disgusts her and she doesn’t want to see Gail Kim’s face again. Dixie Carter came out to her usual comical non-reaction. They even held the camera at Gail Kim and Maria doing nothing for an extended period of time to hide half of the non-reaction of people who don’t give a damn about Dixie. Ugh…

John’s Thoughts: What do you do if you want to cool off a hot crowd? Send out Dixie!

Gail Kim reminded Maria that holding the championship is a conflict of interest with being the leader of the Knockouts and she has zero decision making authority at this time. Dixie said Bound for Glory is this company’s biggest night of the night and Gail Kim was being inducted in the Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory with a celebration she deserves. Maria said Gail Kim was a loser and they made a deal. Dixie said Gail Kim didn’t lose technically. Dixie said Gail Kim was in the Knockout’s Gauntlet Match tonight for a title shot. Gail Kim walked up to Maria and said she was winning the match so she can “Kick your aaaaaaaassssss!”. Before the commercial break, Josh Mathews recapped Rockstar Spud curb stomping Braxton Sutter last week. Mathews said Sutter and Spud were having an empty arena exposed turnbuckle match…

John’s Thoughts: For those who don’t remember, Gail Kim won a match by disqualification and Maria said that was the reason why she failed in her quest to get a title shot. That wasn’t a typo, Gail Kim won. Odd. That aside, the material in the last segment wasn’t all too great, but overall it was a really good segment mostly due to Maria and Allie. Maria continues to be the super heel of the knockouts while this Allie experiment is going splendid.

The Impact Zone was empty for our empty arena match. Rockstar Spud and Braxton Sutter didn’t even get entrance music. The turnbuckles were exposed of course…

2. Rockstar Spud vs. Braxton Sutter in an empty arena exposed turnbuckle match. Spud attacked Sutter during Sutter’s entrance. Sutter tossed Spud over the barricade and into the audience area. Sutter tossed Spud around the empty arena. Sutter buried Spud in a pile of plastic chairs. Sutter whipped Spud with his belt as Spud scurried up the bleachers. Spud tried to crawl away. Sutter pushed Spud down to the balcony barricade and pushed his face on the grating. Spud cried and crawled down the steps.

Sutter gave Spud a right arm and tossed him back to ringside. Spud managed to knee Sutter in the gut to knock down Sutter. Spud tried to put Sutter in the curb stomp position again as Sutter resisted. Sutter blocked an Irish whip but Spud tried to push Sutter’s teeth into the exposed turnbuckle. Sutter kicked Spud in the balls and gave him some right hands to the head. Sutter whipped Spud into the exposed turnbuckle several times. Sutter told Spud to remember him as he slammed Spud’s head on the exposed turnbuckle. Sutter picked up the three count.

Braxton Sutter defeated Rockstar Spud via pinfall in 5:15.

Rockstar Spud coughed up blood as Josh Mathews went into his sad voice…

John’s Thoughts: That match had potential and the match wasn’t even bad per se. I just felt we were missing some chapters to the story because in recent weeks we’ve seen Spud and Sutter hang out with their X Division Buddies doing X Division things together prior to the curb stomp. It’s a shame that Sutter and Spud are in X Division Hell since Sutter looked like a good prospect in his debut and Spud is one of the best professional wrestlers on this planet due to his talking ability.

Matt Hardy sent out Vanguard 1 to go find Señor Benjamin. Vanguard 1 had a Señor Benjamin milk ad in his memory banks. Vanguard 1 ultimately found Señor Benjamin in what looked like James Storm’s Revolution Barn where he beat up TJ Perkins and Sanada that one time. Vanguard 1 asked Benjamin if he was injured. Benjamin asked Vanguard what took you so long you bucket of bolts! Vanguard 1 said he was going to attain the aid of Mr. Hardy.

Matt Hardy called the barn an decrepit erection. Matt freed Señor Benjamin and Benjamin said he was okay. Señor Benjamin had the word Decay painted on his forehead. Matt said Señor Benjamin should rest and recuperate. After he told Benjamin to supply the largest stockade of weapons ever known to House Hardy. Hardy said the Great War was coming at Bound for Glory… [C]

Moose was interviewed about Lashley saying no to his challenge. Moose said he and Lashley were destined to fight. He yelled. He said Lashley was knocked on his ass by Moose. Moose asked if Lashley was going to accept his challenge or run like a little bitch. Highlights from Delete or Decay were shown…

Brother Nero’s “Obsolete” theme was playing as the Hardy Family was in the middle of the ring. Matt said last week they were involved in an apocalyptic war with Decay that the entire world is speaking about now. He said they survived as well as Decay. Hardy said Decay committed blasphemy against Señor Benjamin, attempted to abduct King Maxel, and for that Decay must be subject to the darkness of deletion. The Crowd started a “Delete!” chant. Matt said at Bound for Glory not only are they taking the Tag Team Titles, they are going to Delete Decay! Hardy led a Delete chant!

Decay’s Marylyn Manson theme played as Josh Mathews wondered why they weren’t coming out immediately. Rosemary was shown hanging out next to the hard camera. Rosemary said Maxel deserves a family that is not broken where he can embrace his true self, his true decay. Rosemary said as for the titles, Matt will never get his hands on them. Rosemary said what they want they keep and that’s why Bram is gone, because he won’t submit, he wouldn’t decay, so he had to be destroyed. Abyss walked out and said the titles were beautiful and belonged to Decay. Abyss said the Hardys would never experience the beauty of the title.

Crazzy Steve was in the audience and said that Matt’s obsession with the gold was mind boggling. Steve said they were offering Matt and Jeff their own Decay. Matt said Death is not the end. He said their vessels might parish but their souls will live for an eternity. He asked Decay to bring all of the pain, agony, and decay and they will grow stronger. Jeff said they tried to take his nephew and failed. He said they tried to change their way of living and failed. Jeff said he and Matt might be broken but they survive. Jeff said he would render all three of Decay as obsolete, the crowd chanted obsolete. Matt said this was more than good vs. evil, light vs. dark. Matt said the entire world will be their battlefield and challenged them to “The Great War”.

Abyss said Decay thrives on wars. He asked if they would fight in hell? Or to the top of the Heavens? Abyss accepted the challenge. The crowd chanted “War”! Rosemary said at Bound for Glory the Hardys will Decay, Decay, Decay. She said Maxel would be free to join his true family. Not his obsolete uncle, his broken father, or his unfit mother. Reby gave Rosemary the ground and pound. Jeff gave Abyss and Steve a Twist of Fate. Matt gave Abyss a Twist of Fate. Reby gave Rosemary the Twist of Fate. The crowd chanted “delete!”. Matt Hardy’s moonlight sonata theme played. Steve yelled “war is only skin deep”… [C]

John’s Thoughts: The Hardy Family stuff continues to be the reason that most people are watching Impact these days and they continue to deliver in every segment they are in. All of these catchphrases from “obsolete” to “delete” are extremely over. I’m happy for Decay at the same time. They finally have a fun tag team feud with a team not named BroMans. Here’s hoping that Decay doesn’t get injured because that’s what happens every time the Tag Team Division gets rolling.

Mike Bennett approached Bobby Lashley backstage. He said if he were Lashley he wouldn’t let Moose talk to him like that. Lashley tried to brush off Bennett. Bennett sucked up to Lashley and Lashley picked up on that. Bennett told Lashley that Moose called Lashley a bitch to try to stir up the pot. Lashley said he was whooping Moose’s ass tonight and might come to finish Bennett up later…

Jeremy Borash introduced Jade as the first entrant of the “Gauntlet” match. Josh Mathews talked about the Gauntlet Match rules and said when it’s one on one it becomes a standard match. Allie was out next. Maria came out and told Allie that she wasn’t a wrestler. A new knockout came out as Allie’s replacement and she was Laurel Van Ness…

John’s Thoughts: How many different “Gauntlet” matches can TNA have and can they just have a single definition for “gauntlet”? Laurel Van Ness is the person who played Daniel Bryan’s personal trainer when WWE tried to do their own version of the Claire Lynch angle. Chelsea Green was also a competitor on the last Tough Enough where she liked wrestling as much as Patrick Clark.

3. TNA Knockouts Gauntlet Match for a shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship. The Impact Zone chanted “Allie’s better”. Mathews pointed out how this is an over the top rope challenge. Jade and Laurel traded some slow strikes. Laurel grounded Jade and then hits(?) the worst executed blockbuster that I’ve ever witnessed…

John’s Thoughts: Damn…. Wasn’t she the only female that could actually wrestle on Tough Enough?

Sienna as out next. Sienna and Jade traded some better looking strikes. Laurel and Sienna teamed up on Jade. They kept her pressed on the corner. Gail Kim was out next. She gave Laurel a flying forearm. Gail clotheslined Laurel and gave her a neckbreaker. Sienna managed to gain the upper hand again and put the boots to Gail in the corner while Laurel kept Jade at bay. Marti Bell was out next. Marti Bell gave Gail Kim some forearms and a Russian Legsweep. Laurel and Marti then teamed up on Jade. Jade and Marti were then at odds.

Sienna focused her attack on Gail Kim. Oh oh! Raquel was out next. Honestly! She looked better than her fellow Tough Enough alum in her initial onslaught and she was the one who had zero wrestling experience. Madison Rayne as out next. Madison gave Laurel and Sienna enziguris. Cut to commercial..[C]

Raquel gave Sienna an awkward backstabber. Laurel gave Raquel a kick. Marti gave Laurel a pedigree. Madison took down Marti and hit Laurel with forearms. The crowd chanted for Allie and were getting a bit impatient. Laurel eliminated Madison Rayne. Jade went to the top rope but was slapped by Marti. Marty eliminated Jade. Laurel eliminated Marti. Sienna tossed Raquel out. Sienna tried to attack Laurel but Maria stopped her. Allie pulled down the rope which helped Gail eliminate Laurel. It was now a one-on-one match between Sienna and Gail Kim.

Sienna had a chin lock locked in. Sienna tried to power bomb Gail Kim outside of the ring. Only in TNA Moment! Sienna forgot that this was a one-on-one match and Josh Mathews had to cover for it (I missed it when Taz would have to try his best to cover for these flubs on a weekly basis). Sienna gave Gail Kim boots. Sienna went for her AK47 but Gail Kim reversed into the Sunset Flip. Sienna gave Gail Kim a boot. Sienna went for the Run and Push (a.k.a the Pounce/Silencer). Gail Kim won with Eat D-Feet.

Gail Kim defeated Sienna and the Knockouts Division via pinfall in 10:39 to become the number one contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Maria sold shock at ringside. She yelled at Gail and said the title was not Gail’s it was her’s. Josh Mathews hyped the Mahabali Shera vs. Eddie Edwards match next. God help us!!!

John’s Thoughts: Wow! That was painful to review and the weaknesses of the knockouts division were exposed in full force. That’s what TNA gets for putting the entire division in one match. I guess Chelsea “Green” is not just a name. They would have been better off just having a match between Sienna and Gail Kim. Speaking of green, Mahabali Shera is next!

4. Eddie Edwards vs. Mahabali Shera in a TNA Grand Championship Tournament match. Eddie Edwards got part of his televised entrance while Shera was already in the ring. Shera started the match with a wristlock that Edwards quickly countered. Shera locked in a headlock. Edwards escaped. Shera hit a clothesline and went for a pin attempt. Shera hit a right hand on Edwards. Josh Matthews talked about butt grabbing on Big Brother After Dark.

Edwards hit some chops on Shera. Shera was tossed outside and was hit by a tope from Eddie. Josh Mathews pointed out that Eddie Edwards might have a rib injury which Edwards sold. Eddie Edwards hit the Shining Wizard for the two count. The first round ended before Edwards could lock in the half crab. Edwards won the round with unanimous decision.

Shera put the boots to Edwards to start. Edwards was hit by Shera knees. Shera targeted the ribs and earned a nearfall. Shera locked in a waistlock on Edwards. Shera flapjacked Edwards and went for another waistlock. Edwards fought out with some headbutts. Shera knocked Edwards back down with a clothesline. Edwards went for a suplex. Edwards tried to lock in an STF but the round ended. Shera won that round.

Edwards came right in with forearms. Edwards was obviously helping Shera perform a body slam. Edwards kicked Shera and locked in the half crab. Shera tapped out…

Eddie Edwards defeated Mahabali Shera via submission in 7:43 to advance in the TNA Grand Championship Tournament.

Josh Mathews hyped Moose confronting Lashley next. Josh said there was going to be a fight… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That’s eight slow motion minutes of my life that I won’t get back. At least Eddie tried to get a match out of Shera.

Moose! Moose! Moose! Moose! Moose! Moose! Are you ready to go? Moose made his entrance. Bobby Lashley came out in his street clothing with a mic. He said Moose was out here because he wants a fight. Lashley said all of these people want to see a fight. But that isn’t going to happen. Lashley said he proved himself to be the baddest guy in Impact, but he’s also a businessman who fights in big venues, for big money, in front of big crowds. Lashley said he sent EC3 to the hospital and proposed Moose vs. Lashley for the World Title at Bound for Glory. Moose said Lashley was right, October 2nd, Bound for Glory, Bobby Lashley vs. Moose.

Lashley said Moose was a smart man, big money! Moose said he couldn’t wait as he blindsided Lashley. Lashley tossed Moose outside and Moose pulled Lashley under the ropes. Lashley was tossed into the barricade. Lashley and Moose fought to the announcers table. Moose slammed Lashley into the turnbuckle. Lashley turned the table by throwing Moose into the ring steps and dominated the next sequence. Lashley took the action in the ring and went for the Spear.

Moose hit his high dropkick. Moose went for the Gamebreaker but Lashley came back with a spinebuster. Lashley hit Moose with a shoulder block in the corner as Lashley gloated a bit. Moose fired back with an uppercut. Mike Bennett ran in to punch Moose with didn’t faze him. Moose was distracted and he ate a Spear from Lashley. Lashley and Bennett put the boots to Moose. EC3 made his entrance next with tape on his gut. EC3 quickly plowed through Bennett and went right at Lashley. Lashley and Bennett then double teamed EC3 but EC3 hit a double clothesline. The show ended abruptly!

John’s Thoughts: That was strange overall, I’m not sure how to gauge it. Part of the problem was the crowd seemed a bit out of it by this point. After it was all said and done, I wasn’t sure what was accomplished there? It was simply odd. What was even more odd was the sudden end of Impact right when EC3 was just getting started.

This was a bad episode at points, but with all of the bad comes Matt Hardy and this episode still might be worth taking a look at just to see what the broken Hardy Brothers are up to on a weekly basis. Lashley is also really good when he’s given the microphone so his segments don’t suck. As bad as TNA Knockouts battle royals can be, at least the Maria and Allie thing seems to be getting over. I’m intrigued as to what Jason Powell’s thoughts would be when he puts together the TNA Impact Wrestling audio review later today. Also, be sure to check out Jason’s TNA Hit List.

Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to contact me via twitter @liljohnm to tweet and discuss pro wrestling stuff. You can also comment and discuss TNA directly with me via email: jmoore3.net@gmail.com.


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