WWE Smackdown Live onsite: John Cena appears after the television show conclusion, teams with Roman Reigns

imagesDot Net reader Addisen West attended WWE Smackdown in Dallas, Texas and sent the following report on the dark main event.

As Smackdown ended with AJ Styles crotched on the ropes, John Cena entered to a huge pop! He ran his ropes, shaking AJ and his phenomenal ones around, which the crowd ate up. Cena’s partner was Roman Reigns, who received that usual Texas BooParty.

Seth Rollins, who was dressed back in gray, entered to the biggest pop of the night as AJ Styles’ tag team partner. AJ, who was still crotched, talked with referee Charles Robinson as Rollins entered. Rollins got another pop for jumping off the rope that AJ was on, again crotching him. Bray Wyatt’s music sounded and the fireflies took over. AJ Styles scampered to the back as Wyatt took his spot as Rollin’s partner.

1. John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. Wyatt began the match versus Cena. Dueling “Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks” chants took over the match as Bray and Cena took turns trading shoulder blocks. Rollins entered and he and Cena began pandering to the crowd, with Rollins easily getting the most cheers. Cena hit four of the Five Moves of Doom, but Rollins reversed and hit a superkick on a downed Cena. Back came Bray with a hoe train in the corner for a two count.

Bray played heel to the crowd, giving Cena enough time to recover, only for Rollins to attack him and knock Roman off the ring. This time Rollins was booed heavily. Rollins performed a blockbuster on Cena for another solid two count. The heels continued to work over Cena while another dueling Cena chant erupted.

Bray missed a senton on Cena and then made the hot tag to Roman, who began clotheslining everyone, especially Rollins. Rollins reversed a Superman punch into another one. He also hit a Superman punch on Bray into a Cena AA as Roman speared Rollins for the three. There were heavy cheers for both Cena and Roman, even as Roman played to the crowd. There was also a heavy pop for Cena as his music closed the show.


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