7/28 Moore’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: The Bound for Glory Playoffs semifinals, Broken Matt Hardy, Lashley vs. DJ Z in a ladder match for the X Division Championship, Rosamary’s dark tale includes a dead cat and a talking tree


Logo_TNA_dn_600By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Taped in July in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

This week’s Impact teaser video recapped the Bound for Glory playoffs. It showed the small bracket and Jeremy Borash said we were seeing the two Semi Final matches tonight…

Broken Matt Hardy came to the ring next. Josh Mathews called Matt “Baroque-n” Matt Hardy (which is a cool reference even though his entrance theme reflects the post-baroque period). Matt said there are only a handful of people that he cares about: His beautiful wife Rebecca, his son Maxel, Señor Benjamin, and his devotees. Matt said there was one more man he used to care about and that was the man that betrayed him, his obsolete mule. Matt summoned Brother Nero. Jeff’s new “I’ll fade away and classify myself as obsolete” entrance theme played with Reby doing her usual thing of interjecting the word “Obsolete”.

Moore’ Asides: Jeff’s new entrance theme is actually an excerpt from a Jeff Hardy song from his band. The title of the song is “Obsolete” of course.

Jeff sang his entrance theme while looking annoyed. His nameplate said “Brother Nero #ObsoleteMule” again. Matt said that Jeff only serves one purpose, and that was to be his money making mule. To sell merchandise and the payments come to him because Matt owns everything “Hardy”. Matt said his next step towards regaining the title of the world is to defeat EC3. Matt said Jeff’s job was to ensure that happens. Jeff asked why Matt didn’t call Señor Benjamin or Vanguard 1 to help instead because he doesn’t need Jeff’s help. Matt said he wasn’t asking for help, he was demanding Jeff’s servitude. He asked why does Jeff deny him. Reby never says no to him, Maxel doesn’t say no to him, Señor Benjamin doesn’t say no to him. The crowd then said no to him. Matt said regardless of what anyone thinks, Matt WILL win!

Enter EC3 and his entrance theme. Matt started to crunch his teeth, breathe, and make weird noises inside of EC3’s personal space. Ethan stepped back and told Matt that Matt knew that he would come. EC3 mocked Matt’s facial idiosyncrasies. EC3 said he didn’t care about what Matt had planned. Señor Benjamin could come in with a battleax and lawn mower. Vanguard one can airdrop a dilapidated boat. He said nothing is stopping him from sending Matt back to the Hardy house of whores. (I want to think he said horrors, but I think he used “whores”).

Matt tried to start talking but EC3 said his promo wasn’t over. EC3 said this man wasn’t Brother Nero, he was Jeffrey Hardy. Matt tried to shut that down. EC3 reiterated the words “relevant” and “creatures” around Jeff’s shoulders. This got a portion of the crowd to chant those words along with Ethan. Ethan said he knew Jeff was in a particular spot, they were cool, but if Jeff got involved in his match there will be a war. Matt said he will eat EC3 and his cats. Oh my! Ethan said you can say all you want about him, but when you talk about skunky clover, it’s on. Ethan demanded the match be now. Josh Mathews said the match will happen after the break… [C]

John’s Thoughts Even though this scene with EC3, Jeff, and Matt may seem like a carbon copy of last year’s pre-BFG storyline where Jeff is a slave yet again; Matt Hardy’s character is so off the rails that I don’t even mind that we’re doing this thing again because Matt has been so damn entertaining. It’s also refreshing to see EC3 in an actual cool segment as opposed to those meaningless segments with Drew Galloway recently. We also found out that Matt is not afraid to eat your cat.

1. Ethan Carter III vs. Broken Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy and Reby Sky) in a Bound for Glory playoff semi-final match. Matt and Ethan locked it up early on. Matt gained the upper hand with forearms. EC3 turned the tide with chops. Matt blocked a chop with biting EC3’s hand. EC3 quickly gained control again with an elbow shot and two count after. Carter caught Matt with a kick and followed it with a missile dropkick. EC3 sold an ankle injury with Josh and Pope D’Angelo Dinero saying that it was after the dropkick.

Hardy took advantage of the injury and gained the upper hand. Hardy hit a belly to belly into the pin attempt. Reby slapped Ethan when he was on the ropes. Matt targeted the ankle of EC3. Matt also bit EC3 some more. The crowd chanted “Matt has Rabies” (hmmm…. I never knew the Impact Zone was capable of creative chants). Hardy continued to attack the injured ankle until EC3 gave himself some breathing room by pushing Matt outside. EC3 pulled out a plancha on Matt. Reby held EC3’s leg as EC3 tried to enter the ring to put him in position for a Matt Hardy hanging DDT. After another pin attempt. Matt bit EC3 again. EC3 blocked a Twist of Fate and initiated a rally. EC3 hit Matt with the Stinger Splash and flapjack.

EC3 was bleeding from the optical area, seemingly from the biting. EC3 went for the One Percenter, but Matt bit his way out. Matt hit the side effect for the nearfall. Reby yelled, “delete” from ringside. EC3 turned the tide a bit with a Russian leg sweep. Hardy took advantage of the injured ankle to escape the TKO. Hardy and Matt took off Ethan’s boot. Matt then attempted to bite EC3’s foot but EC3 quickly rolled away. EC3 hit the TKO this time. Reby brought out the hammer and passed it to Jeff. In a rare TNA moment, the Ref was hit, but didn’t bump. Good for him!

EC3 and Matt took each other out with a clothesline. Jeff Hardy threw the hammer in the middle of the ring. He also grabbed Matt’s garb. Matt bit EC3 more while hiding the hammer from anyone’s vision. Eventually, the ref saw and took away the hammer. EC3 grabbed his loose boot and hit Matt over the head with it. This led to the One Percenter and the pinfall victory for Ethan Carter III.

Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall in 7:30 to advance in the Bound for Glory playoffs.

Josh said none of Matt Hardy’s schemes worked out this time. Josh gave a shoutout to Señor-Rita instead of Benjamin in his post-match recap. Josh said EC3 was now in the finals…

Backstage Madison Rayne was having a meeting with Maria and Allie. Maria said Madison caught her eye last week and she thanked her. Madison said she didn’t do it for Maria. Allie tried to defend Maria again, but Madison shut her down to cause her to do her pouty face. Madison said she was the Queen Bee of the Knockouts. She blamed Maria for pushing her aside in favor of her beast, Sienna, and Chipmunk, Allie. (even though Madison has been pushed aside for over a year, but that’s neither here nor there). Madison wanted to know what Maria was going to do for her if she beats Gail Kim. Maria said we’ll find out once Madison was able to beat Gail… [C]

John’s Thoughts A good match between EC3 and Matt with a lot of odd, but entertaining storytelling. Matt is always good as a heel in targeting an injury and sticking to it. He also was fun in sticking to the game plan of constantly biting EC3. Matt doesn’t lose anything in the end as well as it took a “weapon” shot to beat him. Props for the ref not bumping too!

Jeff was walking through the studio parking lot wearing Matt’s garb over his right shoulder as Matt approached him and asked him if he knew what he just had done. Matt said Jeff ruined everything and this will not go unpunished. Jeff dared Matt to punish him because what was worse than deletion. Matt mentioned an Orgasmic Breaking Point. He said everyone will know that everything they love dies, and they will learn to love something new. Matt gave Jeff what I think was a quick hug, and then he walked away…

2. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim. Madison Rayne was already in the ring as Gail’s theme was playing. I wonder who’s going to win this one, but let’s see this play out before I judge anything. Madison Rayne tried to start with a handshake but Gail was weary and refused. They traded right arms to start. Madison snuck in a kick, but Gail came back with a side slam. Josh Mathews was pimping out their new t-shirt partnership while the screen told us to follow Dixie Carter on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Madison and Gail traded quick rollups. They then traded strikes when standing up. Madison won the strike battle for a two count on her end. Madison gained a one count after a suplex. Pope D’Angelo compared what we were seeing to the business world where people stab each other’s back for their gain. Josh used the betrayal to segway into a Big Brother plug.

Gail Kim went for a corner spear, but Madison dodged her. Madison gained another two count after this. Madison gained an advantage after some standing strikes and followed up with a baseball slide clothesline. Gail managed to roll to the center of the ring and snuck in a rollup attempt. Madison kept the pressure on with a running shoulder block. Gail Kim was put on the top rope and blocked a right arm.

Madison caught Gail with a boot and hit her with a sit-out headlock atomic drop for a nearfall. Gail Kim hit the Eat D-Feet out of nowhere to earn the victory. Mathews noted how Gail Kim was on her quest to get back to the Knockouts Championship. He also reminded the viewers that she was entering the Hall of Fame…

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne via pinfall in 5:01.

Moose was shown backstage wearing a “Moose Crossing” T-Shirt. Mike Bennett was out of camera view and said we were looking at the newest member of the roster, the most destructive force in pro wrestling, Moose. Mike Bennett walked into frame and said you were also looking at the Miracle. He talked about Dixie wanting him to quit and wondered what she has against the Miracle. He brought up his big wins over EC3 and Jeff Hardy. Mike asked Lashley to keep the belt warm for him just like Moose was coming after him. Moose said it doesn’t matter who gets in his way. He was going to crush them, squash em, and hit em with a gamebreaker, BAM! He then did his moose thing… [C]

John’s Thoughts Even though the match was good from a wrestling standpoint, the moment you saw Madison Rayne in the ring while Gail’s entrance was playing signified that this was just going to equate to being a Gail Kim enhancement match. Which is a shame too since Madison Rayne has been wasted talent for over a year, maybe two. You would have thought they had something in mind when they had the backstab angle last week but it looks like we’re blowing that off just one week in. I also fear that the KOs division is going to fall into the same pitfall that they’ve done on occasion, and that’s to make Gail Kim look so strong that the rest of the Knockouts become irrelevant. As for the Moose thing. I’m still confused in a non-intriguing way as to whether we’re supposed to cheer or boo him.

Holy Lucha Underground Cinematic Batman! Bram and Rosemary met in a random forest inside of a cinematic. Rosemary was wearing limited facepaint and Bram wondered what was up. Rosemary said this was a place of secrets, where “we” began, while pointing to her forehead. She said she wanted to look into his eyes when he told Bram… If she could find the courage.

Cut to a flashback at Rosemary’s farm. She played a little girl in the flashback. She talked about her cat, Fifi. She said she took it to her mother who promised her everything would be alright. Rosemary went to study but couldn’t concentrate on anything but Fifi. Rosemary opened the trash can and discovered a presumably dead Fifi. Rosemary said that the world was perfect at one point but now it was weakened, not just because of Fifi, but because of herself due to her mother’s deception. She said it felt like her mother stripped her skin away from her rather than try to protect her. Rosemary then fell from the tree she was sitting in. The camera filter went dark and she was hearing evil voices talking.

The tree was talking and it told her that she had a missing little brother named “Montgomery”. Rosemary said she always wanted a little brother! She talked about her dead cat to the tree. I’m assuming the tree was Montgomery. The tree taught her dark arts, tarot cards, and stuff. Bram stopped her and was a bit confused about the dead cat and brother talk. Rosemary said that was not what she actually wanted to talk about. It was what happened in there (points to the barn)…

John’s Thoughts While clearly Lucha Underground inspired again, this was a nice piece of cinematic! A cinematic that Will Pruett and I have been clamoring for since Lucha Underground went down in the dumps after Aztec Warfare. And it’s in Freakin’ TNA! Rosemary played all of the parts that needed people, but she did a great job in doing so. The camera filters were strategically placed and done well. There was also a bit of Heath Ledger’s Joker combined with LU’s Marty the Moth here. It was essentially a LU exposition cinematic and it was done well! Maybe if TNA can insert the cinematics in only a portion of their broadcast, this cinematic-sport hybrid can work.

Moose came out doing his Moose arm things. Moose! Moose!…Moose! Are you ready to go! (repeat). Josh Mathews said bedlam again. A local competitor was already in the ring.

3. Moose (w/ Mike Bennett) vs. David Starr. The local guy actually got a chop sequence but that led to Moose’s signature drop kick that reaches the top rope wrestler. In another odd sequence, the local guy got some dropkicks on Moose to keep Moose out of the ring. Moose caught the guy who tried a Tope Suicida and power bombed him on the apron. Moose hit the guy with The Gamebreaker (a discus Rainmaker). Moose took his time a bit and picked up the win as Mike Bennett nodded in approval.

Moose defeated David Starr via pinfall in about 2:18.

Moose did the Moose arm things afterward. Mike Bennett said what you just witnessed is the most dominant and destructive man in pro wrestling. Bobby Lashley’s theme cut Bennett off. Josh Mathews wondered if it was going to happen now… [C]

John’s Thoughts This Moose thing is even more confusing than Rosemary’s mental state. I agree that Moose’s theme is one of the most addicting things in pro wrestling. I like doing the Moose arm thing too in the same way that RPG Vice’s theme is addicting. But this guy’s a heel? It’s not in the way where you want to see Moose join the good side. It’s just plain odd. They could have also used an instrumental version of Moose’s theme to mitigate this confusion. As for his squash, the enhancement guy got a surprising amount of offense and you usually don’t see new monsters take that much from the enhancement guys.

Back from the break, Moose stood face to face with the World Champion. Mike Bennett tried to diffuse the situation and said a lot of testosterone was floating around. Bennett sucked up to both guys and asked the crowd if everyone wanted to see this match. He teased it too. Bennett pulled back and said he needed Moose to help him in the playoff match. Moose complied and backed down.

Lashley had a mic in hand too. Lashley said that was cool and said one of these days Moose’s mommy (Mike Bennett) would let him come out and play. Lashley kept egging Moose on while Bennett held Moose back. Lashley said he has something everyone wants, the World Title and the X Division Title (which was strapped to his World Title). Lashley said he wanted to win all of the gold. He said if everyone wants to stop him, to come out and do it because he wants to destroy the entire roster…

DJZ came out in his ring gear. Z said he wasn’t out here to stop Lashley, but he was here to fight Lashley. He said he was in the X Division for five years and Lashley was the most dominant wrestler on the planet, but he’s not exactly an X Division wrestler. In what may be Lashley’s best facial expression ever, he gave a look of “huh?”. Z said he doesn’t care if Lashley won’t hand the title. He was going to challenge Lashley for the title tonight! Lashley said questioned people questioning his X Division status and said that Zema can’t do what Lashley does. He told Zema to choose any match. DJZ choose a ladder match. Lashley said if that’s what Z wanted, let’s do it! The ladder hook came down…

John’s Thoughts We’ve been praising Lashley for his improvements on the mic, but one of his biggest flaws was his presence and facial expressions. The moment Lashley struck Z with that look of confusion, was when I noticed that Lashley has evolved! As confusing as the Moose thing is, at least Lashley is holding up his end of feuds well. The segment seamlessly transitioned to DJ Zema as well. The X Division needs more promo segments to show that it’s not sideshow cannon fodder. Zema Ion is also a very underrated promo and he did that before he became the wrestling DJ. The benefit of having Lashley as X Champion is that it forces TNA to NOT put him in pointless spotfest matches which will only help in rebuilding the X Division to watchable television.

After the cheesy X Division intro graphic, the match began…

4. Lashley vs. DJ Z in a ladder match for the X Division Title. Z ducked out quickly to drag a ladder in the ring. Lashley pushed the ladder out the other end of the ring. Lashley caught Z and did some power moves like a spinebuster. After eating strikes in the corner Zema dodged a shoulder block and hit a springboard elbow on Lashley. Zema brought a ladder in again. Lashley tossed it back in Z’s direction. Zema dared Lashley to come outside and raced inside once Lashley was out to hit him with a Tope con Hilo. DJ Z went to the announce table to hit Lashley with a rolling Senton… [C]

Z was being crushed by a ladder by Lashley. Lashley glared at Pope D’Angelo Dinero to acknowledge their feud earlier on in the year. Z rammed the ladder into Lashley for a little hope, but Lashley came right back by slamming the ladder right back at Zema. Lashley did more power slams on Z. Z was tossed outside which allowed Lashley to set the ladder up in the ring to reach the title. Z climbed the top rope and knocked Lashley off with a missile dropkick. Z took the ladder to the side of the ring and hit Lashley with a flying crossbody to take down Lashley outside.

Z attempted to climb the ladder and made it near the top. Lashley recovered and lifted the ladder with Z on it to send him down. Lashley dominated Z with a powerful spinebuster. Lashley showboated over the fallen DJ. DJZ hit Lashley with a low blow and a DDT. Lashley slowly recovered, but got to the top to meet Zema on top of the ladder. Lashley gorilla pressed Zema to the bottom. Lashley unhooked the title to retain the championship…

Bobby Lashley defeated DJ Z in 8:05 of TV Time in a ladder match to retain the TNA X Division Championship.

Drew Galloway was backstage where Galloway gave EC3 credit for beating Matt Hardy. Galloway said as long as the world title’s between them. They were no longer friends. Galloway talked about being worried about Moose. EC3 said he was coming out to help keep Moose out of the picture. Galloway declined because this is exactly why they are having this feud to begin with, because they keep failing in supporting each other. Galloway said the next time he wanted to see EC3 was in the finals…

John’s Thoughts Jason Powell and I agree on a lot of things, but one of the things we disagree on is Lashley with the X Title. I’m a huge proponent of this move as a deterrent for TNA to keep it meaningful and this different type of X Division match helps that hypothesis. This was the first time I’ve cared in a while about an X Division match (Lashley vs. Edwards doesn’t count since that was a world title match). Hopefully this leads to an X Division guy being shot to the moon in defeating Lashley and maybe we’ve seen the end of pointless multi-man X Matches. Maybe turn Trevor Lee face and have him beat Lashley clean? One can dream right?

Back at what may be James Storm’s revolution barn, we were in the Bram and Rosemary cinematic again. Bram said he was here for Rosemary and was listening. Rosemary said she never told anyone these things and was scared. She said what if?… and stopped. Back to the flashback with “young” Rosemary in punk goth clothes. Rosemary kept talking to the tree, who was in fact named Montgomery. She was waiting for a date with “Johnny”, but Johnny never showed up. She wrote Johnny a love letter signed in blood.

Johnny still never came for her. Rosemary then did some dark magic stuff to try to summon “Johnny”. A guy in a red hat named Johnny finally came. Rosemary told Johnny that she loved him. She talked about letting her guard down and he (while reaching out to her in maybe an inappropriate way)… Bram said he doesn’t care, he’s here for Rosemary now. Rosemary said Bram has to come to the exact spot, so the ghosts can help her tell the story. Then entered James Storm’s revolution barn. A handwritten “Rosemary XO” was shown with blood drops and the screen said “to be continued”…

John’s Thoughts Bram seems like he’s getting into this cinematic as much as I am, it was great. I was afraid that they would go overboard with the Lucha Underground emulation after the Final Deletion, but the Decay act is so out there and enveloped in fantasy, that it works for certain acts. It also doesn’t help that Lucha Underground isn’t on the top of their game these days in producing consistent solid cinematics.

Going from good to eh, it was Fact of Life time with Eli Drake. Eli Drake blamed a crooked referee for costing him the win against EC3. He said that he was worried about Bobby Lashley and his “Giant Ninja Turtle Head” saying that everybody was beaten by that cross-eyed halfwit.

John’s Thoughts: I give Drake a lot of flack for bad material. He did come up with his second ever good line in calling Lashley’s dumb headband a “Giant Ninja Turtle head”.

Eli Drake called himself a neighbor of dummies and a perpetual motion machine of badassery. He compared Lashley’s quest for titles to Pokémon go. This invoked a Pokémon chant. Drake said he wasn’t playing games and wanted a title vs. titles match with Lashley. Much to Drake’s chagrin, James Storm made his entrance instead. James Storm reminded Drake about how he will slap the piss out of Drake for pressing the button. Drake said he wanted contenders, not a drunk.

Storm said he didn’t mind being drunk and if he were sober he would be beating Drake’s ass so Drake should be happy. James Storm brought up how they were both beaten but Drake was now holding the golden ticket because the King of the Mountain champion was first in line for a world title shot (wut?). Storm compared Drake a cat in a bathtub in cheating to get out of a title match. Storm offered to drink beer with Drake again. Drake said he only drinks the sweet nectar of life (a.k.a. water) and he brought out the water jug again.

James Storm punted the water jug and channeled Henry Winkler in telling Drake that “Water sucks!”. Storm said that Drake was one hell of an athlete and should be world champion, but he decides to sit behind a button. Storm made fun of Drake’s sleeveless suit and baby oil. Storm said he just wanted one more chance. Drake said that Storm doesn’t deserve another chance and told Storm to walk up the ramp and forget this ever happened. Storm took a swig of beer and stared to walk away. Storm said that while Drake’s dad is making potatoes, he’s out back smashing his mom’s potatoes.

Drake got irate and tried to do his self Dummy chant again. Drake said if Storm wants to talk trash and get a shot at the title, he wants to see Storm without beer or the boozer cruiser. He said he doesn’t get people singing Storm’s theme. He said he doesn’t understand country music and insinuated that country people ride tractors and make love to their sisters. Drake said if Storm could agree to those terms, maybe they can do it. Storm took a swig of both beers on the table. Drake and Storm shook hands and agreed to whatever they were agreeing to. Storm slammed the Dummy button and walked away.

Drake tried to get a cheap shot with the belt on Storm but Storm dodged and beat up Drake. Drake came back with a low blow and hit his BFT finisher. Drake hit the dummy button several times. He yelled “Dummy Yeah!” at Storm and said that Storm got a taste and that was just a fact of life… A Tyrus “The Fixer” faux-commercial aired…

Backstage Mahabali Shera was hanging out with Grado and he was angry at the Tribunal for beating him up. Grado was on his phone. Grado was calling someone, about helping them (The Fixer?). The person on the phone said they needed money, but Grado didn’t have any. Mahabali Shera said something? I’m assuming he wants a match against the Tribunal…

They were about to cut to commercial, but before that happened they cut to a backstage camera where Decay was in a brawl with the only other tag team in TNA that they can work with, BroMans. Monsters Ball was happening next. At least it isn’t “Valley of the Shadows”… [C]

John’s Thoughts Drake is starting to grow on me, even though he tries a bit too hard sometimes. Storm is the perfect opponent to pit him against since Storms specialty is in escalating the abilities of his opponents. I did get a chuckle out of Storm calling the KOTM belt a “Golden Ticket”. Please don’t tell me TNA’s going to make yet another of their myriad of Money in the Bank knockoffs. Maybe Storm is just reaching for a meaning, just like Roode said the title meant “pro wrestling”. I talked to “The Darewolf” PJ Black, and he said he didn’t even know what the Booker T toy belt means?

5. Crazzy Steve and Abyss vs. Robbie E and Jessie Godderz (w/ Raquel) in a “Monster’s Ball” Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The camera cut in to the match already in progress. Steve was whacking Robbie with a kendo stick. Abyss slowly brought in a barbed wire board to the turnbuckle. Steve brought in thumbtacks and poured them out. Abyss and Steve dominated as Raquel hit the ring to support the Mans.

Josh Mathews used this moment with Godderz in the ring to plug Big Brother on PopTV. Jessie Godderz knocked down the tag champs for the first time with a springboard double clothesline. BroMans used a cookie sheet to beat up Steve. Robbie changed the attack to chairs. BroMans did their “Boom” thing which Mathews pointed out could cost them. Abyss took advantage of the lapse in BroMan judgement.

The BroMans managed to turn the tide by tackling Abyss into the barbed wire board. BroMans then gave Steve the Hart Attack on the tacks, which Robbie sold as well. Robbie E gave Steve the Adonis Crab on the tacks. Abyss broke the lock and had his chokeslam blocked by Jessie. Jessie was KO’d on the top rope which sent him falling into a table at ringside. Abyss found another barbed wire board, as well as his dumb nail plank named after Dixie Carter’s mother.

Raquel gave Abyss a low blow. Robbie E grabbed Janice and stared at it for a while. Of course no one gets hit by it because Robbie was distracted by Steve. Abyss gave Robbie E a chokeslam into the barbed wire to lead to Steve pinning Robbie to retain their titles.

Decay defeated BroMans via pinfall in 6:42 in a Monsters Ball Match to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Steve and Abyss embraced in the middle of the ring. Steve took a handful of tacks and put them in his mouth. Cut to a teaser for Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway in the BFG Playoffs next… [C]

John’s Thoughts That was a random match. I forgot if they advertised this ahead of time, but maybe it’s just because BroMans vs. Decay is not really that great of a feud. Of course since Abyss is involved, we got our obligatory “Monster’s Ball” match. Please don’t let this mean we’re getting the “Valley of the Shadows” Match next? (Valley of the Shadows = Sin Cara mood lighting Match).

Mike Bennett had his usual ring entrance which included the Maria introduction. Drew was caught mid-entrance by Moose who blindsided Drew. Moose gave Drew a powerbomb on the ring apron. Bennett ordered Moose to roll Galloway in the ring. They high-fived and Bennett told the ref to ring the damn bell. Drew agreed to continue the match…

6. Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway in a Bound for Glory Playoff semi-final match. Bennett went for the quick victory several times but to no avail. Galloway sold his ribs because he’s good at selling the ribs. Bennett focused his current strikes on keeping Drew grounded with boots. Bennett put the boots to Galloway in the corner. Galloway used his Boot to sneak in some offense. Bennett kicked Galloway right back to lead to another pin attempt by Bennett.

Galloway ended Bennett’s present onslaught with a belly to belly suplex. Galloway hit Bennett with a forearm in the corner and followed with a clothesline, but he was caught mid-air with a cutter form Bennett. Bennett slammed Galloway’s head on the barricade. Bennett tried to slam Galloway on the steel beam under the ring, Galloway reversed and slingshot Bennett’s chest into the beam. Bennett kicked out at two inside of the ring.

Both men traded fatigue strikes when they got to their feet. Bennett caught an incoming Drew with an elbow. Galloway hit a reverse Alabama Slam on Bennett for the latest nearfall. Galloway performed a double underhook giant swing on Bennett to try to hit the Future Shock. Bennett managed to escape. Bennett went for the rainmaker but the referee got hit instead. REF BUMP!!!

Drew Galloway hit the Future Shock DDT, but of course, REF BUMP. Moose is back! Moose hit a clothesline on Galloway and set him up on the top rope. Moose then hit Galloway with a Sky High spinebuster on Galloway. Drew Galloway kicked out at two. EC3 ran out to play equalizer to Moose. EC3 threw Moose into the ring steps. EC3 stole the kendo stick from Bennett and accidentally hit Galloway again, just like he usually does.

Moose gave Ethan the Gamebreaker outside. Bennett gave Drew Galloway the MIP to pick up the victory in the Bound for Glory Playoffs.

Mike Bennett defeated Drew Galloway via pinfall in 8:47 to advance to the finals of the Bound for Glory Playoffs.

Maria held up Bennett’s and Moose’s hands in victory as Josh Mathews recapped the events. Mathews plugged that Mike Bennett would be facing EC3 in the finals of the BFG Playoffs. End show.

John’s Thoughts This was a good match up to the ref bump. I just felt that we could have gotten to the same ends without doing the vintage TNA ref bump. I’ve already given my thoughts on how confusing the reception of Moose is. Back to the match, Galloway always does a good job selling his ribs and he did that tonight as well. Bennett is picking up wins in fluky fashion, which I don’t mind since that’s his MO anyway. I don’t know TNA spoilers (or if they’ve even taped next week’s episode), but I feel like they telegraphed that finish with the ending of this match. I’m guessing next week Drew Galloway costs EC3 his contenders match on purpose to lead to EC3 vs. Drew Galloway at Bound for Glory in some sort of “fight”? I’ll save my thoughts for that picture if that comes to fruition.

Overall, this was a solid show this week. We got more Broken Matt which is always fun. We also saw them shift the film production away from the Hardy brothers and onto Rosemary and Bram which was entertaining. I also like Lashley as X Division Champion who continues to bring it from a character perspective and it was cool to see an X Division in DJ Z get some much awaited promo time. The only things that could use some work are the Knockouts Division, which I don’t see much hope for in the moment since they might be feeding the entire division to Gail Kim which they’ve done in the past. And the Tag Team Division, which is just a victim of circumstance since they couldn’t have predicted the injuries and departures that left them with only the champs and BroMans. What this show did a good job also, was to build up for next week, we’re getting more Matt Hardy as usual, a BFG finals match, maybe a King of the Mountain title match (?), and the continuation of the Rosemary barn tale. That’s good hype! Thank you for reading along and make sure to check out Jason Powell’s Hit List and audio review of the show coming tomorrow.


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  1. Rosemary keeps on being the weird girl I probably shouldn’t find attractive but I do. 😛 Really enjoyed the show.

    I wonder whose slave Jeff will be this time next year though. 😛

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