WWE ruling on the Raw main event, WWE Network picked up where Raw left off


After Raw went off the air without an official finish to the WWE Championship match, the action picked up on WWE Network. The referee for the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins match asked to see the replay of the finish, then ruled that the shoulders of both men were down at the end of their match, so the match was a draw, meaning Ambrose retained the title. Rollins attacked Ambrose and then left with the title. Michael Cole stressed that Rollins was leaving with the title but was not the champion.

Powell’s POV: This would have been all and good had someone from the broadcast team bothered to tell Raw viewers to go to WWE Network to get the ruling. Instead, the show ended with Cole asking which man was the champion and no plug for the network. Strange.

The new edition of the Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell features ROH COO Joe Koff confirming plans for a weekly ROH online series, discussing his decision to call off ROH events due to the coronavirus outbreak, making Marty Scurll the head booker, ROH's partnerships with NJPW and the NWA, and much more...

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