Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Ultima Lucha Dos – Part Dos, Sexy Star becomes the Gift of the Gods Champion, a second Crew member gets murdered, Night Claw’s mask

luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Sexy Star: If there was one thing done right on this show, it was the presentation of Sexy Star. Even though it was more tepid than the strong No Mas angle, it was still a cool moment to see her overcome her rivals in a two-on-one situation without help from Willie Mack. Sexy Star is also pretty good in the ring all of a sudden in Season 2 which is pretty cool. It’ll be intriguing to see how she interacts with either Matanza or Pentagon Jr. A potential match against Pentagon is especially intriguing since they are a long tenured tag team.

Lucha Underground Misses

Mr. Cisco’s Murder: This death seemed very gratuitous and only placed on this episode to kill another Crew member in season 2. Does Ricky Reyes die in season 3? The path to this murder wasn’t that great. Dario Cueto was great, but his greatness isn’t enough to cover up this dumb LAPD storyline. I actually thought the LAPD storyline had potential as an undercard comedy story with bumbling cops. The problem is Joey Ryan and Ricky Reyes are bumbling cops doing cliché cop things, but the show is presenting this as the definitive main event storyline. It just comes off as a bit pretentious to me. Another negative with the death of Mr. Cisco is he was starting to catch on with the Lucha Underground crowd, yet he wasn’t enough of a sympathetic character to draw sympathy from the crowd.

Mil Muertes vs. King Cuerno: The match was fun for what it was, but it was a bit disappointing given the luchadores involved. Mil looked great but Cuerno looked the opposite of great. It was a bit too one sided and it dragged out too much. Essentially it was a 15-minute squash where they set up things and threw Cuerno threw them. Cuerno sold being knocked out well at the end but this didn’t live up to past Mil Muertes encounters including the Death Match including Fenix. Lucha Underground should try to tone down the season one analogs since they aren’t reaching the bars that season one set.

Night Claw: Dragon Azteca Jr is now no longer the most ridiculous looking luchador on the Lucha Underground Roster. That title now goes to Night Claw, who is former AAA Wrestler Octagon Jr (a.k.a Flamita). I wonder why they didn’t go with the Octagon gimmick? The guy did look cool in the ring with some phoenix splashes and an very high risk moonsault. The dumb mask kills his intrigue. They piped in cheers too since what I remember at the show was that most people were either confused or chuckling when he came out. I’m also not sure of Claw’s future with the company since he left AAA (Lucha Underground’s Mexico affiliate).

The Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: This wasn’t a terrible match, it was just a missable match in that if you missed the match, you didn’t really miss a thing. Sexy Star had a cool moment with the title, but it was still a step down from the emotion of No Mas. One odd part was the sudden shift away from the Military Killshot vs. Marty the Moth and back to the Sexy Star vs. Marty storyline that was awkwardly aborted a few weeks ago in favor of the Killshot one. For a better elimination style match, I’d forward you to the “Six to survive” episode which was an episode that was promoted poorly yet was spectacular and lasted the entire show. Six to survive did a better job pairing people off into individual stories while also stewing new ones like the fun Pentagon Jr vs. Fenix sibling rivalry.


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