Adam Cole on joining Bullet Club, being on the list compiled by Cody Rhodes, and the controversy over Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet

imgresChad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with Adam Cole
Host: Chad Dukes
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On the Bullet Club: “I think it goes without saying now that the Bullet Club is the most influential wrestling group that we’ve seen in years. It’s transcended not just New Japan Pro Wrestling, which was where it started, but now it has a strong presence in Ring of Honor, a strong presence in NXT, and even a strong presence on WWE television on Monday Night Raw, which is just insane. The Bullet Club itself was just a bunch of guys who were the most talented guys in the world. A lot of these guys were friends, a lot of these guys were showcasing to the entire world how talented and how good they are. To be a part of that group is huge for me, not just because of how popular the Bullet Club is, but because of my close personal relationship with guys like the Young Bucks and with guys like Kenny Omega. It’s my foot in the door in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I’ve been looking for a chance to get back over there for a while now and getting the chance to not only go back over to New Japan, but do it in a main role in the Bullet Club is pretty, pretty cool for me.”

On Being on Cody Rhodes’ list: “Considering the kind of man that Cody Rhodes is, the kind of performer, like you said, that we know that he is, to be at the top of that list is really, really cool. And to me, Cody creating this list and doing what he’s doing is just showcasing even more how crazy pro wrestling in 2016 is. It almost has created this ‘Attitude Era’ feel, where you never know where guys are going to show up anymore. All your favorite guys in Ring of Honor could end up in WWE. You have guys in WWE leaving to come and do this Ring of Honor and New Japan schedule. A lot of people are going to get to see a lot of dream matches they never thought they’d see. A lot of people are going to see people pop up in promotions they never thought they’d see. It’s a great time to be a wrestler, it’s an even better time to be a wrestling fan right now.”

On the Vader, Will Ospreay, and Ricochet Controversy: “I understand where people are coming from, I totally get, you know someone like a Vader saying that he doesn’t like that particular style but my favorite thing about pro wrestling is there are so many different styles that there are and there are so many different styles that haven’t even been created yet. In the world of pro wrestling to me, we can create any reality that we want, and as long as there’s a niche group of fans, or a large group of fans, whatever it may be, that enjoy that particular piece of work and are interested and decide they want to tune into pro wrestling or they want to buy a DVD or buy a t-shirt or order a pay per view or even watch it on television, to me that’s a win. What we do is an art form. What we do is we entertain people. We create emotion out of people. For as many different styles as there may be for that group of fans, there are also an entire other group of fans that enjoy a particular different type of style. I love it, I love all of it. I love pro wrestling and as long as fans are being entertained and people are being entertained, then it’s a win for me.”


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