The latest count on the number of homes pro wrestling network partners USA, Pop, and El Rey Network are available in

cablepic1Nielsen recently released their June cable coverage estimates for the total number of homes that cable networks are available in (out of the 116.4 million total homes).

USA Network: 93,998,000 homes with 81 percent coverage

Pop TV: 74,621,000 homes with 64 percent coverage

El Rey Network: 38,154,000 with 33 percent coverage

Check out a full breakdown of each cable network’s reach at

Powell’s POV: CNN is listed as the top network with 81 percent, meaning WWE’s partner USA Network is near the top of the list with the same percentage. WWE Smackdown’s previous home of Syfy is available in 92,222,000 homes with 79 percent coverage.

The Tennis Channel, which was purchased by Sinclair Broadcast Group earlier this year, is not on the list. However, a Los Angeles Times story on the sale stated that the network was available in roughly 30 million homes at the time, and Sinclair hopes to increase the distribution to 70 million homes.

Of the networks currently carrying pro wrestling shows, El Rey Network has shown the most growth by going from 24,594,000 homes with 21 percent coverage in February 2015 to the new number above. In fact, USA and Pop both decreased slightly since then. Of course, El Rey is the newest network of the bunch, so it’s no surprise that they are showing the most growth of the three.

TNA upgraded when it moved to Pop from Destination America, which is available in 55,681,000 homes with 48 percent coverage. Both Pop and Destination America are well below previous network partner Spike TV, which is in 90,468,000 homes with 78 percent coverage.

It’s worth noting that some networks are not available with a basic subscription package. For instance, Destination America may be available in 55,681,000 homes overall, but it’s available on a higher priced tier of networks on many cable/satellite systems.


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