John Cena says he misses blood, would rather be in a program geared toward his demographic

imagesWWE star John Cena is featured in a Rolling Stone piece in which he addresses WWE targeting a younger demographic. “I’m a 38-year-old man,” Cena started. “I’d much rather it be a program geared toward me, whether that’s TV-14 or sometimes even more graphic than that, which is what I like. For one thing, profanity brought fire out of people with personalities that backed the language.

“It’s very difficult to say, ‘Oh, you’re being poopy,’ especially when they’re meant to be fighting words. And now, if someone starts to bleed, the referee intervenes to stop the bleeding. But before, you’d just let it fly. Blood is one of the things that made fights cool. Like, you knew it had gotten serious. I understand why we don’t do it anymore. Vince has been a coach to me, a father figure, a boss and a friend, and his goal and my goal are the same: to make the company be as big as it can be. But, yeah, the blood is one thing I miss.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: I don’t know if anyone has benefitted more than Cena from the shift to PG content. And it doesn’t sound like Cena is fighting to change back to the old way as much as he is simply saying what he misses. Cena also spoke about his relationship with his father, and he also told the story about Nikki Bella’s negative reaction to him filming a sex scene in the movie Trainwreck.


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  1. Connor Puckett July 17, 2017 @ 3:48 pm

    Well I read the Doctor of Thuganomics is what skyrocketed his carreer so Cenation wouldn’t even exsist if it weren’t for the Doctor of Thuganomics nor would his career in movies he’s just a giant super strong atheltic wrestler that people think is funny! Like in Fred No one cared whether he was the Doctor of Thuganomics or Cenation but now people do care and think WWE is boring now so it’s time to evolve WWE back to TV-14 and bring back the Doctor of Thuganomics! Everyone already thinks all wrestling it’s PG-13 anyways that’s what wrestling is so yeah. The only thing they need to be careful with is how many head injuries the wrestlers endure that’s it. Because if you take steroids and drinks tons of alcohol and have head injuries then you could turn out like Chris Benoit so that’s why the only thing they should be careful about is chair shots to the head and still have the same Wellness Policy for steroids but the story needs language, blood, and everything that made it sucessful. Everybody is saying they need to do things how they used to in all of those ways.

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