4/5 Powell’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA Championship, Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young in a cage match

Logo_TNA_dn_600By Jason Powell

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TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Taped in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Impact opened with a recap of last week’s TNA Title match between Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy followed by the post-match angle with Matt Hardy, Eric Young, and Bram… Josh Mathews introduced the show as the camera showed the cage around the ring. Young and Bram came to the ring and entered the cage, where Young cut a promo. He said he was going to piledrive Jeff Hardy from the top of the cage. The fans chanted “Hardy” and then Jeff made his entrance…

1. Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young in a cage match. Jeremy Borash joined Mathews as the color commentator for the night while Hardy made his entrance. Jeff brought a table out with him. Young and Bram went to ringside and fought with Hardy, who ran the table into Bram and slammed his head off the ring steps. Hardy ran Young into cage, but eventually the numbers came caught up with Jeff.

The heels dominated Hardy and Young eventually threw him inside the cage and the bell rang to start the match. Young previously through a table and chairs inside the cage. Hardy came back and Bram teased entering the cage, but Hardy dropkicked him through the doorway, as the door had yet to be closed. [C]

[Q2] Young regained offensive control and the cage door was locked with Bram standing on the other side of it watching intently. Young ended up piledriving Hardy through four chairs that were set up in the middle of the ring. Young covered Hardy, who kicked out. Hardy came back and went for a piledriver of his own, but Young blocked it. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate instead, then hit a second and positioned Young on a table. Hardy kicked Bram, who was against the cage. Hardy climbed the cage and played to the crowd before performing a Swanton bomb onto Young and pinning him…

Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young in a cage match in 12:40.

Powell’s POV: A strong cage match. I liked the approach of having the heels double up on Jeff prior to the match as it put Jeff in a position to fight from underneath. You have to respect the way Young is exiting TNA. He’s going balls to the wall during his final days with the company. Meanwhile, Jeff is working with a knee injury coming out of surgery, yet you wouldn’t know it based on the high spots he still performs. Hardy hasn’t toned down his style in any noticeable way.

Backstage, Dixie Carter spoke with Gail Kim and Maria and said it was about time they got together face to face. Maria said it inspires her. Dixie said determining the number one contender the right way inspires her. She asked Maria who approved her No. 1 contenders match involving the Dollhouse members. Maria pretended she couldn’t come up with the name. Dixie asked Gail who approved her contenders match between Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. “Whoever she spoke to,” Gail answered. Dixie said Gail would face both Velvet and Jade since they won those matches. Gail was cool with it. As Dixie was walking away, Maria told Gail, “Now you made her mad,” then chased after Dixie to brownnose…

Lashley was shown getting ready backstage while Mathews hyped his street fight with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, then he said Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy would have a chance to speak their final words before the TNA Title match… [C]

[Q3] Backstage, Jeff Hardy was shown performing his post match ritual – “Ice Ice Baby and lots of it,” he said. He said Young did everything he could to beat him, but he was not successful. He said he would be watching the main event closely and told the creatures to “stay with me”…

Jeremy Borash stood in the ring and spoke about the TNA Title match and said they were giving both champion and challenger a chance to deliver the final word. Borash introduced challenger Matt Hardy, who came out with Reby Hardy, Rockstar Spud, Tyrus, and (finally!) baby Maxel while highlights aired of Galloway winning the title. Borash went to introduce Galloway, but Hardy took the mic and said he should introduce him as a crook, a cheat, and a conman.

Hardy introduced Galloway as the man he will destroy. Galloway made his entrance. Mathews said Galloway will defend the title seven days a week and twice on Sunday if asked. Once in the ring, Galloway said it’s a mistake to call it the last word because Hardy never shuts up. Matt said Galloway was in possession “of my property.” Borash asked for some decorum as both men spoke about their match.

Matt went first and started by saying that he should be the champion. He said he dresses like the champion and he’s surrounded by an entourage like a champion. He said he married like a champion and procreated like a champion. Matt said he is the epitome of success. Matt said nobody in the industry works harder than he does or has more integrity unlike Galloway. Hardy said he’s going home with the title.

Galloway said the one word that sums him up is passion. Galloway said he doesn’t play a character on TV, he’s 24/7. Galloway said Hardy had that passion when he watched him as a kid, but then one day it became about manipulation. He said Matt uses his infant son as a prop on a TV show. “That was uncalled for,” Hardy said. Drew said he has respect for Jeff. Matt took the mic and said Galloway shouldn’t mention Benedict Arnold’s name. Matt said that just because Galloway beat Jeff doesn’t mean he can beat him.

Drew said everybody loves Jeff, but nobody likes Matt. He said he can barely walk after he and Jeff beat the hell out of each in their match. Galloway said he will prove he’s the best wrestler on the planet and the TNA Champion. Matt jawed at Galloway off mic. Borash said they had been given the final word, and then he hyped the match and wished them both the best of luck.

Tyrus took the mic from Borash and demanded that Galloway look at him. Tyrus said he has laid in the shadows being patient. Tyrus said Galloway cashed in his briefcase and won the title. He said it was smart to cash in at the right time at the right place. Tyrus said he won the Bound For Gold in October and he said he gets a title shot when and where he wants. Tyrus said that after listening to Galloway and Hardy talk, maybe tonight is the night he shocks the world. Tyrus dropped the mic and left while Matt and Reby showed concerned…

Backstage, Pope cut a promo about his fight with Lashley. He said Lashley will find out that he was born to fight. He said Lashley will find out that it’s a lot easier to jump on than it is to jump off… Mathews hyped Lashley vs. Pope… [C]

Powell’s POV: Tyrus looks like a dope for telling everyone he might shock us all, but they had to remind people about a stipulation that has been all but forgotten. The Galloway and Matt talking segment was solid, and I also liked Pope’s promo about his fight with Lashley. It’s been a good episode thus far.

[Q4] Backstage, Tyrus was walking when EC3 approached him behind and applauded. He said he didn’t know Tyrus had it in him. He thought he would just continue to make lateral moves. He said Tyrus cost him the title and karma is a Carter. EC3 wished him luck and said he’d be watching. Tyrus asked if EC3 has a crystal ball. Tyrus said that only he knows what he will do. He told EC3 he hates him. “I hate you more,” EC3 responded…

Pope made his entrance. Lashley attacked him from behind and worked him over at ringside. Pope was still taping his firsts when he was attacked, so the tape was still dangling from his hand when Lashley rolled him inside the ring to start the match…

2. Lashley vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Mathews said he had a long talk earlier in the day with TNA officials about the Bound For Gold and whether it works like Feast or Fired and can be cashed in at any time. He said the answer is no, the wrestler has to declare ahead of time. Meanwhile, Lashley continued to dominate Pope and mocked the booing fans by looking at them and clapping. Lashley speared Pope and then shoved him over the top rope to the floor.

At ringside, Pope picked up a chair and threw it into the face of Lashely. Pope beat Lashely with a kendo stick in the ring. He went to the top rope to throw another kendo stick shot from there, but Lashely speared him on the way down and pinned him.

Lashley beat D’Angelo Dinero.

Afterward, Pope struggled to get to his feet and then Lashley speared him once he did. Rinse and repeat with another spear. EC3’s music played and he came to the ring to confront Lashley. EC3 entered the ring and he and Lashley stared at one another briefly and then Lashley exited the ring and smiled at EC3 while backing up the ramp. Mike Bennett attacked EC3 from behind with a chair heading into the break… [C]

[Q5] Mathews recapped the previous segment. EC3 was alone in the ring and called out EC3. Maria made her entrance and started to deliver her usual style promo, but EC3 told her to put a sock in it and demanded that her “worthless, spineless husband” come out. Bennett came out and said he’s nothing like EC3. Bennett said EC3 is like the fans in that he blames everyone else for his problems. Bennett said EC3 needs him to exist so he can be his excuse.

EC3 said Bennett exists because he’s allowed it this long, but that is rapidly coming to an end. Bennett said he looks at EC3 and sees “a sad, pathetic, little bitch.” He said everyone has abandoned EC3 and he lost the TNA Title. Bennett said EC3 has nothing and he only has himself to blame. Bennett said EC3 can fail and become a loser while he goes on to become the TNA Champion.

Bennett said he has no problem fighting EC3, who said Bennett answered his prayer by agreeing to fight him. EC3 called for Bennett to “finish the job.” Bennett teased going to the ring and stopped. He said he will save that for next week. He told EC3 to have a good night and then went to leave. EC3 ran up the stage and attacked Bennett, who threw Maria in front of him. Maria fell and EC3 and Bennett ended up backstage and then in the parking lot with EC3 dominating. Bennett struck EC3 with a tire iron before climbing into his car and driving away…

Backstage, Spud approached Tyrus and said Tyrus is brilliant because he knows his plan is to win the match and then hand the title to Hardy. He tried to get him to sign a contract. Tyrus told him he appreciates Spud’s penmanship, but he’s no fool. Tyrus threw the paper aside… Ring introductions for the Knockouts Title match took place… [C]

Powell’s POV: It seems like EC3 is still finding his way as a babyface. He has rough weeks like last week where he gets too cute with the comedy, and then really good weeks like this one where he’s more serious and focussed. Likewise, Bennett was also very good and delivered his best TNA mic work to date. Meanwhile, this Tyrus angle would be so much better if he had been protected all along instead of being made to feel like just another guy.

[Q6] 3. Gail Kim vs. Jade vs. Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat for the TNA Knockouts Title. Gail was on the offensive and went to the top rope. Maria came out and hit her on the side with the Knockouts Title belt. Jade hit Gail with the STO and pinned her…

Jade defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockouts Title.

Powell’s POV: The belt shot was really weak looking. I don’t like that Jade went over in such a fluky manner, but I like the end result of Jade winning the title.

Backstage, Galloway cut a promo about how he has worked his entire life to win the title and he’s not going to lose to Hardy or Tyrus…

In another part of the backstage area, Shane Helms spoke while Trevor Lee stood by. Helms recalled giving Eddie Edwards a week to decide whether to team with him, and said it was time to find out what he says… [C]

Mathews recapped Al Snow attacking Grado last week… Backstage, Snow vented to Billy Corgan about how you can’t just open doors and let anyone walk in here. Corgan said Snow is a producer and he broke Grado’s arm. Corgan said he respects tradition, but the bad news is that Snow is suspended for a week without pay. He said the brass expect Snow to issue a public apology…

Powell’s POV: Billy is a bright guy, so I assume he gets the joke about letting anyone walk into TNA.

Shane Helms and Trevor Lee stood in the ring. Helms called for Eddie Edwards to come out. Edwards made his entrance and then Helms asked for his decision about teaming up with him. Edwards said he respects Helms and it would be an honor to team with him. Edwards said he knows why Helms wants to team with him. He said there’s an automatic title shot that comes with it and that shot belongs to him and Davey Richards.

[Q7] Eddie officially declined the offer. Lee made a mean face. Helms said he’s going to get what he wants and that’s the tag titles. Helms said that if it’s not with Edwards than he’ll go through him. Helms started to remove his jacket. Beer Money came out and that led to Helms and Lee leaving the ring. James Storm called them out over their idea to double team Edwards and then mocked Helms’s jacket making him look like a booger. Helms shook their hands and left. Storm spoke about the tag division.

Decay’s music played and they walked onto the stage for a promo. Rosemary spoke and then Abyss took the mic and said they took the titles for fun once and now they’ll take them for real. He said the clock is ticking. Storm said it was always beer thirty and ass kicking o’clock. The teams brawled. Security came out to make it a pull apart between the teams heading into the break…

Mathews hyped the main event and said it was time for final words from Hardy. He said his brand is built being smart and resourceful. Tyrus slowly walked behind him. Hardy said Galloway stole food of his plate and his wife could only get four pedicures per week. Hardy said the show is named “Hardy’s Revenge” and he’s going to get his and take back the the title. Hardy turned and saw Tyrus and asked him if he was ready. Tyrus glared at him without responding… [C]

Powell’s POV: Didn’t we have a segment called the final word with Hardy and Galloway earlier? Oh well, this promo was worth it for the line about how his wife can only get four pedicures per week. Meanwhile, I assumed Eddie was going to say that Helms wanted to team with him to distract him from going after Lee’s X Division Title. I can’t keep track of all these goofy stipulations that resulted in wrestlers being owed title shots.

Backstage, Beer Money cut a promo. Bobby Roode said “come one, come all” to the tag title challengers. He said there would be one match and he would prove that they are the best of the best…

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Tyrus came out with Hardy. Mathews said Tyrus must declare if he wants to be in the match. Hardy looked like he was about to declare, but Hardy attacked Galloway and Tyrus dropped to the floor instead. Borash said it appeared to be a ploy…

[Q8] 4. Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy (w/Tyrus, Rockstar Spud) for the TNA Title. They cut to break with Hardy still in control thanks to the ploy with Tyrus. [C] Galloway made his comeback with chops and then performed a nice overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Borash questioned whether Tyrus thought about actually declaring for the match or whether it was a ploy all along.

Hardy sold the referee on an ankle injury and took off his boot. Spud tried to interfere, but Galloway threw him off the top rope. Hardy struck Galloway with the boot and got a two count. Hardy went up top and jumped into Galloway’s boot. Galloway performed the Future Shock DDT and had Hardy pinned, but Tyrus pulled the referee to the floor.

Jeff Hardy ran out roughed up Tyrus and put him down with a Twist of Fate onto a chair. Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Galloway and yelld to Jeff to get out of his life before covering Galloway for two. Matt slapped Galloway and then went for the Twist of Fate again, but Galloway countered into the Iron Maiden, which Mathews noted was the same move that Kurt Angle tapped out to. Matt joined that club by tapping out as well. Jeff applauded from ringside.

Drew Galloway beat Matt Hardy to retain the TNA Title.

A video hyped Bennett vs. EC3 for next week, and said the bad blood between the Hardy brothers continues to escalate…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining match that was true to the Matt character in that he had all sorts of ploys to steal the title from Galloway. Overall, a good show. There were long spurts of talking and only four matches, but I never lost interest during the mostly good talking segments. I will have more to say in the member exclusive audio review of this show. Remember, you can still join us by taking advantage of the $2 for one month special that will be expiring shortly. See the main page for details.


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