Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: Dalton Castle vs. Christopher Daniels, Moose vs. Kongo, and Brian Fury vs. Lio Rush in the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament

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Dalton Castle vs. Christopher Daniels: This is the kind of ROH main event I want to see more often. There is nothing PPV worthy of a straight match between Daniels and Castle right now, so they aren’t giving anything away that should be saved for a bigger show. The match was fun, but nothing so amazing that it should have been saved. And finally, it led to progression for the Castle and Young feud thanks to the great closing promo from Castle. More of this please.

Lio Rush vs. Brian Fury in the Top Prospect Tournament 2016 Final: I think I would had soured on this match had Fury won. It was painfully obvious from the get go that Rush was the rightful winner of the tournament as the walking definition of a “prospect”. Thankfully, Rush did win, and in impressive fashion with great near falls and athleticism. They also paid off Fury’s “cheating” story by having it turn out to be the catalyst for him losing. I can’t wait to see what they do with Rush next.

Moose vs. Kongo: Considering how un-ROH this match looked on paper, they put on an enjoyable match. Kelly and Corino aren’t paying lip service to Moose by saying he is getting better with each match – it’s plain to see.

ROH TV Misses

Adam Page and BJ Whitmer: Jumping straight to the top of the list for “2016’s biggest groans” was the line from Adam Page to BJ Whitmer – “This isn’t over.” Haven’t we been tortured for long enough at this point?!

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