Mick Foley says he would like to manage a WWE Diva, says he’s taking a break from performing comedy shows soon

Dot Net reader J Kelly attended the Mick Foley comedy show at the Comedy Zone in Greenville, South Carolina on January 7 and sent the following highlights.

– One of Mick’s favorite wrestlers right now is Sasha Banks. He thinks the Sasha vs. Bayley match was one of the best he had ever seen of any gender.

– He told a story of Al Snow being lifted up to be suplexed and showing off his private parts.

– Foley told the sad story of the last thing he said to Dusty Rhodes. He said his son does an impression of Dusty and they were at an NXT show. Dusty asked when he would get to see the impression and he said “Next time, Dream.”

– He forgot to do the cheap pop. He teased it by saying right here in the upper part of South Carolina. He promised to do it but never delivered. Funny.

– Foley dropped his one F-bomb. I won’t tell you when, so you will be surprised when you see the show.

– Foley Did a Q&A with about seven or eight people getting questions answered.

– Mick announced that he only has about ten shows left then he will stop doing this for a while.

– Foley said he would love to manage talent and mentioned managing Becky Lynch to counter Ric Flair.

– We wooed. More then once. Loudly.

You really have to go see this show. It was sold out but the venue in Greenville is so small that there was not a bad seat in the house. My fiancee is a newer wrestling fan and didn’t know Foley well and she had a blast.


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